In these strange & confusing days, the ‘science’ of astrology has become popularized to the point that even folks who know nothing about the actual mechanics of this process, are able to reference it in their day-to-day lives. The most obvious example of this is the use of the so-called ‘sun sign’. If you know your day of birth, you might well conclude that you know something about yourself from that astrological level. There is a well-known phrase that suggests that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…’ & it is never truer than when it is applied to those folks who talk about their ‘sun signs’!

I have an admission to make; it sets my teeth on edge when someone says, “I am an Aries; what are you?”

However, I bite my tongue with those edgy teeth because I understand that this question is an enthusiastic demonstration of a love for a breadth of tools that facilitate self-understanding. And, the more self-understanding that we can garner, the better. If we can peek into the depths of ourselves, into the shadows of others’ selves, it has to be preferable to stumbling around in the dark, not knowing why we are, who we are & what the heck we are attempting to accomplish. So, all you astrology lovers, go ahead and talk about your sun sign. I can always leave the room…lol.

The key to getting the greatest return on astrological analysis is to understand that what really counts is not so much the individual energies as represented by the ‘planets in the signs’, but rather, the interaction that occurs between all of the various planets & points. This speaks to the intricate dimensionality of the astrological toolkit. You are not your sun sign. You are SO MUCH MORE than this flat one-dimensional projection. (In fact, there are schools of astrology that do not even reference the zodiac sign but rather, focus on the geometric connections that the various planetary archetypes make spatially. You’ve heard about ‘sacred geometry’? Well, this is one of its applications. To really get to the heart of the complexity of the persona, the soul & the potential of the individual, we must explore the ‘grid’, the crystalline structure of the self. More about this fascinating approach later…)

For now, though, a deeper analysis of the flat one-dimensional zodiac sign that any given planet is found in begins with the understanding that each of these 12 signs (energies) is linked to a specific planet and this planet will also be found within the grid of the horoscope and often, in yet another sign of the zodiac. The interaction between the two planets is of critical importance. Think of your own self as a musical composition, a song of sorts. How do the various ‘notes’ of your song sound? Are they harmonic? Are they dissonant? This is the interactive part of the play of energy that exists in each of us.  We want to get a handle on our own individual ‘songs’ & refine as much as we can the flow of that song so that it is as harmonic as it possibly can be. (By the way, I’m all for a bit of dissonance appropriately administered…lol)

So, that can be a starting point for a deeper understanding of your own so-called ‘sun-sign’. Whatever sign the Sun was transiting when you were born is modified by the energy of whatever sign the RULING PLANET was also transiting at the time you were born. Here’s a list of the signs along with the planet that ‘rules’ that sign.

ARIES ruled by MARS




LEO ruled by THE SUN


LIBRA ruled by VENUS

SCORPIO co-ruled by MARS & PLUTO





You can see that there are quite a few signs linked to only one planet & some that are linked to two planets. This stems from the fact that until the outer planets were ‘discovered’ with the use of powerful telescopes, only the ‘visible’ celestial objects factored into the mix. SATURN was once considered to be the outermost planet in our sky. It ‘limited’ the scope of our perception. Sound familiar?

Each zodiac energy has its own built-in characteristics. If you have a list of keywords, you can get a sense of those overt characteristics. Each planet also has built-in characteristics. Just knowing which planet co-relates to which sign gives us more insight into both of them. Use the graphic above to also consider the element & modality of each archetypal placement. think about how fire works with earth or air or water. What is produced by the combination of any two elements? What about the modality? How does Cardinal energy interact with Fixed or Mutable energy? If it’s too much to consider all of this, then just begin with one thing and once you are conversant with that one thing, add in the next consideration.  It’s sort of like making a soup from a variety of vegetables. It’s all about the blending.


Why is Aries known to be fiery, impulsive, fierce & often dominant? Look at which planet is linked to it. MARS is the planet that represents that part of the personal psyche that ‘does’ things. It represents the overt active energy of the individual, the MO (modus operandi). So, both Aries & Mars are potentially little go-getters, always on the move. Now consider what happens when the Sun is in Aries, a Cardinal Fire Sign, but ruled by a Mars in Pisces, a Mutable Water Sign. Will the watery energy douse the fiery energy? Or will the fiery energy steam up the watery energy? Now we are starting to cook!

Turn, once again to your keyword list & review the characteristics linked to Pisces. You will see words like dreamy, soft, and mystical. How do you think an impulsive, self-determined Mars might operate when it has to navigate the dreamy, mystical waters of PISCES? Once you can synthesize these two diametrically opposed forces, you have stepped into the world of subtle & deeper understanding of the way the psyche works.

The best way to proceed with this deeper analysis of each planetary archetype is to tackle it ONE PLANET AT A TIME. Be methodical. Do not rush ahead or jump around. Try to extract as much as you can from each planet before proceeding on to the next. Be willing to sit with any unexpected realizations you might suddenly have as you begin to synthesize the data. It does not matter how long you have been dissecting your own chart. There will always be insights to be had.

Each planet has one or two places where the rulership stops right where it is. That is something called ‘dignity’. Theoretically, whatever planet is being considered, is thought to be the purest representation of that particular energy.

Here is a list of ‘singular’ planets:

The SUN is in his ‘dignity in LEO. Generally speaking, then, anyone born when the Sun was transiting Leo will have a distinct sense of their ‘ego’ self; they will most probably be expressive & even creative; they will be fun-loving & childlike in many ways.

The MOON is in her ‘dignity’ in Cancer. Moody, sensitive, sometimes fearful, nurturing & protective, and always emotionally motivated.


MERCURY is dignified in two signs, Gemini & Virgo. Data-oriented, inquisitive, intellectually adroit, analytical, detail-oriented, interested in practical solutions & research-minded.

Venus is dignified in two signs, Taurus & Libra. Lusty, earthy, gentle, cooperative, ethical, persuasive & conciliatory.

Mars is dignified in two signs, Aries & Scorpio. Impulsive, intense, fierce, powerful, driven, self-directed & sometimes scary.

Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius & Pisces. Hopeful, optimistic, inspirational, full of ideas, somewhat mystical at times & enterprisingly unrestrained.

Saturn is at home in two signs, Capricorn & Aquarius. Commanding, severe, determined, organized, dispassionate, practical & sometimes dictatorial.

Uranus is at home in Aquarius. Futuristic, innovative, inventive, surprising, one-of-a-kind & sometimes chaotic.


Neptune is at home in Pisces. Dreamy, nebulous, intuitive, spiritual, sensitive & often confused.

Pluto, (yes, we still regard this puppy as a significant presence within the psyche), is linked to Scorpio. Transformative, fearless, willing to cross boundaries, power-oriented, hidden, secretive & iconoclastic. (This was the generation that opened the door to all sorts of ‘taboos’ & let them in. Full Frontal Nudity!)

Ever met anyone, while having one of these planets in their so-called ‘home signs’, who did not fit comfortably into the above? There’s a reason for it which involves the ‘sacred geometry’ aspect & the ‘location’ aspect of how the energy works. Future blogs will dip into that.

In the meantime, drag out your own chart & determine if any one of your planets is operating within the scope of their home sign in your own psyche. How does that translate into your real day-to-day life? Do you fit into any of the descriptions given above? Get out your more extensive keywords & see if any of them describe how you operate in the particular area of personality expression. Do you recall what each planet signifies with the whole of the persona? Look it up & get to work. Summer is drawing to a close…


Full Moons are periods of illumination & usually, these times can coincide with some sort of emotional awareness. We may suddenly realize what we have been ‘feeling’ & not entirely understanding. It can seem sudden but not always. In this entitled ‘western’ world, most of us have the time to immerse ourselves in self-analysis. We do not need to struggle to survive, for the most part, so our energy can be directed into the small indulgences of self-study. How pleasant & how privileged it is to be able to sit under the light of a luminescent Moon & meditate on ‘ME’…

This is the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox, highlighting both FIRE & AIR; inspiration & cooperation; the individual impulse & the collective impulse. What we do, we do from the deepest part of our desires (Aries) & we do it to impact those around us who share our reality (Libra).  As the Sun exalts in Aries, the Moon relaxes in Libra. It’s a time to think about how our actions impact our companions. We want to find ways to create harmony & peace. The Psalmist wrote:

“How good and pleasant it is when people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head…It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.”

I think it is safe to say that at this most fractious & chaotic time in history, we would all like to savor some ‘pleasantness’.

The energy is all still in forward motion. The focus is on action & movement. We have an appetite for discovery, for invention, for the ongoing quest for understanding. We want to explore the hidden places & subjects. We want to KNOW. Whether it is on a global scale or in our personal lives, we are ready to cast off muddled thinking & take action on the basis of an illuminated understanding (Full Moon). What, in your life, have you come to understand? Can you alter or refine your actions as a result? That’s the key for all of us…

Mercury is moving into his pre-retrograde shadow period & will enter it just a few days after this Full Moon. Close to the nodal axis, the focus is on finding the facts before passing the verdict. In Taurus, the intellectual process is methodical, logical & down to earth. We follow the breadcrumbs assiduously, inspecting each item as we carefully move along. No rushing here! This is made all the more so as Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, 2023, moving from 15’ TAURUS 37” back to 5’ TAURUS 51”. Be willing to slow down, analyze with care, exercise caution as you think through any dynamics & DO NOT jump to any hasty conclusions. Locate where Taurus is in your own natal chart to better monitor the areas of life that are involved.

Venus in her ‘home’ sign of Taurus lends an air of pleasure. We are all ready for the WARM after a long & unpredictable winter. We want to see green things growing, birds flying, and creatures scurrying. With Venus & Uranus in close alignment at the Full Moon, we want to feel something that we have not felt before, experience an unexpected surge of pleasure after a long period of slumber. We want to wake up (Uranus) & savor the moment (Venus)!

Mars shifted into Cancer on March 28, 2023. Nurturing energy is now in high focus. What sort of ‘actions’ can we take to better care for ourselves & those around us? Do we have a ‘plan of action’ in this regard? In Cancer, Mars fights ferociously for those who require assistance. What do you do to support those in need? Heart energy always finds a way.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to travel the wheel of the zodiac and now, in Aries, it is like a fresh start to an old project. We can take the time to reinvent the way we go about doing our lives and chasing after our dreams. What new things have emerged in your life to spur you into activity, inspire your creativity, and to fuel your passions? Seize these things if only by the tail & take a risk. Opportunity can only be realized if it is acted upon.

Pluto’s toe dip into Aquarius is upon us. It is true that we will be dealing with the last vestiges of the Capricorn transit for quite some time, but now the spark of a solution is beginning to emerge. Now that the corruption & deceit has been revealed for all to see, what will we do about it? What can we do about it? That remains to be seen but it is true that if one does nothing then nothing will change. The message is: if you want to see change then be change, whatever that might look like in your own personal life. Grassroots movements have, in the past, affected tremendous changes in society as a whole. History teaches us that Tyrants always fall and that the common people can only be oppressed for so long. Over the next few decades, this lesson will be learned again. What role will YOU play in this unfolding drama?



Happy Full Moon to all…

May the spring warm your bones

and fill your heart with the sweetness of the season…



Pisces New Moon

February 20, 2023 @ 1:09 am CST

To get the most out of working with Astrology, you have to get to know the rhythm of the cycles because, bottom line, it’s the patterns of these cycles that give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of self-understanding or the forecasting of the energetic temperatures of the times. Patterns have always fascinated me whether it is the sudden discovery of seemingly random patterns that take on meaning in their repetition or the obvious concrete patterns that are self-evident to even those who are resistant to spotting them. The universe is just one big tapestry, a pattern of complex & profound proportions that is waiting for us to discover its secrets.

