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We are truly blessed to be able to explore the intricacies of human existence at a time when the majority of the earth’s population is limited to only being able to pursue the basic elements of physical survival. While we, in the West, experience relative peace, the developing world is often in the grips of chaotic conflict. (It could be argued that conflict is now becoming prevalent in the West as well but we are still able to escape some of its harsher consequences to a degree.) This greater degree of personal security provides us with TIME, that most sought-after commodity, to indulge ourselves in this delightful experiential process, the pursuit of TRUTH.

As we individually explore this universal knowledge that is leading us to TRUTH, we must honour & respect each other’s singular journey because:




And though the above statement may seem to be contradictory, if you sit with it for a bit, meditate on it, and take it into your mind, you will find that it addresses some of the challenges of seeking TRUTH, expressing TRUTH & sharing TRUTH.

With that being said, there are so many & varied pathways to esoteric or ‘higher’ knowledge. Each one is magical, mysterious & beautiful in its own right. Humans established and participated in any number of ‘MYSTERY SCHOOLS’ throughout history. Some we still have access to but I am certain that many have been lost in the shadows of history but have nonetheless played a part in the development of the human psyche. On one level, all knowledge, once uncovered, discovered or recovered is present within the collective psyche and is a part of our collective lineage. We may not know specifics but often when confronted with so-called ‘lost’ wisdom, we recognize it immediately on a visceral level. I am going to dip into just one of the many Mystery Schools that many of us explore in this, our almost post-apocalyptic reality. As each of us, individually, attempt to unravel the threads of esoteric knowledge, we might discover something that will contribute to the restoration of a global community of humans living together in peace and harmony without the need for drastic fascist measures like compulsory mandates, depopulation schemes, restriction and control of all resources and the surveillance state which sends us all back into overt slavery.

Astrology is one such Mystery School. This method of TRUTH seeking connects us to the sky. I’ve always imagined that the very first ‘astrologer’ could have been a woman who ran out of her cave after a fight with her partner and howled with rage at the Full Moon glowing mysteriously in the night sky. After the rush of emotion, she might have thought, “Hmmmm…the last time this happened there was this big fat ball of light in the sky…I wonder what that could mean?” And so, the journey into understanding the synchronicity of all things began; observation & co-relation, the scientific method.

The first astrologers were budding mathematicians, seers, counselors, and healers within the community. The lay folks went to them for advice on physical, functional, emotional, mental & spiritual issues. There’s a branch of astrology for all of these areas and more. The ancient astrologers were a one-stop shop. You could find them in the smallest village & the highest Royal Court. People have always wanted to know more about the way reality works. From health issues to timing issues to conflict resolution to the deeper questions about life itself, astrology covers it all.

Today, there is a growing interest in a branch of Astrology called Constellational or Sidereal. This is the astrology most commonly used by Eastern astrologers. In India, it is called Jyotish. This method of astrological insight uses the so-called ‘fixed stars’ to derive calculations for zodiacal placements within the generally accepted zodiac of ‘signs’. Keep in mind, however, that these ‘fixed stars’ are not, in reality, fixed. Everything in this manifest universe is in motion. But, because they are SO far away from us their actual movement is almost indistinguishable from our location here on EARTH.

And that brings me to the other method of astrological exploration, The tropical branch of Astrology. This method is the one that is, to date, most commonly used here in the ‘west’ and is based on the actual movement of the Earth in its journey around the Sun. Several thousand years ago, an astrologer suggested that the archetypal Zodiac of signs which designate the way energy works should be aligned to the SEASONAL shifts that occur right here on the Earth, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox & Winter Solstice. He aligned 0 degrees Aries to the Spring Equinox and the rest, as they say, is history. As the Earth moves through its regular and measurable seasonal cycle around the source of its existence, the SUN, it ‘hits’ all 12 signs of the established zodiac. Once you dig more deeply into the actual energies of each of the current 12 signs, it all starts to make a great deal of sense. As an example, Aries is the energy of INITIATION, of beginnings, of the seeds of creative action. Spring is the time of new growth with seeds into the ground and the beginning of a return to a fertile period. Aries is sometimes harsh, and so is spring sometimes. I could relate each subsequent sign to the period that it occupies as the Earth turns on its axis and orbits around the Sun. Really beautiful, actually.

I walk the Earth. I don’t, at this point in the human story, live amongst the stars. What happens to me, happens here on this planet in this place in the universe. I live in alignment with the seasons and so it makes all kind of sense to me to align my method of astrological exploration to this seasonal, tropical zodiac. And, it seems to work quite well. The energy that is described by the transit of the planets of the known solar system through the various known 12 astrological signs seems to fit perfectly with the energy that I experience in my own body, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, on a day-to-day basis. So, for now, I am good to use this method of astrology as I muddle myself through the nuances of this crazy thing called life.

All that being said, it is equally amazing that when I do explore Sidereal Astrology, I find that it never negates what I have discovered via the tool of Tropical Astrology. It only enhances it and vice versa. Tropical Astrology is archetypal, mystical, and intuitive. Sidereal Astrology is precise, exacting, and literal. Both can serve a higher purpose, that of better understanding this journey of conscious existence on this beautiful garden planet we call home. Today many brilliant young astrologers are reframing their astrological work and using sidereal methods to articulate the TRUTHS that they are discovering. This is wonderful & welcome. Knowledge is always expanding. Understanding is always increasing as it should. And, as our knowledge base increases and expands, we will come ever nearer to that elusive TRUTH that we honest-heartedly seek, whether through one method or another method. While we continue to grow our base of knowledge with the method of our personal choice, we must take care that we do not denigrate whatever method another ‘truth-seeker’ has chosen to use. If we do, we will be de-evolving back to the realm of fanaticism, judgment, zealotry, and denial. Think about all of the lives that have been lost because of so-called religious differences. Each soldier who took the life of another soldier in the name of his GOD did so thinking he was serving a higher TRUTH. Was he?

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary nor how justified, is not a crime. Ask the infantry and ask the dead.”

― Ernest Hemingway from FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS


But where to begin with ASTROLOGY?

The very best way to begin is to align to the MOON. It is simple. It is easy. And, it makes all kind of sense. You actually do not need even a drop of astrological data to derive benefit from watching the MOON though, with even a little bit of data, the process can be even more meaningful. Here is a simple way to start.

Figure out with the aid of a calendar or any number of websites when the next NEW Moon is going to occur. This is a time of ‘seeding’, of initiation, of brainstorming, of starting new projects. Literally, gardeners attempt to align planting with the first New Moon of the growing season. SOME good KEYWORDS for the New Moon period—technically about 2.5 days but I stretch it to around a week—are INITIATION & EXPLORATION.

The Full Moon period which occurs about 2 weeks after each New Moon is a time of culmination, observation & realized potential. It is a great time to look at what you started on the New Moon and get real about it, make the necessary adjustments & go public, so to speak. Literally, this is a great time to launch a business. Everything is ‘visible’ under the light of the Full Moon. Some keywords to use in connection to the Full Moon are CULMINATION & RESOLUTION.

The Balsamic or Dark Moon period is a great time to rest, repair & reflect. This 2.5 day period occurs at the very end of the monthly MOON cycle and immediately prior to the next New Moon. Looking up into the sky, you will not see the Moon at all, thus the term, ‘dark’. In this context ‘balsamic’ means soothing; restorative; healing; reduced to its essence.

This is the quiet time, the introspective time, the time when we can step back from the busy-ness of our lives & just breathe. It gives us the time to recharge & once again begin the process of initiation & exploration. Some keywords are REFLECT & REST.

