Welcome to my website. I am so glad you found me. Join me in the adventure of self-actualization using the magical lens of astrology.I am an Evolutionary Astrologer and I focus on the internal dynamic structure of the self in all of its layered parts, the ego, the akashic storehouse, the soul, and the connection to spirit. As I unfold the petals of your soul flower (the birth mandala or natal horoscope) using the gentle but incisive tool of astrology, we are able to journey to the very heart of your being together. As I mirror you back to yourself, you can look into the delicate and beautiful structure of that self through my trained eyes. You may be surprised at what you see, encouraged by what you see, enlightened by what you see and even delighted by what you see. And always, it is painless and comforting.

We are all here on a journey into self-actualization—that is, becoming the purest expression of our inner potential. Truly, we are, all of us, “children of the goddess” and it is when we finally understand what that really means that we set ourselves free TO BE.

Some of us came to play on the main stage, others are here standing in the wings, some are still in rehearsal or part of the production team and others prefer to be a member of the audience. No matter our place in the greater sphere of things, we all have the desire to be in a place of grace, to walk in peace and compassion. (Yes, even those among us who may appear to be booing and hissing insults from the darkness have that desire somewhere in their psyche.) The purpose of my work is to provide you with insights, encouragements and strategies that can facilitate you to find your own unique pathway into grace and goodness.

So, if you think there might be something here that you can use, please go ahead and use it.


Be Blessed Always,
Christina Rai

Evolutionary Astrology
Astrology is the science of the stars.  There is an ongoing celestial dance that we can observe from our vantage point on the earth. This dance is a mirror of the very same dance that occurs within both the collective body, human society, and the individual body, each human soul. By understanding the language of astrology, we are able to gain insight into the construct of reality as represented by the celestial dance, whether, collective or personal.

Evolutionary Astrology explores the reality construct from a broad and very deep level. The focus is internal rather than external. Using this precise analytical tool, we can begin to understand:

  • the needs of the soul
  • the tools it has available to implement soul intention and serve these needs
  • any issues that must be integrated to create harmony within the energy system
  • a snapshot of prior learning that can illuminate and enhance the process

When we understand why we are here, we can more consciously work with flow. Coming to a place of realization that the ego is merely a vehicle for change and shift and that it is the SOUL that continues through ongoing lives, totally shifts perspective. We are more able to address the reactive elements of ego desire and focus more wholly on spiritual goals rather than material ones.

This is not to say that material reality is minimized by any account! We are here, on this plane, to have the ‘material’ experience. The key, however, is to live ‘in spirit’ while traveling ‘in the flesh’.  EA provides us with the kind of insights and understandings that make this complex journey of ‘spirit in flesh’ that much easier or, in some cases, just plain doable.

Akashic Record
Since energy cannot be destroyed, and thoughts and actions are merely energy, there is a storehouse of all thought and all action. This is the akashic record. So, just as there is a collective consciousness or mind, there is also a collective memory.

There are sensitives who are able to access the akashic record. Edgar Cayce, is, perhaps, the most well-known. However, anyone who is on a spiritual pathway can work with past life memory to a greater or lesser degree. As always, it is imperative that when you do move into the akashic memory, you remained detached, and remember that it is the essence of whatever experience you are having through recall that is important and not the ego related specifics. You are not your past life. Your past life is merely a storehouse of tools that you can access when needed.

Birth Mandala
This is my term for the natal horoscope. Mandala means circle and when I was first studying astrology, I felt that this form of the horoscope, usually represented as a circle, was evocative of what I understood a mandala to be. Within this circle, there was a representation of an energy, an energy that resulted in an expression, that is a life journey.

Natal Horoscope
What astrologers work with when they do a reading. Natal refers to birth.Horoscope literally means Hour Keeper, and refers to the “hour’ that you were born.  It “keeps” a representation of the pattern that arranged itself cosmically at the exact moment of your birth. This pattern yields a vast amount of information when you are able to ‘read’ it.