The most accessible of cycles are the ones that involve the movement of the celestial spheres, both visible to the naked & enhanced eye.  Obviously, the LUNAR CYCLE is a perfect example of this. Not only is it fast-moving with the MOON completing its natural wax & wan within the 30ish-day monthly period, but it is also clearly visible to anyone who lifts their eyes to the night sky. With the MOON CYCLE, a pattern is established. Now it’s up to us to figure out what that pattern is, what it means & how we can work within its parameters if we choose to do so. Be aware, that we will find this same cyclical motion in ALL of the planets of our immediate solar system & if we have the impulse to search further, far beyond that into the mysterious universal space around us. Even if you know nothing about the zodiacal symbology of signs, elements & houses of the horoscope, you can be plugged into the cyclical movement of the Moon & other planets just by becoming conscious of these cycles. And the MOON cycle is, truly, the easiest of all the cycles we can investigate. There is always a NEW MOON & there is always a FULL MOON & they are always 2 weeks apart, come winter, spring, summer, or fall…LOL. So, don’t worry if you can’t remember the signs of the zodiac. As long as you track the LUNAR CYCLE, you have in hand a pattern that you can begin to work with. NEW MOONS can always be viewed as the beginning of something while FULL MOONS can be regarded as the culmination of that original process. Literal example: you can begin an investigation into something on the NEW MOON & reflect on what you have so far discovered on the FULL MOON. It really can be as simple as that.

This coming NEW MOON is in the dreamy energy of PISCES & occurs just days after the Sun shifts into that energy. In fact, NEW MOONs are ALWAYS in the same zodiac sign as the SUN. That is because a new moon, any new moon, is physically, literally ‘aligned’, (conjunct in astro terms) to the sun in the sky as seen from our vantage point here on the earth. NEW MOONS are invisible at the exact moment of this close alignment so the sky at the NEW MOON is inky black & flecked with stars. It is only after a few days that we can begin to make out the crescent rim of the MOON as she begins her waxing journey to fullness. That’s why it is like a beginning, a birth…

This PISCES New Moon is going to reach her FULLNESS when she gets to the zodiac sign of Virgo in about 2 weeks. Another pattern in the making. Each sign has a partner sign which is exactly opposite it within the 360 * wheel of the horoscope. The partner Sign to PISCES is…VIRGO!! So, no matter how many cycles go by, a PISCES NEW MOON will ALWAYS reach her fullness in the sign of VIRGO. I find that extremely comforting & satisfying…dependable universal law in action.

Pisces is a mysterious energy, full of all that is mystical & marvelous. In Pisces, we find the dream that can become the reality (VIRGO), the sublime self-sacrifice of unconditional love, and the undeserved kindness (grace) of the divine. Oh yes, it can also be muddled, confused & deceptive but, if we are seekers of the light, we will take those misguided impulses & shift them into proactive ones. Muddle? Allow your creative right brain to take you to the outer limits. Confused? Pause & meditate until the chaos settles. Deception? Investigate thoroughly until you feel you have sufficient data on which to base some kind of conclusion.

This New MOON promises continued movement, a fresh start & the resolution to set intentions & follow through. Though there is still a lot of data to sort through, we can begin to imagine that we just might start to find some definitive answers to ongoing perplexing questions. Notably, Mars will finally pass beyond the post-shadow period of his recent retrograde through Gemini. Did you lose your mind over the past 6 ish months? Well, you may now find it once again! And for those of you who were born with Mars in Gemini (direct or retrograde), your initiation into the next 2-year cycle of implementation is now culminating & you can get down to the business of making things happen according to whatever plan you may have come up with for the next 2 years.

An aside to those of you who have significant Gemini energy wired into your psyches…,(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or any of the angles & particularly the ascendant in this sign). This now culminating transit of Mars through Gemini with a built-in retrograde through almost the entire 30 degrees has probably triggered a lot of responses in you. You guys have probably felt just a little bit crazier than the rest of us, maybe more frustrated at times, a tad more muddled & confused possibly. Your ‘get up & go’ may have got up & gone for a while & then suddenly returned in a sizzle of short circuitry. Take a breath & force yourselves to relax. The cuckoo days are almost behind us as Mars will pass his Retrograde Station of 25*36′ Gemini on March 16. That is, technically, the final day of the post-shadow period. So, mark that week down in your calendar—March 13-19 & pay attention to how you feel once we get to that time period. It will give you clues as to how retrogrades affect you specifically. That, of course, is true for all of us but as I have mentioned before, not all transits affect all individuals in the same way. Each person’s journey is unique.

Another notable transit for this Lunar cycle is the entry of Saturn into Pisces according to the Tropical Zodiac most commonly used by Western Astrologers. In fact, at the New Moon, Saturn is closely aligned to the Sun/Moon conjunction from the Aquarius side @ 28*10’. When Saturn supports the Moon in this fashion, we are given an added boost of resolve & commitment as we set our intentions & start out on new projects. Saturn strengthens & grounds the somewhat ethereal energy of Luna. Emotions rise & fall, after all, but intestinal fortitude (Saturn) is something we can depend on once we cultivate it. As Saturn transit Pisces for the next 2 ½ years we will all get the opportunity to face our fears, firm up our connection to the divine & generally, sort through the more nebulous & hidden parts of our reality construct. For those of you who were born with Saturn in Pisces, it’s your return period, that once in 30ish (technically, 29.4 years), where you get to come to terms with the reality that you have so far manifested. Karma time! Enjoy…lol.

And finally, we are on the brink of Pluto’s first toe dip into Aquarius. This is exciting stuff! Over the last decade & a half, many of us have been shocked into ‘awakeness’ by what has been revealed in terms of the structures that we thought were providing us with security & safety. The scales have fallen from our eyes & we may no longer view our governments in the same way that we once did. We no longer believe that we will always have what we need to sustain our physical reality as we have been shocked to realize that the entire monetary system is merely a shell game Ponzi scheme of grand proportion. We have had to face the fact that all is not what it appeared to be… So, where do we go from here? Possibly, just possibly, we might start getting some clues as Pluto jolts his way through Aquarius. Will the collective consciousness reframe the dream or will we slide further into oppression & tyranny? We will see just how many of us actually did wake up in the years ahead. It’s all about the ‘tipping point’!


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are :




We must always find ways to preserve ourselves. Squirrels are everywhere because they are quick on the mark when they perceive danger in the air. Have you ever watched a squirrel skitter here and there, always one step ahead of you if you are attempting to catch him? Self-preservation supreme! That is how we should be as we pick our way through these chaotic & troubling times, uber aware of our surroundings, always on our guard for any clear or present danger & ensuring that we have sufficient nuts stored away in case of disaster. Prepper mentality, anybody? And yet, the polarity symbol reinforces the idea that we must continue to have faith. This should be our intention. Find a way to overcome our doubts and yet remain realistic about what is really going on. One way we can do this is if we are clear within ourselves as to what we believe in, what we would fight for, even die for and, in knowing this, stick to it no matter what forces may oppose us. And sometimes this will be a challenge. It may even seem impossible at times. But, somehow, some way, we must, at the very least, TRY to stay true to who we are, even if it is only in private when we are alone with ourselves…HAPPY NEW MOON EVERYONE!

Winter Solstice & a Look Ahead @ 2023

Winter Solstice is the true New Year for the metaphysically minded. Symbolically, it is the time in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun is reborn & the days begin to get longer once again. This year, that moment occurs @ 3:47 pm CST on December 21. (Adjust if you are in a different time zone.) If you are able, take a moment that day & allow the shift to flow through you. With mindfulness, you may be able to sense the turn of the energy as Solstice is initiated. It’s a fun exercise to try out!

This year the Solstice chart suggests cautious optimism. Though we are still dealing with a Geminian kerfuffle with Mars retrograding through that energy, for the most part, the energy of the celestial orbs is moving along nicely. All of the outers except for Uranus are in direct motion & by mid-January, just a few weeks after the solstice, both Mars & Uranus will also station direct. Imagine that fierce little creature, Mars, shaking himself off, doing a turn or two to get his bearings & then, in true Gemini fashion, taking off without a glance back! To get a sense of how you might interact with this energy individually, locate 9* Gemini in your own chart. That is the area of life where you might, indeed, be experiencing a bit of a muddle, a stop/start sort of impulse & where you might begin to experience more clarity in understanding, intentional action & general direction.

Another indicator of optimism is the Sagittarius Moon that is closing in on the Sun in the balsamic phase. Two messages here. This balsamic phase is always meditative, reflective & thoughtful. It lends itself to insight, visions & increased intuitive activity. Nevertheless, Sag is such an exuberant energy, full of courage, zeal & buoyancy. With the ruler, Jupiter, newly entered into Aries & in full Direct Motion, there is a sense of growth, a rekindling of initiative, and a feeling of hope. Fire fuels the soul to aspire to new heights & with the Moon in Sag ruled by a feisty Jupiter in Aries, we are filled with FIRE. Of course, there is that hesitant Mars (ruling Jupiter in Aries) still circling around & around but we can use the hint of restraint as we get ourselves into gear. It has been a horrendous few years and the general mood of the collective, whether compliant or contrarian in regard to the C#$%D narrative, is one of exhaustion. We are all DONE with whatever this is that has been going on. The Solstice chart promises us that we are nearing the end of the confusion and that we still have the capacity to hope & aspire for something that better reflects true humanity, natural goodness & spiritual connection. Let’s all make it happen, shake the dust off our feet, lift up our heads & BELIEVE that LOVE truly will conquer evil.

Another useful practice is to take a peek ahead at the year that is being born & get our bearings for the various shifts of energy. It’s useful to mark the retrogrades & the ingresses on our calendars as little reminders of the flow of the celestial orbs. A list will follow!

Naturally, the Sun will transit all 12 signs between Winter Solstice 2022 & Winter Solstice 2023. We can track this methodical movement around our natal charts. Remember, the SUN ILLUMINATES whatever house it finds itself in, whether in the natal chart or by transit. Pay close attention, especially to each angle, ASC, IC, DES & MC. The dynamics of each of these quadrants are intensified as the Sun shines his light on them. As an example, if you have Cancer on the MC, you might feel a sense of enterprise throughout June & July or you might find yourself pondering your focus in life, and the direction you are taking. Similarly, if you have Gemini on the ascendant, May & June could suddenly be very busy for you & you might start thinking about strategies & new directions. And, of course, we all have that very special moment when the Sun re-connects to the exact degree of the Zodiac that he occupied at our birth—the SOLAR RETURN moment. Each person will interact with these SOLAR TRANSITS uniquely so the best way to understand your own process is to keep a record of what actually occurs in your life at each significant ingress. The LAB Method—observation & co-relation! And, if you are so inclined, go see a competent Astrologer! If you are not sure about who to consult, drop me a line. I have a list of names that will give you some options.

The MOON also is worth tracking as this celestial object transits the entire zodiac once every month. In this context, the MOON is moods so you can better understand your own biorhythm by keeping an eye on where the MOON happens to be on any given day. Like Moods, the texture of the day can change rapidly as the Moon only spends 2.5 days in each sign on a monthly basis. A Moon Calendar that indicates where the Moon is each day is very useful for recording moods & impulses. After about 3-6 months of faithful record keeping, you will have a pretty firm sense of your own biorhythm. This is extremely useful when it comes to planning activities. If you know that a certain time is usually one when you like to cocoon, what’s the point of planning a party? And, of course, the collective FULL MOON three-day period can be fraught with drama for all of us so at the very least, track the FULL MOON!

I am not going to list each lunation here but I do send out a blog on a monthly basis about the collective New & Full Moon. Watch your inbox & then mark the dates on your calendar. The very first New Moon after the Solstice occurs on December 23, 2022, in the energy of Capricorn. This is yet another indication of a fresh start, a hopeful initiation point.

And now, to the planetary movements for 2023!

As always, there will be several Mercury Retrogrades. You cannot just stop during these periods but you can be extra mindful as you go about your activities. Earth energy is under the retrograde lens for 2023.

There is a shadow period attached to each retrograde, one before the actual retrograde station & one that follows the Station Direct. Ripples of the retrograde will start to appear prior to the actual Station & there can be a lingering effect after the energy shifts Direct. Again, forewarned is forearmed. These are immutable occurrences. We either work with the flow & ebb of the energy or we work against it. That is the essential meaning of the phrase—‘go with the flow’…It’s not always about being in full forward motion. Sometimes we have to pause, turn around, reflect & realign. If we know in advance that we are moving into this sort of period of time, then we can adjust accordingly. This principle applies to the slower-moving outers also.

(Note: I ‘round up’ the degrees. To get the degree with minutes, consult an ephemeris. Also, be aware that the so-called shadow periods extend each period 2-3 weeks prior to RX station & 2-3 weeks post-Direct Station. Think of these weeks being somewhat like waves, energy flowing in & then ebbing.)