Gosh, I do so love the Moon cycle which is the one that is MOST closely connected to the planet we call home, where we live and breathe. We all know what it’s like to walk in the full light of the Sun but what about walking under the full light of the MOON? Next time you can, kick those shoes off your feet, get out into the grass, walk on the EARTH when the MOON is full and shing bright in the night sky.  In the warm parts of the seasonal cycle, of course! You will feel the grass as never before; you will inhale the scent of the night in a way that is mysterious and magical; you will hear the sounds of life around you that are unheard during the daylight hours. It is truly worth doing if you have never done it MINDFULLY before.


Uranus: The Disruptor

The personal unconscious holds the whole store of our life memories & is directly connected to the Akashic record where we can find the threads that take us into our soul journey back to Source. Often, the energy of Uranus will appear to disrupt but actually, it is what Rumi referred to when he penned the line, “the wound is where the light enters you…” Later on, Ralph Waldo Emerson penned the words, “There is a crack in everything god has made…” and in modern times, Leonard Cohen reworked this concept when he sang, “the crack is where the light gets in…”

My fellow astrologer, Sharon Wisemyn, refers to Uranus as “freedom disguised as loss…” In all cases, we see that the bridge into the light must traverse a potential peril, a chasm, a crack, a loss, or a deficit. It truly is a condition of this human existence.

The vast store of experience that Uranus can unlock within our psyches is the bridge between us, as finite individuals and infinite spirit. It is through the individuation process that Uranus transits trigger that we might suddenly glimpse our true potential and that to which we are all aspiring, something far beyond anything that is contained in three-dimensional time.

The orbit of Uranus is 84 years & he spends 7 years in each of the 12 signs. We live our life within one full orbit of Uranus, more or less.

We have all been experiencing the rumbles and cracks as Uranus has been transiting Taurus. The Earth herself is groaning under the weight of accumulated errors that our species has been making on an organic level. Nature, ultimately, will not be mocked. There is a difference between ‘working with’ and ‘working against’ Natural Law. This 7-year-long transit will continue through 2024.


January 1, 2024:                               Uranus Rx @19*TAU 23”

January 27, 2024:                            Uranus SD @ 19*TAU 5”

September 2, 2024:                          Uranus SRx @ 27*TAU 15”

December 31, 2024:                        Uranus Rx @ 23*TAU 39”

Locate where Taurus is in your own chart & monitor what sort of disruptions & eruptions occur and whether they lead you into the light of freedom. As with all energetic processes, we, the individuals, are the variable in the equation of life.

Neptune: The Divine Connection

The place where we are connected collectively is demonstrated by Neptune. What is this spiritual presence that some feel, that some refuse to feel, that some are searching for, that some have lost? Are we merely ‘dust’? Is there a consciousness that supersedes this current one? Is there a God and if so, what is the nature of this God? If God is dead, is there a way to resurrect this God? Can we live without God? All of these types of questions are in the realm of Neptune. Neptune is the place where we first stop after crossing the Uranian bridge between the finite and the infinite.

Neptune’s orbit is 165 years long and he transits each sign for about 14 years. He defines, along with Pluto and to some degree, Uranus the generational groups of humanity. We are currently at the end of what has felt like a VERY long period of Neptune in Pisces. The confusion & lack of direction that many feel is simply because, while Neptune has been transiting Pisces, we have all, in our ways, been searching for the DIVINE and that presence in our lives has been unclear, shadowed, hidden from a clear-eyed view. It takes hard work to solidify and hold firm to a spiritual certainty and in many cases, we have lost the will to do the work.

January 1, 2024:                                Neptune @ 25* PIS 4”

July 2, 2024:                                        Neptune SRx @ 29*PIS 55”

December 7, 2024:                          Neptune SD @ 27* PIS 7”

December 31, 2024:                        Neptune @ 27*PIS 17”

As with all of the transits, personalize it.  Locate Pisces in your chart and then become still & consider his presence in that part of your life. If Neptune is touching one of your personals, this is a time of deep surrender for you. As the saying goes…”resistance is futile…”


Pluto: The Transformer

Pluto is now completing his transit of Capricorn and ready to get to work via Aquarian Energy. What will be transformed, uncovered, revealed, destroyed, or even transmuted over the next 2 decades? Will humanity get back on track? Find a new path? Create LOVE? Alter the way we are connected? For better? For worse? All valid and pressing questions all of us must explore.

January 1, 2024:                                Pluto @ 29* CAP 21”

January 22, 2024:                              Pluto enters Aquarius

May 2, 2024:                                       Pluto SRx @ 2* AQ 6”

September 2, 2024:                          Pluto back into Capricorn

October 12, 2024:                             Pluto SD @ 29* CAP 28”

November 20, 2024:                        Pluto re-enters Aquarius

December 31, 2024:                        Pluto @ 1* AQ 1”

The 2-decade transit of Pluto in Aquarius is now fully launched. No more excuses. Either we meet the challenge of our times or…

I discuss the transits of the outers in greater detail in prior posts. Just keep scrolling down…


There are 4 eclipses in 2024 as follows:

March 25, 2024, at 3:00 AM, at 5° Libra 07′                    (LUNAR)

April 8, 2024, at 2:21 PM, at 19° Aries 24′                       (SOLAR/TOTAL)

Sept. 17, 2024, at 10:34 PM, at 25° Pisces 41′                (LUNAR)

October 2, 2024, at 2:49 PM, at 10° Libra 04′                (SOLAR)

Eclipses can co-relate to inflection points where something is irrevocably changed. This could lead to greater awareness or an experience of adjustment that ultimately results in growth. Something may suddenly enter into one’s reality or something may suddenly disappear from one’s reality. To work with this powerful energetic shift, analyze where in your chart any of the above eclipses fall and then create a list of possible keywords that represent the area of life that is involved in the eclipse event. As Neptune finishes the Pisces transit we must all learn the true meaning of SURRENDER. This is not surrendering in a victimized and vanquished fashion but rather a surrender to a greater force, surrender to a cosmic order, surrender to the divine, trusting that the power of good will ultimately prevail over the forces of evil.

This concludes the 2024 overview. As you live the year & the energy of life surrounds you, move with it. Take the time to pause & consider whether you are ready to act or ready to pause; move forward or retreat; respond or stay silent. There will always be stumbles but the way to grow is to take the time and reflect on the situations as they unfold. You are the variable in the equation of life and learning.




Say a prayer for the suffering children. they are under our care, these innocents, and we are responsible for the world they are inheriting. Pray that we leave them an inheritance of peace and security, not of war and chaos.




Jupiter is the archetype for opportunity, growth & general well-being. Everyone wants a Jupiter transit. Over the course of 2024, he will complete his transit of Taurus & shift into Gemini so the blessed ‘sun’ signs are both of these as Jupiter will align by transit with them. In addition, if you have Taurus or Gemini at your angles (particularly the Ascendant & MC), any of your personals like the Moon, Venus, or Mars in these signs, and finally any of the other planets there, then you will experience the effervescent bubbles of Jupiter as he touches any of these. The conjunction is, of course, the most intense contact but if you are astrologically inclined, examine the other transit aspects as well. For instance, the oppositional transit is very interesting is it can signify opportunity coming from sources outside yourself. If this is a transit you are experiencing, then watch your environment like a hawk for opportunity coming your way. The Jupiter orbit is 11.86 years (round it up to 12). Tracking Jupiter around our charts can reveal patterns of growth, opportunity, or, reactively, excess & waste. Decade by decade we can look back & search for patterns of growth & opportunity & even more importantly, the pattern of our responses to these times in our lives. Did we maximize the energy or waste it? Where to start the cycle? Locate your natal Jupiter and then track the spiraling cycle when transiting Jupiter is in the sign that he occupied at your birth.

