FULL MOON: MAY 5, 2023 @ 12:36 PM

Another eclipse event coincides with the SCORPIO FULL MOON. Emotional process is in focus. What might we be suppressing? What needs to be expressed? Are there situations in your life that need to be ‘aired’ out, talked about, and resolved? Scorpio energy is deep, dark & delicious but can also be excruciating. If we are integrated, not lying to ourselves about the dynamics of our reality, then this penetrating emotional energy can facilitate healing, understanding, growth, and even transformation. However, if we are playing games with ourselves or those around us, this energy can be brutal in the consequences that it delivers. Scorpio can access the ‘secret’ places of the self in a way that none other can so be willing to face the facts on an emotional level. Sooner or later, you will have to, one way or another. Better that you do it proactively rather than having to deal with the consequences of inaction.

This cleansing energy is supported by a trine to Mars in Cancer, suggesting that the result of emotional honesty is healing. It may well take time but we are in this for the ‘long game’, not the immediate return. Go with the flow as you work through intricate emotional interactions with those around you. If something unexpected is revealed, take the time to process the information before responding. Truth-telling can be challenging even under the best of circumstances.

Mercury is still decidedly retrograde @ 8*’ 57”.  The signal here is to be deliberate & reserved as you plow through the information at hand. Give yourself a schedule for anything that you are undertaking. Do your due diligence doggedly & often. It’s all about the process; being methodical; taking things one step at a time & not rushing. It is true that for those of you who tend to act on impulse, who are quick-witted, who act & then think, these next few weeks may well be challenging. Take a breath, sit down & have a cup of tea, (or whatever beverage you may choose!) As the singer sang in the long-forgotten past:

“Slow down, you move too fastYou got to make the morning lastJust kicking down the cobblestonesLooking for fun and feeling groovy…”




We have also reached the end of the ‘direct motion’ period for the major planets. Pluto stationed retrograde on May 2, 2023, @ 1* Aquarius. He will dip back into Capricorn in June & remain in that energy for the rest of the year. Saturn is also slowing down to his station in June with Neptune right behind him, both in Pisces. We will have the opportunity for one more review of our struggle with spiritual perception & how best to express our connection to the divine in these strange & dissolute times. As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, the energy of the collective, we must locate the divine spark within ourselves rather than projecting it onto something outside of ourselves. We are fast entering the period when the ‘everyman’ will demand his voice to be heard and, in these extraordinary times, because of technology, that singular small voice is more easily & more readily heard. Everyone, it seems has a podcast, a blog, or some other platform available to them. Adding to the rise of the ‘little heard’ voice, communication is practically instantaneous with people able to chat with each other even though separated by great geographical distances. This escalating ‘closeness’ is only going to continue at a pace we probably cannot even imagine. As the way we communicate with one another continues to shift & evolve, be prepared to see the current forms dissolve rapidly. What some call Mainstream Media will soon be unrecognizable.

The last time Pluto was at this celestial point zodiacally, the current world power was born (1776), & France went through one of the bloodiest periods of her history with ‘Madame, la guillotine” taking a front & center position (1789). The actual energetic dynamics of that period were, of course, somewhat different from the ones in play today, but, nevertheless, we should ponder on what societal structures are being challenged & the potential outcomes of that challenge. It could be argued that actual physical survival was at stake for the common man back then in the 1700s. The gap between the elite & the ordinary man was even more pronounced, one could argue. It is possible that the people rose against the ruling class with violence born of sheer despair. Today, the despair of the common man may not express itself in actual physical violence but certainly, it cannot be discounted. Despite the fact that here in the West, we have more than what we need to survive, there is, nevertheless, a growing sense of suspicion & dissatisfaction amongst what one may hesitantly call, ‘the masses’. We know too much about the privilege of the elite & that knowing leads to discontent in a way never before felt. Again, the actual energetic dynamics of our chaotic times are unique. However, the 8 billion of us who live on this planet will be heard, one way or another.

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter will shift into Taurus & it’s the time to begin the actual concretization of the dreams we have been dreaming. Get down to the basics. Make a reasonable & clearly articulated plan of action. Gather the resources that you need & then get that nose to the grindstone & DO it!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:



Creativity of purpose leads to the expression of the unique & individual self. We must work at staying innocent, playful, & yet continue to be productive. We must be clear about who we are & why we have chosen to be such & yet be willing to change our positions & our viewpoints as we gather data, accumulate understanding & develop insight. We no longer have the luxury of complacency. The world is changing & if we are to survive, we must change along with it. Use this potent eclipse energy to reinforce your emotional & mental clarity. Be determined to stabilize yourself even as the sands shift around you!

Happy Full Moon…it’s a beauty this time around!


The Spring Equinox got off to a roaring start with a New Moon & now we have a power-packed New Moon Solar Eclipse event to reinforce the energy of initiation & hopefulness. Eclipses are indicators of a profound turnaround, a ‘sea change’, a fresh start, a new beginning. In Aries, the New Moon, born again to rise to fullness reminds us that the WHEEL OF LIFE is constantly turning. The Eclipse demonstrates that anything can change in a flash and that nothing is permanent. If you are feeling down-hearted, take a breath & focus on the continuity that the natural world promises. After a long slumbering winter, comes a bursting forth of new growth. The new growth gives way to abundance. We reap the abundance as the fall settles in and finally, we store up what we need to weather the winter dormancy. The earth will not let us down. The natural cycle is immutable and it is only human interference that can disrupt the organic order. The warrior energy of Aries at the Spring Equinox & now, enmeshed in this Solar Eclipse reminds us that courage & ferocity is needed as we stand in opposition to those who are ‘ruining the earth’, our mother & our home.

We are reaching the end of the ‘all-forward’ movement of energy period of time. At this charged New Moon, all planetary archetypes are still in direct motion. Mercury joins Uranus in Taurus asking us to think outside the box in regard to how we choose to live our lives. On April 21, just days after the New Moon, Mercury will Station Retrograde @ 15’37” of Taurus. Time to pause & reflect methodically on what is actually of importance. Review your daily health & welfare routines over the next few weeks. Are you getting enough exercise? Can you improve your diet? Are you hydrating yourself with a clean source of water? Have you cleaned out the winter stagnation from your home? Open those windows & breath in crisp fresh air!  Taurus lends a down-to-earth energy to any thought process. Does it make sense? Is this workable? Will I actually gain benefits if I do this? Think things through & do not rush into any harebrained schemes!