December 29, 2022                                          SRX 25* CAPRICORN

January 18, 2023                                               SD  9* CAPRICORN

In Capricorn, the structural systems are under review. How are the systems that are currently in place working? Can we rely on the infrastructure of our social systems to sustain us? Expect to experience revisions in this area.


April 21, 2023                                                  SRX        16* TAURUS

May 15, 2023                                                 SD           5* TAURUS


In Taurus, our survival systems experience a reboot. What are the values that fuel our souls? Are we connected to Natural Law & the goodness of the earth itself? Is there a place for us within this current system of things or do we need to re-organize the way that we live?


August 23, 2023                                                SRX        22* VIRGO

September 15 2023                                           SD           9* VIRGO


In Virgo, it’s all about process. Are the strategies that are in place contributing to smooth operation? Are our habitual rituals helping & healing or hindering? Is our reality making sense? What can we do to amend things if needed?

December 13, 2023                              SRX        9* CAPRICORN

January 2, 2024                                    SD           23* SAGITTARIUS

2023 began with a retrograde in earth energy (Capricorn), & ends with Mercury in retrograde motion from Earth (Capricorn) into Fire (Sagittarius).

Could this be an indication of an incoming shift in relation to the structural nature of our current reality? Earth is what is solid & stable, set in stone, so to speak. Fire is the disrupter, the initiator, that which transforms from one state into another. We shall see…???



July 23, 2023                                         SRX        29* LEO

September 4, 2023                                SD           13* LEO

This regular 18-month cycle last occurred at the beginning of 2022 with the retrograde in Capricorn. This year the retrograde shifts into Leo, the energy of self-love, self-expression & self-awareness. What have we learned about ourselves? How do we express ourselves? Do we hold ourselves in high esteem, never abusing ourselves, always addressing our basic fundamental needs? Find Leo in your chart. This is where you will re-evaluate what is meaningful in your life. If you have Venus in Leo in your natal chart or by progression, this retrograde will touch you most personally, giving you ample opportunity to re-align to that which is truly of value in your life, to discard the superficial & stay real.



The next Mars Retrograde will not occur until 2024 when this celestial orb transits the signs of Leo & Cancer. Be prepared to turn your attention to deep inner work (Cancer) resulting in increased self-awareness. More next year…LOL

Here are the significant Mars transits for 2023:

(Reminder: I am rounding up the degrees. If you are a stickler for detail, consult an ephemeris to get the degree & minute of each placement.)

December 21, 2022          12* Gemini RX

January 1, 2023                 10* Gemini RX  

(Mars is almost at a     standstill now)

January 12, 2023         9* Gemini STATION DIRECT

(We now enter the post-retrograde shadow phase. The next 2+ month period is all about INTEGRATING the convoluted experiences that we may have had during the actual RX period.)

March 15-18. 2023           26* Gemini (Mars reaches the degree where he first Stationed Retrograde…so long, Gemini, see you again in about 2 years…lol)

March 28, 2023                 Mars enters CANCER

May 21, 2023                      Mars enters LEO

July 11, 2023                       Mars enters VIRGO

August 28, 2023                Mars enters LIBRA

October 13, 2023              Mars enters SCORPIO

November 25, 2023         Mars enters SAGITTARIUS

December 21, 2023          20* SAGITTARIUS

This last date is the Solstice which brings us to the conclusion of the yearly transits & the initiation of a whole new yearly cycle.

Mars has traveled 180*+ around the zodiacal wheel.

At each ingress date, locate where in your own natal chart Mars is located by transit. Ponder what is being activated, stirred up, or initiated. Use all of the Mars keywords to consider this. Think of Mars as a trigger (along with the MOON). The trigger could be proactive or reactive. It all depends on how YOU choose to integrate into the energetic environment around you. If you are a Mars RULED or influenced individual, (ARIES SUN, MOON, RISING; SCORPIO SUN, MOON, RISING; Any of the PERSONALS in the FIRST HOUSE; MARS in ARIES or SCORPIO), these Mars transits will be of special interest to you. You are an action-oriented person who has strong willpower & prefers to be in charge of your own reality. Keep an eye on this moderately rapid moving energy to regulate both your initiatives & your responses.

(Do you have your date book at hand? Are you marking the dates of the planetary movements into it?)



The mid & outer planets regularly go retrograde each year for months at a time. These are slow-moving orbs providing us with plenty of time to reconsider & review. Because the energy moves relatively slowly, we are better able to adjust to the flow & integrate it into our psyches. These retrograde periods give us the much-needed space to establish & refine our reality.


December 21, 2022                          1* Aries

January 1, 2023                                 2* Aries

May 16, 2023                                      Jupiter enters Taurus

September 4, 2023                           SRX        16* TAURUS

December 21, 2023                                          6* TAURUS RX

December 31, 2023                          SD           6* TAURUS

This is the JUPITER RETURN period for those who have Jupiter in ARIES or the first half of TAURUS. This 11+ year cycle gives a sense of aspirational progress throughout our lives. We reach for the prize through our Jupiterian selves. He monitors our hopes & dreams. He connects us to our higher, more intuitive selves. If you are in the midst of a ‘return period’, use it to imagine your future. And, because this is Jupiterian energy, no holds barred! Reach for the stars in your heart of hearts! Be bold & fearless in mapping out your future. You will only reach that which you aspire to so aspire hugely!!!

As with all transiting planets, locate the degrees of the transit in your own chart to determine where you will experience opportunity, serendipity & renewed optimism. If you happen to have Aries/Taurus on one of your angles, watch closely how Jupiter ushers abundance into your reality. Jupiter augments & expands whatever he touches so the reactive side of this transit is that if you are in the midst of restructure or chaos, it may feel a bit out of control for the duration of the specific transit. This same principle applies to proactive energy so watch that you do not bite off more than you can chew at any one given time! LOL…

Jupiter at the Ascendant or first house can cause even the hardiest of souls to waver in the face of the tidal wave of expansion…



December 21,2022                           22* AQUARIUS

January 1, 2023                                 23* AQUARIUS

March 8, 2023                                    ENTERS PISCES

JUNE 17, 2023                                    SRX 7* PISCES

NOVEMBER 4, 2023                         SD 1* PISCES

December 21, 2023                          2* PISCES

Saturn is our REGULATOR, our TEACHER, our INNER CRITIC; basically, the REALITY CHECK mechanism within our psyches. Once we have mastered how to work with the energy of SATURN, we are the post-graduates of the zodiac, able, efficient, controlled, and masterful. Saturn sets the boundaries of our reality and once we understand these boundaries, we can attain much success in our routines & personal ambitions.

If you experience challenges with the transit of Saturn, view it as a ‘call to action’, an opportunity to improve whatever area of life is under stress. Meditate on what kinds of strategies could help you to refine, repair & rearrange yourself so that you function more effectively & without undue hardship. Not saying it will be easy but definitely suggesting it will be worthwhile.

Tips to interact with Saturn energy:

The REGULATOR:            

When glitches occur, locate what in your psyche is


Brainstorm methods to get back into gear

Take some time off to reboot yourself

Deep breathing to get centered

Water to hydrate (make sure it is living water)

Monitor diet

The TEACHER:                   

Pause & consider what your reality is attempting to ‘tell’ you

Control your anger when blocked; look for strategies to clear the blockage

Pay attention EVERY MOMENT to the signals you are getting as you take action

The INNER CRITIC:          

Cut that critic down to size with BRUTAL efficiency

Do not wallow in your victimhood


Recognize who that INNER CRITIC is…(hint–YOU)

Love yourself

If the INNER CRITIC keeps persisting, do an ‘exiting ritual’. Create a sacred space & ask the INNER CRITIC to ‘please leave’. Be sympathetic but firm & get across to your INNER CRITIC that there is no longer any room in your home (YOU) for him/her. Thank your INNER CRITIC & usher him/her out the door.

The above can be done by visualization but you can also play-act it if that is in your wheelhouse. At the very least, write down INNER CRITIC & any specific descriptions of what those criticisms are on a piece of paper & at the end of the meditative ritual, burn the paper to symbolize the EXIT.

Above all, EMBRACE the parameters of your own individual reality & accept that they have been created to support & protect you.




December 21, 2022                          16* RX TAURUS

January 1, 2023                                 16*RX TAURUS

Uranus is now moving ever so slowly as he nears his STATION. Folks with FIXED energy at & around this degree will feel the volatility most intensely. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

January 22, 2023                               SD15* TAURUS                 (STATION DIRECT)

August 29, 2023                                SRX24* TAURUS               (STATION RETROGRADE)

December 21, 2023                          20*RX TAURUS

The next Station Direct for this planet is JANUARY 27, 2024 @ the above degree (19* 5.3”). After this, he will remain in the last decanate of Taurus, the Capricorn Decanate, for the remainder of his duration in this energy. This is the integrative decanate of this transit. From now until the shift into Gemini is fully realized in 2026, we have the opportunity to concretize any & all changes that have occurred in our lives. Capricorn is the ‘systems manager’ of the zodiac & by being realistic, methodical, practical & determined, we can fully ‘crystalize’ that which is now attempting to be born in our psyches. It will take nerve & grit on our part but if we work with the energy & not against it, we can get to the other side of this.       


December 21, 2023                          23* PISCES

January 1, 2023                                 23* PISCES

(Neptune Stationed Direct in December, 2022 at this degree.

As with all outers, it takes a bit of time for the celestial orb to pick up steam)

June 30, 2023                                     SRX 28* PISCES

December 6, 2023                            SD 25* PISCES

December 21, 2023                          25* PISCES

The principle function of CONFUSION is to impel the one who is confused to search for clarity. There has been much confusion about so many & varied topics over the past decade. Many of these topics refer directly back to our own individual connection to the source of our spiritual self, whatever that may be. Humans need to feel connected to something greater than what they can experience with the mere so-called ‘5 senses’. Each person has his own methodology & frame of reference. It is imperative that no one person deny the validity of any other person’s spiritual understanding. We have lived through a time of hatred, vilification, zealotry & sheer evil. True, positive, proactive Neptunian energy is about COMPASSION, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE, TOLERANCE & THE RECOGNITION OF THE DIVINE IN THE OTHER. We must all pray (in our own unique way) that we are learning this most important (perhaps THE most important) lesson of living. Peace & Harmony must become the INTENTION for all of us.


December 21, 2022                          28* CAPRICORN

January 1, 2023                                 28* CAPRICORN

March 24, 2023                                 PLUTO DIPS INTO AQUARIUS…

May 2, 2023                                        SRX 1* AQUARIUS

June 12, 2023                                    


October 11, 2023                              SD 28* CAPRICORN

December 21, 2023                          30* CAPRICORN

Pluto is completing his transit of Capricorn & in 2024 he will dip back one more time but again STATION DIRECT at this most critical degree of 30* CAPRICORN.

The past two decades or so we have seen the utter collapse of our current ‘system of things’ (CAPRICORN rules structure). That which was corrupt & HIDDEN is now out in the open for all to see. Most of us have lost faith in our so-called ‘leaders’, in the institutions that appear to keep this reality moving & even in the basic infrastructure that supports the lifestyles that we have. Who do we trust? Who can we depend upon? Who is telling the truth? What is the truth, really? The answer is simple. Pluto into Aquarius is about taking the power over our reality into our own hands. We can trust US. We can depend on US. We are the TRUTH. Only WE can decide what the truth is. The collective must rise. And it will, once that most critical tipping point is reached. As a wise man once said…

You can fool all the people some of the time,

and some of the people all the time,

but you cannot fool all the people all the time.


I pray that this wise man, freer of slaves, fighter for equality was RIGHT.

It’s worth meditating on 30* CAPRICORN since it features so strongly at the end of the PLUTO transit.

The Sabian Symbols for 30* Capricorn/Cancer are:






The suggestion here is that there are, indeed, hidden power structures that may or not have the interests of the masses in mind. What is the tolerance level of the people of any given nation in the face of these hidden forces? Can anything be done to create a more inclusive, more equitable system where many can benefit, not just a few?

The American Revolution can be seen as symbolic of a struggle for freedom, the initiation of a grand experiment to rule by collective agreement rather than by singular power & might. It was, one could argue, the beginning of the end of the era of the ‘KINGS’.

