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The SUN: Ruler of Leo

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun transits the zodiac sign of Leo at the height of the summer season. Everything is about the light! Nature seems to have no end of bounty to bestow upon us, the little humans who enjoy her gifts. And so, it is more than fitting that the ancients who first began to recognize the relationship between the Sky and the Earth designated that the glorious Sun should become the ‘ruler’ of LEO since this is the Zodiac sign that co-relates to the July/August monthly time period.

In terms of the role that this celestial body plays within the human psyche, it’s all about holding to center. It is by virtue of the sheer power of the magnetism of the solar force that all the elements of the persona are united. In the horoscope, the Sun can be said to be the BEST representation of who you are (not always attained, by any measure!); it can be called the driving engine or ‘horse’ of the chart (this from the Shamanic School of Astrology); it could be equated to the LIGHT of the persona, as opposed to the SHADOW, (this in psychological terms); I think of it as the integrative energy that holds all else in perfect harmony. Just as the Sun is the magnetic center of the solar system, so is the archetypical Sun the magnetic force that all else refers to in the persona.

In a sense, the Sun represents the PHD thesis that you came here to pursue. Whatever the sign it is in, it is imperative to understand the call to action that is described by that sign. We all want to exemplify the majesty of the SUN. We want to shine. We want to give that which is within us to those around us, just as the Sun of the solar system provides the energy required for life to exist.

So, very, very, very briefly, here is a list of key thoughts for the Sun through the signs. This list is meant to be a trigger that you can use to create more key thoughts. And, of course, there are countless articles, books & podcasts out there that explore the nature of the Sun. They are all useful as well.

The SUN in:



The call for Leadership






The call for Security






The call for Intellectual Diversity








The call for Supportive Nurturement








The call for Creative Self-expression







The call for Analytical Understanding









The call for Balance & Cooperation







The call for Self-empowerment








The call for the Search for Truth





The call for Personal Autonomy







The call for Vision






The call for Compassion



Now, get yourself a piece of paper & brainstorm other thoughts for the Sun through the signs that resonate with you. Start with your own Sun Sign & turn this into a bit of a soul-searching exercise.



It is also necessary to understand how the house, or at the very least the quadrant where you find the Sun in the natal horoscope figures into the journey into self-actualization. The houses of the horoscope demonstrate the various areas of life where we play out our personal dramas. With the Sun located in a particular house, this will be a strong driver within the psyche in terms of setting goals, creating intentions & framing the boundaries of the reality. Where your Sun is, there you will find your heart’s desire! Remember, The Sun co-relates to the HEART anatomically. More and more we discover how critical a role the Sun plays in the structuring of our daily lives, both physically & emotionally. If the heart is troubled, the body is not well.

Another exercise you can do is to go through the 12 houses & brainstorm what it means when the Sun is located in each one. As previously recommended, it’s useful to begin with your own chart, find where the Sun is located & get going.

The Sun in house:

1:                            Me First

2:                            What I Desire

3:                            I Question & Explore

4:                            I Protect & Nurture                        

5:                            I Express & Create

6:                            I Serve & Heal

7:                            I Create Commonality & Peace

8:                            I Stand in my Power

9:                            I Search for Meaning & Truth

10:                          I Manage & Keep Order

11:                          I Imagine & Envision

12:                          I Connect to That Which is Beyond Me


The next step is to put the two descriptions into something that makes sense TO YOU. For instance, if you have a Virgo Sun in the 1st House, you might make the following amalgamated phrase:

I create the rules for the kind of Service that I am prepared to offer to others.

Notice the emphasis on ‘I’ & being the boss of the process.


Here’s another one for the Sun in Sagittarius in the 10th House:

I am in control of my spiritual condition.


By extracting the essence of both of the descriptions, you can then develop them into one statement.


It’s a lot of fun to play around with the Sun in this way. It is useful to do it with charts of folks that you know. You may even get dramatic insights into the nature & action of the Sun through the signs & houses as you do this highly personal exercise. You may find a hidden element that no astrological cookbook could ever give you by looking at real-life people in real life situations.


There is SO much more that could be explored about the Sun & the role that he plays within the psyche! But, at the very least, the previously mentioned little exercises can get you going on the journey into a deeper level of awareness about this very important planetary archetype.

May the SUN always shine upon your path

May you be blessed…




Full Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 2021, 9:37 pm CDT

The challenging emotions triggered at the last New Moon, (Cancer) are now out in full view. How are you doing? With the Sun newly entered into Leo, we have the opportunity to shake off the moodiness & just enjoy being. Leo is the energy of wonder & delight, innocent appreciation for anything & everything, a celebration of self! The eternal & irresistible child in us all.

Since this current Full Moon is in Aquarius, Saturn figures into the energetic mix. That planet is currently retrograde & within a wide orb conjunction to the Full Moon.

Whatever challenges we may have experienced over the past little while Mars in Leo opposed Saturn in Aquarius (end of June-the beginning of July) while at the same time pulling in the square to Uranus in Taurus, we now have the opportunity to step back, pull up our breeches & resolve anything that might need resolving. With the wide conjunction of the Moon to Saturn, we can aspire to objectivity in all things emotional, take responsibility without a high degree of drama about the condition of our reality.  While forming a conjunction with the Moon, Saturn is also moving into an exact alignment via opposition to the Sun over the next few weeks with that opposition being exact on August 2, 2021. (For the purposes of inner work, however, we are already in the ‘orb’ of the opposition since Saturn is within 10* of the Sun at this current Full Moon.)

Both Saturn & the Sun are considered to be heavily magnetic energies that have powerful ‘pulling’ power so this alignment could well be felt for several weeks prior to & after the exact opposition. With Saturn in retrograde motion the sense is that he is moving into the range of the Sun’s energy field adding emphasis to the aspect. Because Saturn moves so slowly, he only aligns with the Sun by conjunction or opposition in any of the polarities every 15 years or so with the planets switching signs every other time. For the next year or so, the focus will be on the interaction of the energy with the Sun in Leo & Saturn in Aquarius; (these two planets meet by opposition again in August of 2022). In January of 2035 Saturn will be transiting Leo as the Sun moves through Aquarius, flipping the alignment.

And, of course, we will also experience a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in early 2022, but more on that in another post.

As Saturn makes his slow transit (approx. 30 yr cycle), of the zodiac, each energy is given the opportunity to rise to the height of its capacity of actualization. Saturn, the wise old man of the archetypes, facilitates the psyche to move into full maturity, accept responsibility, do what is appropriate for itself in that moment of time, be his/her own ‘boss of me’. It is now the Leo/Aquarius time to feel the conjunction/opposition impact of this growth into selfhood while the other two fixed signs, Taurus & Scorpio, will experience the energy through the action of the squares.

Sun/Saturn encourages us to establish our individual power & especially so when the Sun is in Leo. Someone who is ‘strongly’ Leo might feel that they are being challenged from every quarter with Saturn representing the collective energies. Or, they might feel that the ‘chickens are coming home to roost’, with past actions now resulting in present-time consequences. Alternatively, you might feel as if the collective energies are fueling you to clarify your own position in any number of circumstances. Who are you in terms of the social group you align to? Do you feel as if the social group around you is supportive? Are you comfortable with your place in that social group? Does the construct of your own personal reality align with who you truly are? Are you living in your truth or are you perpetuating a falsehood? Use the next few months to sort out how you feel about who you are & how you represent yourself.