Jupiter aligns with this New Moon Solar Eclipse & augments the feisty & fierce emotional charge. There is a sense of impatience within us. We want things to change, to move along. We want more hope, more optimism & more positivity in our lives. With this powerful eclipse, we may indeed see things begin to shift. Look at where this Eclipse point falls in your own chart to better understand what your higher self is asking of you.




First House: a new way of approaching life; the risk is worth taking!

Second House: get rid of outworn values, get a grip on yourself & focus on what is real

Third House: express yourself in a clear & fresh way; if you can’t say what is true, say nothing but know that you are choosing to stay silent

Fourth House: focus on what you really need emotionally; be BRUTAL about this since the HEART is treacherous when it is mired in desire

Fifth House: creativity & romance can erupt; be willing to experiment

Sixth House: approach your daily ‘habitual rituals’ with a fresh pair of eyes; do something you have not tried before

Seventh House: new collaborations are possible; relationships come and go so be willing to flow with the changes

Eighth House: re-calibrate your core power; figure out what is truly worth fighting for

Ninth House: what do you really aspire to? Be willing to ‘see’ reality as it is

Tenth House: fresh face to show the world; be you, be true; no compromises

Eleventh House: it’s time to find your community of like-minded peers; don’t get stuck in a rut because you are too timid to step out of your comfort zone

Twelfth House: the unconscious becomes conscious…face it; this can often occur through dreams so write them down & then make them into a narrative


There is much more that can be explored with this New Moon, but finally, be aware that Pluto, the archetype of re-birth is in square aspect to both the lunation & the nodal axis. We are at a crossroads collectively. There is a powerful force at play within the collective to shift the story we are living. The push is for a new vision, a new perspective, a reboot back to something more tangibly real. How that urge will actually manifest is up to each one of us individually. Are we ready to fight for the human cause? Or will we fall before the finish line?


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



There is nothing quite like sitting at the edge of a pond while the sun shines down on the ducks as they glide over the surface of the water. It could be heaven. It certainly is reminiscent of the ‘garden of Eden’.

The best decisions are made when one feels safe, secure, and protected. Staying grounded in nature, in the organic world gives us the stability that we need when making important decisions. An integrated persona takes into consideration the physical, mental & emotional aspects of any given situation when deciding anything. When we accept that the only constant is CHANGE & that we must learn to flow with change in order to successfully manage our lives, we are able to stay grounded, use common sense & trust in the process. This is exactly what we need at this chaotic & incomprehensible time in history. We are traveling through a GREAT SHIFT in the world order. Find what is constant in your own life as this shift continues to unfold. Is it LOVE? Is it FAITH? Is it DEVOTION TO PRINCIPLE? Is it TRUTH? Is it something that you yourself can name & hold to? Find whatever it is that gives you the capacity to continue. It will be your raft as you weather the storm.

Happy New Moon everyone!


Full Moons are periods of illumination & usually, these times can coincide with some sort of emotional awareness. We may suddenly realize what we have been ‘feeling’ & not entirely understanding. It can seem sudden but not always. In this entitled ‘western’ world, most of us have the time to immerse ourselves in self-analysis. We do not need to struggle to survive, for the most part, so our energy can be directed into the small indulgences of self-study. How pleasant & how privileged it is to be able to sit under the light of a luminescent Moon & meditate on ‘ME’…

This is the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox, highlighting both FIRE & AIR; inspiration & cooperation; the individual impulse & the collective impulse. What we do, we do from the deepest part of our desires (Aries) & we do it to impact those around us who share our reality (Libra).  As the Sun exalts in Aries, the Moon relaxes in Libra. It’s a time to think about how our actions impact our companions. We want to find ways to create harmony & peace. The Psalmist wrote:

“How good and pleasant it is when people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head…It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.”

I think it is safe to say that at this most fractious & chaotic time in history, we would all like to savor some ‘pleasantness’.

The energy is all still in forward motion. The focus is on action & movement. We have an appetite for discovery, for invention, for the ongoing quest for understanding. We want to explore the hidden places & subjects. We want to KNOW. Whether it is on a global scale or in our personal lives, we are ready to cast off muddled thinking & take action on the basis of an illuminated understanding (Full Moon). What, in your life, have you come to understand? Can you alter or refine your actions as a result? That’s the key for all of us…

Mercury is moving into his pre-retrograde shadow period & will enter it just a few days after this Full Moon. Close to the nodal axis, the focus is on finding the facts before passing the verdict. In Taurus, the intellectual process is methodical, logical & down to earth. We follow the breadcrumbs assiduously, inspecting each item as we carefully move along. No rushing here! This is made all the more so as Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, 2023, moving from 15’ TAURUS 37” back to 5’ TAURUS 51”. Be willing to slow down, analyze with care, exercise caution as you think through any dynamics & DO NOT jump to any hasty conclusions. Locate where Taurus is in your own natal chart to better monitor the areas of life that are involved.

Venus in her ‘home’ sign of Taurus lends an air of pleasure. We are all ready for the WARM after a long & unpredictable winter. We want to see green things growing, birds flying, and creatures scurrying. With Venus & Uranus in close alignment at the Full Moon, we want to feel something that we have not felt before, experience an unexpected surge of pleasure after a long period of slumber. We want to wake up (Uranus) & savor the moment (Venus)!

Mars shifted into Cancer on March 28, 2023. Nurturing energy is now in high focus. What sort of ‘actions’ can we take to better care for ourselves & those around us? Do we have a ‘plan of action’ in this regard? In Cancer, Mars fights ferociously for those who require assistance. What do you do to support those in need? Heart energy always finds a way.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to travel the wheel of the zodiac and now, in Aries, it is like a fresh start to an old project. We can take the time to reinvent the way we go about doing our lives and chasing after our dreams. What new things have emerged in your life to spur you into activity, inspire your creativity, and to fuel your passions? Seize these things if only by the tail & take a risk. Opportunity can only be realized if it is acted upon.