Interestingly, America was born when Pluto was last in Capricorn & at the end of that transit. Back in 1776, the ‘people’ seized power & assumed authority (Capricorn) for self-government. It could be argued that the cycle that began back then has now come, in a sense, to a culmination. How has that experiment turned out so far? Have the fighters for freedom become the secret oppressors? The polarity symbol seems to suggest that more revision (revolution) is necessary. The struggle for freedom is never done. It can always be refined, Sometimes, we have to go back in order to go forward. The admonition is to continue to fight for that which is YOUR right. Do not give up hope. If you fall, get up & try again. If you falter, hang on, help is on the way. Trust, trust, trust! Believe that this is a fight that we can ALL, together, win. Is freedom worth it? Is the truth worth fighting for? The answer should be obvious to all. Let’s make it a better 2023…let’s stand for truth, for justice & above all for love. Blessings to all…

VENUS IN AQUARIUS: The Goddess as Rebel

As previously mentioned, (see the Venus in Capricorn blog), Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the SUN in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Thus, you can have your own Venus placement up to 2 zodiac signs away from your SUN in either direction. The Solar signs that can have Venus in Aquarius range from Sagittarius to Aries.

Those who have Venus in the same sign as the Sun will find that essential energy enhanced through reinforcement while those with Venus in an adjacent or complementary sign will find that energy to be enhanced through modification. This enhancement can manifest as either challenging or reinforcing depending on the individual in question. YOU are always the variable in any astrological equation. The energy itself is neutral but the conduit (YOU) for the energy is not.

When Venus is found to be in Aquarius, expect the unexpected! She’s frisky, ornery & breathtakingly brilliant all at the same time. She is creative, inventive & unique as she expresses her love & affection. Never overly touchy-feely except on her own terms & in her own time. Her expressions of love are as much mental as physical & Venus in Aquarius can imagine any number of ways to express her love & affection so her physicality is a one-off. As a lover, this goddess is ready for anything & is willing to explore both the sublime & the ridiculous in her expression of physical love. Her proclivity to creativity lends itself to role-playing & drama extraordinaire in her personal encounters.

One of her greatest attributes is her all-encompassing inclusivity.  At the highest of levels, she is without condemnatory judgment. Yes, she can evaluate but never discriminate based on partisan opinion.

Ethics, standards, morality are all areas of great concern to her but, of course, it has to be an ethical approach that SHE has developed, standards arrived at through her own experiences, a moral compass that is based on her understanding of any given issue. So, yes, it’s all about justice in any given scenario but justice as seen from her own unique perspective. And that perspective is often not in line with the crowd. She is the BOSS of her own reality, no question. (Saturn, the great LAW ENFORCER, is co-ruler of Aquarius.)

The rights of the little person are of great importance to her & she can be a formidable fighter when inspired by a cause. She can go the distance while keeping a cool head & a clear mind because of her ability to be dispassionate yet attentive. Her actions will be based on logic rather than emotional investment. No crimes of passion here; rather, she is the methodical & calculated perpetrator.

If you are a solar Sagittarius with a Venus in Aquarius, your quest for truth & justice will be supported by a clear set of standards that you have developed with your incisive sense of correctness. Your sometimes impulsive nature will be modified by the clinical & objective eyes that Aquarius energy provides. This could keep you out of those sticky situations that the mutable fire of Sagittarius can create. The passion will still be there but you will be able to monitor it more skillfully. The flames of the FIRE ELEMENT of Sun in Sagittarius burn & spark under the bellows of the AIR ELEMENT of Venus in Aquarius. Reactively, you may struggle between the pull of your heart & the warnings of your head!

A solar Capricorn is a formidable presence in any scenario with a Venus in Aquarius. Cool, calm, & collected is an apt description of this combination of energies. Think lawyer, advocate, judge. You are able to separate emotion from the process. It’s not that you do NOT have any emotion but rather, that you have the capacity to stand apart from it, thus making you an excellent adjudicator. The solid, methodical EARTH ELEMENT of Sun in Capricorn is infused with necessary movement through the addition of the AIR ELEMENT of Aquarius Venus. Reactively, you may be just a tad too clinical in the way you approach life.

With both the Sun & Venus in Aquarius, you are one of a kind. Deep within you is the need to be your own person, not beholden to anyone or anything. As long as you can create your terms & live according to your own precepts, you are fine. You can become rebellious & unmanageable if you feel that someone is trying to force you into something that you have not come to understand or accept. Because you have such a refined mental sense of reality, you have no problems being alone. It’s natural for you & you love getting lost in your own ideas. The brisk & mobile Air ELEMENT of the Sun in Aquarius is supported & reinforced by Aquarian Venus. Reactively, you may need to do heart chakra work to get a bit more ‘personal’!

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius can combine to create an awe-inspiring spiritual warrior. Your quest for justice is based on a deep, abiding love for all creation, whether human or of the organic world. A rock is just as valuable to you as anything breathing since you instinctively can sense the commonality within the manifest reality. Your sense of oneness extends far beyond what ordinary folk can identify. The immense oceanic WATER ELEMENT of Pisces is stirred up into action by Aquarius Venus. Reactively, you may find yourself losing focus because of your capacity to get lost in the wide scope of ideas that can fill your mind & impulse your heart.

With the Sun in Aries & Venus in Aquarius, you can be the ultimate warrior for your chosen cause. Fearless when it comes to making a stand, you are not afraid to stand alone, if necessary. You could be a leader of the rebels able to inspire others with your erudite words. You are a fighter to the end for what YOU have come to believe is right & just. The sharp-edged FIRE ELEMENT of Aries is fanned into a constant flame by the blast of AIRY ELEMENT that emanates from Aquarian Venus. Reactively, be careful not to buy your own bullshit! (Pardon my French…LOL)

Venus, as the REBEL GODDESS, adds an unexpected element into any scene when she makes her grand entrance. Her aloofness can act like a mesmerizing magnet & she will always have interest from others. If you have this placement, your ‘call to action’, is to make it personal; to get out of your head & check in with your heart energy. Embrace the essential need for FREEDOM that is wired deep into your soul but recognize that making a connection does not mean that you have lost freedom. Reach out and TOUCH someone! It keeps things interesting…


In general terms, the VENUS placement within the natal chart signifies our basic value system, that which we love & desire. The reality of our lives develops from these impulses. We will make choices & decisions based on what is of greatest importance to us so it is essential that we fully understand this feature within ourselves. VENUS also describes THE WAY that we love & show affection, the nature & expression of our sexuality, how we present ourselves to another, whether lover or friend.  

In each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Venus shows a different side of herself, sometimes enhancing the emotional impulse within the self & sometimes challenging it. There is no one way to ‘DO YOUR VENUS’. Firstly, keep in mind that Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the SUN in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Thus, you can have your own Venus placement up to 2 zodiac signs away from your SUN, as mentioned, in either direction. The Solar signs that can have Venus in Capricorn range from Scorpio to Pisces.

Those who have Venus in the same sign as the Sun will find their essential energy enhanced through reinforcement of the Solar Energy, while those with Venus in an adjacent or complementary sign will find that energy to be enhanced through modification. This enhancement can manifest as either challenging or affirmative depending on the individual in question. The way that we translate anything is the variable in the equation of self-expression.

Every archetype within the natal chart refers back to the central integrating energy of the SUN. Astrologers often relate the SUN to the SELF but that is not entirely accurate. The SUN orchestrates the self, much like a conductor oversees all parts of his orchestra. So, contemplate the theme that your SUN suggests in terms of the overall idealization of your life & then ponder how your Venus sign affects the playing out of that theme. As previously mentioned, basic core values are the foundation for every action that you take.

When Venus is found to be in Capricorn, the goal is excellence. She strives to always bring her best self to the table! Practicality in all of its many faces is her bottom line. If it’s broke, toss it! If it’s still usable, polish it up &, for goodness’ sake, get off your behind & USE it! Sensible to the core, strategic solutions based on real data are what she prefers. Her values must make sense. They must be easily put into practice & produce real results that can be measured & weighed. Calculate the cost, she might urge at every turn. Reserved, controlled & polished, Venus in Capricorn prefers a hands-off approach to even the most personal of relationships. If you are involved with someone with this energy, be prepared to run the marathon into intimacy but, know, that once you get there, it’s for the long haul. Dedication & loyalty are two features of this dependable heart energy but don’t break the rules or you will pay the price.

Earthy Venus in Capricorn will stabilize the emotional roller-coaster that Scorpio Sun can manifest. A measure of hard-headed logic will mitigate the Scorpio tendency to spiral out of control. Scorpio Suns with Venus in Capricorn will pursue their fundamental goal of ongoing transformation with precision, common sense & base all of their choices & subsequent actions on bottom-line analysis of whatever situation they are facing. This is potentially a very effective combo that can result in substantial success being made by the deliberate & clear-eyed individual. Power broker! Reactively, this can be a very calculating combo that is not afraid to use personal power or emotional manipulation to get what it wants.

With Sagittarius as the integrating energy (Sun in Sag), the Venus in Capricorn adds strategic input to the high-flying goals of the Fiery Sun. She has the capacity to calm the flames to manageable proportions by inserting reality checks along the way. Sag energy can be overly optimistic & apt to leap first & look after so the groundedness of Capricorn settles down the ebullience somewhat. This combo can result in Inspired Practicality.

Sun In Capricorn aided & abetted by Venus in Capricorn is an unstoppable combo. Every decision is carefully explored from every possible vantage point. Values have to be easily understood & easily embodied. Every decision has to make simple sense. This is a union of energies that promises cool-headed objectivity even when the issues are highly emotional & personal. The ability to stand back & count the cost is undeniable. The High Court Justice! Reactively it can lead to too much logic & not enough heart.

Sun in Aquarius & Venus in Capricorn combine to form a formidable presence. Intellectually adept yet basing all observations on provable facts. Objective, analytical & dispassionate when making assessments, this Combo can sometimes be overly clinical in the way the mind & heart join forces. There is a highly refined sense of ethical justice applied to all situational issues. It’s all about the rules & standards so, with this combo, you have to work just a little harder at allowing yourself to actually FEEL it. The Dispassionate Adjudicator.

A Pisces Sun supported by a Venus in Capricorn is both magical & realistic. The intrinsic faith that Pisces can provide is substantiated by the practical analysis that Capricorn contributes. These folks manifest their compassion for others by ‘good works’ of undeserved kindness with the knowledge that their rewards will be found “in heaven”. When Pisces imagines the possibility, Capricorn immediately sets about discovering ways to make that possibility real. This can be the signature of the Dedicated Devotee who lives a life of ‘service to others’. Reactively, the urge to ‘create heaven on earth’ could lead to an unhealthy martyrdom.

If you have Venus in Capricorn, you have just been intimately triggered by the Retrograde of that energy through that sign of the Zodiac. Allow yourself to remember, to review & to re-adjust your inner moral compass. There is always a need to make those necessary adjustments from time to time. Remembering who we thought we were, who we used to be, who we thought we might like to be can assist us to get back on track if we have slipped off it. No regrets, Venus in Capricorn. Just pull up your bootstraps & get to work!


At the beginning of a global New Year, it’s useful to review the energy, both at the start of the year & then to get a bird’s eye view into the end of the year.

One interesting feature is that we begin January 2022 with Venus RX in Capricorn & a Uranus RX in Taurus, & we end 2022 with Mercury RX in Capricorn, Mars RX in Gemini & the outer, Uranus RX in Taurus. More on this later.

Following are the dates when the planets make their stations in 2022:

As always, the mundane New year begins with the Sun transiting Capricorn & ends with the Sun transiting Capricorn. This year, the Capricorn energy is underlined with Mercury, Venus & Pluto all joining the Sun in that energy. The Venus RX further focuses on this practical, no-nonsense energy. This same union of planetary energies duplicates itself at the end of the year with the ruler, Saturn in Aquarius leading the way & Venus in direct motion. The suggestion is that we take charge of our personal reality by aligning with higher principles (Aquarius) & being clear-eyed & methodical (Capricorn) as we take action to transform that reality to better reflect who we have become, who we are becoming. No small task but a necessary one. The truth that is revealed as Venus retrogrades at the beginning of the year (2022) will be an important factor in our lives by the end of the year (2022). Scrutinize yourself carefully as you do your own personal soul-searching.