And, of course, while this drama is played out between the Sun & Saturn, there will be opportunities several times a month to dig deep into the emotional energies you need to get to a place of sovereignty because the Moon will step into the dance as she rapidly transits the zodiac. With this current lunation, the Moon & Saturn are widely conjunct, as previously mentioned, so the energy of Moon/Saturn is marked at this time. This is the energy of emotional control; the energy of personal commitment & of potential accomplishment & success. Until March 2023, the Moon will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius once every month. If you are a fixed energy person, someone with a focus on Aquarius, a Moon, Sun or Rising in Aquarius, or someone with any of these points in fixed energy signs or airy signs, these monthly periods (about 3 days) will be particularly sensitive for you. Prepare yourself to explore emotional fortitude, increased personal empowerment & potential resolve & determination to enact your intentions. If you experience discomfort, dig deeply into that discomfort. What is causing you impediment? Why do you feel resistance? What needs to be altered so that your energy flows more coherently? This can be laborious, tedious & downright hard but in the end, it’s worth the effort that you make.

Along with the monthly conjunction, the Moon will make the whole range of aspects to Saturn as well. Watch for the conjunctions, squares, inconjuncts & oppositions to access needed resolve & fortitude while the sextiles & trines potentially provide much-needed facilitation in the face of challenging circumstances. A useful exercise is to look at the month & mark the days when the Moon aligns to Saturn using a colour coding system.





ADJUSTMENT; REVIEW; PAUSE                                 



EASE; SOLUTION; APPLICATION                                



If you do this every month, you will begin to see a pattern in terms of how YOU receive the above alignments. Make this monthly review a personal ritual. Everyone is unique & what is easy for some might be challenging for others & vice versa. For instance, if you have a lot of squares & conjunctions, the red days may be really productive for you so don’t pre-judge & whatever you do, do not sit in fear of aspects involving Saturn. He is not the monster that some make him out to be. It’s merely karma, baby. Do your due diligence & Saturn will back you up every time.

Again, we will all feel the energy according to our unique natal signature. With Saturn transiting the fixed air sign, fixed energy & airy energy persons could well be more triggered. However, tracking transits is a great way to understand just exactly how your own energy systems operate. This Full Moon is a great starting point for this sort of exercise since Saturn is closely aligned to both the Moon & the Sun by conjunction/opposition. The question of personal responsibility; of action & consequence; of the bottom line ‘reality check’ process is in full view. If you are on a journey into awareness, then this is the energy that serves you.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is found @ 2* Aquarius:


There’s an old adage that says if you should expect anything, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

This is exactly the kind of time in which we live. Nothing is certain & everything is in flux. Be ready to receive sudden insights. Be open to anything new that will shift your perspective. It is often through a shock to one’s system that real change can occur. Certainly, make your plans, dream your dream but know that you have the ability to alter your course if you need to. Flexibility is the key to long-lasting success as you go through life.


New Moon in Cancer, July 9, 2021, 8:17 PM CDT

A new cycle begins & with the Sun/Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, we are challenged to carefully & methodically (Capricorn) scrutinize our emotional (Cancer) process to ensure that we are making the best possible choices for our well-being & continued growth (Pluto).

All of the outer planets except for Uranus are now in retrograde motion, suggesting introspection & meditation. Think carefully about how you feel & even more carefully about how you express those feelings (focus on Cancer-emotional). Emotions are unpredictable & with this New Moon being in its own home sign of Cancer, anything & everything is on the table in terms of emotional response. Feel it, to be sure, but take a pause before acting on whatever it is that you feel. (The Moon has long been understood to be one of the trigger energies when it aligns to any natal planet.)

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity juxtaposes practical response with emotional response. It’s a reminder that emotions are most powerful when we fully feel them and are able to appropriately express them; that we do not become victims to them. It is okay to be sad, to hurt, to be angry, even to feel vengeful. What is not okay is if we allow these raw emotions to control our behaviour. Sadness should be expressed & shared with supportive partners but it should not disempower our fight to heal ourselves. Anger & vengeance felt over injustice should lead to thoughtful strategies to RIGHT what is wrong but not to destroy for the sake of satisfying that angry, vengeful feeling.

At this New Moon, it is a good time to consider new methods of self-care. Our collective foundation has been disrupted over the past 18 months as we, as members of a global community, have attempted to find our place in this strange new reality. Though the majority has appeared to accept the so-called ‘new normal’, there is a growing push back to the narrative that has been imposed. Whether you are one of the contrarians or one of the acquiescent ones, adjustments will have to be made.

For those of you who simply do not accept the prevailing narrative & continue to ask questions & challenge the status quo, you must find ways to nurture yourselves since you are definitely in the minority at this point in time. Find your fellow travelers. Create support groups. Join with others who also prefer to think critically. This will take effort simply because there are fewer of you than those who have chosen to go along.

For those of you who have been willing to accept the prevailing narrative, be open to new information that continues to rise to the surface despite the censorship that has now become par for the course. There are now a rapidly growing number of medical professionals who are beginning to challenge the status quo. Your job is to hear what they have to say & honestly appraise it. Keep in mind that this is a singular event in the sense that society has NEVER responded to potential illness in this manner. In the past, the first line of defense was always the search for a therapeutic, & the development of a so-called ‘vaccine’ came later. At the very least, give some thought to this backward approach that has been undertaken. Ask yourself why. Go & look up the NUREMBURG CODE which was signed by the world’s nations at the end of the horrific WWII when it was discovered that the defeated Nazis had engaged in medical experimentation on those whom they had imprisoned. Consider that EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION for any kind of medical procedure is only given if there are no other therapeutics available. Look up IVERMECTIN. And if you do not find it on the first of your searches, keep digging. It is currently being used in MANY countries as the first line of defense for the virus. And remember, follow the money. It will always take you to the source of the issue. Just pause & calculate how many billions, if not trillions, big Pharma stands to make with universal mandatory vaccination that has to be boosted every 6 months. Just pause for a moment and ask yourself why the definition of ‘herd (natural) immunity’ has suddenly been modified by the powers in charge to reflect the necessity of vaccination. Just stop & consider how isolation & lockdown has actually delayed the organic & natural process of community immunity. And then go back & follow the money; see where it takes you. In the last 18 months, 9 new billionaires have emerged & they are all people connected to the pharmaceutical industry. HMMMMM…interesting…


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:

Cancer 18*01’

(remember, round up)


Relationship is sacred & no more so than RIGHT NOW. Find your sacred relationships. Stay connected to those who are part of your tribe. Nurture these relationships, feed them, protect them because they are what will keep you safe & protected in the days to come.


Capricorn 18*01’


Are we dealing with more than we are able to? Are we inundated with so much information that it is almost impossible to make any sense of it? And yet, inexperienced as we are, do we have access to data that may, in the end, help us to sort all of this out? We all have to take one item at a time out of that shopping bag & examine it until we understand what it is & how it figures into our lives. It’s a slow & challenging process but it can be done. Baby steps, & one at a time.

This New Moon provides us with an opportunity to celebrate intimacy with our kith & kin; to create relationships based on a commonality of thought & purpose; to nurture both ourselves & those who similarly nurture us. The energy of Cancer, at the highest of levels, is Love Personal; the empathic emotional connection of one being to another being. So, no matter what your viewpoint is about this current global crisis situation, base ALL of your actions & responses on LOVE. Give permission to yourself to agree or disagree without animosity. Allow others to have their own sovereign viewpoints & respect that they have come to their conclusions based on real & valid personal experiences that they have had. Do not condemn others just so that YOU can feel more validated. Whatever choice you make is your choice to make. And that goes for everyone around you as well.



Glorious summer surrounds us in the northern hemisphere. Summer Solstice arrived on June 20, 2021. The Capricorn Full Moon illuminates the night sky just days after the arrival of the longest day of the year. Even in these strange & fear-filled times, the soul wants to sing its song of joy!