Pluto’s toe dip into Aquarius is upon us. It is true that we will be dealing with the last vestiges of the Capricorn transit for quite some time, but now the spark of a solution is beginning to emerge. Now that the corruption & deceit has been revealed for all to see, what will we do about it? What can we do about it? That remains to be seen but it is true that if one does nothing then nothing will change. The message is: if you want to see change then be change, whatever that might look like in your own personal life. Grassroots movements have, in the past, affected tremendous changes in society as a whole. History teaches us that Tyrants always fall and that the common people can only be oppressed for so long. Over the next few decades, this lesson will be learned again. What role will YOU play in this unfolding drama?



Happy Full Moon to all…

May the spring warm your bones

and fill your heart with the sweetness of the season…







Spring is upon us, no matter the temperature. It is the VERNAL EQUINOX. Thousands of years ago, ancient astrologer, Ptolemy, established what we now call the TROPICAL ZODIAC by referencing 0* of the CARDINAL FIRE SIGN, ARIES, to this seasonal shift. In TROPICAL astrology, Aries is thus aligned to the bursting forth of SPRING…& assuming the place of the first sign of the zodiac. The following 11 signs of the zodiac march along with the rest of the CARDINAL signs, CANCER, LIBRA & CAPRICORN heralding the seasonal shifts of Spring into Summer, (CANCER), Summer into Fall, (LIBRA), & Fall into Winter, (CAPRICORN). Using this ‘tropical’ method of working with Astrology, orients us to the Earth rather than the fixed stars. For now, as we are still bound to the earth, it is the environment where we are having the ‘experiential’ process of being alive. One day, we may be moving about in the celestial heights where the stars rule and we might want to adjust our zodiacal understanding accordingly. But, for now, we are creatures of this planet & aligned to the energies therein… ’all is one & one is all’…

This year, the exciting, energetic & indomitable Aries New Moon coincides with this organic shift from the dead of winter into the hopeful birth of spring—the Vernal Equinox.  (For most astrologers, this is month one in the parade of the year…)

The degree of this New Moon is 0* Aries 51”. This underlines the sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. We are all ready & willing to shake off the winter blues & turn our faces up to the brightening warmth of the Sun.

What are your ‘New Moon’ aspirations? Take a moment & doodle them into articulation. Give yourself a fleshed-out idea that you can then attempt to concretize in the days ahead. Make this a reboot of any resolutions that you may have made at the conventionally considered ‘New Year’. ( BTW, it’s possible that the reason why so many fail to follow through on the so-called New Year Resolutions is that they are being made at an incoherent time—the dead of winter when we are all in hibernation mode—LOL…) But, take a moment to check in with yourself & sense the growing appetite for activity & movement that you must be feeling now as the earth, our mother, begins to wake up from her cold & wintry sleep.

Here are a few highlights to keep in mind for this upcoming lunar cycle & Vernal or Spring Equinox:

We are still in the midst of a full throttled forward moving energy with all planets direct. This gives us the help we need to shake off any hesitation & get ourselves in gear. You should be feeling the desire to do something. So, do it.

Mercury will begin to slow near the end of this lunar cycle as he reaches his next retrograde degree. More on that next month. Take advantage of the slowdown by focusing your mental energies on any projects that you may have gotten going in the preceding weeks.

Mars has finally passed the shadow point degree of his long, long, long retrograde period and, at last, he will shift energies on March 28, leaving frisky little Gemini & moving into mild & moody Cancer. Self-care is highlighted with this shift. Find ways to nurture yourself first before expending all of your energies on others, within reason, of course. Keep changing those diapers & feeding those littles if that is where you find yourself. But, also take the time to pamper yourself & feed your holy body so that it can continue to serve your needs.

Jupiter continues his journey through Aries underlining the excitement & sheer joy of the season. Be open to seeing things in a new way, approaching issues with a fresh attitude & stay open to inspiration that takes you right out of the box of conventional thinking. Be bold in your dreams. Hope for what may seem to be impossible. Reach for the celestial heights.

The mid-point of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) is still under the unpredictable aura of Uranus, at 16*18’ of Taurus. Expect the unexpected in the area of life where this energy is present & if you are ‘ruled’ by Uranus or have significant energy in any one of the ‘fixed signs’, you are in the midst of a shift cycle that will take you where you least expected to go. Exciting & sometimes scary at the same time.

Neptune continues in Pisces & now, the ‘sidereal-ists have caught up to the ‘tropicals’. There are approximately 24 degrees between the signs as understood by Tropical & Sidereal Astrology. With Neptune now at 25*20’ of Pisces, both sets of astrologers agree that the collective is in full-blown dreamtime mode. Out of the resulting confusion & angst, a new vision will inevitably be born. What dreams may come? We will see. In the meantime, use the divine energy to draw life-giving spirit into your consciousness. Connect to whatever is spiritual in your own life.

Finally, Pluto will dip his toe into the electric energy of Aquarius on March 24, 2023. Transformation of the collective will now officially begin. In your own chart, whatever part of the psyche is highlighted is ready to redefine itself over the next 2 decades. Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride to the depths of your soul.

As Pluto transits the following areas of your psyche, consider how to facilitate the following:

First house: Delivery system adjusted

Second House: Inner moral compass refined

Third House: Communication clarification

Fourth House: Intimacy Reconsidered

Fifth House: Self-expression reignited

Sixth House: Organic overhaul

Seventh House: Partnership makeover

Eighth House: Purification of the core

Ninth house: Aspirational adjustments

Tenth House: Identity redefined

Eleventh House: Righteous revolution


Twelfth House: The Inner child awakens


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



Our suffering brings about our transformation, our perfection. That which comes out of the heart of this suffering is something new & as if cleansed by the waters of purification, just as the newly born baby is washed clean by the amniotic fluid in which it has been forming for the 40-ish week term within the mother.

We come into this life to be part of the natural living creation. Not only do we choose to embrace it, but we also need it to embrace us. We must be acutely aware of how we walk on this planet, and how we interact with all other life on this planet for from these things comes our survival on this planet. So, no matter the sacrifices that we may have to make in order to better align ourselves with the natural world, if we do it, it will make us ‘perfect’.

