Astrology Services
Primary Session We explore the birth mandala to determine the following:
– soul purpose
– past life conditions & current life focus
– condition of the emotional body
– gifts, tools, strategies for actualization1 hour; with yearly affirmations-$225.00-without yearly affirmations-$175.00- Contact Christina Rai
Transit Update Energy is in constant motion both within the self and around it. To live mindfully is to be aware of the condition of this constantly moving force field—the web of life.
Though I am not a “causal” astrologer, I understand the expression, “timing is everything”. Another way of saying it is that there is no point in spitting into the wind!By looking at the “transits” to a birth mandala, we are able to make more harmonious choices and work WITH FLOW rather than against it.A transit update can greatly alleviate frustration and even panic. At the very least, it can provide insight and illumination into sometimes incomprehensible events, along with potential strategies for proactive action.1 hour – $175.00 – Contact Christina Rai
Solar Return Session The Annual Metaphysical!!!

The Sun ‘returns’ to the exact degree of the zodiac that he occupied when you were born on an annual basis. The birthday!!! I am able to chart a completely  new mandala for that date which I can then examine in relation to your birth mandala. This is a beautiful process and through it, I am able to provide you with a ‘mini-map’ for the birthday year along with a personalized set of affirmations which I create based on the energy of that year.

We examine:
Focus for the year
Emotional energy for the year

Cycles; Opportunities; Challenges & Strategies
Transformational potential for the year

1 hour – with yearly affirmations–$225.00 – Contact Christina Rai

1 hour – without yearly affirmations–$175.00

What the Moon! Emotions can sometimes run amuck and we end up feeling as if we have relinquished all control over how we react to our life experiences. In this session, we will focus on the EMOTIONAL BODY as represented by the Astrological Moon in your Natal Mandala.

We will explore:

  1. Your need structure
  2. your security mechanisms
  3. the feeling nature
  4. how to integrate how you feel with how to take action
  5. how to integrate the lunar and solar forces of the self

By understanding ourselves on this very important level, we can enter more wholly into our soul path and actualize our potential.

1 hour – $175.00 – Contact Christina Rai

Star of Creativity We are all creative beings. Creativity is a process. Tap into your own creative process by exploring your own unique focusing method.

We will:
Find it
Own it
Crystallize it
Use it…and…

Once you understand the unique energetic matrix of your creative body, you can more mindfully engage CREATIVELY with the world around you.

1 hour – $225.00 – Contact Christina Rai

Sabian Insight There is an image associated with each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac.
Each symbol provides insight into the planet to which it is associated in your birth mandala. I will take you on a magical journey into the right brain using the Sabian Symbols. For the artistically inclined, you will leave with a template with which to create a visual rendering of your own birthchart.1 hour – $225.00 – Contact Christina Rai
Let’s Come Together The couple session focuses on:

–each individual’s needs
–mode of communication
–emotional structure
–the combined persona

We develop strategies for successful dialogue and a working plan of action to promote understanding and growth.

1.5 hrs – $295.00 – Contact Christina Rai

AstroFun Astrodice are a fun tool used to tap into the universal mind. They are three 12 sided dye that, when thrown yield an astrological response. This response lends insight into the question that is being asked. Very fun!

Throw the astrodice and discover what the universe wants you to know plus two additional questions of your choosing. Pick mindfully!

I can do this via phone. I will throw the dice while focusing on your energy.

3 throws – $75.00

Have an astrodice party of no more than 10 people. Each person throws 3 times and we see what the universe has to say!

$400.00/max. time 2.5 hrs.
approximate time is 15 minutes for 3 questions – Contact Christina Rai

Affirmations I will create a personalized set of affirmations for you based on the transit energy of your birthday.

They can serve as a focusing facilitation for the year, birthday to birthday, +/-.

$125.00 to your email – Contact Christina Rai

(Reduced rates for portions of time less than 1 hour. If we go over the hour, the rate is $2.00 per minute.)
Energetic Services
Energetic Services As a Reiki Master and a Pranic Healer, I am trained to work with the body’s energy fields. I can do this in person or long distance by pre-arranged appointment. If by long distance, we connect by phone during the session so that I can guide you through the session verbally.

½ hour – $95.00
¾ hour – $125.00

I suggest that we never take more than ¾ hour for any energy work since the body needs time to absorb and balance the energy that it receives. I build in a lead time and a cool down time into every session. – Contact Christina Rai

Tutoring Want to learn astrology? I will personally guide you through this fascinating course of study. We will use real charts to highlight how to understand a birthchart. I have loads of hand-outs that will form a permanent manual for you.

$150.00/hour – Contact Christina Rai