This Full Moon, earthy, grounded, organic, productive is augmented by a close sextile between Jupiter & the Moon & trine between Jupiter & the Sun, newly entered into Cancer. It’s all about the earth as it is nourished by the water of life. It’s about the opportunity to believe, to trust, to aspire despite contrary energy around us. We will find our way through our challenges. We will create a reality that is based on generosity & goodness. We can do it, especially if we find others who also share our vision of a united humankind. Give yourself permission to have faith. What have you got to lose?

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are:






For many of us, there is a sense that we must begin again, get going after a time of inactivity. And yet, it is still not clear as to just where we are headed & how, exactly we will get there, though we know that we will need help & companions to do what needs to be done.

It is always easier to get things done when there is a group to do it. Thus, we must find that “group” & align to them so that we can embark on the journey ahead more easily & with greater confidence. Find your tribe, people!

And forget trying to reason with those who are not aligned to your way of thinking. What exactly do a cat & a mouse have in common? Any communication will be at cross purposes. Positions these days have become completely polarized & it often feels futile to try to get one’s thoughts across to others whose viewpoint is so diametrically opposed to our own. Better for the cat to leave the room & for the mouse to find her hidey-hole than to continue to hiss & claw at each other.

The earthy Capricorn Moon suggests practical approaches and a down-to-earth attitude both to functional situations & to emotionally charged ones. Look for solutions that ease tension & give a pathway forward both for yourself & for your partners. Common ground is what we all need these days.

By July 7-8, Mercury will have moved past the ‘shadow’ period of his retrograde. (See my blog about Mercury under ‘star stuff.) Glitches should lessen & hesitation of thought should alleviate. Mercury shifts into Cancer on July 11, 2021, around 3:30 pm. The frenetic mental energy of Gemini should abate & a more restful mind space should prevail. Think lazy days at the beach reading romance novels. No need to save the world! Let’s just save a little of ourselves.

Enjoy the next few weeks of glorious summer. Take a moment to view the gorgeous Moon in the summer night sky. Breathe in & release all your tension. Mind your ‘p’s’ & ‘q’s’ & be ready for the next cycle to begin…


The Moon; Magical & Mysterious: Ruler of Cancer

As we enter into the summer season, we find ourselves surrounded by the energy of Cancer, ruled by the night-time luminary, The Moon. The Sun’s ingress into Cancer signals that we have arrived at the Summer Solstice, that point in time when, in the Northern hemisphere, the light has stretched out to its maximum length. The farther north that we go, the longer the light lingers. No wonder this time is referred to as the long days of summer.

The Moon is the most magical &, in some ways, the most mysterious of Celestial Objects. Imagine that you are a ‘long-ago’ person who is watching the night sky. You see, over the course of several days, this luminescent sphere of light that continually changes its shape before your very eyes. As the days follow one another, it expands until it fills the night sky with its glow & then, just as rapidly, it begins to shrink until you can only see stars twinkling above you. Imagine how you might have felt as you watched this transformative process pattern itself in the skies above your head! Today, much of the magic & mystery has been stripped away from this truly amazing monthly event. We ‘moderns’ take it for granted because we have all learned about the prosaic aspect of orbits & rotations, but just imagine, if we knew nothing about astronomy. Magic, indeed!

Astrologically, the Moon is one of the primary archetypes that we look at when we are attempting to understand the dominant drivers within the persona. It informs us about the individual’s security mechanisms, instinctive reactions & essential personal needs, to name just a few. It is the Moon that reflects the solar force & it is through the fluctuating nature of the Moon that the personality reveals itself. No one is the same all the time, are they? Just as the Moon changes in terms of shape & luminescence, so do we, as individuals, shift according to the various influences that we experience on a daily basis. In Roman times, the emperors identified themselves by their Moon signs rather than their Sun signs since they understood that the Moon was a much more personal indicator of the psyche than the Sun. After all, as the earth orbits around the fixed star, The Sun, it resides in each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac for about 30 days. On the other hand, the Moon rapidly transits the entire Zodiac in each of those 30-day monthly periods spending only about 2 ½ days in each of the 12 signs. What is more personal to you, the month that you share with a whole slew of others or the day that you were born which you share with far fewer persons?

The archetypal placement of the Moon through the 12 signs of the Zodiac gives us a great starting point as we begin to unravel our essential natures. Much work has been done in this area of Lunar Archetypes. Following is a partial list of some of them. Find your own Moon sign to see if you can relate to the essence of what the archetype is suggesting.

Moon in:

Aries:                    THE WARRIOR: 

Here we find a need for action, autonomy & immediate gratification. Moon in Aries people are assertive & in most cases pretty independent. Good in a crisis because their default is to take action.



Taurus:                 THE FLOWER CHILD

These people are usually comfortable in their own skins; calm, reliable & practical. They have the ability to create the reality that they most desire. They make solid companions & are easy to be around.




Gemini:                THE TRICKSTER

Moon in Gemini folks are adaptable emotionally. They are eternally youthful & inquisitive about the world around them. Never give a party without some of these folks on your list. Witty, sometimes caustic but always engaging.                               


Cancer:                 THE CAREGIVER

These people have a great capacity to give comfort to others. They need to have a quiet & stable personal environment that they can escape to. The absolute best when you are ailing. They know exactly how to make you feel a bit better.


Leo:                       THE HERO

Moon in Leo people are the children of the Zodiac. Always needing lots of affirmation & an equal amount of fun in their lives. Because they so need to be loved, they have the ability to give BIG love in return.


Virgo:                    THE WISE ONE

These folks need order in their lives. They have an innate ability to research whatever they need to & the more that they organize themselves, the better they feel. It’s always a good idea to have one of these folks if you are needing to get something done. Love to work? Absolutely.




Libra:                     THE LOVER

Moon in Libra people love to love. When they are able to provide others with elegance & beauty, they feel fulfilled & accomplished. When it comes to the ‘companion’ experience, there is none quite like a Moon in Libra.



Scorpio:                THE MAGICIAN

Nothing is taboo for these edgy folks. If it’s hidden, they want to uncover it. If it’s scary, they push forward right into it. Brave. If you are in crisis or having a traumatic experience, these are the people who will most understand your pain.







Moon in Sag does not want the grass to grow under its feet. No matter where they are, these intrepid folks are always ready for the next big quest, whether actual or imagined. Fun to be around. Big personalities.


Capricorn:           THE BOSS

Competent, efficient, self-contained & no-nonsense. It’s all about getting down to business. The reason they are such good managers is because they know how to keep it from getting too personal.




Aquarius:             THE REBEL

These quirky folks see the world in a way the rest of us just can’t. Able to come up with new approaches to old problems. Once they are done with you, they are completely done with you. Good friends to all and any.



Pisces:                  THE MYSTIC

Poetic & dreamy, these tender ones are the children of the goddess. Their love for humanity & all things natural knows no bounds. Be prepared to venture to magical places when they are around.


These are merely a sample of the archetypes that we can apply to the various signs of the Zodiac. You can do your own research to find others that are equally applicable. When working with the archetypal method, the key is to discern how that universal energy might apply in your own day to day life.


Another way to dig deep into the Lunar energy of your own natal chart is to determine what phase the Moon was in when you were born. In astrology, we attribute 8 phases to the Moon & each one adds nuance to the persona. You will have either a waxing type phase or a waning type phase. The waxing phase if a growth phase, assimilative, increasing in both experience & application, ACQUIRING assets in its quest for selfhood. The waning type phase is integrative, with an emphasis on adjustment, refinement & understanding, now busy in the process of ALLOCATING the acquired assets to complete the quest for selfhood.

New Moon:  Waxing (0*-45*):    This is the SEED stage. At this time of the month, the Moon goes from invisible to barely visible. New Moon people are eager to learn, interested in all that is new, ready to start things. Lots of ideas & lots of desire to get those ideas off the ground.