Jan. 1, 2024:      5*TAU34”            Jupiter has just Stationed Direct.

May 26, 2024:                                  Jupiter enters Gemini

August 14-16, 2024: This marks the peak period of the Jupiter/Mars conjunction. Using a 10 * orb, this period extends from July 26, 2024-September 4, 2024. This union of ‘action’ energy & the energy of ‘opportunity’ in the sign of Gemini could indicate an increase in information, an increase in communications & connections, and an exploration of a diversity of options in these areas. Expect lots of ideas popping up, along with potentially making many new connections both intellectually & even on a personal level.

October 9, 2024:                 Jupiter SRx @ 21*GEM 20”

Winter Solstice:                  Jupiter Rx @ 14*GEM 23”

Dec: 31, 2024:                       Jupiter Rx @ 13*GEM19”



The orbit of Saturn is 29.4 years, rounded up to 30. Life can be loosely divided into 3 main ‘acts’, through which our life story plays out. Act One is ‘the set-up’; Act Two is ‘the main event’ and Act Three is ‘the reveal’. Saturn energy stabilizes us if we work with it. Reality checks are a necessity. To properly construct the reality that defines us, we need to understand our limits & our boundaries. When we know how far we are willing to go and beyond which points we cannot venture, that is the time that we can be strategic, reasoned & proactive. Success comes from well-formed plans based on solid and reasonable expectations. Look to the part of your chart that is ‘Pisces’. This is where you will be dealing with the reality of your situation, where you might have to face up to circumstances that are beyond your control & where you will benefit from discipline & singlemindedness.

January 1, 2024:                               Saturn @ 3*PISCES 14”

June 29, 2024:                                    SRx @ 19*PISCES 25”

November 15. 2024:                       SD @ 12*PISCES 41”

December 31, 2024:                        Saturn @ 14*PIS26*

Coming up…the transits of the Outers…stay tuned…

There is POWER in prayer…

pray for the broken ones of our community

May they find relief and comfort and love…

let us all do what we can

to help the broken-hearted

each to our ability and capacity…


Venus remains direct over the course of 2024. As a fast-moving object, the transits of Venus last days rather than weeks, months, or years. Watch for Venus contacts to your personals or angles. These could be positive days for you re: personal interaction, public recognition, emotional activities, return on investments, and so forth. When will Venus interact with you?


January 1, 2024:        2* Sagittarius 36″

January 24, 2024:      into Capricorn

February 17, 2024:    into Aquarius

March 12, 2024:         into Pisces

April 6, 2024:              into Aries

April 30, 2024:            into Taurus

May 24, 2024:             into Gemini

June 18, 2024:             into Cancer

July 12, 2024:               into Leo

August 6, 2024:           into Virgo

August 30, 2024:         into Libra

Sept. 24, 2024:             into Scorpio

October 18, 2024:       into Sagittarius

Nov. 12, 2024:              into Capricorn

Dec. 8, 2024:                 into Aquarius

December 31, 2024:   26* Aquarius 38″



As the archetype for active energy, Mars has an orbit of about 22 months.

His irregular retrograde pattern sometimes finds him spending up to 6-8 months in a single sign & then speeding through subsequent signs to make up the difference. 2024 ends with Mars retrograde in LEO.

Jan. 1, 2024:  @ 27* SAG 18″/keyword/EXPLORE

Jan. 5, 2024:  enters Capricorn/keyword/MANAGE

Feb. 14, 2024:  enters Aquarius/keyword/IMAGINE 

Feb. 21-23, 2024:  Venus/Mars exact conjunct @ 5*-7* Aquarius

The energy of this conjunction is present from the end of January and lasts until around mid-March using a wide 10* orb. The peak is during the 3 days noted above. Venus/Mars combines the inner sense of core value with the impulse to act. In Capricorn & Aquarius this is the mark of the leader as activist/idealist, the revolutionary organizer who battles for his principles. The babies born during this period could grow up to be forces for change. In the attached chart, this potential soul has the Moon in Leo (The Expressive Leader) in opposition to the Aquarian triple conjunction of Pluto, Venus & Mars over houses 4/10. Will this person have a strong sense of responsibility to reform? to act on principle? to revolutionize? Jupiter in exact alignment to the Taurus ascendant & square to the triple conjunction lends a strong impetus to concretize a vision, to bring it into form, a sense of hope based on solid ground. Will that ideal be a positive one? The Sun in the 11th house in Pisces, ( The Saviour), is strengthened by Saturn while Mercury in Aquarius provides clarity of expression & potentially great intellect to the psyche. Will this individual have the capacity to become a leader within the community? And what kind of leader will that be? Look at Chiron exactly aligned to the North Node in the 12th. A motivation to HEAL will be deeply rooted in this soul and the path into that healing will be anything but ordinary as demonstrated by Uranus in Taurus in the 1st house & sextile Neptune in Pisces in the 11th. This is potentially someone who will step away from conventional expressions of spirituality and usher in ideals that could possibly reinfuse his community with new forms of spirituality. Will this person be able to inspire others to relocate the power of the DIVINE within themselves? We can hope!

Of course, it is vital that all action is based on ‘RIGHT’ principle and that the fight is for the common good and not some badly thought-out ideal that only leads to even greater division.

March 23, 2024:      enters Pisces/keyword/SURRENDER

May 1, 2024:   enters Aries/keyword/ACT

June 10, 2024:  enters Taurus/keyword/CONSOLIDATE

July 21, 2024:  enters Gemini/keyword/EXPLORE

Sept. 5, 2024:  enters Cancer/keyword/NURTURE

Nov. 5, 2024: enters Leo/keyword/CREATE

 Dec. 6, 2024:    Mars SRx @ 6*LEO 9”

Mars will be retrograde at Winter Solstice 2024 & into 2025. At the highest level, this provides an opportunity for a creative reboot. Wherever Leo is in your chart, consider what actions you can take & then refine them. Take the time to re-form any projects that you may have underway. Re-think your plan of creative action and the nature of your interactions. Here is a brief list of keywords to describe the areas of life:

House 1                personal actions

House 2                resources & values

House 3                communications & connections

House 4                family matters & private issues

House 5                children & creative expression

House 6                work & habits

House 7                relationships & contracts

House 8                debts & karma

House 9                travel & aspiration

House 10             public image & career

House 11             community & ideals

House 12             inner self & the subconscious


December 31, 2024:          Mars Rx @2*LEO14”

If you missed Part One & the retrogrades of Mercury, scroll to locate it…Stay tuned for more overview of 2024 in the coming weeks…

Take a moment of your personal time…

meditate on the


Pray for the children of this world

who are suffering at the hands of evil persons.

Pray that they find shelter in the storm

& that the evildoers meet their just deserts…




Where will the celestial objects that we see in our night sky be for the next year? It’s always fun to track the ‘transits’ of the planets through the coming months.

Get out your day-timers, if you still use them, or enter the following dates into your virtual assistant to remind yourself as the weeks go by…

I am not going to list every single New & Full Moon but there are tons of reliable calendars out there that note the days of the Moon cycle. It is useful to keep track of where in her cycle the Moon is & to monitor how you feel at each phase. Everyone reacts to the lunar cycle uniquely but I have noticed that most folks have some kind of reaction when the Moon changes phase, particularly at the New & Full phase. Each phase only lasts a few days so it is pretty easy to track an ongoing pattern.