Mercury will retrograde 4X this year, all in the AIR/EARTH elements. Find the following points in your own chart & note what part of your psyche will be involved in the retrograde period. Note the dates for the 4 retrogrades & put a reminder in your calendar so that you are consciously aware as the energy begins to shift. If you have sensitive points in AIR/EARTH signs, you may experience these retrogrades more intensely but consciousness is key at all times. And remember, if you do not experience the energy shift in the same way that others may, do not panic. Everyone interfaces with the energy around them uniquely. Some retrogrades may feel like a bomb within your psyche while others manifest like a tickling feather. The key is to learn to identify how YOU feel it without comparing it to what others are describing.

First RX

Jan 14, 2022                        RX @ 11* Aquarius (I am rounding up)

Feb 3, 2022                         SD @ 25* Capricorn

There is a period of time referred to as the ‘SHADOW’ period pre & post the stations when Mercury travels through the degrees involved in the actual retrograde. These periods are about 2-3 weeks in length on either side & the recommendation is that we maintain our awareness so as to counteract any irregularities that might occur. Think of the pre & post periods as the beginning of the swell of the wave & the ebb of the wave of energy. How any individual will react during these & the actual retrograde periods is entirely dependent on the structure of your own personal psyche so don’t get ahead of yourself with anxiety over Mercury RX. Use these periods PROACTIVELY to re-imagine, re-think, review, reconsider, retract & any of the other ‘re’ words that apply in YOUR life.

Mercury is comfortable in Aquarius where he has loads of room to imagine & speculate, devise & do some long-term visioning. The significant ‘re’ word for this RX is RE-IMAGINE. Those of you who have been born with this placement are the free, unfettered BIG THINKERS of our world. Some of you cannot only imagine the future that awaits us but also create strategies (Saturn co-rules Aquarius) to bring that future into form. As Mercury dips back into Capricorn, we get the extra bit of constructive help to take any ideas that have been percolating & whip them into workable protocols.


The 2nd Mercury RX period occurs as follows:

May 10. 2022                     RX @ 5* Gemini

June 2, 2022                        SD @ 27* Taurus

This is one of Mercury’s home signs where he finds free reign to explore & investigate anything that catches his interest. The dip back into Taurus provides some grounding & stabilizing. The big ‘re’ word for a Geminian retrograde is RETHINK. Make sure that any flights of fancy are firmly attached to some solid ground!




The 3rd RX period is:

September 9, 2022           RX @ 9* Libra

October 2, 2022                SD @ 25* Virgo

If you have a significant amount of Libra energy, this retrograde could cause a measure of irritation. Libra naturally tends to waffle between alternate approaches & the retrograde further intensifies the ambiguity. The proactive aspect of a retrograde here is that if something is still unresolved, here is an opportunity to revisit all previous negotiations & RE-BALANCE so as to find a better-negotiated compromise. Was something overlooked? Could something have been more clearly articulated so that an understanding could be reached? The dip back into Virgo allows for a careful search into all of the relevant data so that a workable healing solution is finally accomplished.

The 4th RX period is:

December 29, 2022          RX @ 25* Capricorn

January 18, 2023               SD @ 9* Capricorn

With the last RX period that begins at the very end of the year, the retrograde of Mercury will fall within the EARTH element for 2023 until the last retrograde when Fire is involved. Whatever is on the table at the end of 2022 will have the chance to be thoroughly vetted under the relentless Saturnian assessment of Capricorn. Expect some interesting developments as Mercury first flirts with Uranus in Taurus (TRINE) throughout January 2023 & then reaches Pluto (CONJUNCTION) in early February 2023.



December 18, 2021

SRX @ 27* Capricorn

January 29, 2022

SD @ 12* Capricorn

Venus starts the year retrograding through Capricorn & ends the year Direct in Capricorn. As previously mentioned, this is all about workable, useful & practical values to give us a solid foundation for the choices that we make & the goals that we set. We are living in a time period when it is absolutely essential that we are clear-eyed & hard-headed. We must find a rock on which to build our future, not the shifting sand.

Mars bolts into the New Year in zesty Sagittarius; gallops through half of the Zodiac & ends up in Gemini in full retrograde mode. Whenever Mars retrogrades, it’s time to catch our collective breath & re-charge our operating systems whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Mars stations RX in Gemini on October 30, 2022, @ 26*, turning direct in Gemini on January 12, 2023 @ 9*. Because Mars describes active implementational energy, we need to monitor that part of our system during this time period. Actively work HARD to stay calm as Gemini is nervy energy when reactively agitated. Drink lots of water & maintain a balance within the body. Body balance contributes to mental balance which then facilitates emotional balance. And, of course, keep on track spiritually. Check in with yourself and ensure that your external active reality is in sync with your internal perceptive reality. It is easy for things to go off the rails when rapid-fire thinking & expression are being churned up & around. Watch your words AT ALL TIMES. Once said, they can never be unsaid. Really consider whether it is worth saying something before letting it loose. The retrograde ‘stall’ can help with restraint. Just because you think it, does not mean it is true. If it is even remotely possible that it is not true, should you even consider saying it? HMMMM…

In a way, when Mars retrogrades through Gemini, hasty action is somewhat abated. Even though we might get a sense of wanting to just ‘do it’, something within us tells us to slow it down & review our plan of action. The worst thing that can happen is that we might ‘stub our toe’ as we stop ourselves from moving…LOL



Jupiter will spend his time in Pisces & Aries in 2022.

January 1, 2022                 1* Pisces

May 11, 2022                      enters Aries

July 28, 2022                       stations RX, 9* Aries

October 29, 2022              re-enter Pisces in RX mode

November 23, 2022        stations direct 29* Pisces

December 21, 2022          re-enters Aries in direct motion

December 30, 2022          2* Aries

Jupiter is generally regarded as a positive energy. The concept here is EXPANSION. In most cases, we want growth & increase. Our job is to ensure that what is being increased is something that we WANT in our lives. If we have fallen into a negative space, transiting Jupiter could expand that negativity so keep your eyes on your figurative PRIZE. Make sure that you clean house in the part of your life that falls in the Pisces/Aries section of your chart. Do you have significant placements in those signs? What houses are involved? This can be a wonderful transit if we work with the abundance principle of Jupiter.

If you were born with Jupiter in Pisces, this is your Jupiter return year, a 12-ish year loop on the spiral of becoming that can be used to re-set the aspirational aspects of your life. Where do you want to be in about 10-12 years?

What needs to be done BY YOU, so that you can get close to your goal? Making a vision board around these themes can be a very useful project & particularly in sync with Jupiter in Pisces as this is one of the most delightful placements anyone can have, full of magic! Those of you who have Jupiter in Aries should also engage in a creative vision board project but the emphasis here is on action, courage & personal initiative. While the vision board for the Jupiter in Pisces people is all pastel & dreamy, you Jupiter in Aries people will want to fill your picture with bold bright images that inspire you to action.

Saturn continues his transit of Aquarius.

January 1, 2022                 12* Aquarius

June 4, 2022                        stations RX @ 26* Aquarius

October 23, 2022              stations direct @ 19 * Aquarius

December 31, 2022          23* Aquarius

Since Aquarius is one of the ‘home’ signs for Saturn, the re-constructive work continues but now the shift is from the present (Capricorn) & into the future (Aquarius). The irregularities that we have all had to face as more and more was revealed over the past 2 years, now require some long-term planning in order to be corrected. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep our ‘rose-coloured’ glasses on in the face of all of the hidden corruption, now revealed. What kind of future reality does any of us want? Is this current reality sustainable? What are the solutions to our current state of affairs? From government mismanagement to social unrest to economic upheaval, it’s ALL on the table. As a collective, we must be certain that what we are building has a chance of surviving.

Uranus is now midway through Taurus:

January 1, 2022:                RX @ 11* Taurus

January 18, 2022               SD @ 11* Taurus

August 24, 2022                RX @ 19* Taurus

December 31, 2022          RX @ 16* Taurus

The shift to our collective organic sense of being is continuing. Find these degrees in your own personal chart & reflect on how things have changed in that part of your life over the past few years. Uranus will finish his transit of Taurus in 2026 so we have a few more years of potential stomach-churning chaos to get through. Keep focused on the fact that once the chaos subsides, what is left is something of greater value than what had been there previously.

Neptune continues to transit Pisces.

January 1, 2022                 direct @ 21* Pisces

June 28, 2022                     RX @ 26* Pisces

December 4, 2022            SD @ 23* Pisces

December 31, 2022          direct @ 23* Pisces (It takes a while for the energy to get moving after a retrograde.)

The confusion that many are feeling about the global situation is directly related to this long transit of Neptune through Pisces. Again, whether you are compliant or contrarian, the fact is that everything is not as it seems. Everyone is finding it challenging to DEFINE what is actually going on & when someone does come up with an explanation, any number of others jump up to offer a counter explanation. There is definitely a virus present amongst us, no question. But, is it a virus of the flesh or a virus of the psyche? Or both? Neptune CLOUDS the mind. Neptunian energy can obstruct one from actually thinking CRITICALLY. This can be the energy of suggestion, deceit & confusion. When one is confused, uncertain, open to suggestions, one can reactively become FEARFUL. The UNKNOWN can be frightening. The call to action is to default to whatever is YOUR version of the DIVINE. With “GOD”, all things are possible. That is the way to get through this ongoing nebulous Neptune transit. Oh, & to take all precautions physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually to keep yourself free from CONTAGION, however you think it is present in your life. Neptune will begin his ‘burn off’ of the clouds of Pisces in 2025 when he sticks his toe into Aries. Expect a resurgence of clarity around that time, an infusion of courage.

Finally, our little friend, Pluto:

January 1, 2022                 direct @ 26* Capricorn

April 29, 2022                     RX @ 29* Capricorn

October 8, 2022                SD @ 27* Capricorn

December 31, 2022          direct @ 28* Capricorn

The structure of our collective reality has been forever altered. Life will never be the same again. That is not a pessimistic thought. Rather it is a fact that we can work with or not as we choose. The key to natural survival is ADAPTATION. We all have to adapt to the changing times. As Pluto prepares to shift into Aquarius in 2023, we all have the opportunity to review what we can do to better align to the changes in our world. How are we choosing to live? Are we consuming less? Are we giving more? Are we mindful & respectful of our fellow beings on this planet? How can we do more in this respect? Do we engage in geopolitical action? When we vote, do we actually KNOW what we are voting for, or are we just following the sound bites of the propaganda media? Do your research. Take in information FROM ALL SIDES OF ANY ISSUE. Capricorn is ALL about personal responsibility, taking charge & making a stand. Do not be a sheeple. Be a GOAT!

Let’s not forget ECLIPSE SEASON. There will be 4 eclipses during 2022, all across the TAURUS/SCORPIO polarity.

April 30, 2022


MAY 15, 2022


OCTOBER 25, 2022


NOVEMBER 8, 2022


Eclipses are the indicators of needed shift. Wherever they fall in your own personal natal chart is where a change must be initiated. Solar eclipses tend to be more external in nature while the Lunar ones tend to be more internal. Both augur potential for RELEASE & RECOVERY. A solar eclipse can create a ‘peak’ experience that leads to freedom & growth. A lunar eclipse can peel away layers of emotional reactivity that initially feels scary but ultimately allows a truer version of the emotional self to emerge. Not every eclipse will bring about significant changes. It all depends on the unique structure of YOUR energy grid so find the above points & meditate on what exactly is going on in that area of your chart. At the very least, doing this exercise could trigger awareness in you that you previously did not have. 2022 eclipses will be particularly significant for the Taurus/Scorpio folks & their FIXED ENERGY friends (the square aspect). But, of course, all energy is connected by the web of life so make sure to dig into these points in your own chart even if you are not in the above category

To re-cap, as the New Year gets off to a start, most of the planets are in Direct Motion; as mentioned Venus is retrograde in Capricorn & Uranus is almost at a standstill as he prepares to turn direct in Taurus.

The Station Direct Degree for Uranus is 10* 49” Taurus; (round that up to 11*). This point is characterized within the Sabian symbols by the image: A WOMAN WATERING FLOWERS IN HER GARDEN (TAURUS) & A DROWNING MAN IS BEING RESCUED (SCORPIO).