In the natural wheel, this phase cover ALL of Aries & half of Taurus. Think about the excitement & zest of Aries & the groundedness & potential growth of Taurus. The idea is born & begins to take form.


The archetype for this phase is THE PIONEER.


Crescent Phase: Waxing (45*-90*): The SPROUT stage. In the sky, the Moon is a crescent shape & by the end of this phase is a half Moon shape. These people love to “do”. They have a natural vitality & take the ideas of the ‘seed’ stage & run with them. In the Natural Wheel, this phase cover half of Taurus & all of Gemini suggesting both concretization & investigation.

The archetype for this phase is THE ACTIVIST.


First Quarter Phase: Waxing (90*-135*):  The ROOT & LEAF stage. The Moon moves from half to humped in this phase. Things begin to fill out. Growth abounds. These are the folks who must act on their principles or die. They can often find themselves in conflict situations because they are so passionate about what they are beginning to believe. Their job is to face their inner crisis & then to take deliberate action to overcome it. In the Natural Wheel, this phase covers all of Cancer & half of Leo suggesting both the internalization process & the outward expression that can result from the inner struggle.

The archetype for this phase is THE HERO.



Gibbous Phase: Waxing (135*-180*): The BUD stage. The Humped Moon becomes Full in this phase. Things are coming to fruition but not entirely. There is still work to be done; to refine, to analyze, to adjust; to (hopefully) perfect. These folks are more restrained, less impetuous & able to integrate the experience into the enterprise. In the Natural Wheel, this phase finishes the Last half of Leo & takes in all of Virgo. Personal effort leads to refinement of ability.

The archetype for this phase is THE SCHOLAR.


Full Phase: Waning (180*-225*): The FRUITION stage. The Moon begins this phase as FULL & gradually wanes to Reversed Humped. A personality on full frontal review. There is a need here to be seen, to speak out, to demonstrate the ‘fruits’ of the self to others. These people have an inborn magnetism that can either draw others to them or, conversely, cause others to be repelled after the initial interaction. Usually, they know who they are & have a strong need to externalize that knowledge. In the Natural Wheel this phase covers all of Libra & half of Scorpio. Interaction & compulsion.

The archetype for this phase is THE PERFORMER.

Disseminating Phase: Waning (225*-270*): The HARVEST stage. The Moon visibly shifts from Reversed Humped to Reversed half in the sky. Here we can discover a deliberative & considered personality. There is an air of stored wisdom, the ability to instruct others, a sense of generosity of self along with a powerful presence of integrity & truth-telling. The certainty of this stage can calm & inspire at the same time. In the Natural Wheel this phase covers the latter half of Scorpio & all of Sagittarius suggesting power & wisdom & incredible ethical conduct but this must be linked to a clearly defined personal mission that one can commit to.

The archetype for this phase is THE PILGRIM.

Last Quarter Phase: Waning (270*-315*): The DECOMPOSITION stage. The visible Moon now shrinks from Reversed Half to Reversed Crescent. Here is a personality in flux. The crisis of the First Quarter phase was all about the need for action but in the last quarter phase the crisis involves one’s essential consciousness. Everything is now being reviewed & questioned. All formulations are held up to the harsh light of day & released as necessary. Whatever is no longer relevant is discarded. Personal transformation is not only possible but, if the self is developed, probable. Out of the fullness of previous wisdom a whole new protocol can be formed.  This phase covers all of Capricorn & the first half of Aquarius in the Natural Wheel.

The archetype for this phase is THE REFORMER.

Balsamic Phase: Waning (315*-360*): The FALLOW or REST stage. The visible Moon now shrinks back into darkness by the end of this phase signaling that a cycle has been completed & that a new cycle is about to begin. There can be two stages within this phase, the first being the Waning Crescent stage, 315*-345* & the second being the ‘true’ balsamic phase covering the last 15* from 345*-360*. In the first part, the surrender of all things begins. There is a sense of completion with a need to spend much time in meditative thought. Whatever needs completion will now be completed. This could result in a life of ‘cleaning up’ of unfinished business. Whatever the case, a key element in this phase is an intuitive body of knowledge that lends itself to great insight. As this phase progresses, there is a distillation of this energy so that the individual could present themselves as one with tremendous psychic ability, either in the area of prophecy or channeling. The transition that is occurring is in preparation for a whole new cycle of becoming that begins in the New Phase. In the Natural Wheel this phase covers the last half of Aquarius & the whole of Pisces.

For the first part of this phase the archetype is THE CONTEMPLATIVE.


In the last 15* we encounter THE PROPHET.





Once you determine what phase you were born under, synthesize it with the sign that your Moon occupies. You will find, as you meditate on it, that it will reveal subtleties of persona that may even surprise you.

If you do not know what phase you were born under, feel free to send me an email with your birth data & I will send you your information. First name is more than sufficient for this process.

Birth data: day, month year, time of day & geographical location.





New Moon in Gemini, June 10, 2021 @ 5:54 am CDT

This New Moon & Solar Eclipse is closely aligned to Mercury in Gemini Retrograde. The little scoundrel shifted into retrograde motions on May 29.


(See my blog on The Nuances of Mercury under ‘star stuff’.)

The energy of Gemini is all about connection so be prepared to deal with unexpected ‘connection’ issues. This does not necessarily mean that you will have problems; it could be that the way that you connect may take an unexpected turn or that you may need to re-organize the way that you utilize your various ‘connection’ protocols. If you have Gemini, Mercury or the 3rd House highly focused within your psyche, you might sense the vibrational shifts around this time period more acutely than others might. Remember, celestial events interact with us in an individual way because, each one of us, is unique.

No matter how this energy actually demonstrates itself in your life, it’s time to release & set new intentions. With the nodes moving into the first (but for the nodes, final) decanate of Sagittarius/ Gemini, with the north node pulling us all into the Gemini/Gemini dynamic, we are encouraged to reset the way that we think, reason, communicate & connect, especially to those who are closest to us. The nodes will shift into Scorpio/Taurus in early 2022 so take the time in the next few months to clarify what you think & how you express those thoughts.

This New Moon is made more intense due to the eclipse. Solar eclipses are a signal that it’s time to re-envision our goals; our directions. If this eclipse is close to any of your critical points, then you have the opportunity to ‘let it go’ & reboot; how you see your life path; how you communicate & interact; possibly even allowing new points of view into your reality matrix, broadening out & embracing the possibilities that are present.

The Sabian Symbol for 20* Gemini is:


Life, in all of its many & varied possibilities, is an ongoing adventure into choice; into the selection of what we might think or feel is the optimum choice at any given moment. Ultimately, the choice is for each individual to make. The image of the cafeteria suggests that we need not be limited to any one set of protocols or, to stay with the symbolism of food, any particular cuisine, etc. We might be vegetarians, omnivores or carnivores, or all! We can choose one type of potato one time or rice the next time. It truly is an ongoing experiment into the variety available. Being human means that we have the POWER TO CHOOSE! We can assess what we see before us & come to conclusions as to how to proceed. The Geminian emphasis on accessing information so as to better make decisions is highlighted with this Sabian Symbol.

Where is Gemini in your natal chart? That’s the place to begin your search. What part of your life do you approach in a Gemini-like fashion? For instance, let’s say you have Gemini in the 9th house. That means that you might have a Libra rising which indicates that you prefer to understand things, to reason things out & that you NEED a LOT of data before you can qualify what you actually THINK. You are probably a bit restless when it comes to your philosophical viewpoints & you like to explore alternatives before settling into any one thing. This New Moon Solar Eclipse will open the ‘doors of perception’ in your mind. You may suddenly begin to understand things in a new way. You may even get access to information previously unknown. Exciting!