If you know what your own personal Moon sign is, that’s another thing to track. Watch for when the Moon is in the sign that she occupied at your birth. This will occur on a regular monthly basis. In Astrology, this is referred to as the LUNAR RETURN. We calculate a chart to the moment when the Moon re-enters the degree it was in at your birth. A series of prognostications can then be explored based on the chart that springs from that moment in time.  If you are facing challenges, making decisions, and debating choices, this is a great little device for you. Even just knowing that you are at the point in the month when the Moon is moving through your own lunar energy is helpful. Take a moment & just connect to how you are feeling during the 2 ½ days that this occurs on a monthly basis.

Also, track when the Sun shifts from one sign to another. There will be 12 of these shifts over the course of the year. The most significant one for each individual is when the Sun begins his transit of the sign that he was in at your birth. This is your ‘SOLAR RETURN’ time and marks a new yearly cycle about to start for you.  If you know your own natal chart, take note of this time, and the times of the year when the Sun crosses your Ascendant energy/Descendant energy, (a time of renewal & initiation), as well as your MC/IC energy, (a time for introspection & projection). These are particularly sensitive points within your psyche but really, wherever the transiting Sun can be found is the area of life that is under the spotlight. Concerns connected with that part of the life experience that is being illuminated by the transiting Sun are often brought into focus or take center stage in your considerations. If you begin to see a pattern developing after tracking these transits, then you can be more mindful about planning and employing strategies. Things go much more smoothly if we choose the optimum times to implement initiatives.

Mercury is a fairly fast-moving planet and the big thing to track in this case are the very regular retrograde periods, around 3-4 each year that last around 2-3 weeks with buffer periods at each end. Each retrograde will have its own flavour and each individual will interact with retrograde energy uniquely so again, the key here is to monitor how you behave as the retrograde unfolds. Once you get a sense of your own ebb and flow at these times, you can take the necessary steps to adjust accordingly.

Generally speaking, the fire & air retrogrades can feel a bit frenetic & nervy while the earth & water retrogrades can feel sludgy & arduous. But, again, how you work your way through these periods truly does depend on your own natal energy. As an example, someone with a ton of retrogrades, particularly in the personals, Mercury, Venus & Mars, is better equipped to deal with readjustment, re-thinking, re-grouping, and so forth since that is their natural process and one they have been using since birth. As another example, someone with a lot of fire and air in their chart might find the retrograde energy more frustrating since their natural MO might be inclined to action & immediate response. This is why it is vital that, if you use astrology, you must PERSONALIZE it. You are the variable in the cosmic equation.`


#1:          Mercury begins 2024 at the end of the last retrograde of 2023.

Dec 13, 2023:        SRx @ 8*CAP28”

Jan 2, 2024:           SD @ 22*SAG10”

Jan 21, 2024:      Mercury passes the retrograde degree of 8*CAP 28”; the post-shadow period ends.

Any initiatives that are underway during this retrograde may take a pause & you may well have some re-imaginings developed in the Sagittarius phase of the retrograde, specifically in regard to whatever you are attempting to make happen.

#2:          April 1, 2024      SRx @ 27*AR10”

                April 25, 2024    SD @ 15*AR59”

Give yourself time to re-group in the area of life that is governed by Aries in your chart. Wherever it is, this is a part of your psyche that is often impatient & impulsive, wanting immediate gratification. The retrograde urges you to pause, reflect & consider if you actually want to move in the direction indicated. Once the retrograde concludes mid-May (post-shadow), your direction will be more clearly defined.

#3:          August 5, 2024  SRx @ 4*VIR6”

                August 28, 2024 SD @ 21*LEO27”

Another potential readjustment in terms of creative enterprise. A new approach to projects you have on the go could well arise during this time period. Change in the area of daily ‘habitual ritual’ could prove to be useful.


#4:          Nov 26, 2024        SRx @ 22*SAG 40”

                Dec 15, 2024        SD @ 6*SAG 27”

A great time to retreat, re-vision your hopes & dreams & rejuvenate your spirit. Use this time to map out 2025 for yourself.


That concludes Part One of the transit overview for 2024. Grab your calendar and enter all of the above Mercury Retrograde dates into it. Forewarned is forearmed and that is how appropriate action can be undertaken.

Stay tuned for Part Two…

P.S.: Keep the suffering children of our world in your hearts and minds. They are the innocent victims we must never forget. PRAY…



Some of you have contacted me and asked for dates for the various ingresses & info on the other outer planets. I am glad to hear your questions! Here goes…


The way that Pluto moves, ingress is a sort of two-step affair, back and forth. Remember, we are still processing through the last degrees of Capricorn energy.

The Sabian symbol for the last critical degree of Capricorn (30) is:

A SECRET BUSINESS CONFERENCE. Pluto will move through this degree several times before finally shifting into Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol suggests that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The elitest groups are concerned that the rumble of discontent from the common people is getting louder & more agitated. What do these elites discuss in their ongoing conferences when they meet at remote & exclusive sites?

On the other hand, groups that are now rising up out of the common collective are gathering steam, organizing & forming alliances that span across partisan barriers. Folks from both the so-called left & right are beginning to recognize that it is time to focus on the one thing that unites us all—the survival of the species—rather than the myriad of differences that divide and destroy. Let’s hope and pray that these secret conferences of the masses result in proactive & ultimately successful group action that leads to peace and security & provides a clear-voiced response to whatever it is that elite interests are attempting to establish. And here is a novel thought…what if groups from all sectors, elite, common, left, right, and any other you care to name, found a common cause & began to work together to create a stable & productive society? Novel thought, indeed…Fasten your seatbelts…there is still a way to go…

The dates:

March 2023:  Pluto first stuck his toe into the sizzling energy of Aquarius.

May 2023: Station Retrograde @ 0*AQ21’.

June 2023: Re-enters Capricorn.

January 2024:  Pluto begins his move into Aquarius for a second time.

May 2024: Station Retrograde @ 2AQ06*.

September 2024:  Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn for the last time.

October 12, 2024:  Station Direct @ 29CAP38*.

November 20, 2024: Pluto re-enters Aquarius for the duration until 2044 ish.

So, as you can see, we still have about a year before we are finished with Capricorn.

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Aquarius is ‘AN OLD ADOBE MISSION’.  This is a hopeful symbol suggesting a return to a kind of simple faith. These missions were often built by the common folk of the village or area, not from surplus but rather despite scarcity. Their purpose was not for a showy display but rather for a deep and fundamental reverence of the divine. It was often a community project and all who participated gave what they could, each to his ability. As the collective regroups after the shock and trauma of, specifically the last century, there could well be a revival on a number of levels, emotional, mental/intellectual/ spiritual, and even physical. We could see the establishment of small acre farms that use organically sound methods of food production. We might experience a wholesale healing of collective trauma. Common sense may well be regained and applied to social structures. Nihilism, (the rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless)  may, once and for all be relegated to the trash can of outworn concepts and the idea of an intelligent spiritual presence may be re-articulated and made palatable for the majority again. Living without the divine has not proven to be a successful enterprise over the past few hundred years.  Of course, as I have said in the past, energy is basically neutral. We, as the variable interactive force make it either proactive, positive, and regenerative or reactive, negative & degenerative. We, the common folk must choose to focus on positive return on the investment of our energy into creating a reality that is peaceful and healing. If we do not set the intention, this peaceful healthful future will not be reached.