(editor’s note: When deciphering the subtle message of the Sabian Oracle, it is useful to look at the polarity energies since they are two parts of an ongoing sentence.)

 Contained within these two images is the concept of SURVIVAL, GROWTH, A BLOSSOMING OF LIFE. On the one hand, we are encouraged to take action—the watering of the flowering garden while on the other hand, we are being told that aid is on the way. As Uranus continues to re-organize the natural world (literally & symbolically), we can hold on to the fact that life will continue, even flourish & that we are not alone in the midst of the swells of the sea. Uranus has been moving through the 2nd DECANATE of Taurus, 10*-19*59”, the VIRGO DECANATE.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The DECANATE system divides each 30* ‘sign’ into 3 parts, ascribing to these 3 parts the 3 zodiac signs that form the particular elemental group in question. Using Taurus as an example, the 1st of the 3 sections (0*-9*59”) is Taurus/Taurus; the 2nd section (10*00”-19*59”) is Taurus/Virgo; the 3rd & final section (20*00”- 29*59”) is Taurus/ Capricorn. The signs are always read according to the NATURAL WHEEL in the order that they proceed therein counter clockwise around the wheel starting at any of the signs.)  

The Virgo undercurrent demands that we sort through the chaos & begin to separate the wheat from the chaff. Modern life has given us much. Not all of it should be discarded. And yet, a lot of us have the sense that something is off-balance, whether organically, socially, emotionally or spiritually. Our relationship to the Earth, our MOTHER, is precarious. Often, we cannot connect with our fellow travelers even to somewhat understand what they are trying to communicate. Relationships are being challenged on every front. And, for a lot of us, we have lost our FAITH so that we are like a rudderless ship on an angry sea. Back in the 1960’s it was clever to say that ‘GOD WAS DEAD’. I say, God is not dead; it is we who are dead to God. No matter what the precepts of your belief system are, the critical element is that YOU HAVE A BELIEF SYSTEM and hang onto it with all of your might as it is the single thing that will save you from complete & utter desolation. As Paul, the Reluctant Apostle said:


It is Faith that enables us to start each day with an expectation & it is Faith that assures us that the expectation can be realized. That is what we need to cultivate deep within ourselves as we begin this New Year, 2022.

The January 1, 2022 event chart also has Mars in Sagittarius closely aligned to the transiting Moon & ruled by a newly formed Jupiter in Pisces. We need to locate our inner truth & hold to it no matter the cost.

The formerly mentioned Venus RX in Capricorn closely aligns to Pluto (now direct), demanding that we look inward & transform anything that inhibits our honest expression of what we hold to be of value. For some of us, this will be a refining process while others may be undergoing a challenging shift in their own sense of value & worth.

Transiting Mercury in Capricorn oversees this personal process by inserting a dispassionate, matter of fact sort of attitude as we dig into the foundations of our reality & test it out. If it ain’t working, then throw it out! If you think it might still be useful, shake off the cobwebs & prime it up. It can be a tedious process to review what we think is valuable, what is still worth keeping & yet, if we do not do this on a regular basis, we can become inundated with clutter that does not contribute in any worthwhile way. With Uranus RX in Taurus in trine to the Sun in Capricorn on this first day of the New Year, we are open to new strategies, unusual approaches & out of the box solutions to any & all situations that are present in our lives and the changes are coming from deep within our own psyches. We, all of us, know that a change MUST be made whether we are consciously aware of it or not. For the compliant amongst us, this could be like a deep sense of unease that something is not quite right while for the contrarians, there is more likely a sense of impatience & anxiety as to how long this circus around us is going to continue.

The chart has a Libra Ascendant, ruler Venus RX in Capricorn in the 4th, underlining the focus on inner reflection so as to bring balance to our reality. Where can we find common ground with those around us? Where can we compromise so as to create peace & unity? How can we LISTEN more intently to the words of ‘the other’ so as to better understand where they are coming from. Libra is the energy of conciliation & peace. There is a deep longing within the collective consciousness to find a pathway into a peace that will unite. The last few years have been brutal in terms of disunity, divisiveness & even blatant hatred of one another. It must stop. We must find the compassion of forgiveness which is the only thing that will heal this broken bond between us. Hopefully, all of us, individually, will work hard to find a place of common purpose with those around us. It must begin with respect for one another & the different choices that are made by each of us. There is & never has been a SINGLE SOLUTION to any situational problem & this is even more true for the problem that now faces the global community.

As already mentioned, the Moon & Mars are closely aligned in Sagittarius, suggesting zesty emotional energy to fuel us as we work towards a reality that is more coherent, more loving, more peace-oriented. Sagittarius will not be deterred from its quest & in this case, the quest is worth the effort! With the ruler, Jupiter, now situated in Pisces, the underlining energy demands that we focus on natural divine law as we attempt to sort through the issues that we face. Fight for freedom, both for yourself & for those around you. Think long & hard as to what that actually means. Don’t be bamboozled by those who have agendas that involve vast sums of money, power & control.

This coming year, the great God, Jupiter will mostly occupy Pisces. Compassion. Peace. Forgiveness. Unconditional Love. If we exercise or at least, attempt to exercise Unconditional Love for the life that shares this planet with us, we will find a way to forgive the sins that we & those around us commit. If we find Compassion within our hearts & send it out to the life forms that share this planet with us, we will find a path into Peace, the peace that surpasses all thought & forms an unbreakable bond between us all.

Winter Solstice 2021

The Wheel of Time turns again.

We begin to feel the ‘return of the Sun’ in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21, 2021, @ 9:59 AM CST. Then, the world at large pauses to usher in the ‘new year’ on December 31, 2021. AND…everyone is ready for a truly NEW YEAR after the challenges that we have faced as a collective over the past 2 years.

Whether we are the ‘compliant’ or the ‘contrarian’, all of us have had to adjust to the so-called ‘NEW NORMAL’ as the globe has battled against the information, disinformation & misinformation surrounding the so-called pandemic. Whether you agree that extreme measures are necessary or you question this, you have had to find a way to live with what the global governments & regulating authorities have done to counteract the threat of universal disease (not particularly effectively, actually). But a new day is dawning. The Wheel turns. Let’s move on, shall we?

The first thing to note is that only two of the major planets are retrograde at the moment of ingress; Venus retrograde @ 27* Capricorn & Uranus retrograde (but moving extremely slowly) @ 12* Taurus. The energetic engine is in gear! We should be able to feel a sense of impetus rising up from deep within us. Most of us are absolutely ready to get moving, to initiate the kinds of alterations that will facilitate forward movement in all areas of our lives.

Venus RX is conjunct Pluto & very closely opposed to the Winter Solstice Moon @ 28* Cancer. The TRANSFORMATION (Pluto) of everything that we thought we understood & valued, loved, idealized & CHERISHED (Venus) is something that NEEDS (Moon) to be done, and, from the very core of our selves. We all must dig down into our deepest feelings and ascertain what is truly of importance in our lives (active opposition between the Moon & Venus/Pluto). Venus Retrograde in Capricorn demands that we examine the STRUCTURES that support our reality with a dispassionate eye. Do not allow your emotions to muddy up the waters of your life. Use them proactively & do not be victim to unnecessary fears & anxieties. The retrograde also enables us to TAKE OUR TIME as we attempt to unravel what is true, what is not; what is needed, what should be discarded; what is usable, what is obviously not usable. As Venus retrogrades, we have the opportunity to visit & re-visit all of the above before actually taking action.

The Ruler of the Winter Solstice chart at the CST zone is a powerful, direct-moving Saturn in Aquarius @ 11*. This is one of the signs where Saturn finds his comfort, (the other is Capricorn). His strength is reinforced by the modern-day ruler, Uranus, in the earthy energy of Taurus. This set of relationships underlines the potential for the restructuring of both your own personal reality & that of the collective reality once critical mass is reached by the collective consciousness.

(Just an aside on this peculiar element: Our collective reality has been through the pressure cooker. Some of us have been acutely aware of the stresses to the social order & have resisted the changes that have been implemented while others of us have more easily accepted these same changes, complied & even agreed that they were necessary. But, as more clarity is brought to the ongoing social situation, ALL of us will have to make necessary adjustments in how we understand what is going on socially. A specific example of this is in the area of IMMUNITY TO THE VIRUS. All reference to NATURAL IMMUNITY has been either removed from official sources or minimized almost to non-mention. However, when one gets an antibody test, that test CANNOT determine if the antibodies present are from the Vaccine or from Naturally Acquired Immunity because of exposure to or illness due to the Virus. All of us will have to come to terms with this HARD FACT; that IMMUNITY is IMMUNITY, no matter where one gets it. Then, we will all have to explore the reasons WHY the authorities have minimized naturally obtained immunity & maximized vaccine acquired immunity. This is called CRITICAL THINKING; working our way through a thorny topic even when it is uncomfortable to do so. The conclusion that any one of us finally comes to is ours & ours alone, as long as we follow the breadcrumbs to the end of the path. Do not just accept blindly what someone tells you without at least attempting to verify that it is indeed, based on provable data. If the conclusion that you arrive at is different than what you had originally thought to be true, be willing to make adjustments, to scrutinize yourself & to admit that your viewpoint has changed. It is a person of integrity & fortitude who is able to do this.)

We had a collective FULL MOON just a few days prior to Winter Solstice & so we are still ‘in the light’, so to speak. The Winter Solstice Sun/Moon phasal relationship is within the arc of Full Phase at the tri-septile point, 208*, (Sun @ 0* Capricorn/ Moon @ 28* Cancer). Realization (Full Phase) contributes to Responsive Action (Full Phase/Tri-Septile). There is a growing clarity around any given situation & from that clarity come strategies to address whatever needs to be addressed. Remember, when the Moon is Full, there is potential for the ‘AHA’ moment; a sudden illumination of circumstances that frees one up to ACT accordingly. Again, if we have been resisting reality, this moment of full perception can be uncomfortable & even devastating to us. The key is to stay open to ANYTHING & not bet on only ONE HORSE. If we are flexible & adaptable, then we can integrate even the most contrary realizations into our psyche. Do not get stuck on only one interpretation. The scientific model demands that you continue to QUESTION everything.

MARS, @ 5* Sagittarius is conjunct the South Node, ruled by a lovely Jupiter in Aquarius. Check in with your spiritual direction. Are you still living your truth? Are you still pursuing the highest of ideals? Dig in to the FAITH OF YOUR FATHERS (ancestral wisdom), & fortify yourself with the wisdom that you have earned. If all of your intuition is telling you something, and if that something is not in sync with the advice of your contemporaries, take the time to TEST YOURSELF OUT. Just because you are one while the rest are many does not mean that their truth is YOUR truth. Find your own truth & be stubborn about it. You will feel better in the end if you do.

Yet another critical relationship in this mandala is the one between Saturn & Uranus, made even more so since Saturn rules the chart & is ruled itself by Uranus. The energy-filled contact between these two archetypes has been forming & re-forming for most of this past year. Authority in all of its various manifestations has been facing down Freedom in all of its various manifestations. Personal liberty juxtaposed against authoritarian control. This confrontation climaxes at this significant shift time. What is the point of all this control? What is the end game? What have we been fighting for? How do we express ourselves & still ‘go along’? Do we want to go along? Is it time for a complete sea-change in the way that we live our lives? Expect to get some insights around all of the above as the NEW YEAR begins its turn.

The energy around this Winter Solstice is potentially powerfully transformative. There is a sense of excitement, a feeling of impatience to get moving. We want change. We want clarity. We want to remove the restrictions that have been placed upon us & shake off the lingering heaviness that has permeated our psyches. We want to be alive while we are alive. This new year promises us that maybe, just maybe, the resurrection of the dead will start to occur!

as the wheel turns

we look to the SUN

as he gathers his strength

in the winter sky

we breathe in his vibrant force of life

into the depths of our souls

we are made mighty

we are made strong

we are warriors of the light

we will never cease

to fight the fine fight

 only victory will be our end…


Pluto: The Mystery Within

The Sun now begins to move through the mystery of SCORPIO. It is ‘the season of the witch’!