After the last few months of 2021, we are now heading into full ‘retrograde’ season. As I’ve said previously, both Pluto & Saturn shifted RX in April & May. At the very end of May, we moved into a Mercury RX period that lasts until the end of June & then into July if you allow for the ‘shadow’ period. Just before the next FULL MOON, at the Summer Solstice, Jupiter shifts RX & begins to move back into Aquarius. Just after the Summer Solstice, Neptune shifts RX. It’s time for us to reconsider just who we are & what we are doing & for those of us who can bear to, why the heck we are doing what we are doing. Take the time & hold it to your heart. Embrace doubt. Open yourself to the mystery of YOU. You are your own spiritual mentor. You are your own inner healer. You are the bottom line when all is said & done. Don’t cave into peer pressure. Trust your gut when it tells you that you must go your own way. It’s not easy but it is a necessity!



The Lunar Eclipse for this Full Moon occurs @ 6* (5*25”) of Sagittarius/Gemini.

(aside: some of you have asked why I round the degree up. When I incorporate the Sabian Symbols into the discussion, it is necessary to round up since the symbols begin, NOT AT 0* but at 1*. Thus, any arithmetical point from 0*-0*59” would be read as 1*, and so forth. If you look up this eclipse, or any other, for that matter, it will often be referred to as being @ 5* of Sagittarius. This is completely accurate. However, when determining the Sabian Symbol, since the actual degree is 5*25”, I use the ‘rounded up’ 6* point. For the purposes of locating the eclipse degree point within your own chart, use a flexible orb in both directions. Every astrologer has her own perspective on what the orb should be, but the general rule is usually no more than 5* on either side, (though most astrologers default to a lesser orb). I suggest that, if you are starting to work with eclipses, use the wider orb & observe. Thus, go back as far as 0* Sagittarius/Gemini & go ahead as far as 10* Sagittarius/Gemini. Eclipses are funny. They can explode into your external reality like a bomb or they can insinuate themselves into your internal reality like an ‘ear worm’ that you just can’t get rid of. If you are aware of where in your psyche the eclipse is occurring, you can track & observe any effects, obvious or nuanced. Also, the so-called ‘effects’ of the eclipse can extend for several months on either side of the actual event, so if the eclipse happens to be very close to one of your personal planets or angles of your chart, you may already be experiencing phenomena associated with the impulse of the energy.)

So, 6* Sag/Gem…



Any undertaking requires us to be persistent. Sometimes, when we are engaged in the ‘GAME’ of life, we have to ‘drill deep’. There are times when we need to revisit the ‘rules’ that we have been following. Are they the ‘right’ rules for us? Will these ‘rules’ help to get us to our desired goals? Is what we want to accomplish—that ‘oil’ for which we drill, worth the effort we are making? Do we need to find another drilling site & incorporate new ‘rules’ in this ‘game of life’? And perhaps, we need to adjust our attitude; understand that although goals are certainly useful, in the end its really about HOW WE PLAYED THE GAME that matters the most.

Sagittarius is about ethical behaviour, truth-telling, honest appraisal & the courage to venture into the unknown with the knowledge that its worth the risk to do so. Be brave & intrepid in the elaborate, yet simple, ‘game of life’ & drill deep into every thought, intention & motivation so that you play the game with integrity & authenticity. Gemini, the polarity energy is about the accumulation of information that eventually leads each person into her own ‘truth’. This is the energy of inquisitive & ongoing exploration for the purpose of expanding one’s database of knowledge. It is a necessary component part of the ‘search for truth & meaning’.

We now have two of the planets in retrograde motion. Pluto, transiting Capricorn, turned retrograde on April 27 & Saturn, transiting Aquarius, joined on May 23. Plus, get yourself ready for the second Mercury Retrograde this year, getting started on May 31 & finishing up June 23, this time in the airy sign of Gemini. Learn about the SHADOW RETROGRADE periods that precede & follow the official retrograde by reading my blog under ‘star stuff’ on this website, where I dig into the NUANCES OF MERCURY, ruler of Gemini!

The retrograding planets signal that as we attempt to redefine our reality, we need to keep checking in with ourselves so that we lay a solid foundation for the life we are creating for ourselves. The internalization process echoes the symbolism of the Sabian Symbol, DRILLING FOR OIL, discussed previously.

Not only is this lunation a LUNAR ECLIPSE, the nodes, @ 11* Sag/Gem, are stationed retrograde, about to go direct for a brief, few days. The general motion of the nodes is retrograde and they only move in direct motion for a few days a couple of times each month. Nodal Direct energy is noteworthy. It’s a time of clarity in terms of directional impulse. People born with this energy wired into their psyches have the potential to follow themselves into their future with a high degree of certainty, often expressing this in a dynamic & forceful way. For the collective it’s like a jolt of energy being funneled into our collective ‘soul’. We are encouraged to access the powerful eclipse energy of this Full Moon & rearrange our emotional reality. Most of us are suffering some degree of trauma from the strange events of the last few years. What do we really feel about what has been going on? Are we certain that our understanding of this worldwide ‘shock to our system’ is on point? Are we confident that the ‘powers that be’ are making the best-case choices for the human family? Each of us has to individually answer these questions if they have risen up in our minds. Each one of us has to be the final arbiter for our life.

Jupiter is just entered into Pisces where he will remain until the end of July, at which point he retrogrades into Aquarius again. He does not re-enter Pisces again until the end of December. Jupiter is comfortable in Pisces where ethics & spiritual purposefulness combine. This ‘divinely’ wired energy squares the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & the nodes, which includes both luminaries, Sun & Moon, suggesting that a change must come to the way that we live here on the earth. Are we truly aligned with divine principle? Do we nurture this planet to the best of our ability? Do we act in harmony with Nature? Are we motivated by earthly desires that could lead us into self-serving choices? These are simple questions but they are also incredibly challenging ones. We, here in the so-called ‘first’ world live entitled & opulent lives, even those of us who feel as if we are struggling. In the undeveloped parts of the world, there are entire cities of millions of people who still do not have any sort of sophisticated infrastructure, with no running water or sewer systems and no access to high-efficiency fuel. The largest city by population in Congo is Kinshasa with a population of 13,260,000 people whose main source of fuel is wood. That is obscene. It’s one thing to use wood for an occasional campfire but to have to use it on a daily basis when surrounded by millions of other people? Why do we allow it? True unconditional LOVE does not count the COST when seeking to create health & welfare for those who do not have access to it. When will we, as the ‘royalty’ of this global community begin to exercise unconditional love to our brothers & sisters who are suffering? Does your heart hurt when you think about this iniquitous set of circumstances? If yes, then you are vibrating in alignment with the energy of this Full Moon. The choice, as demonstrated by Jupiter in Pisces square both Luminaries & the Nodes in Gemini/Sag, is the one that only we can make.

We are in the transition time between Pluto in Capricorn & Pluto in Aquarius. During 2023 & 2024, the god of the underworld will be fluctuating back and forth between these two energies before entering fully into Aquarius. Pluto will transit Aquarius from March, 2023-mid January 2044. It’s a LONG transit. For now, there is still adjustment to be made both collectively & individually. What kind of global family do we want to create? Are we content with the current state of affairs globally? What can we do, on an individual level to support a healthier, holistic way of life? Don’t allow yourself to feel powerless. Look deep into your own individual heart–as demonstrated by Cancer, the polarity energy to Capricorn & embrace the individual empowerment of Leo, the polarity energy of Aquarius. Change happens one person at a time.

For now, as we navigate through the last few degrees of Pluto through Capricorn, we can purge our hearts, the Cancer polarity energy, & ensure that we are clear about how we FEEL about the current status quo, as demonstrated by the Capricorn energy. Clearly, our reality is changing & it is up to each one of us to support the kind of structure that best serves humanity as a whole. The collective consciousness is reforming itself under the electric energy of Aquarius. We have been shifting into the Age of Aquarius & soon, we will be entrenching the cornerstones for the next 2 millennia as Pluto transits Aquarius.

