New Moon in Gemini, June 10, 2021 @ 5:54 am CDT

This New Moon & Solar Eclipse is closely aligned to Mercury in Gemini Retrograde. The little scoundrel shifted into retrograde motions on May 29.


(See my blog on The Nuances of Mercury under ‘star stuff’.)

The energy of Gemini is all about connection so be prepared to deal with unexpected ‘connection’ issues. This does not necessarily mean that you will have problems; it could be that the way that you connect may take an unexpected turn or that you may need to re-organize the way that you utilize your various ‘connection’ protocols. If you have Gemini, Mercury or the 3rd House highly focused within your psyche, you might sense the vibrational shifts around this time period more acutely than others might. Remember, celestial events interact with us in an individual way because, each one of us, is unique.

No matter how this energy actually demonstrates itself in your life, it’s time to release & set new intentions. With the nodes moving into the first (but for the nodes, final) decanate of Sagittarius/ Gemini, with the north node pulling us all into the Gemini/Gemini dynamic, we are encouraged to reset the way that we think, reason, communicate & connect, especially to those who are closest to us. The nodes will shift into Scorpio/Taurus in early 2022 so take the time in the next few months to clarify what you think & how you express those thoughts.

This New Moon is made more intense due to the eclipse. Solar eclipses are a signal that it’s time to re-envision our goals; our directions. If this eclipse is close to any of your critical points, then you have the opportunity to ‘let it go’ & reboot; how you see your life path; how you communicate & interact; possibly even allowing new points of view into your reality matrix, broadening out & embracing the possibilities that are present.

The Sabian Symbol for 20* Gemini is:


Life, in all of its many & varied possibilities, is an ongoing adventure into choice; into the selection of what we might think or feel is the optimum choice at any given moment. Ultimately, the choice is for each individual to make. The image of the cafeteria suggests that we need not be limited to any one set of protocols or, to stay with the symbolism of food, any particular cuisine, etc. We might be vegetarians, omnivores or carnivores, or all! We can choose one type of potato one time or rice the next time. It truly is an ongoing experiment into the variety available. Being human means that we have the POWER TO CHOOSE! We can assess what we see before us & come to conclusions as to how to proceed. The Geminian emphasis on accessing information so as to better make decisions is highlighted with this Sabian Symbol.

Where is Gemini in your natal chart? That’s the place to begin your search. What part of your life do you approach in a Gemini-like fashion? For instance, let’s say you have Gemini in the 9th house. That means that you might have a Libra rising which indicates that you prefer to understand things, to reason things out & that you NEED a LOT of data before you can qualify what you actually THINK. You are probably a bit restless when it comes to your philosophical viewpoints & you like to explore alternatives before settling into any one thing. This New Moon Solar Eclipse will open the ‘doors of perception’ in your mind. You may suddenly begin to understand things in a new way. You may even get access to information previously unknown. Exciting!

After the last few months of 2021, we are now heading into full ‘retrograde’ season. As I’ve said previously, both Pluto & Saturn shifted RX in April & May. At the very end of May, we moved into a Mercury RX period that lasts until the end of June & then into July if you allow for the ‘shadow’ period. Just before the next FULL MOON, at the Summer Solstice, Jupiter shifts RX & begins to move back into Aquarius. Just after the Summer Solstice, Neptune shifts RX. It’s time for us to reconsider just who we are & what we are doing & for those of us who can bear to, why the heck we are doing what we are doing. Take the time & hold it to your heart. Embrace doubt. Open yourself to the mystery of YOU. You are your own spiritual mentor. You are your own inner healer. You are the bottom line when all is said & done. Don’t cave into peer pressure. Trust your gut when it tells you that you must go your own way. It’s not easy but it is a necessity!