What a privilege it is to be here and now. We are living in extraordinary times. Boom or bust! Are we up to the job that we all have? Can we hear the call of our Mother, the Earth, & find our way back to her bosom? It is certainly a question worth exploring. Dig down deep into your akashic self. Remember what came before. Work hard so that you do not repeat the errors of the past. Be made new. Be purified & cleansed. Continue.

bless us all



Another Full Moon coming up! If we follow the ‘tropical’ astrological methods, we are awaiting the most specific, the most painstaking, the most healing energy of VIRGO. Pisces & Virgo are ‘partner’ signs within the circle of demonstrated energy. While Pisces looks to the Divine, Virgo scours the Earth & gets its work done. And for Virgo, WORK is a wonderful thing!

Virgo energy responds to the dreaminess of Pisces with a plan. Never afraid to start at the beginning, Virgo methodically moves in the direction it deems most appropriate. Order once instituted makes space for healing. We all have a lot of healing to do.

Before the next New Moon, (Aries & at the Equinox!!!), Mars will finally pass his ‘shadow’ point at the end of Gemini energy & will be just about ready to shift energies from fanciful Gemini & into moody, meditative Cancer.

Saturn will have just shifted into Pisces where he will be ready to restructure & refine that which we designate as real. The collective chaos of the past few years needs to be swept away & purified. In Pisces, Saturn is able to draw down divine energy to facilitate the fundamental healing of the manifest reality. The next few years will be a good time to align with whatever it is YOU identify as a higher power. Without a guiding principle, life becomes rather meaningless. Find it for yourself & make it your compass as you journey through your life.

And Pluto,

the archetype of the secret soul within us all is at the 30 * mark of Capricorn energy. Get ready for a wild ride through the collective consciousness for the next 2 decades. This upcoming transit through Aquarius is going to be a LONG one. Meanwhile, as we wait for the restoration of faith (1* Aquarius), be prepared for secrets & lies to be fully exposed (30* Capricorn). As you confront the truth that was called a lie, be open to what you hear, to what is revealed. It takes guts to admit that you were wrong & even greater guts to realign to what you discover to be true. We have been traumatized & assaulted over the past few years with untruth after untruth & now is the time to shake off the lies, reconsider our options & take appropriate action. In each our own way, we must carry the light so that we can illuminate the dark.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:



There is so much going on under the surface of things that it is inevitable that there will be instances when there might be ‘eruptions’. Volcanos are generally considered with a degree of ominous awe but in fact, sometimes it is necessary for there to be a cleanout. In nature, though the volcano is initially destructive, it layers the earth with vital minerals that eventually will nourish a resurgence of life. On an emotional level, it is not healthy to keep things bottled up. That is the strategy that results in dis-ease. We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, ready to clear the air. On the collective level, it’s about truly huge issues that will eventually determine how this current human experiment develops. Individually, we must look deep into our own psyches & release fear, hate, anger, greed, sloth & deception. If we can do this, both individually & collectively, the promise is of a rejuvenation; of celebration; of a loosening of the chains of slavery & despondency. We want to purge ourselves of all that is holding us back & throw ourselves wholeheartedly into RENEWAL. From a volcanic eruption straight into an Easter parade, so to speak.

Spring is almost here. This winter has been long. There is a feeling of hope & optimism around us & the astrology of the times certainly supports this. Enjoy the last few days of Pisces/Virgo. Take a nap & then go clean your closet & get ready for the inspirational energy of Aries to rush right in!


Pisces New Moon

February 20, 2023 @ 1:09 am CST

To get the most out of working with Astrology, you have to get to know the rhythm of the cycles because, bottom line, it’s the patterns of these cycles that give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of self-understanding or the forecasting of the energetic temperatures of the times. Patterns have always fascinated me whether it is the sudden discovery of seemingly random patterns that take on meaning in their repetition or the obvious concrete patterns that are self-evident to even those who are resistant to spotting them. The universe is just one big tapestry, a pattern of complex & profound proportions that is waiting for us to discover its secrets.

The most accessible of cycles are the ones that involve the movement of the celestial spheres, both visible to the naked & enhanced eye.  Obviously, the LUNAR CYCLE is a perfect example of this. Not only is it fast-moving with the MOON completing its natural wax & wan within the 30ish-day monthly period, but it is also clearly visible to anyone who lifts their eyes to the night sky. With the MOON CYCLE, a pattern is established. Now it’s up to us to figure out what that pattern is, what it means & how we can work within its parameters if we choose to do so. Be aware, that we will find this same cyclical motion in ALL of the planets of our immediate solar system & if we have the impulse to search further, far beyond that into the mysterious universal space around us. Even if you know nothing about the zodiacal symbology of signs, elements & houses of the horoscope, you can be plugged into the cyclical movement of the Moon & other planets just by becoming conscious of these cycles. And the MOON cycle is, truly, the easiest of all the cycles we can investigate. There is always a NEW MOON & there is always a FULL MOON & they are always 2 weeks apart, come winter, spring, summer, or fall…LOL. So, don’t worry if you can’t remember the signs of the zodiac. As long as you track the LUNAR CYCLE, you have in hand a pattern that you can begin to work with. NEW MOONS can always be viewed as the beginning of something while FULL MOONS can be regarded as the culmination of that original process. Literal example: you can begin an investigation into something on the NEW MOON & reflect on what you have so far discovered on the FULL MOON. It really can be as simple as that.

This coming NEW MOON is in the dreamy energy of PISCES & occurs just days after the Sun shifts into that energy. In fact, NEW MOONs are ALWAYS in the same zodiac sign as the SUN. That is because a new moon, any new moon, is physically, literally ‘aligned’, (conjunct in astro terms) to the sun in the sky as seen from our vantage point here on the earth. NEW MOONS are invisible at the exact moment of this close alignment so the sky at the NEW MOON is inky black & flecked with stars. It is only after a few days that we can begin to make out the crescent rim of the MOON as she begins her waxing journey to fullness. That’s why it is like a beginning, a birth…

This PISCES New Moon is going to reach her FULLNESS when she gets to the zodiac sign of Virgo in about 2 weeks. Another pattern in the making. Each sign has a partner sign which is exactly opposite it within the 360 * wheel of the horoscope. The partner Sign to PISCES is…VIRGO!! So, no matter how many cycles go by, a PISCES NEW MOON will ALWAYS reach her fullness in the sign of VIRGO. I find that extremely comforting & satisfying…dependable universal law in action.