The outer planets’ slow-moving transits allow for lots of adjustment time as the planet fully enters into each new energy. We are given the opportunity to acclimatize to the new dynamic. That is truly a gift from the universe.

When Pluto last moved through this section of the zodiac momentous events occurred in our Western world (see my last blog).  But where were the other two outer planets during that time period & where are they now?

Neptune is another slow-moving celestial object with an orbit lasting about 165 years. When Pluto was last at this degree of Capricorn/Aquarius, Neptune moved from 23* Virgo in 1776 to 21 * Libra in 1789.

Today, as Pluto moves from the last degrees of Capricorn and through the 30 degrees of Aquarius, Neptune will leave the last few degrees of Pisces, ingress into Aries, and then 14 years later, ingress into Taurus.

The addition of the nebulous and often impenetrable energy of Pisces mixed with the austere & autocratic energy of Capricorn is very different in flavour from the mix of Capricorn & Virgo back in 1776. Then there was an appetite for applied reconstruction that led to the formulation of a declaration of independence that was something more than just a philosophical concept as evidenced by the birth and then ascendancy of a mighty nation that attempted to form itself according to ideals never before fully realized by any other nation. Despite the bloody history, and the ongoing struggles, it became a beacon of hope for people from all corners of the earth as evidenced, again, by the fact that even today, millions flood across its borders in the hope of finding a ‘better’ life for themselves. Today, on the other hand, there is a sense that we have lost our way ( the fog & confusion of Pisces) while back then, it may have felt that with hard work and persistence (Virgo) something more excellent might be achieved.

By 1789, Neptune had moved into Libra and was in a trine relationship with Pluto in Aquarius. The motto that was shouted by the revolutionaries in France was ‘Liberty, Equality & Fraternity, a fitting articulation of the air trine symbolized by Libra/Aquarius. The common people took it into their own hands to completely transform the nature of their relationship with the so-called elite and they did it, at first, in compliance with each other lending an incredible force to their actions and later, as Neptune shifted into Scorpio, the mood of the collective, now assuming the role that once was played by the elite, turned reactive & autocratic in its own administration. The years following the overturning of the aristocracy in France were designated as ‘The Reign of Terror’ for good reason.

Thirteen years from today Neptune will be in the last few degrees of Aries & will ingress into Taurus in 2039. As Neptune moves through Aries, the best case scenario we can hope for is that a fresh, new initiative will arise from the collective consciousness; that this new spiritual direction will be based on an impulse for healing & growth; that a new collective philosophy will form and that it will infuse us all with a totally new, a different way to understand & interface with each other and with the reality that we, together, are creating via collective dreaming. Will the fire of Aries burn away the trash of the past? Will we use the inspirational force that Aries can provide to recreate our world vision? Will it lead, finally, to a concretization of ‘right principle’ resulting in ‘right action’ in accordance with Natural Law rather than imperfect man-made laws? We shall see…

And what about Uranus? On November 20, 2024, as Pluto makes his final shift into Aquarius & Neptune is in the last degrees of Pisces, Uranus is @ 25*TAU7”. Over the course of the Pluto Transit through Aquarius Uranus will transit the last degrees of Taurus, and ingress into Gemini, Cancer & Leo. Uranus is the fastest moving of the outer planets with an orbital passage of 84 years. It is symbolic of the individual interface between the finite & the infinite. We, as unique beings, can mark any one lifetime as falling somewhat around this piece of time. We are, as individuals the Uranian eruption/disruption within the cosmic order of things. Think of the energy of Uranus through the signs mentioned above as the spark that ignites a process, a process that is inevitable but not determined. The determination is the variable. How will we express our intentions as Pluto transforms the greater collective? How will we support or resist the inevitability of the change that must occur? Uranus in Taurus has shown us that we cannot ignore Natural Law and that we must find ways to work with nature and not against her.

Uranus in Gemini may well trigger new ideas that could lead to better more effective ways to work with the earth, advances in science that are positive, and eventually lead to a healing (Cancer) of both the natural world & we, the inhabitants of it.

Uranus in Leo could well auger a renaissance of creative expression that arises out of these previous transits from now until very near the end of the Pluto in Aquarius period. Will we learn to understand (Gemini) ourselves in a better more upbuilding way? Will our new intellectual realizations be positive & proactive? Will we find illumination? Will we heal our collective trauma? (Cancer) Will we develop more lasting methods to nurture each other, to care for our bloodline, the human one? Will we create a sense of family that finally binds us all together? Will we create the reality that we all dream of? (Leo)…Will we finally be able to find our unique place within the greater collective? Is this the inflection point for the human species?

If you watch even a little of the news of the world, you are aware of the chaos we are in. It does not need to be this way. If we follow the path of the energy as we move through the next 20 years, we do have the potential to recreate our reality to better reflect who we might actually become, a good & productive species that follows ‘right’ principle, LOVE, & seeks to build, not destroy, nurture, not attack, embrace, not reject. You add your own intentions to the list.

As a species, we MUST redevelop a relationship with that which is divine as we, each one of us understand it. We must reject the notion that there is nothing but the material and that life has no meaning. Rather, we must be determined to rediscover our collective & individual purpose, find the meaning in the moment, & infuse our reality with magic & mystery all over again. It is time to get back to the faith of our fathers and make it more excellent, more vibrant, more life-giving than it ever was. Can we do it? We must.

Take a moment and pray with a whole heart & mind for the children of this world. From the North to the South & the East to the West, wherever a child is found, there is the future of our species. Let them be safe.


We live in momentous times…

There is a shifting of energies underway & we, the ‘little people’ are bearing witness to it.

Through the lens of the astrological system, we are able to track the ebb and flow of the currents of thought & feeling throughout the ages of man. Since the ‘discovery’ of the outer planets, this tracking has deepened considerably due to the long periods of time that these ‘outers’ spend in each energy. Astrology has widened to more accurately assess societal trends due to this fairly new discovery of the outer planets. Now it is possible to define what may rise to the surface as each energy gains momentum, becomes entrenched & then begins to wane. By looking ahead and postulating what may, indeed, transpire as each energy steps to the forefront, we can create a record for ourselves that is then tested out and crystalized as actual history takes place. Astrologers have, of course, been doing this for centuries, sometimes with incredibly accurate forecasts & sometimes, not so much. Today, however, with that much more collected ‘data’ to draw upon, we can be even more precise in our forecasts. We hope! LOL.

There are several ‘big’ events in play over the next few years, all involving the outer planets. Each planet, in turn, makes ingress into new energies over the next few years. As mentioned, the main element here is that these representatives of collective forces are SLOW moving from our earthly perspective and necessarily so in terms of manifestation. It takes time to shift focus in the areas of life that these archetypical forces represent. If you are feeling uncertain, confused & apprehensive, then you are ‘tuned in’ to the shifting energies around you. These are the coherent emotional responses to the nature of our current times. As Mr. Dylan once warned, ‘the times they are a changin…’

So, for now, let’s take a look at the planet that has the longest orbit, PLUTO.