When I was just beginning my journey into astrology, I encountered a fellow who authoritatively informed me that as a Scorpio, he was a ‘fiery’ sort of guy. I wrinkled my brow as I tried to understand how this fixed water sign could be viewed as ‘fiery’. I was just starting my beginner courses so I had to stop & think about what he was saying. Then, suddenly, I got it! He was actually zoning in on the Mars side of Scorpio since that planet ‘co-rules’ this energy. Mars is also linked with the sign of Aries, a cardinal fire sign. That is the energy that he felt within himself, impulsive, instinctive, passionate, intuitive, artistic & independent. It’s there, for sure. The Mars side of Scorpio makes this complex energy even more complex than first imagined. In fact, if the Mars side of Scorpio is not properly integrated into the whole of the energy, it can really mess things up. A developed Scorpio will know when to access the primal thrust of Mars without becoming a victim to its potential chaos. An undeveloped Scorpio will suffer the consequences of that potentially chaotic energy at a far deeper level than any Aries ever will since Aries is much better equipped to instinctively push & thrust his way into manifestation! Scorpio, on the other hand, needs to clearly understand his instincts if he is to successfully manage his Mars side.

The planet associated with Scorpio in modern times, since about 1930, is Pluto, now designated as a ‘dwarf’ planet. Most astrologers rolled their eyes when the secular world decided to downgrade the 9th planet to this status. Call it what you wish, Pluto opens up centers within the self as nothing else can. When Pluto comes into contact with any of your personal energy (& this happens in a multitude of ways!!!), the only thing you can do is take a deep breath & enter the darkness in the cave of your soul to meet your core self, full-frontal…Keep those eyes open, little flower…lol!

That may sound like a scary prospect but it doesn’t have to be. The scary part occurs if you have been living an inauthentic life. Worst case scenario is that the dishonesty upon which you have based your reality structure will begin to tremble & ultimately explode before your very eyes. (Pluto is linked to the atomic bomb—get it?) That, indeed, is scary. What the ego-self seeks is security, safety, a sense of place. Thus, truth-telling can be earth-shaking if your so-called sense of security is based on something that is NOT REAL or even worse, downright deceptive. However, the happy side of this story is that once the lies have been swept away in the tidal force of Pluto’s ‘devastation’, a new day can begin. Gone are all of the old soul-denying elements of your former life. It’s almost like having a blank slate (not quite) to work with. You can begin to fill up the empty places of your SELF with authentic representations of who you are.

An example of this could be something as simple as suddenly realizing that your primary relationship is not an expression of your ‘real’ heart impulse. Maybe you went into it for reasons other than love. Maybe you pretended to be the person you thought your partner wanted. Maybe you had just come out of another relationship that had left you vulnerable & confused. It could well be any number of reasons but the bottom line is that you come to realize that whatever the impulse that led you into the relationship was, it was NOT AUTHENTIC. If you choose to work with the Plutonic energy of TRANSFORMATION, you will have to make some hard choices in regards to your relationship & those choices will inevitably transform your reality. This is not easy but it is always exhilarating.

A real-life example is as follows: A young woman found herself in a ‘dead-end’ relationship even though she desperately wanted to be with someone she could love. Because her motivation was idealistic, (Sagittarius Ascendant), she had overlooked various troubling characteristics that her ‘ideal’ partner displayed. For several years, she worked hard to ‘change’ him (broken wing syndrome), but, of course, that never works. Finally, Pluto began his approach to her ascendant degree & moved into her first house. Suddenly, she reached the end of her rope. The relationship ended (badly). The interesting thing in this experience is that leaving the relationship also triggered further self-assessment which led to her switching careers. Over a few years, she completely altered her public persona through the sheer force of her will (1st house) to do so. Instead of limiting herself to a 9-5 office job, she became a self-employed entrepreneur & eventually gained a reputation solely by word of mouth. Today, though the journey has not been easy, she is well-known and sought after in her ‘new’ field of enterprise. And, just to drive home the point, this all happened when she was well into her 30’s since she had already created a successful career for herself in her prior incarnation. The point is, that it was not easy, it was damn hard, for her to take the leap into re-invention but after the challenges she endured, she came out the other side, less conflicted & more aligned to her own truth. That’s what the combo of Pluto & the 1st house can look like if you just resolve to follow your gut.

Mythologically, Pluto (Greek, Hades), is the God of the Underworld, a member of the pantheon of Gods but happy to dwell in his dark mysterious realm rather than with his brother & sister deities. The mythic stories all center around potential loss, reparation, and action & consequence. The stories can be uncomfortable, dealing with core survival issues & taboo subjects. In one of the primary narratives, the story of the abduction of Prosperina (Greek, Persephone), Pluto is a manipulative conniver, kidnapper, & (horrors!), rapist. And yet, in that same story, he appears to win over his victim & come to terms of agreement with his accusers. Now that’s ‘restorative justice’ at work!!!

And, so it is with the astrological Pluto. When Pluto interacts with natal energy, the effects can be devastating, unthinkable, and seemingly irredeemable but ultimately, rejuvenating, if one holds to one’s inner truth through to the end.

Pluto takes about 250 years to get through all of the 12 signs of the zodiac or, in astronomical terms, to orbit the Sun. Since 2008, he has been transiting the sign of Capricorn & will enter Aquarius in the next few years. Because of the elliptical nature of the Pluto orbit, he can spend from 12-20 ish years in any one sign. He will transit Capricorn for about 16 ish years, (& Aquarius for another 20 ish years). Capricorn refers to everything that holds our current reality together, the overlords, the governments, the laws, the monetary systems, the supply chains, …yes, everything that we have come to know & accept about our current social system. Pluto, however, uncovers the flaw, the lie, the UNTRUTH. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that our current social system with all of its hidden & overt power structures is struggling to maintain itself. People have become both increasingly disenchanted with their ‘overlords’ & strangely, more compliant to those same overlords’ demands. The economic grid is in disarray and yet we, in the so-called ‘first world’, continue to cling to the idea that it works. Over and over, it is revealed just how corrupt the political systems, worldwide, really are. Most of the world is under authoritarian control while the so-called ‘democratic’ countries are increasingly shown to be playing at an ersatz democracy. How many times have we heard about rigged elections in the second & third world? Do you really think it is any different here in the first world? And, even if you still have faith in the electoral process that YOU participate in, who, really is running the government. As an example, there are bureaucrats behind the scenes who ‘advise’ each subsequently elected government who have held their positions for decades though not through a democratic process but rather because of powerful union advocacy that prevents them from losing their jobs. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who has, for the last 2 years controlled the U.S. response to the so-called Pandemic, is the highest-paid Federal employee in the U.S. and who controls a budget of over 40 BILLION dollars. In many cases, it is his sole privilege to dispense those funds according to his preference. That is the power to influence and yet he has NEVER been elected by the people for the people. There are many like him in all democracies in the Western world.

Finally, democracy can only work if the people actually go out & vote, not because of an aggressive media campaign but because they have actually informed themselves of the critical issues & arrived at a conscious, logical conclusion in terms of who to elect. This is not a particular partisan statement. If you vote left, do you know why you vote left? Can you make a reasonable, clear argument for your position? If you vote to the right, can you do the same? And, even more importantly, are you willing to sit down with someone who holds opposite views from you? Are you willing to actually have a debate about issues with those who disagree with you? Do you have it in you to look for areas of compromise & agreement rather than focusing on difference & dispute? Sadly, most voters (a fraction of those who actually have the privilege to vote: last Federal election, 62% of the population voted here in Canada), cast their vote based on minute-long ads & 15 second sound bites. And, even more sadly, most voters vote for the candidate who is promising them the biggest entitlement, rather than taking the LONG VIEW & choosing what is best for the collective as a whole. No wonder our leaders continue to lie their way into elected office. One can only hope that there are still some honest politicians who will eventually swell in number.

The transit of the God of the Underworld, when secrets that are held can be suddenly & even violently exposed, through the establishment energy of Capricorn, has forced all of us to re-examine the fundamental construct of the society that we have collectively brought into form. Are we living authentic HUMAN lives? Is this really the way we, as HUMANS, should be existing? We have built cities of steel that reach up into the heavens. Some of us NEVER touch the earth with our bare feet. Some of us have never seen a natural living ecosystem, a FARM, that generates our food. We have to ask ourselves if we are satisfied with this state of affairs. What is the future we are creating as we continue to perpetuate this artificial way of life? That is the question that Pluto is asking as he slowly trudges through the social artifice that is our current reality.

There’s a story in Genesis about a TOWER that a mighty hunter, named Nimrod, built to challenge God himself; to demonstrate his power & superiority over God’s creation. His assertion was that he could live in the heavens just like God. The end of that story was that GOD, (the Divine), intervened & totally undid what Nimrod had been attempting to do. By confusing the language of the people, communication was disrupted & the famous TOWER came to naught. Because they could no longer communicate with one another, the people scattered to the far corners of the earth & had to start all over! Nimrod passed away into oblivion leaving behind the morality tale of what can happen when hubris is demonstrated by one who does not have the capacity to actually follow through on his egotistical claims.

Is this what that old story was talking about? Was it a warning that separating ourselves from NATURE would eventually lead to destruction? The Tower of Babel was a monolithic structure that could also represent the singular systems that have been developed in these dystopian times. The global overlords control all aspects of society from distribution of both natural resources & information dispensation to political/economic systems and even to spiritual disciplines. Their control of these various social constructs ranges from the overtly obvious to the clandestine, secretive & manipulative. It is only now, as Pluto nears the completion of his transit through Capricorn that we are beginning to realize how coordinated & complete this control really is. This is the battle that has been raging for millennia, the little man against the big machine. That ‘big machine’ has morphed throughout the centuries, changed its face, altered its delivery system. What has remained constant is ‘the little man’—you, me, us. Nothing can prevent the force of love & goodness which resides in the heart of the ordinary human being. In the end, LOVE WILL PREVAIL. That is the promise that Pluto makes for his transit of the AQUARIUS/ LEO polarity. If we send LOVE out, we will receive LOVE in return. Of the MANY, for the ONE. The ONE for the MANY. May it be so…

Pluto stationed Direct on October 6, 2021, @ 25* Capricorn. He will remain direct until April 29, 2022, when he stations Retrograde @ 29* Capricorn. These are the last few degrees of the Virgo decanate of Capricorn where the final analysis can be made of all that has been uncovered, brought to light. What shall we hold onto? What is now worthless? Can we really make a fresh start with what is left? Is Transformation possible? Think about it.

If Pluto has activated any of your personals during his transit through Capricorn, you are being asked to re-evaluate yourself.

Pluto/Sun: This is the complete transformation of the ideal self. A re-thinking of your core impulse to re-create yourself. What are your hopes & dreams & how can they better reflect who you have become? Can you be the best version of your potential self?

Pluto/Moon: You have been turned inside out & outside in and over again. Are you in touch with your authentic feelings? Have you been to your confessor (your higher self) & laid bare your sorrows & your grief? Can you touch your inner place of JOY? Are you still confined to inauthentic heart-based expressions? Have you found forgiveness for yourself & for those around you?

Pluto/Mercury: Do not be afraid to think the unthinkable. Step outside the box that has held you a prisoner. Be bold in your thoughts & in the expression of those thoughts. Be a FREE thinker! Go where you have not gone before.


Pluto/Venus: Do not be startled if you suddenly realize that what you want is not what you have been trying to get. Give yourself permission to love as you will rather than as you must. Be brave & be true to the values that most accurately reflect who you have become.

Pluto/Mars: Accidents happen to those who take a so-called wrong path. Check your map to be sure that you are heading in the right direction. Stop pushing that square peg into that round hole. They do not fit together. If you are currently in the midst of chaos, hang on tight & carry on. The one constant is change.

As we move into this mysterious & magical ‘season of the witch’, the Sun’s transit through Scorpio, we should take the time to look within, go deep into our secret selves & unearth what lies beneath. Self-assessment is never pleasant, even for those amongst us who appear to have succeeded. There is always more work to be done in the struggle to ‘ascend’, and particularly so during these strange, dystopian times when it appears that many in our human family have lost their way completely. Stand steady. Stay the course. Keep searching for your own authentic expression. Only show love to those who show you hate. Forgive them. Love them to the best of your capacity to do so. And, always, stay close to the divine that keeps you safe; she is your constant protector.


translated by WITTER BYNNER


When people lost sight of the way to live

Came codes of love and honesty,

Learning came, charity came,

Hypocrisy took charge;

When differences weakened family ties

Came benevolent fathers and dutiful sons;

And when lands were disrupted and misgoverned

Came ministers commended as loyal.