This Full Moon provides us with the energy of insight–Sagittarius. It points the way to ever more data gathering–Gemini. It shines a laser-like light on the need for spirituality–Jupiter in Pisces. Our job is to dive deep into our own sense of spiritual connection, to ensure that we are acting with full understanding, to follow the path into a human condition that is decent, kind & loving toward all.



You have seen the iconic mythic depiction of a capped youth with winged shoes. He is the Messenger for the Gods. That gives us a clue in understanding the Mercury function within the psyche. Its how we connect, understand, relate & communicate.

Often regarded as gender neutral, Mercury operates through both the masculine & the feminine, and at the highest of resonances, in the realm of spirit. If we can make a meaningful connection with ‘the other’, it matters not who or what that other might be. Mercury teaches us that all true connection begins in a place that supersedes difference & rather, focuses on what we can find in each other that is similar. Whatever gender or sex we might be or choose to be, the thing that makes us human is our ability to understand each other beyond the different choices that we make.

The Mercury function, when refined & operating positively, facilitates our interactions. When doing relationship analysis & counseling, look at the two Mercury placements first. The mode of data processing & communication protocols is critical when two people are attempting to make a connection. The key is that each one must understand the preferred mode of communication in the other. As an example, if your Mercury is in a watery sign & your partner’s Mercury is in an airy sign, you must be mindful of not overwhelming your partner with emotional responses to his/her intellectual & often detached queries. On the other hand, your partner needs to ‘hear’ your words & not just shut down when faced with emotion rather than intellect.

Good communication skills begin with a clear understanding of the communication process of the person to whom we are communicating. How many times have you thought that you were saying something obvious & the person who was supposedly listening to your words got it completely wrong? More than once, I bet.

Mercury also has a lot to do with DEXTERITY, both mental & physical. The synapses are sharp & swift in a highly functional Mercury-ruled individual. Have you ever noticed how clever & witty your Gemini friends are? They can be, that’s for sure! And this applies to Gemini Moon & Gemini rising folks as well as those of you who have Mercury, itself, in Gemini or highly focused. Words can flow fast & furious & perception is clear & bright. Physically, hand-eye coordination is on the mark. Balls flying through the air are caught easily & deftly. Reflexes are sure & accurate. Mercury rules the hands as well as the nerves of the body, the lungs, speech, mouth, tongue & digestive system. These are all parts that play a role in getting things moving, ingesting, making connection & intaking, both on a physical & mental level. Notice that all of these body parts play a part in the FILTERING process. It is via filtering that we begin to sort & allocate; put together the things that work together & ‘filter’ out what does not contribute. It is necessary on a physical level to have a smooth working filtering system; strong lungs, sensitive nerves & mouth & tongue, a good digestive system that is not easily upset. Similarly, we must develop a good, strong filtering system on a mental level; thus, the importance of refining the Mercury function within the persona. Teach yourself to THINK CRITICALLY about EVERYTHING, and especially about those things that you think you know for certain. Train yourself to explore alternatives even when the solution might appear to be obvious. Nothing new is ever discovered if we become complacent in our knowledge & understanding. De-sensitize yourself to combative opponents or critical observations. Understand that opposition is useful so don’t take it personally. Rather, examine it & prove it to be true or untrue. By polishing your mental faculties on an ongoing basis, you will optimize your Mercury function, become a discriminating but open-minded individual who is sensitive to the ‘other’s’ point of view.

Like Venus, Mercury hangs close to the Sun so there are only so many Mercury placements that a Gemini born soul can have. The maximum degree from the Sun either way is 28. So, for you folks born under Gemini, its one of three placements: Mercury in Taurus, Gemini or Cancer. The earthy placement, Taurus,  will give you a firmer grip on reality; the airy placement, Gemini, will augment your fluidity & agility, & the watery placement, Cancer, will soften your sometimes caustic wit.

You have often heard of Mercury Retrograde. It has become a rather common phrase in popular culture. This strange phenomenon is not actually suggesting that the planet itself moves backwards in space. Rather, it refers to the illusion of backward movement that occurs when one object begins to move more rapidly than a parallel moving object. Think: train & car moving side by side with the car seeming to move backwards in relation to the train.

When Mercury ‘goes retrograde’, it’s a time to pause & review on the broadest of levels. Think of all the ‘re’ words for any given situation. The best strategy, no matter the sign in which Mercury finds itself when turning retrograde, is to double check all of your activities & maybe even triple check just to be sure!

There are usually 3 Mercury retrograde periods every year, more or less evenly spaced across the 12-month period. They never last for more than a few weeks at most so it is fairly easy to micro manage life decisions when coming up against a Mercury Retrograde. This year Mercury will retrograde mainly in the Airy energies so the focus is on the intellectual & communicative process. Rethink your decisions. Review the reason for your actions. Re-focus your intentions. Re-affirm your commitments. Re-entrench your connections.

An interesting & sometimes overlooked aspect of any retrograde period is the ‘shadow’ of the retrograde. Look ahead & make note of when the retrograde actually ends. This degree denotes the start of the ‘pre-retrograde’ or FORE SHADOW portion of the entire retrograde period. Start being extra mindful around this date. Then, look ahead & make note of the date when the planet moves BEYOND the degree when it turned retrograde. This degree denotes the end of the ‘post-retrograde’ or SHADOW part of the entire retrograde period. This usually extends the retrograde by a few weeks which is why, in some cases, folks can experience glitches or snafus in what appears to be outside of the actual retrograde. In the following list for this year’s retrogrades, make note of the dates that demarcate the shadow periods.

Mercury retrogrades this year: 


January 15-30: FORE SHADOW  12*-27*

January 30-February 22: RETROGRADE  27*-12*

February 22-March 13: SHADOW  12*-27*





May 15-29:                          FORESHADOW  17*-25*

May 29-June 22:               RETROGRADE  25*-17*

June 22-July 7:                     SHADOW  17*-25*



September 7-27:                             


 September 27-October 18:          RETROGRADE 26*-11*

October 18-November 3:              SHADOW 11*-26*

Locate these energies in your own chart & note what areas of life are under review for you. Be mindful when making plans around these dates but please, DO NOT STOP LIVING! We do not want to become ‘helicopter’ caretakers of our existence. Some risk is unavoidable. Just think twice before making the slice!

Some simple Mercury retrograde ‘must-do’s’:

  • check all of your electronic equipment several times; back it all up
  • check every single outgoing corresspondence before hitting ‘send’!
  • track all parcels both outgoing & incoming
  • confirm & re-confirm all pre-made appointments
  • pause & think before opening your mouth to speak
  • give yourself extra time to get to your time-sensitive appointments
  • make a list of ‘re’ words & use them
  • be ready to re-adjust or re-do
  • forgive
  • make an effort to clean up unfinished business

Mercury expresses itself positively & negatively. Our job is to augment the positive expressions & minimize the negative expressions. Following is a mini list to get you started brainstorming how Mercury could manifest within your own psyche. If you do not know where Mercury is located within your own birth chart, look at the three descriptions around your Sun sign, the one just before, the one that coincides with your Sun sign & the one immediately after your Sun sign. If you do not have a birth chart, I can send you one via email. Send me your birth data with name (first name & initial is acceptable) & I will send you a basic mandala with legend attached. Day, month, year, time of day & geographical location. Please indicate which house system you prefer to use. Send your request to:

[email protected]


Some KEYWORDS to get you started:


































overly subjective



sensitive to others 









dominates conversation





critical thinker
















strategically manipulative



















’foot in mouth’




























not grounded in reality


magical thinker 




Are you born with Mercury Retrograde wired into your psyche? You are one of the deep thinkers of the zodiac. Generally, you will tend to be INTROSPECTIVE with the need to first think things through in your own head before blurting them out to the general public. The analytical part of your process is emphasized but the way that you arrive at your analysis is more aligned to the ‘right’ brain way of processing, more comfortable with creative thinking, than the more usual left-brain mode of logical analysis. Conventional schooling could be challenging for you with its focus on data intake & rote learning. Today there are many more options in this regard with schools that implement a more creative & intuitive learning process that is more suitable for Mercury Retrograde kids. When given the appropriate instruction you can grow into the most brilliant amongst us. Whatever the challenge might be in conventional schooling, know that your strength lies in the more fluid approach to learning. These days, educators are much more equipped to deal with the unusual ‘wiring’ that exits in your brain.