Pluto has just spent about 2 decades in the structural, administrative energy of Capricorn. We have faced up to the sham of government, law & order, and economic security. Our Western world is more or less in a state of trauma as we have come to realize that government is, at worst, corrupt or, at the very least, ineffective,  law & order is tenuous at best, and economic security is a nebulous, almost mythic ideal. The ‘heartlands’ of North America are in a struggle for survival while the populous, mostly coastal, cities are reeling under the weight of disorder. It is at times like these—what the Chinese call ‘interesting times’—that the most extraordinary events can occur. It is NOT a time for FEAR. It is a time for HOPE. It is a time when we, the people, can gather all of the broken bits of our current reality and, like the Japanese craftsmen who perfected the art of KINTSUGI, repair it and infuse it with the golden energies of love & compassion, thus making it more perfect, more valuable than it ever was in its unbroken form.

The last time Pluto occupied this place on the ‘wheel’, the world saw the birth of a new nation that was founded on ideals that can only be described as transcendent. How did those flawed historical individuals come up with the concept that ‘ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL’? Today, we are used to this idea but we must remember that the collective society that gave birth to that seemingly obvious viewpoint was in no way structured according to it. The principles contained within the Declaration of Independence were far ahead of their times, written by young men who were, let us not forget, rebels against a mighty authority. And, the most remarkable part of this story is that their rebellion was not only successful but led to the establishment of a superpower that rivaled all previous superpowers! I am certain that the days before, during & immediately post the American Revolution were challenging & terrifying to all who lived through it, and yet, the heart & soul of humankind are not to be defeated and it prevails over adversity even when the road appears to be leading into destruction. If you are a history enthusiast, take the time to read about the trials of those early Americans & put yourself in their shoes. How would you have behaved under those circumstances? Would you have gone the distance? Whatever any of us may think about the United States as it is today, its founding was based on an aspiration to a higher and more excellent way for people to live together. Equality and Justice for all is not something to be rejected. It is what we, as an enlightened people, must always aspire towards.

Another extraordinary event that occurred when Pluto was at this point within the ‘wheel’, was the French Revolution. While the American Revolution began in 1776, the French Revolution started in 1789. Pluto was well into the energy of Aquarius, (around 19*) by that time. Today we are just now entering into it. In the decade or so between the two events, the soul of the collective had been agitated to the point of extreme violence, not the violence of simple war, (if there is such a thing!), but violence towards individual persons as demonstrated by the brutal killings of the aristocrats at the blade of Madame, La Guillotine.  A hatred of oppression so intense had crept into the psyche of the collective that only extreme and unspeakable acts could quench its bloody thirst. Were those rebels right? Were they wrong? Evaluations such as these are overly simplistic. Whatever your own conclusion might be, the fact remains that those last few decades of the 1700s were a time of incredible transformation on a social level. I would venture to say that both France & America are still in the process of adjusting to the cataclysmic shift that occurred back then.

So, here we are, today, with the alignment of energies reflecting a similar dynamic arising from deep within the collective consciousness. It is sufficient, for this little blog, to just focus on Pluto with the attempt to understand the deeper significance of this sort of societal transformation. As we move up the spiral of consciousness, we must manifest these powerful energies in a better & more spiritual fashion. Dare I say, no more bloodshed…no more guillotines…

Pluto represents the deepest part of the human psyche. We can designate it as being the SOUL of the self, that part of us that is most aligned to SOURCE, that part of us that most yearns for SOURCE. As Pluto enters into the remarkable, inventive, disruptive, and unique energy of Aquarius, the collective psyche finds itself poised on the brink of a crucial & defining mission…THE SEARCH FOR THE SOUL.

1:  Who are we, as a species?

2:  What are the values that govern our aspirational lives?

3:  What is the nature of the connections that we form with each other?

4:  Who, really is our ‘blood’ kin?

5:  What is the singular nature of our heart expressions; is it upbuilding or destructive?

6:  What do we seek to heal within our extended family?

7:  What is the nature of the partnerships that we seek to create?

8:  What is the mystery that will lead us into a more secure future?

9:  Can we secure our faith in something that will protect us from self-destruction?

10:  How will we prove ourselves as a species? Will our words be followed by actions or will they be like cymbals clashing dissonantly in the wind?

11:  Can we create a future based on the highest of ideals, love and altruism?

12:  Will we find our souls, finally, after the chaos & violence of our history?

In short, we, as a species are in desperate search for our soul, for that which will lift us out of darkness and show us the hope that is the LIGHT from SOURCE. Everything that has come before has brought us to this most critical moment in time. Yes, folks, we are in a struggle between GOOD & EVIL. It is the struggle for survival, for the right path, for the ‘seven generations’ that will follow from this day. Each one of us must look deeply into ourselves & ponder the questions above. Each one of us must answer those questions and then ACT accordingly. If we want to create a harmonious & productive world that will continue long after we are gone, we must seek all that is good, upbuilding, and above all TRUE. We must not be deceived by the lies that create division & hatred. There is but ONE HUMAN KIND. Even as we cherish & revere our national identities, we MUST NOT lose sight of the fact that globally, we are of one blood. We are all of one family and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

If you are a student of history, you will immediately recognize that ALL religions preach LOVE and a reverence for the divine. We must focus on this uniting principle rather than focusing on any irrelevant differences in terms of expression.



Let us all focus on the universality of truth while celebrating the individuality of its expression.

Aquarius energy is the most brilliant energy of the wheel. It sparkles with possibility and promise & infuses our collective consciousness with the electric fire that lifts us out of the box of limited thinking. Aquarius points the way, like a thunderbolt, into a limitless future where, through the use of simple human ingenuity, we can absolutely solve any and all problems that we face as a species. A so-called ‘crisis’ is merely an opportunity to create a solution. Just as the Promethean fire released the world from struggle, so can the Promethean fire of Aquarian vision & invention lead us into a better, more equitable, more just future, if we just allow it to be so. In the end, it is up to us, as a species to make the choice.

Let it be so.

Silhouette of human hand with open palm praying to god at sunset background

I would ask you all to pray for all of the suffering children in the Land of Judea. From the banks of the Jordan River to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


In these strange & confusing days, the ‘science’ of astrology has become popularized to the point that even folks who know nothing about the actual mechanics of this process, are able to reference it in their day-to-day lives. The most obvious example of this is the use of the so-called ‘sun sign’. If you know your day of birth, you might well conclude that you know something about yourself from that astrological level. There is a well-known phrase that suggests that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…’ & it is never truer than when it is applied to those folks who talk about their ‘sun signs’!

I have an admission to make; it sets my teeth on edge when someone says, “I am an Aries; what are you?”

However, I bite my tongue with those edgy teeth because I understand that this question is an enthusiastic demonstration of a love for a breadth of tools that facilitate self-understanding. And, the more self-understanding that we can garner, the better. If we can peek into the depths of ourselves, into the shadows of others’ selves, it has to be preferable to stumbling around in the dark, not knowing why we are, who we are & what the heck we are attempting to accomplish. So, all you astrology lovers, go ahead and talk about your sun sign. I can always leave the room…lol.