Pisces is a mysterious energy, full of all that is mystical & marvelous. In Pisces, we find the dream that can become the reality (VIRGO), the sublime self-sacrifice of unconditional love, and the undeserved kindness (grace) of the divine. Oh yes, it can also be muddled, confused & deceptive but, if we are seekers of the light, we will take those misguided impulses & shift them into proactive ones. Muddle? Allow your creative right brain to take you to the outer limits. Confused? Pause & meditate until the chaos settles. Deception? Investigate thoroughly until you feel you have sufficient data on which to base some kind of conclusion.

This New MOON promises continued movement, a fresh start & the resolution to set intentions & follow through. Though there is still a lot of data to sort through, we can begin to imagine that we just might start to find some definitive answers to ongoing perplexing questions. Notably, Mars will finally pass beyond the post-shadow period of his recent retrograde through Gemini. Did you lose your mind over the past 6 ish months? Well, you may now find it once again! And for those of you who were born with Mars in Gemini (direct or retrograde), your initiation into the next 2-year cycle of implementation is now culminating & you can get down to the business of making things happen according to whatever plan you may have come up with for the next 2 years.

An aside to those of you who have significant Gemini energy wired into your psyches…,(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or any of the angles & particularly the ascendant in this sign). This now culminating transit of Mars through Gemini with a built-in retrograde through almost the entire 30 degrees has probably triggered a lot of responses in you. You guys have probably felt just a little bit crazier than the rest of us, maybe more frustrated at times, a tad more muddled & confused possibly. Your ‘get up & go’ may have got up & gone for a while & then suddenly returned in a sizzle of short circuitry. Take a breath & force yourselves to relax. The cuckoo days are almost behind us as Mars will pass his Retrograde Station of 25*36′ Gemini on March 16. That is, technically, the final day of the post-shadow period. So, mark that week down in your calendar—March 13-19 & pay attention to how you feel once we get to that time period. It will give you clues as to how retrogrades affect you specifically. That, of course, is true for all of us but as I have mentioned before, not all transits affect all individuals in the same way. Each person’s journey is unique.

Another notable transit for this Lunar cycle is the entry of Saturn into Pisces according to the Tropical Zodiac most commonly used by Western Astrologers. In fact, at the New Moon, Saturn is closely aligned to the Sun/Moon conjunction from the Aquarius side @ 28*10’. When Saturn supports the Moon in this fashion, we are given an added boost of resolve & commitment as we set our intentions & start out on new projects. Saturn strengthens & grounds the somewhat ethereal energy of Luna. Emotions rise & fall, after all, but intestinal fortitude (Saturn) is something we can depend on once we cultivate it. As Saturn transit Pisces for the next 2 ½ years we will all get the opportunity to face our fears, firm up our connection to the divine & generally, sort through the more nebulous & hidden parts of our reality construct. For those of you who were born with Saturn in Pisces, it’s your return period, that once in 30ish (technically, 29.4 years), where you get to come to terms with the reality that you have so far manifested. Karma time! Enjoy…lol.

And finally, we are on the brink of Pluto’s first toe dip into Aquarius. This is exciting stuff! Over the last decade & a half, many of us have been shocked into ‘awakeness’ by what has been revealed in terms of the structures that we thought were providing us with security & safety. The scales have fallen from our eyes & we may no longer view our governments in the same way that we once did. We no longer believe that we will always have what we need to sustain our physical reality as we have been shocked to realize that the entire monetary system is merely a shell game Ponzi scheme of grand proportion. We have had to face the fact that all is not what it appeared to be… So, where do we go from here? Possibly, just possibly, we might start getting some clues as Pluto jolts his way through Aquarius. Will the collective consciousness reframe the dream or will we slide further into oppression & tyranny? We will see just how many of us actually did wake up in the years ahead. It’s all about the ‘tipping point’!


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are :




We must always find ways to preserve ourselves. Squirrels are everywhere because they are quick on the mark when they perceive danger in the air. Have you ever watched a squirrel skitter here and there, always one step ahead of you if you are attempting to catch him? Self-preservation supreme! That is how we should be as we pick our way through these chaotic & troubling times, uber aware of our surroundings, always on our guard for any clear or present danger & ensuring that we have sufficient nuts stored away in case of disaster. Prepper mentality, anybody? And yet, the polarity symbol reinforces the idea that we must continue to have faith. This should be our intention. Find a way to overcome our doubts and yet remain realistic about what is really going on. One way we can do this is if we are clear within ourselves as to what we believe in, what we would fight for, even die for and, in knowing this, stick to it no matter what forces may oppose us. And sometimes this will be a challenge. It may even seem impossible at times. But, somehow, some way, we must, at the very least, TRY to stay true to who we are, even if it is only in private when we are alone with ourselves…HAPPY NEW MOON EVERYONE!


February 5, 2023 @ 12:30 PM CST

Self-love; creativity; expression; joyfulness. The Leo Full Moon celebrates the joyful, creative expression of the self & boy, don’t we need it when winter holds us captive!

This Full Moon is almost exactly square to Uranus & the nodes, (though the nodes are moving away from Uranus now), suggesting that the secret, unconscious self is seeking a new form of expression, a different way to be present in the world. Whatever your intention was at the New Moon 2 weeks ago, now is the time to review if you have put it into action & explore what you need to do to further realize it.

As with the Aquarius New Moon, there is a feeling (MOON), of movement, of change. The major planetary energies are all in forward motion. Don’t look back, look to the future, they say.

Mars is now several degrees away from his Station & Jupiter is beginning to pick up steam in Aries. There is nothing so fresh & exciting as Aries in full mode! This is the energy of enterprise & adventure; of initiation & zest; a courageous, bold energy that catapults into ever-expanding potential. We need it! Take that chance now & then concretize it into form as Jupiter moves into Taurus in May. Dreams become reality if we plan for them.