Another important feature to make note of is the phasal relationship that Mercury makes to the Sun. If Mercury is in a New Phasal relationship with the Sun, your psyche is primed to innovate, create & lay down new tracks. If Mercury is in a Balsamic Phasal relationship with the Sun, you have the potential to be prophetic, to foresee, to lead the rest of us into the future that you already have imagined.

Mercury rising ahead of the Sun indicates the Balsamic Phase; the Sun is following Mercury into the future. Mercury rising after the Sun indicates the New Phase; the Sun is leading Mercury into the future..

The Mercury function within the psyche is critical when relating to that which is outside of our subjective reality. To grow, we must understand & be understood. Get to know the nuances of your preferred mode of communication. Identify what method of data intake works best for you. Become comfortable with the way in which you process the data that you take in. If you know & are comfortable with this part of yourself, you have a greater chance of developing useful & meaningful relationships; you are more likely to develop clarity of thought; you will be understood & you will more likely understand.


New Moon in Taurus, May 11, 2021 @ 2:01 pm CDT

Another cycle of emotional growth begins. As we enter into the growing season, we seek the rejuvenation that early spring promises. With a lovely New Moon in the organic energy of Taurus, we feel a recharge. As the physical world transforms from the slumber of wintertime into the burgeoning growth of springtime, so does the New Moon energy call us into a re-framing of our essential selves. The last Full Moon pointed the way for us. What hidden facets of yourself were uncovered? How can you access the secrets of your soul to begin again? Knowledge is power, but only if it is used appropriately. In Taurus, we return to the bare essentials. What do we actually need to live in fullness? Look around at your life. Where do you find ground? What makes you feel alive? When do you feel most connected to your breath; that is what keeps you moving, after all.

Situated at 22*, this lunation is infused with the transformative energy of purposefulness by Pluto @ 27* of Capricorn. The God of the Underworld made his Station & began to shift retrograde on April 28th, just after the last Full Moon in Scorpio. It is as if Luna sent a signal to him from the fullness of her Scorpionic energy. Time to go within! We can access the inward pulling force of Pluto’s transformative energy & we can be willing to make room for new growth in our lives. The suggestion is that NOTHING can survive without ongoing change energy. Leave something unused for any length of time & it begins to fall apart, to get rigid & unmovable.

At this New Moon resolve to find ways to move your energy. Even with ongoing social restrictions, we can get outside, soak in the healing Sun, breathe the fresh air with some measure of freedom. At the very least, for those of us who have yards, let’s use them. If general movement is hindered, go into your backyard & move around there. By the way, have you heard of the recent & various studies that indicate that outdoor mask-wearing provides ‘MINISCULE’ protection from this or any other virus? Another reason to get outside where the cleansing energy of the Sun can fill us up with natural immunity & resilience.

The Sabian Symbols for the New Moon are:



If we want to create the peace we yearn for, we must be proactive & determined to do so. Being passive will not get us to our destination. Use all of your acquired tools to ACTIVELY, even aggressively ‘hunt’ for your prize of wellness; of tranquility; of transformation; of new growth. An effort is necessary if the desired goal is to be reached. But, be aware that this peace of BEING is present if we just reach out for it mindfully, with full consciousness.

Certainly, that is what we all want; to get to a place of peacefulness both within ourselves & with those around us. On the broadest of levels, I think that we can all agree that we are tired of the polarized discord of our current reality, the distrust, the suspicion, the anger. We are often hesitant to say what we think because of this stark divisiveness and yet, the only sure way to create commonality is to attempt to find common ground. No matter how profoundly you might disagree with those around you, avidly seek the thing on which you do agree. Taurus energy is foundational, intrinsic, the absolute lowest common denominator of any given situation; simplicity at its finest. Taurus energy is about the essential creativity within us all. The obvious correlation is the energy of birth itself. The making of another living being is the ultimate act of creation. It is the beginning of all things, love concretized into human form.

Gaia, the GREAT MOTHER, is Taurus energy in full resplendant action. At this most critical time in human consciousness, trust in the unrelenting energy of GAIA to protect her creation. Her light will overtake the dark. Her natural healing power will protect her creation. Blessed Be.

The ruler of this New Moon Taurus energy is Venus in Gemini. Find the loving words you need to heal the wounds you hold within yourself & those you bear witness to in others. Speak gently, lightly to soothe the soul. Transformation arises from a place deep within the soul. Exercise your listening ears to hear the call to this much-needed transformation. Allow your mental body to receive your truth, whatever that might be. And act from the heart, the heart of forgiveness, the heart of empathy, the heart of love.

Where does this lovely New Moon fall in your chart? That is the place where you have the opportunity to begin again, to start anew, to build up from the basics. If you know your chart, you can place 22* Taurus/Scorpio into it & begin to track what part of your psyche is being activated to reframe itself.

Asc/Des:  ME/YOU

Re-introduce yourself to yourself. How can you simplify your life? How can you interact with more empathy? Seek out healing associates. Make new friendships that are based on authentic connections. Speak truth in all of your interactions or, if you dare not speak truth, then abstain from combative words and speak the truth silently to yourself. Find new & simple ways to express who you are to those you choose to be with.


Do you need to re-examine your basic values? What can you align to that will provide you with a greater sense of personal power? Are your current values providing you with a sense of security or do feel lost & powerless as a result of your values? How do you use your personal power in your day-to-day life? Are you sensitive to others’ boundaries? Do you respect those boundaries, both within yourself & within others?


Learn something new & make sure that it is useful. Pursue ways to simplify your thoughts. Try to express yourself in down-to-earth ways that make sense. Develop ways to include a sense of faith into your day-to-day life. Does your spiritual focus need an overhaul? Be willing to experiment with new approaches to the way you think, communicate & connect with your own version of the divine.


Keep it simple. Stick to the basics both privately & publicly. What can you let go of so that you are not using all of your energy to keep things afloat? Does your persona need an overhaul? Who do you really want to be known as? What can you do to get closer to your own ideal version of yourself? What about your home? What can you do to make it more reflective of who you truly are? Too much junk? Get rid of it. There are plenty of thrift stores ready to take what you have to give.


Get frisky! Rediscover the pleasure of the organic. Re-imagine your creative projects & start making them real. Be brutal about what really makes you anticipate the future. Review your goals & dreams & get real about them. Is what you are aspiring towards really attainable? Is it practical? Can you actually imagine it into existence? Want less & you will receive more. That is a secret not many know! Happiness is a calm heart & a contented mind.




What is at least one new & healing habit you can introduce into your daily routine? Can you make an effort to be more connected to the natural world on a physical level? Target just one thing per day that you can reorder & by the end of the month at least 30 things will have been put into place. Throw away one never-used item per day & watch your life get less cluttered. If a daily purge is still too overwhelming, start with one item per week. Keep it going, no matter how hard it might be. Make your faith real. If you are having a hard time staying connected to your own version of the divine, increase your spiritual practice & support it with concrete habitual rituals that will help to remind you of your own divinity. Yes, we are flesh & blood but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Be willing to go deep into yourself & find the infinite & immortal version of YOU.