The key to getting the greatest return on astrological analysis is to understand that what really counts is not so much the individual energies as represented by the ‘planets in the signs’, but rather, the interaction that occurs between all of the various planets & points. This speaks to the intricate dimensionality of the astrological toolkit. You are not your sun sign. You are SO MUCH MORE than this flat one-dimensional projection. (In fact, there are schools of astrology that do not even reference the zodiac sign but rather, focus on the geometric connections that the various planetary archetypes make spatially. You’ve heard about ‘sacred geometry’? Well, this is one of its applications. To really get to the heart of the complexity of the persona, the soul & the potential of the individual, we must explore the ‘grid’, the crystalline structure of the self. More about this fascinating approach later…)

For now, though, a deeper analysis of the flat one-dimensional zodiac sign that any given planet is found in begins with the understanding that each of these 12 signs (energies) is linked to a specific planet and this planet will also be found within the grid of the horoscope and often, in yet another sign of the zodiac. The interaction between the two planets is of critical importance. Think of your own self as a musical composition, a song of sorts. How do the various ‘notes’ of your song sound? Are they harmonic? Are they dissonant? This is the interactive part of the play of energy that exists in each of us.  We want to get a handle on our own individual ‘songs’ & refine as much as we can the flow of that song so that it is as harmonic as it possibly can be. (By the way, I’m all for a bit of dissonance appropriately administered…lol)

So, that can be a starting point for a deeper understanding of your own so-called ‘sun-sign’. Whatever sign the Sun was transiting when you were born is modified by the energy of whatever sign the RULING PLANET was also transiting at the time you were born. Here’s a list of the signs along with the planet that ‘rules’ that sign.

ARIES ruled by MARS




LEO ruled by THE SUN


LIBRA ruled by VENUS

SCORPIO co-ruled by MARS & PLUTO





You can see that there are quite a few signs linked to only one planet & some that are linked to two planets. This stems from the fact that until the outer planets were ‘discovered’ with the use of powerful telescopes, only the ‘visible’ celestial objects factored into the mix. SATURN was once considered to be the outermost planet in our sky. It ‘limited’ the scope of our perception. Sound familiar?

Each zodiac energy has its own built-in characteristics. If you have a list of keywords, you can get a sense of those overt characteristics. Each planet also has built-in characteristics. Just knowing which planet co-relates to which sign gives us more insight into both of them. Use the graphic above to also consider the element & modality of each archetypal placement. think about how fire works with earth or air or water. What is produced by the combination of any two elements? What about the modality? How does Cardinal energy interact with Fixed or Mutable energy? If it’s too much to consider all of this, then just begin with one thing and once you are conversant with that one thing, add in the next consideration.  It’s sort of like making a soup from a variety of vegetables. It’s all about the blending.


Why is Aries known to be fiery, impulsive, fierce & often dominant? Look at which planet is linked to it. MARS is the planet that represents that part of the personal psyche that ‘does’ things. It represents the overt active energy of the individual, the MO (modus operandi). So, both Aries & Mars are potentially little go-getters, always on the move. Now consider what happens when the Sun is in Aries, a Cardinal Fire Sign, but ruled by a Mars in Pisces, a Mutable Water Sign. Will the watery energy douse the fiery energy? Or will the fiery energy steam up the watery energy? Now we are starting to cook!

Turn, once again to your keyword list & review the characteristics linked to Pisces. You will see words like dreamy, soft, and mystical. How do you think an impulsive, self-determined Mars might operate when it has to navigate the dreamy, mystical waters of PISCES? Once you can synthesize these two diametrically opposed forces, you have stepped into the world of subtle & deeper understanding of the way the psyche works.

The best way to proceed with this deeper analysis of each planetary archetype is to tackle it ONE PLANET AT A TIME. Be methodical. Do not rush ahead or jump around. Try to extract as much as you can from each planet before proceeding on to the next. Be willing to sit with any unexpected realizations you might suddenly have as you begin to synthesize the data. It does not matter how long you have been dissecting your own chart. There will always be insights to be had.

Each planet has one or two places where the rulership stops right where it is. That is something called ‘dignity’. Theoretically, whatever planet is being considered, is thought to be the purest representation of that particular energy.

Here is a list of ‘singular’ planets:

The SUN is in his ‘dignity in LEO. Generally speaking, then, anyone born when the Sun was transiting Leo will have a distinct sense of their ‘ego’ self; they will most probably be expressive & even creative; they will be fun-loving & childlike in many ways.

The MOON is in her ‘dignity’ in Cancer. Moody, sensitive, sometimes fearful, nurturing & protective, and always emotionally motivated.


MERCURY is dignified in two signs, Gemini & Virgo. Data-oriented, inquisitive, intellectually adroit, analytical, detail-oriented, interested in practical solutions & research-minded.

Venus is dignified in two signs, Taurus & Libra. Lusty, earthy, gentle, cooperative, ethical, persuasive & conciliatory.

Mars is dignified in two signs, Aries & Scorpio. Impulsive, intense, fierce, powerful, driven, self-directed & sometimes scary.

Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius & Pisces. Hopeful, optimistic, inspirational, full of ideas, somewhat mystical at times & enterprisingly unrestrained.

Saturn is at home in two signs, Capricorn & Aquarius. Commanding, severe, determined, organized, dispassionate, practical & sometimes dictatorial.

Uranus is at home in Aquarius. Futuristic, innovative, inventive, surprising, one-of-a-kind & sometimes chaotic.


Neptune is at home in Pisces. Dreamy, nebulous, intuitive, spiritual, sensitive & often confused.

Pluto, (yes, we still regard this puppy as a significant presence within the psyche), is linked to Scorpio. Transformative, fearless, willing to cross boundaries, power-oriented, hidden, secretive & iconoclastic. (This was the generation that opened the door to all sorts of ‘taboos’ & let them in. Full Frontal Nudity!)

Ever met anyone, while having one of these planets in their so-called ‘home signs’, who did not fit comfortably into the above? There’s a reason for it which involves the ‘sacred geometry’ aspect & the ‘location’ aspect of how the energy works. Future blogs will dip into that.

In the meantime, drag out your own chart & determine if any one of your planets is operating within the scope of their home sign in your own psyche. How does that translate into your real day-to-day life? Do you fit into any of the descriptions given above? Get out your more extensive keywords & see if any of them describe how you operate in the particular area of personality expression. Do you recall what each planet signifies with the whole of the persona? Look it up & get to work. Summer is drawing to a close…

FULL MOON: MAY 5, 2023 @ 12:36 PM

Another eclipse event coincides with the SCORPIO FULL MOON. Emotional process is in focus. What might we be suppressing? What needs to be expressed? Are there situations in your life that need to be ‘aired’ out, talked about, and resolved? Scorpio energy is deep, dark & delicious but can also be excruciating. If we are integrated, not lying to ourselves about the dynamics of our reality, then this penetrating emotional energy can facilitate healing, understanding, growth, and even transformation. However, if we are playing games with ourselves or those around us, this energy can be brutal in the consequences that it delivers. Scorpio can access the ‘secret’ places of the self in a way that none other can so be willing to face the facts on an emotional level. Sooner or later, you will have to, one way or another. Better that you do it proactively rather than having to deal with the consequences of inaction.

This cleansing energy is supported by a trine to Mars in Cancer, suggesting that the result of emotional honesty is healing. It may well take time but we are in this for the ‘long game’, not the immediate return. Go with the flow as you work through intricate emotional interactions with those around you. If something unexpected is revealed, take the time to process the information before responding. Truth-telling can be challenging even under the best of circumstances.