This is the year that Saturn leaves Aquarius, not to return for another 30ish years. For those of you with Saturn in Pisces, the next 2 & a bit years mark your ‘Saturn Return’ period, either first, second or third…lol. A shout-out to those of you who are entering the 3rd return. You are now in your late 80’s…you have definitely ‘made it’! More on this shift of Saturnian energy in future Moon blogs…

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are:



The symbols give us the feeling that no matter what is going on around us, we are safe & sound & watched over. We can freely express our inner selves, celebrate the joyfulness of creativity in whatever form it takes in our lives & know that we are moving into a brighter more unified future despite appearances to the contrary. Be vigilant in your own life so that you quickly identify anyone or anything that is attempting to cause division & dissent, whether overtly or covertly. Look for ways to create harmony in a natural human fashion. Avoid those who tear down. Seek out those who build up. Goodness is born from goodness. Find your own community of blessed companions who provide you with nourishment & support.

Enjoy the fullness of Leo. Locate 16*41″ Leo in your own chart & consider how you can introduce the energy of love, playfulness & creative expression into your reality…



New Moon in Aquarius; Full Moon in Leo

Aquarius New Moon

JANUARY 21, 2023

The first New Moon of 2023 is a harbinger of hope & change. Aquarius is the energy of the collective consciousness. It holds all of our thoughts & all of our dreams. It is from this collective that reality begins to take form. It is only when we reach that critical ‘tipping point’ of a collective vision that this can happen.

As this New fresh Moon begins her cycle of growth, the Sun & Moon are newly entered into Aquarius @1*32” (rounded up to 2*) underlining the sense of initiation. This is further emphasized by the direct movement of all of the planets. Here is the rundown:

Mercury has just stationed direct @ 8*50’ Capricorn on January 18, 2023. Though he is still within the ‘shadow’ of the retrograde, he will begin to pick up steam & by mid-February, he will have entered into Aquarius. Monitor your thoughts & be on guard for negative thinking, anxiety & paranoia when he rushes past Pluto from February 6- February 15, 2023. (I am using an orb of 5* on either side of the Pluto position.) The structured & authoritarian energy of Capricorn provides us with certainty & stability. As he shifts into Aquarius, he becomes more relaxed and more open to experimentation & the creation of new ideas. It is time to change the way we examine the world around us. It is time to alter our vision for the future. Let’s get rid of the tyrants & let’s create a community that is supportive & functional.

At the New Moon, Venus is aligned to Saturn @ 23*28’ for Venus & 24*40’ for Saturn in Aquarius. This reinforces the hopeful, altruistic feel of this lunation. Such close collaboration between these two archetypes suggests that it is time for all of us to stand firm in the truth that speaks to us & to be bold & fearless as we hold to that truth. What is really of value to you? What kind of reality do you wish to create for yourself & your community? Be of good faith & carry on.

Mars has also stationed direct and is in a trine relationship to the lunation. This, after several months of ‘runaround’. If you have been experiencing indecision, muddled thinking, sudden incoherent action, or a complete lack of focus, things should start to stabilize. The upside of this retrograde of Mars through Gemini is that old ideas could well be re-ignited & circular thinking could give rise to creative expression. Gemini is associated with all things informational, data, facts, and knowledge that is gathered & compiled. Gemini is also a distribution center so during this past retrograde period the DISPENSATION OF INFORMATION was UNDER REVIEW! As Pluto continues to uncover the corruption present within the governing structures of our current societies, Mars, the lower octave of this transformational energy did a little clean-up of his own. What have you come to realize about facts you thought were accurate & now find to be completely NOT accurate? Are you beginning to see the web of lies that permeate through the informational institutions that supposedly give us ‘the news’? More to come in the days ahead as Mars works his way through the ‘shadow’ degrees of his journey through Gemini.

Jupiter is newly reentered into Aries @ 4*14’, & nicely sextile to both the lunation & Mars. Here is the hopefulness, the rekindling of initiative & a vision of a brighter future in the making. Aries energy is unstoppable even under challenging conditions but combined with the aspirational impulse of the Aquarian New Moon & the inquisitive fact-finding energy of Mars in Gemini, we have an environment that is charged with electric potential for growth, initiative & rebirth.

Saturn will continue in direct motion until mid-June so the next 5ish months are a good time to restructure proactively whatever it is that needs to be overhauled. Saturn regulates & administers both individually & collectively. We can do much to improve our reality structure by aligning with values that are meaningful to us individually while collectively, we, as a society would do well to explore alternative methods for governance. Aquarius is a hopeful energy that has a belief in inherent goodness & Saturn will work hard to find that inherent goodness, given half a chance. Let us all pray for the ‘voice’ of the ‘everyman’ to be heard!

Uranus stations direct just a day after this new Moon @ 15* Taurus. The next few months give us all the opportunity to integrate any changes that we have experienced personally while the collective is definitely attempting to adjust to the ongoing upheaval of our fundamental supporting structures. It’s about trust. It’s about survival. It’s about getting back to basics. Can we do it?





Neptune will remain direct until the end of June this year, lending supportive energy to the sense of forward proactive movement within society. Now in the 3rd decanate of Pisces, the Scorpio decanate, the call to action for all of us on a spiritual level, is to ground out our sense of connection to the divine, to deepen our commitment to truth & justice. Discover reasons to believe!

Finally, Pluto is moving direct in the last degrees of Capricorn & will dip into Aquarius on March 24, 2023. This will be the beginning of the end of Pluto transiting Capricorn & by November 2024, he will move into Aquarius for good. More on this in future Moon blogs. For now, we are in the integrative portion of this long & challenging transit. Much of our fundamental infrastructure has been shaken to the core. Many of us are concerned about our basic survival & what, exactly, we can actually put our trust & faith in. As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, we are bound to discover potential solutions to the problems that have been uncovered over the past few decades. We must gird up our loins & be willing to think outside the box, take that wild chance if one presents itself & attempt something new, something completely different. Though we cherish tradition & value what has stood the test of time, we must be willing to incorporate new ideas and new initiatives into our routines. There is room for both conservations of what is useful & initiation of that which progresses us into the future in this reality. We must have the courage & wisdom to embrace both options.