Full Moon in Scorpio April 26, 2021 @ 10:33 pm

Full Moons bring a sense of revelation to any process. Anything that has not yet been fully ‘seen’, may suddenly be revealed. The efforts that we might have initiated at the New Moon can be brought to fruition or, at the very least, whatever is intrinsic to the project is uncovered.

The Full Moon is akin to the opposition in astrology because it is at this point that the Moon is directly opposite to the Sun, thus basking in that light & fully visible. So, think about what the opposition aspect can contribute to any process. When we are able to view things from an objective perspective, we can often ‘see’ elements within any situation that are obscured when we view it from the subjective perspective. It seems simple enough and yet, objectivity is one of the hardest modes to accomplish. Most of us are more comfortable sitting securely within our personal bubbles and are content to continue to view reality in this most singular fashion.

The opposition aspect, when accessed at the highest of energetic levels brings balance. It allows the self to embrace the energy of ‘the other’. Once that ‘other’ energy is integrated into one’s reality, an ‘even-ing out’ can occur; balance. Often, in order to get to the balance point, some degree of confrontation or conflict must take place. Unlike the rather strange cancel culture that is operative these days, we do not wish to subscribe to the repression of alternate points of view or modes of operation. Rather, we want to explore all possible protocols to ensure that the one that we choose to adopt is, indeed, the right one for each of us individually. Investigation, exploration & the testing of any and all proposals are critical as we search for knowledge, as we endeavor to refine ourselves emotionally, as we pierce the veil to seek the ‘truth’. Don’t fall victim to the repressive tactics of today’s thought police. Continue to challenge the narrative & think independently, to push the bar. It is only if we are courageous on this level that new understanding can ever be reached. Repression of alternate viewpoints can only lead to IMBALANCE. Be the willow tree, not the oak. Flow naturally with the winds of change.

When the Moon is Full in Scorpio, the deepest of emotions are revealed. This is an energy of secret depths and when the Moon is at her full point those secrets can suddenly come out into illumination. Everyone has things that they hold deep within them, that they do not wish to share. But, as the saying goes, ‘the truth will out…’& in Scorpio, it can be a truth that is difficult to face either by self or the other. So, be mindful of the secrets you hold. If you do not wish to share them, bury them deep within your sacred space and be truthful with, at the very least, yourself. But understand, that if they do surface, all you can do is to courageously accept the consequences of your hidden past.

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In this lunation, Mars, newly entered into Cancer is in trine/sextile to the Full Moon suggesting that peaceful action is the best course to follow. Make amends if the secrets cause pain. Be sympathetic to others’ hurt if they feel it. Choose the path of forgiveness if you are the one who discovers a long-hidden secret.

And secrets could well be revealed! Uranus is closely aligned to the Sun & Moon both by conjunction (Sun) & opposition (Moon), suggesting a certain degree of surprise, of unpredictable circumstance. Emotions suddenly surfaced can be a challenge to manage so be mindful if you find yourself in unexpected situations where feelings run high. Saturn in Aquarius squares the Lunation & is still in a separating square aspect with Uranus providing us with the strength that we need when navigating sensitive interactions. No matter how difficult it might be to ‘face’ the truth, in the long run, it is better to walk in honesty than to sink into illusion. Put on the complete armor of the Spirit so as to guard your heart & fortify your mental powers. Before reacting to any emotional outbursts, use your feet to walk away & regain your composure if need be. The armor metaphor is so fitting these days as we all navigate one of the strangest times in human history. It’s a  time when personal emotions are being sorely tested by external non-personal forces. It is not surprising if we project the uncertainty & fear that we might be feeling into our personal lives. For this reason, we must constantly reinforce ourselves spiritually.

The Biblical metaphor, described in Ephesians 6:10-18 is quite beautiful. The ‘Helmet of Salvation’ ensures that our thoughts are focused on that which preserves. The ‘Breastplate of Righteousness’ protects our hearts as we face those who wish us harm. The ‘Sword of the Spirit’ gives us the will to counter lies with truth. The ‘Shield of Faith’ ensures that no matter what we encounter, we have the capacity to withstand it. The shoes we wear are ‘the Equipment of Peace’ so that we can walk away if need be. Our job is to keep this spiritual armor in good repair, to polish it, to oil it so that we can depend on it if times get tricky. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Constantly monitor your heart to rid yourself of toxic emotion. Believe in the good & exercise your right to remove yourself from conflict when there is no expectation of peaceful resolution. If you create sacred habits for yourself in this regard, you will be able to counter the ‘surprises’ that may shock you!


The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


How fitting this image is for one of the most potent lunations of the cycle!

What is being illuminated? Are we seeing the truth or a mere reflection of the truth? What, really is truth? How can we come to terms with the intersection of subjective truth and objective truth?  Is it possible to step outside of our own bubbles & clearly see the alternative to our own perspective? Can we dive into the deepest part of the waters of the lake & search amongst the shadows that lie beneath the surface? Are we willing to find whatever it is that lies beneath those waters? Emotional courage is the hardest courage to exercise because it requires a brutal self-honesty on our part.

This Full Moon provides us with the magnetic impulse to draw out that which is hidden, that which cannot be seen, that which resides within us beyond the reach of the rays of the burning Sun. Moon issues are always nebulous, not easily dealt with, & the most painful of all. Just like an illness, we must allow the crisis point to be reached if we are to actually embark on a journey into healing & wellness. And so it is with emotional issues; once they begin to surface, we must allow them to manifest so as to properly address them. Repression only leads to further illness, to increased dis-ease. Today, we understand that illness on any level of being is intrinsically connected to a lack of balance on all other levels. So, if an emotional crisis shows up in your own reality, be willing to ask yourself the hard questions. Look at all aspects of your life & try to develop strategies to bring balance & harmony into them. To heal any one part of our layered self, we must heal all parts of our layered self; the body, the heart, the mind & the spirit.

This lunation activates the Taurus/Scorpio axis within your chart. Obviously, if you have significant energy in either of these two signs, examine carefully, what part of your psyche is being ‘illuminated’. For solar, lunar, & ascendant Taurus or Scorpio energy, this is your FULL MOON; (you will get another one in the fall). Locate the two houses in your own chart that contain the Sun/Moon opposition. Think about what area of life is under this penetrating laser-like beam.

And even if you do not have significant Taurus/Scorpio energy, it’s useful to determine what area of life might be involved. Very briefly, consider the following:

Houses 1& 7: Are you comfortable with the way you interact? Are your relationships meeting your needs?



Houses 2 & 8: Are you living in sync with what you actually believe in? Do your values empower you or rob you of your power? How can you ground out & be authentic?


Houses 3 & 9: Do you speak your truth? Do you know what it is? Are you in an ongoing search for your truth?



Houses 4 & 10: Are you comfortable with your private self? How much of who you truly are is out for others to see? Can you do it? Count the costs!




Houses 5 & 11: Are you following your heart? Where does your true allegiance lie? Are the dreams that you have been pursuing the ones that have real meaning for you?




Houses 6 & 12: Do you need an overhaul physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually? What habits need to go? Make the resolution to ‘just do it’!



Make these questions a starting point as you dig ever more deeply into the consequences of every action, every intention, every thought & every feeling that is a part of who you are.

Happy unveiling!

For those of you who follow the Buddhist traditions, this is the beginning of WESAK, the celebration of the Birth of the Buddha. For the next month, celebrations of his life will be held all over the world. It is a month of spiritual pursuit for his followers, a time to focus on the ‘PATH’. Blessings to all who aspire to the practice!


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