Mercury is still decidedly retrograde @ 8*’ 57”.  The signal here is to be deliberate & reserved as you plow through the information at hand. Give yourself a schedule for anything that you are undertaking. Do your due diligence doggedly & often. It’s all about the process; being methodical; taking things one step at a time & not rushing. It is true that for those of you who tend to act on impulse, who are quick-witted, who act & then think, these next few weeks may well be challenging. Take a breath, sit down & have a cup of tea, (or whatever beverage you may choose!) As the singer sang in the long-forgotten past:

“Slow down, you move too fastYou got to make the morning lastJust kicking down the cobblestonesLooking for fun and feeling groovy…”




We have also reached the end of the ‘direct motion’ period for the major planets. Pluto stationed retrograde on May 2, 2023, @ 1* Aquarius. He will dip back into Capricorn in June & remain in that energy for the rest of the year. Saturn is also slowing down to his station in June with Neptune right behind him, both in Pisces. We will have the opportunity for one more review of our struggle with spiritual perception & how best to express our connection to the divine in these strange & dissolute times. As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, the energy of the collective, we must locate the divine spark within ourselves rather than projecting it onto something outside of ourselves. We are fast entering the period when the ‘everyman’ will demand his voice to be heard and, in these extraordinary times, because of technology, that singular small voice is more easily & more readily heard. Everyone, it seems has a podcast, a blog, or some other platform available to them. Adding to the rise of the ‘little heard’ voice, communication is practically instantaneous with people able to chat with each other even though separated by great geographical distances. This escalating ‘closeness’ is only going to continue at a pace we probably cannot even imagine. As the way we communicate with one another continues to shift & evolve, be prepared to see the current forms dissolve rapidly. What some call Mainstream Media will soon be unrecognizable.

The last time Pluto was at this celestial point zodiacally, the current world power was born (1776), & France went through one of the bloodiest periods of her history with ‘Madame, la guillotine” taking a front & center position (1789). The actual energetic dynamics of that period were, of course, somewhat different from the ones in play today, but, nevertheless, we should ponder on what societal structures are being challenged & the potential outcomes of that challenge. It could be argued that actual physical survival was at stake for the common man back then in the 1700s. The gap between the elite & the ordinary man was even more pronounced, one could argue. It is possible that the people rose against the ruling class with violence born of sheer despair. Today, the despair of the common man may not express itself in actual physical violence but certainly, it cannot be discounted. Despite the fact that here in the West, we have more than what we need to survive, there is, nevertheless, a growing sense of suspicion & dissatisfaction amongst what one may hesitantly call, ‘the masses’. We know too much about the privilege of the elite & that knowing leads to discontent in a way never before felt. Again, the actual energetic dynamics of our chaotic times are unique. However, the 8 billion of us who live on this planet will be heard, one way or another.

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter will shift into Taurus & it’s the time to begin the actual concretization of the dreams we have been dreaming. Get down to the basics. Make a reasonable & clearly articulated plan of action. Gather the resources that you need & then get that nose to the grindstone & DO it!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:



Creativity of purpose leads to the expression of the unique & individual self. We must work at staying innocent, playful, & yet continue to be productive. We must be clear about who we are & why we have chosen to be such & yet be willing to change our positions & our viewpoints as we gather data, accumulate understanding & develop insight. We no longer have the luxury of complacency. The world is changing & if we are to survive, we must change along with it. Use this potent eclipse energy to reinforce your emotional & mental clarity. Be determined to stabilize yourself even as the sands shift around you!

Happy Full Moon…it’s a beauty this time around!


The Spring Equinox got off to a roaring start with a New Moon & now we have a power-packed New Moon Solar Eclipse event to reinforce the energy of initiation & hopefulness. Eclipses are indicators of a profound turnaround, a ‘sea change’, a fresh start, a new beginning. In Aries, the New Moon, born again to rise to fullness reminds us that the WHEEL OF LIFE is constantly turning. The Eclipse demonstrates that anything can change in a flash and that nothing is permanent. If you are feeling down-hearted, take a breath & focus on the continuity that the natural world promises. After a long slumbering winter, comes a bursting forth of new growth. The new growth gives way to abundance. We reap the abundance as the fall settles in and finally, we store up what we need to weather the winter dormancy. The earth will not let us down. The natural cycle is immutable and it is only human interference that can disrupt the organic order. The warrior energy of Aries at the Spring Equinox & now, enmeshed in this Solar Eclipse reminds us that courage & ferocity is needed as we stand in opposition to those who are ‘ruining the earth’, our mother & our home.

We are reaching the end of the ‘all-forward’ movement of energy period of time. At this charged New Moon, all planetary archetypes are still in direct motion. Mercury joins Uranus in Taurus asking us to think outside the box in regard to how we choose to live our lives. On April 21, just days after the New Moon, Mercury will Station Retrograde @ 15’37” of Taurus. Time to pause & reflect methodically on what is actually of importance. Review your daily health & welfare routines over the next few weeks. Are you getting enough exercise? Can you improve your diet? Are you hydrating yourself with a clean source of water? Have you cleaned out the winter stagnation from your home? Open those windows & breath in crisp fresh air!  Taurus lends a down-to-earth energy to any thought process. Does it make sense? Is this workable? Will I actually gain benefits if I do this? Think things through & do not rush into any harebrained schemes!

Jupiter aligns with this New Moon Solar Eclipse & augments the feisty & fierce emotional charge. There is a sense of impatience within us. We want things to change, to move along. We want more hope, more optimism & more positivity in our lives. With this powerful eclipse, we may indeed see things begin to shift. Look at where this Eclipse point falls in your own chart to better understand what your higher self is asking of you.




First House: a new way of approaching life; the risk is worth taking!

Second House: get rid of outworn values, get a grip on yourself & focus on what is real

Third House: express yourself in a clear & fresh way; if you can’t say what is true, say nothing but know that you are choosing to stay silent

Fourth House: focus on what you really need emotionally; be BRUTAL about this since the HEART is treacherous when it is mired in desire

Fifth House: creativity & romance can erupt; be willing to experiment

Sixth House: approach your daily ‘habitual rituals’ with a fresh pair of eyes; do something you have not tried before

Seventh House: new collaborations are possible; relationships come and go so be willing to flow with the changes

Eighth House: re-calibrate your core power; figure out what is truly worth fighting for

Ninth House: what do you really aspire to? Be willing to ‘see’ reality as it is

Tenth House: fresh face to show the world; be you, be true; no compromises

Eleventh House: it’s time to find your community of like-minded peers; don’t get stuck in a rut because you are too timid to step out of your comfort zone

Twelfth House: the unconscious becomes conscious…face it; this can often occur through dreams so write them down & then make them into a narrative


There is much more that can be explored with this New Moon, but finally, be aware that Pluto, the archetype of re-birth is in square aspect to both the lunation & the nodal axis. We are at a crossroads collectively. There is a powerful force at play within the collective to shift the story we are living. The push is for a new vision, a new perspective, a reboot back to something more tangibly real. How that urge will actually manifest is up to each one of us individually. Are we ready to fight for the human cause? Or will we fall before the finish line?


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



There is nothing quite like sitting at the edge of a pond while the sun shines down on the ducks as they glide over the surface of the water. It could be heaven. It certainly is reminiscent of the ‘garden of Eden’.

The best decisions are made when one feels safe, secure, and protected. Staying grounded in nature, in the organic world gives us the stability that we need when making important decisions. An integrated persona takes into consideration the physical, mental & emotional aspects of any given situation when deciding anything. When we accept that the only constant is CHANGE & that we must learn to flow with change in order to successfully manage our lives, we are able to stay grounded, use common sense & trust in the process. This is exactly what we need at this chaotic & incomprehensible time in history. We are traveling through a GREAT SHIFT in the world order. Find what is constant in your own life as this shift continues to unfold. Is it LOVE? Is it FAITH? Is it DEVOTION TO PRINCIPLE? Is it TRUTH? Is it something that you yourself can name & hold to? Find whatever it is that gives you the capacity to continue. It will be your raft as you weather the storm.

Happy New Moon everyone!