The Sabian symbols for this lunation are:






These symbols are indicators of the need to purge & the need for a radical approach to that purge. It is time to clear the air on a multitude of levels. It is time to use unexpected & sometimes even shocking methods to institute change. There is nothing like the aromatic scent that is released by a thunderstorm though the actual storm itself may be frightening to endure. And just like an epidemic that runs its course, the after-effects can be cleansing as the cause of illness is eradicated. As a society, we certainly have been through a sudden & totally unexpected epidemic that caused fear, foreboding & distress to many. Now, on mostly the other side of this event, we can look back & evaluate the pros & cons & how we were individually affected by it. With any contagious illness, those who survive are stronger for it. And, as with any singular radical event, it does eventually pass. The dynamics shift & life continues. How did you get through the past few years? Are you ready to move into the future, cleansed, purged & immune?

Full Moon blog coming soon…


New Moon in Capricorn 2022/FULL MOON IN CANCER 2023

New Moon in Capricorn 2022


DECEMBER 23, 2022 @ 4:17 AM CST

JANUARY 6, 2023 @ 5:09 PM CST



A few days after Winter Solstice & the Moon is born again to join the Sun in the Stellar dance!

Can you sense the quickening of the energy? Do you feel the pull of the light? Despite both Uranus & Mars being retrograde & Mercury slowing to his last retrograde station of this current year, the sparks are beginning to ignite!

Mars is moving very slowly now…the beheaded chicken is beginning to flag in its race around the barnyard—lol…At this point in the retrograde, we have reached an almost still point with Mars just a few degrees away from his STATION DIRECT on January 12, 2023. We can now start to feel the return of normality as Mars gets ready to shift in his circling around in Gemini energy. Though we do not step out of the shadow of this particular retrograde until March 2023, it will start to feel different. We are moving into the integrative part of the process so it’s time to roll up our sleeves & get our thinking caps firmly in place. The upside of this energy is how creative it can be once we exercise some discipline & impose some order. Ideas, inspirations & clever articulations—that’s Gemini…

Uranus is just shy of his own Station Direct degree as well. Though we still have several years of shift & change ahead, we have the sense that we are coming to the end game of this particular upturning. We feel like it’s time to restore order. Early birds get the worm. Start considering NOW what strategies you can implement so as to stabilize yourself. Reconnect to basic, natural practices that tether you to the EARTH and keep you grounded. Our sense of the organic has been greatly disrupted and especially so in the last few years. Some of us now distrust the natural world, seeing it as an enemy rather than as a friend. The enforced isolation that we all experienced created a sense of trepidation in our consciousness about engaging in ‘normal’ human activities like congregating with community. Other humans were to be feared & avoided. Whether these protocols were appropriate or not is not the issue. The issue is that we are a HERD species & the NATURAL order is to flock together, to engage, to share space. That is why humans have always lived in community, one kind or another, starting with villages & ending up in the huge megacities of our time. The key is that this NATURAL way of existing has been disrupted. At the very least, many are questioning it. Some even think that we should all be ‘bubble boys’ so as to not get contaminated by others. Along with all of the other natural disruptions, we have to now deal with the consequences of the Uranus transit through Taurus & re-stabilize, re-align, and even reform our own internal sense of NATURAL LAW. Our survival depends upon it.

Within the arc of this lunar period, Mercury Stations Retrograde for the last time in 2022. This retrograde, beginning on December 29 @ 25* Capricorn takes up to January 18, 2023, when he Stations Direct @ 9* Capricorn. This mid-January time is set to be notable indeed. By January 22, 2023, right after the next New Moon, all of the planets will be in Direct Motion. More on that next month but for now, get ready to get into gear, shake off the confusion & indecision & put some miles on the odometer!

Jupiter is newly entered into Aries, a most exuberant & hopeful energy &, in this lunation, in square aspect to the New Moon. Dare to do it! Take that chance! Go for your own version of GOLD! Jupiter infuses us with an aspiration to the heights of what we can achieve & Aries provides us with the grit & courage to actually try for it. The next 6 months, as Jupiter rushes through Aries, look to be exciting, inspiring & ground-breaking if we just work with the energy of enterprise.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



What needs healing in your life? Three is often considered to be a ‘holy’ number & certainly, it is the number of creativity. Much has been broken within us as a collective & it is now time to begin the restoration work. As the polarity symbol suggests, each of us has to do this repair work individually & often under arduous circumstances. And yet, as both symbols point out, we have resources still intact & help that can sustain us as we fight for our survival. It is incumbent upon each one of us to make an account of where we are strong & where we are weak & then to address these issues.

Are you taking care of your body?

Do you manage your thoughts?

Is your connection to the divine intact?

Do a review & then get to work.




The Full Moon in Cancer shines her light on us on January 6, 2023 @ 5:09 PM CST. This is the Lady Moon in her HOME SIGN. Expect to experience emotional surges.

Mercury is still retrograde, now @ 18* Capricorn. Mars is at 9* Gemini and within a few days of his Station Direct (January 12, 2023). Uranus is also almost at his Station Direct point. The next few weeks will demonstrate a definite shift of energy. Our mental state will start to clear & we will feel more inclined to take action. Expect some breakthroughs to begin to occur. Jupiter in Aries will add some steam to the mix!

Review what you have experienced over the past few years. This is a good time to do so as we are still within the arc of the Winter Solstice. Collectively we have just had a mundane NEW YEAR so everything points to initiation, to resolution & to the creation of fresh new ‘habitual rituals’ to enhance our lives. Make this review of your own life & see if there are areas where you can improve, facilitate or tweak things to create the reality that best reflects who you are HERE & NOW.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are:




Everything begins somewhere & sometime. It is a process that must follow its own course. It will arrive at its conclusion at exactly the ‘right’ time, not early nor late. Trust the process. Trust your own intuitive sense of the process. Be bold but do not make haste. It is time for you to reveal yourself, to be open, to be true to who you are. It may be a bit nerve-wracking at the front end but the reward for the courage to speak the truth is never-ending!

