Jewelled Mandala

Clem will create your own Jewelled Mandala based on your birthchart with your own special power animal inscribed. Upon completion, the piece will be consecrated in shamanic ritual.

Full acrylic on canvas (18″ x 18″) – $650.00 plus shipping and handling
3-4 weeks delivery 

Digitally created image 
E-mailed to your computer – $325.00
2-3 weeks delivery

To order please e-mail Christina Rai or phone 204-990-4970.

Jeweled Mandala Dragon

Welcome to my world. It is magic and mystery. I am the pathway into transformation; the transformation that originates within. When you are fearful, call on me. When you need courage to continue, call on me. 
I will bring you balance through internal magic, the magic of the spheres of being. I will open your vision so that you can see backwards and beyond. I will show you all that is and fill you with the wonder that comes from knowing.

I am power and I will come to you when you need it the most. When you are broken, fatigued and weary, when you are hopeless and downhearted, I am there. Turn to me and feel the strength of my body as I support you. Turn to me and feel the rush of my wings as I carry you up beyond the clouds of confusion. Turn to me and see the fiery breath that I can produce when I am endangered. Turn to me and let me take you to the waters of the sea where you will be replenished and renewed.

I give you the capacity to lead, vital energy abundant. I bestow upon you insight and the sight that can peer beyond the bone. I will ground you, enrich you and surround you with luminous beauty.

Come to me when you are seeking your ground. I will support you. I will fill you up and make you shine. I will give you strength, knowledge and the wisdom to use it with confidence.

When the darkness gathers, I will surround you with the magical ring of protection so that nothing can harm you, and that only the light will find you.

I am DRAGON. I will teach you how to find mastery.


Hawk Hawk

I am the messenger. Do you hear my message? I bring you illumination, energy and zest. I can carry you to the greatest heights and show you all that can be seen. I can take you into the very heart of a matter and reveal the truth of all things. Do you hear my message?

I bring you the creative principle and the ability to find purpose. Let me show you the path. Listen and hear.

Because I know that which is not known, I can bring discomfort with my healing. Listen to my message with a true and brave heart.

I have scope and perspective and an awareness of the signs and omens of the world around me. My ability to see grants me the ability to judge without attachment to outcome. 

I am aware of the BIG PICTURE. I guard it with truth. All is illuminated when I appear. I am the guardian that stands at the gates of the soul. Find me and follow your higher purpose. I will awaken within you power, once latent, that will travel up your spine and fill your mind with light.

In me you will find the bridge between all that is seen and all that is unseen. Listen. Do you hear my message?

I am fire; I am light; I am vision and power and sight.

I am HAWK. I will teach you to know.


Gemini Mandala Dragonfly

Come, dance with me in the light of the rainbow sun. Together, we will take his rays and transform them into jewels that shimmer and shine. I am the power of illusion, the magic maker who can shift that which appears to be into that which is always possible.

I am passion. I am light.  I can intertwine and loosen.  I can shift and transform. What do you want to be? Where would you like to go? Whisper into my heart and I will take your intention and carry it into the heavens. I will help you to find the power in your heart and join it with the strength of your mind.

I bring you change, the possibility of something new, something different. If you see me flitter into the line of your sight, pay attention to the nature of what you are doing. How real is it? How real can you make it? I will give you the power to create all that you can imagine.

Follow me into the elemental world. I will show you how to play with the wisdom of the wind. Let it take you to the place that waits for you. Let go. Be free. The wind will carry you to that new uncharted place where your adventure can begin.

Watch how I move, using the currents around me to flitter and fly. Watch how I catch the sun with my wings and transform it into the colours of the rainbow. Nothing is as it appears to be and yet, everything is exactly as it is. Open your eyes and understand that what you see is what you believe and what you believe is what you see. Go deep and find your truth. Catch it and let it go. And laugh, little jewel, laugh. 

I will hold your dreams and weave them into substance. Take my vision that can see up and down and side to side and let it fill you up with the knowledge that you can do all that you desire to do. I will help you to find the truth within.

Let me show you how to love with your heart and your mind. Let your emotions flow from within and from a place of mindfulness. My two sets of wings are like a balance beam that can support you as you stand lightly on the shoulders of feeling and insight. Take the emotion and learn to understand it. Feel what you feel and follow the meaning of those feelings. I will help you to find the balance. Ride the currents of your feelings just as I ride the currents of the wind. I can ease your sorrow by showing you the colours of love, soft, vibrant, translucent, intense. Breathe in my joy and the knowledge that I bring you. Everything is light. Everything is love. You can be whatever you want to be.

I am DRAGONFLY. I will teach you to move into the miracle of possibility.


Eagle Mandala Eagle

Look up and see me soar. I am the messenger that brings you spirit. I can fly beyond the clouds and ride the high winds with my powerful wings. I bring you the ability to go beyond any limits, to step outside your comfort zone and be safe.

I hold the sun close and find renewal in the cleansing rays that purge me. I am the core. I am the heart of all things.

I am the source of all creation. Watch me and learn to trust your own creative impulse. Do you see what you can do? Do you hear the music of your mind? Are you compelled to follow your inspiration. Lean on me and let me show you how. 

I will lead you to the edge of all things, show you where the world ends. And I will bring you back, safe within the long feathers of my wings.

Come to me and hear your heart. Listen to what it is saying. I will take you into the truth of your emotion, deep into the core of your being.

Though your journey with me may be challenging, I will give you strength to endure, to follow the shining vision to the end. I will ground you and protect you and give you the courage to pounce at the most appropriate time. I never hunt unnecessarily but I know in an instant when the right opportunity presents.

Let me teach you to listen to your inner wisdom, to follow your inner vision, to connect to your inner truth.

I am swift. I am strong. I am courageous and wise. I see all things. I bring illumination into the darkness of despair. I am healing. I am magic. I am freedom, honour and respect. Hear my call. I am calling you to your highest path. See my flight and follow me. I am leading you beyond the boundaries of your limited vision.

I am EAGLE. I will teach you to believe.