After I have written my blog, I focus for a moment & pick up my copy of the book that I have chosen to use. In this case it is the one translated by Witter Bynner. I hold it lightly, close my eyes & begin to shuffle through the pages until I feel that I have come to the appropriate one. In every case, once I open my eyes & read the verse, I am astonished at the synchronicity that is evident. So far, this process has yet to disappoint me. Other times, I am moved to do some free flow writing & a poem might emerge.


As one of the inner planets, Venus represents aspects of the psyche that are overt or conscious. What we love, how we love it & why we love it are all a part of the Venus function within the self.

Traditionally, astrologers regarded Venus as a ‘benefic’, an energy that was positive. Today, we moderns understand that any energy has both proactive & reactive elements in its make-up. Venus can certainly enhance anything that it touches but, as with anything, there is a dark side to Venus. Love can become obsessive, manipulative, all-encompassing. Desire can turn into militancy if not consciously understood.

Venus is connected to two zodiac signs, Taurus & Libra. The Taurus side of Venus focuses on the internal dynamics of this function while the Libra side externalizes it.

In Libra, Venus seeks to create comfort with others. There is a need for balance which, in the area of inter-relationships often involves negotiation & compromise. When executed successfully, peace is the end result. And so it is, that Venus is often linked both to earthy pleasures, (Taurus) and cooperative conviviality & aesthetic refinement (Libra).

The mythology of Venus, as we understand it, is centered around love, passion, sacrifice, loss & reconciliation for the most part.  We can dip into the Inanna stories, the Demeter/Persephone stories, two of the most commonly known extrapolations of the Venus journey to get a sense of this. However, we can also dig a little deeper & discover a very different understanding of Venus within the Aztec mythology. It’s worth the time & effort to do so. The Aztecs understood the darker side of the Venus principle & regularly made blood sacrifices to this fearsome deity. Ponder that. How is sacrifice, death & sorrow connected to pleasure, love & satisfaction? As mentioned previously, all energy is dualistic in nature. Nothing is all good or all bad.

Part of the Venus cycle, as with most of the planets, involves a period of time when the planet is understood to be moving ‘retrograde’. We have all experienced the sometimes irritable conditions associated with the planet, Mercury’s retrograde movement. That occurs about three times every year. Venus, on the other hand, goes retrograde once every 18 months. This year, in December, we are due for a Venus retrograde!

When Venus retrogrades, the focus on values & deep heart-based impulses is turned inward. We can experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ in regards to established relationships. We might reconsider the essence of our value systems & might reflect on how we could amend our values to better reflect our current state of mind. The most successful humans are those who understand that the only constant is change, & if realized, transformation. After all, the end of the journey is the greatest of all transformations, one so profound that the great thinkers of this reality have spent countless hours pondering it & attempting to articulate it. No matter what your own thoughts on this final transformative process are, you, & for that matter, all of us, will not be able to avoid it. It is one of the two common elements that we all share & experience, birth to life & death into transformation.

The retrograde of Venus can also signal a time when something, either material, emotional, mental, or spiritual may be rekindled; when something ‘lost’ might be found. On the densest of levels, this could be an object of personal worth that resurfaces after a long absence. Emotionally, it could be the rekindling of an old love that heals & completes an unfinished personal drama. Mentally, the cognitive mind might be re-infused with clarity about some long-held but overlooked idea. Spiritually, we might re-dedicate ourselves to an old ritual of worship or service that has been neglected or absent-mindedly laid aside. It’s always interesting to track ourselves & see what it is that we, individually, may have misplaced or forgotten!

Venus begins her retrograde through Capricorn on December 19, 2021, & stations direct on January 29, 2022, covering Capricorn 27-Capricorn 12. Let’s take a lyrical journey through these degrees of the zodiac by examining the Sabian Symbols associated with each degree as Venus retraces her steps.

December 19, 2021 (RX) March 2, 2022 (D)

27* Capricorn: The path we take is our choice to take & in the highest of expressions, it is like “a mountain pilgrimage” where the path, at times, might be steep but the goal is clarity & freedom standing at the top, able to view the grand vista below. Make your feet humble & take the ‘holy road’ into the heart.

December 24, 2021 (RX) February 28, 2022 (D) Venus conjunct Pluto exact (12.24.2021-12.27.2021)**

26* Capricorn: As we follow our path, we must strive to connect with the natural world, with raw energy, with the essence of life. We must polish our intuitive selves so that, just like “a water sprite”, we can easily connect to true knowing, innate wisdom that springs from source & not from man-made artifice.

December 28, 2021 (RX) February 27, 2022 (D)

25* Capricorn: We should surround ourselves with precious things that reflect our values & reinforce what we hold to be dear & true. Just like “an oriental rug dealer”, we must attempt to determine the worth of everything in our lives, test out whether what we hold to be dear is authentic & holds real value or not.

December 30. 2021 (RX) February 26, 2022 (D)

24* Capricorn: There is always a need for times of retreat so that we can refine our senses & draw healing energy. The self needs respite on a regular basis so we must be like “a woman entering a convent” and take time for ourselves, to reconsider, to reflect, to refine, to reinvent all that we are & all that we can be.

January 2, 2022 (RX) February 24, 2022 (D) Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn exact ***

23* Capricorn: The journey of LIFE can be both fulfilling & arduous in that fulfillment. We can walk with ease when we recognize that any challenge can be met if we cultivate courage & bravery in the face of that challenge. We can then expect “two awards for bravery in war”, one that comes in an external form through victory and honour & one that is realized privately deep within the realized self, an inner sense of having fought the good fight & run the race to the finish.

January 3, 2022 (RX) February 23, 2022 (D) Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn exact***

22*Capricorn: There is a time for all things under the heavens, a time for victory & a time for defeat. We must refine our inner understanding of where we are in the stream of time. If it is necessary, we must be like “a general accepting defeat gracefully”, knowing that the wheel of circumstance will inevitably turn yet again & our position will also inevitably change from one which acknowledges defeat to one that rejoices in victory. To be humble, to have humility is one of the greatest lessons this life teaches us.

January 5, 2022 (RX) February 22, 2022 (D)

21* Capricorn: In truth, we are running “a relay race”, not a sprint. We must always consider the consequences of our actions, not only in this current lifetime but also in subsequent lifetimes. All actions have equal reactions and so the karmic promise is fulfilled. Do your best to pursue peace & goodness & peace & goodness will follow you & keep you safe. Do wrong & evil will pursue you relentlessly.

January 7, 2022 (RX) February 20, 2022 (D)

20* Capricorn: We are not alone. Whether we subscribe to the knowledge that there exists a spirit realm or we are focused only on this mortal realm, we are many, surrounded by others. For those of us who sense the presence of the spirit realm, we can be assured that support is available; that there is “a hidden choir singing” in the background & the song that they are singing is one filled with blessing for us. There is more to life than merely that which we can see with our physical eyes.

January 9, 2022 (RX) February 18, 2022 (D)

19* Capricorn: We must never become down-hearted with the burdens that we bear. Yes, it is true that at times we feel like “a child of about five with a huge bag of shopping” to carry so that we are overwhelmed with our load. But if we pause and ponder the mystery that is life, we realize that we are never burdened with more than we can bear at any given time. So, whatever the challenge, the sorrow, the difficulty, we can overcome it, we can endure it, we can work through it. In time, all things pass & the path is taken, one step at a time.

January 10, 2022 (RX) February 17, 2022 (D)

18* Capricorn: All in all, we are not alone in this journey called LIFE. How important it is to ‘find our tribe’, like-minded folk who can support us & join us. We humans have always banded together under banners like “the Union Jack” to celebrate alliance, togetherness, commonality. It is a good thing, a thing to be sought & found, this commonality of perspective, principle & purpose.

January 12, 2022 (RX February 15, 2022 (D)

17* Capricorn: Pure & unrefined honesty can be a fearful position for some of us. It’s hard to speak the truth, to be naked in the eyes of others, just as we are and yet, anything less can leave us feeling cheap & deceitful. Perhaps, we need to exercise some judgment, like “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude”, and exercise a bit of judgment before we allow others who might not understand our truth to hear the whole of it. Let us be cautious as serpents while still retaining the innocence of doves.

January 14, 2022(RX) February 13, 2022 (D)

16* Capricorn: The self is made up of a variety of layers of being, the physical, the mental, the emotional & the spiritual. We must care diligently for all of these various levels of being since they form the pathway to the soul which is the element that exists both within them all & more importantly beyond them all. We must be like “boys & girls in gymnasium suits”, always at the ready to exercise wisely, to maintain health & well-being on all of these levels so that the channel of energy can flow from soul to self & self to soul unhindered.

January 15, 2022 (RX) February 11, 2022 (D)

15* Capricorn: As we walk this pathway of life, we should cultivate the demeanor of kindness, grace & peace. Say a silent blessing to all who cross your path. Who knows the suffering of any other? Does that other know our own suffering? If we keep in mind that we all have burdens to bear & challenges to face, we will certainly look kindly to those who we encounter. We will be more generous with both our forgiveness & our effort on their behalf. It is the giving spirit that can contribute “many toys in the children’s ward of a hospital” & it is the giving spirit that can exercise itself on behalf of those less fortunate. How can we meet the needs of those who cannot help themselves? There is no one or right response. Each of us must look deep within ourselves to find our own unique answer.

January 17, 2022 (RX) February 8, 2022 (D)

14* Capricorn: Each of us carries within us a lasting legacy that has been built over numerous lives. Or, at the very least over the course of the life that we are all living. It is like “an ancient bas-relief carved in granite”, enduring, impervious to rapid change. What is the theme in our personal ‘bas-relief’? Are we content with this representation of all that we have done, that which we leave behind? In the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

                “Lives of great men all remind us

                We can make our lives sublime,

And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time”

January 20, 2022 (RX) February 5, 2022 (D)

13* Capricorn:  The universe is a powerful ally. We are powerfully allied to this awesome force. Each one of us must be like “a fire worshipper”, passionate, dedicated, focused on that which we know to be authentic, true, just, right. Nothing should deter us from our path; our eyes must stay fixed on the undying flame of creative self-expression. If we choose to deny our inner truth, we will be burned by the very fire that we seek to embody.

January 23-29, 2022 (RX) January 29-February 4, 2022 (D)

12* Capricorn

The end & the beginning of our journey into our deepest nature. What have we discovered from our inner meditation on all that we value, all that we love, all that we pursue with passion & determination? Our journey into the very heart of our being should lead us into a greater understanding of ‘natural law’, of the organics of everything, of how to live in harmony & holistically with NATURE, herself, our mother who gave & gives us life. We must be like “a student of NATURE lecturing” to any & all who would listen. It is imperative that we all seek a better way to be alive in this critical time of shift. What is ONE THING that YOU can do to align yourself more closely with authentic human existence? It’s a question we should all seek the answer to. (Note that Venus lingers at this degree while she is ‘stationary direct’ for several days. Take the time to get your portfolio of wisdom organized & at the ready. We all have a lot of work to do to reset the damage done over the last few years by those who have no regard for honour, truth, or spirit.)

The “homework” you can do based on the above descriptions is to meditate on the Sabian Symbol connected to each degree of Capricorn on the days noted. How does the essence of that lyrical symbol demonstrate itself in YOUR life? Can you concretize any of the ideals contained in each symbol? It’s a fun self-developmental process that can open up the various chakra centers of your being.

** These days (and the weeks or so before and after the specified dates) can be transformative on a spiritual level. You could experience breakthroughs in regards to self-understanding, re-alignment of core values, a deeper understanding of your own inner moral compass & how it operates in the world of material reality. Be tender with yourself during this time period & especially be forgiving of those around you. Turn the other cheek instead of putting up your fists!

***These days & a few on either side can be rocket charged when it comes to passion & love. Give yourself permission to let your hair down. Take a leap into a new relationship or re-ignite some passion in an old one. Be sexy, be loving, be willing…have some fun!



The Venus Affirmation

I embrace the goddess of love

In every way

On every day

And my heart is healed & happy

Blessed Be