New Moon in Sagittarius; Full Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Sagittarius: Nov. 23, 2022

@ 4:57 pm CST

Full Moon in Gemini: December 7, 2022

@ 10:09 pm CST



After the last Lunar cycle that was populated by powerful eclipses & significant stations, we are ready to move into the hopeful & visionary energy of Sagittarius/Gemini. And, we are ready for lightness, levity & movement…hopefully in the ‘right’ direction!

Scorpio season is a time of inwardnesss but now, as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius accompanied by a fresh & optimistic New Moon @ 2* Sag, we can sense that the time of growing darkness is fast coming to a culmination at the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2022 @ 3:47 PM) which occurs a few days before the Capricorn New Moon this year. (more on that later…)  This Sag New Moon cycle is a good time to reflect on what you have managed to accomplish over the past 12 months & to begin to formulate a new set of intentions for the months ahead. Sag is the energy of hopefulness, optimism & VAVAVOOM! It is the energy of FREEDOM. The ‘astrological’ New Year gets off to a start at the Winter solstice when the Sun is, so to speak, reborn & the days begin to lengthen into the Equinox & on but we can access that hopeful optimistic Sag stuff to motivate us on our way to rejuvenation & rebirth…

So, as we enter fully into the ‘balsamic’ point within the yearly cycle, we know that the darkest time is just before the dawn. That is what we can focus on.

One of the most significant aspects of this New Moon has to be the Jupiter Station Direct. The dreams we dream can now be fleshed out with courage as the God of planets moves fully into Aries energy. Also, within this lunar cycle, Neptune Stations Direct. The mid-range planets, Jupiter & Saturn, & all of the outers except for Uranus are now in direct motion. The deep energy of the unconscious, the hidden, is now beginning to clear. Review has been done & issues have been clarified or at the very least, better understood. Look for January dates when both Uranus & Mars Station Direct to feel the full impact of forward movement. After January 22, 2023, we have several months when all energy is moving forward giving us a sense of potential progress.

At the New Moon, Pluto & Jupiter are in agreeable aspect providing us with a sense of hopefulness that systemic corruption (Pluto in Capricorn) can be eradicated by applying spiritual standards (Jupiter in Pisces) rather than material ones. This is further reinforced by the alignment of Jupiter to Neptune in the divine energy of Pisces. We will not solve any problems unless we enlist the help of a greater power. Though political process is often regarded as essential, especially in a democracy, if the overlords are corrupt & the electorate is uninformed, how democratic is the process, really? If we are making our voting decisions on the basis of questionable, incomplete or even wrong information (propaganda), then how useful is our vote? There are a significant number of people who are asking these questions & making the choice to ‘get out of the matrix’ & attempt to create an alternative system. Watch for much experimentation in the decades ahead!

Despite all this, & the seemingly unending chaos around us, the most inspiring aspect of this lunar cycle is the hope & optimism that is found in having the Moon, Sun, Mercury & Venus all aligned in Sagittarius. This is the energetic dynamic that hints at a better future. There is a new horizon that can be discovered. We can come out of disunity & discord & step into cooperation & fellow feeling. That is the promise & that is the hope.

We can use the time of the ongoing Mars Retrograde to refine our strategies, to review our operational systems, to reboot ourselves & restore our resources so that we can better tackle anything that we encounter as we build our futures. Remember, Mars retrograde in Gemini can co-relate to short circuits within the body system. Drink sufficient water & make sure it is as pure as you can make it. Chemical additives to our drinking water are the ‘silent’ killer that we are all dealing with.

The Sabian Symbols:



Something is astir…The image of the active water of the ocean inspires us to movement. Nothing will be shifted unless we do the shifting.  It is incumbent on each one of us to take action according to the capacity of our ability to do so. Be fierce when defending your truth. Stand firm in your assertiveness. You are the boss of your reality. No one else. Be that boss & do not falter. This is all about MOVEMENT, both energetically & physically, so get up off that comfortable couch & MOVE! The promise contained in the polarity symbol is that there is a reward for those who wait & those who do…




The GEMINI FULL MOON occurs at 10:09 PM, December 7, 2022.

With Mars in close alignment to the lunation, expect your dreams to be full of activity. Even though Mars is still retrograde, Gemini is a fluid & mobile energy & you will still feel the movement contained within. If you are in the midst of varying degrees of challenge or struggle, you may experience this Full Moon with a certain amount of agitation. Just allow it to flow through you or over you or around you as the case might be. There is still a tremendous potential for sudden change with Uranus aligned to the North Node & that change could very well affect everyone. Are you seeing the natural world through altered eyes? Are your basic values shifting even as you notice them? Is reality transforming as you watch it & is it becoming more meaningful, more ‘real’? Scorpio/Taurus, the nodal energy, is about essentials for living; survival at its most visceral level; the deepest of impulses that result in the most obvious of outcomes. We are reviewing our history as a species & demanding to understand what comes next. Will we actually survive? Or have we gone too far past the point of survival to reboot & realign to Mother Nature? That is a question we can only answer each one to his own. But whether we recognize that the next few decades are going to be about ultimate survival or not, this is the starting point for many of us. We must face the critical questions & we must find the workable solutions.

The Sabian symbols for the FULL MOON are:



Gemini/Sag combines Mercury & Jupiter, linking the so-called left brain directly to the so-called right brain. Through skillful management of mental energy we can absolutely re-create the reality that we experience. Its all about attitude & the determination to be in charge of both our thoughts (logical, coherent reasoning) & our emotions (reactive, impulsive responses). By understanding (Gemini) why we are feeling what we are feeling we can craft a plan of action based on aspiration & hope (Sagittarius) & successfully navigate the current uncertain situation we find ourselves in.

The promise contained within these two symbols is that there is a brighter tomorrow. If we have the faith, if we have the tenacity to carry on, we can be confident that we will come out on the other side, renewed, refreshed, reborn.

Once again, these are inspirational symbols provide us with the encouragement that we need at this most interesting time in the ‘history of the world’.



I do not look at the Sabian Symbols for the respective degrees of the lunations until after I have dived into the energy of the lunations. It always astonishes me how synchronistic the message contained within the symbols is to the inherent energy of the lunations. What we do not see is much more than what is visible.