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Full Moon in Gemini 2018

Gemini Full Moon: November 22, 2018 @ 11:41 CST

Original artwork by permission of CLEM

As the yearly cycle descends into the darkest of times, our souls are filled with light as the Moon reaches her fullness in the sign of Gemini. This only happens once a year on average and always in November or December, just prior to Winter Solstice when, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is reborn.

So, although the days are short and the nights are long, the energy of Gemini promises us, as the Moon dons these magical robes, that summer will return and that we will not linger too long in the arms of the night.

There is a playful magic afoot when the Moon and Gemini merge. Worries are set aside, if only briefly, and a light-heartedness overtakes us. In Gemini we find ways to laugh. We explore for the sake of exploration. We network for the sheer joy of connectivity. We make friends simply for nothing. No need to be ponderous or deep. That can be tucked away for another time. Better to embrace each other with a smile and a chuckle than to look for hidden meaning and secret intentions. We are now well into the ‘season to be jolly’ and Gemini winks at us and says…”Just go with it. Enjoy it. Have some fun. It won’t last long, after all.”

This lunation is conjoined to several significant astrological shiftings. Firstly, the Sun has now stepped out of Scorpio and into the joyous energy of Sagittarius. And with Jupiter also in this sign, the emphasis is on generosity and expansiveness. Enough with the moods and intensity, says Sol. I wanna have some fun and think about loftier things. I wanna explore and adventure myself into a stupor if need be. I wanna GO and be free. Sounds fine to most of us after those long lingering Scorpio nights and days. Let’s have another glass of the red!

Secondly, Mr. Mercury is once again retrograde, and this time in Sagittarius, the energy of rapid movement for one thing. This retrograde period lasts until Dec 6, 2018 with the lingering shadow continuing until December 24ish, 2018. Mind your feet. Think decisions over once, twice, three time, four times. Sag impulse is pretty hard to hold in check. Back up your computer and make sure that your electrical equipment is in good working order and won’t short out. Generally, be alert to your environment. Mercury is all about the connection between things so any area of life that involves this principle is open to ‘adventurous’ mishap.

Thirdly, Venus has now concluded her retrograde journey and will be out of the shadow by December 17 ish, 2018. Gather up your thoughts and feelings and the sensations that you explored over that few weeks and reboot, baby, reboot. With this Full Moon, Venus herself is featured in a power packed square to the Moon’s Nodes. What does that mean? We are collectively at a crossroads regarding those things that are of most value and concern to us. On an individual basis, we are faced with integrating the choices that we have been making in regards to our value systems, to our resource management, to what we love and want and what makes us feel grounded and full of well-being. There is a call to balance coming from the deepest part of our psyches, urging us to find the path of peace and conciliation, to really listen to those who may not be expressing exactly what we think is true, to seek the middle road. Walking in the middle is the safest place to be. The extremes are all much too close to the edge of the cliff. And this cliff drops off into sheer destruction. With Mars currently in the divine energy of Pisces, we are encouraged to assume the stance of the Peaceful Warrior, she who fights for the right from a place of compassion and forgiveness. So as we move into this ‘holiday season’, let’s all of us make love, not war. Put your partisan clothes in the trash can and don the robes of the light-worker, she who brings healing into this world of woe. In a hundred years, if we are still here, no one will care who the president was in 2018.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


When we still our thoughts and ground our bodies, inspiration and insight can occur. After all, we are merely shreds of spirit caught in flesh and floating within the sphere of consciousness. The more that we can ‘peer’ through the ‘glass-bottomed boat’, the more easily understood are the workings of this wonderful thing called life.


There is joy in fellowship and particularly so in the fellowship of reunion. How sweet it is to see sisters dwelling together in peace and harmony. This is really the reason why we came to this plane of existence in the first place, to find each other, to play together, to create love, to shine.


Blessed be the little children

For they will inherit the Kingdom of the Heavens…

Matthew 18:3


NEW MOON IN SCORPIO; 11-07.18-10:02 AM CST

When the Moon slides into Scorpio every month and smolders there for about 2 ½ days, the secret part of the self, the inner reaches of the heart, the most hidden feelings and emotions can be stirred up. In Scorpio we find the courage to face the unknown. Whatever is hidden, is uncovered. It can be an exhilarating few days or a harrowing few days, depending on the extent of our desire to face the shadow that resides within us.

In traditional Astrology, Moon in Scorpio was understood to be the place of the Moon’s ‘FALL’. As the word suggests, it was not necessarily a happy kind of placement. Modern day astrologers look at things a little differently. Remember, that our historical understanding of this mysterious artful science, was formulated within an era when choice was limited or even restricted; when rules of conduct were rigid and proscribed. The King was the King and the serf was the serf and seldom did the two meet. Today, we are moving into the AGE of EGALITARIANISM, (though ever so slowly), and the little person, the silent citizen, is now beginning to recognize that her voice is as significant as that of any so-called ‘King’. Rules are meant to be broken and the status quo has become a fluid, almost living thing. Are we re-inventing the wheel? Possibly so. All that is broken is now being examined and we are vigorously exploring ideas to repair, replace and re-formulate. So, we modern astrologers regard the Moon in Scorpio as an archetype of incredible will, indefatigable courage and fearlessness in the face of misfortune. Moon in Scorpio is the stalwart survivor of the zodiac, absorbing all negativity and assiduously acting to transmute it into something useful.

This particular lunation is full of magic and inspiration. The Sun/Moon conjunction—New Moons are a time when the Moon travels into the brilliance of the Sun and rests there for a few days—is beautifully aligned to the planet Neptune, creating an aura of mystical magical musing. If you are inclined that way, that is. Use these next few days to explore hopes and dream, to imagine the impossible and them to imagine it into the possible. Allow yourself to suspend reality for however long you can and let the Moon in Scorpio show you your deepest desires, your most secret longings.

Jupiter is at the final degrees of Scorpio, almost ready to burst into Sagittarius. We are ready to take off our dreaming cloak and jump onto our horse, race for the horizon. The steamy, sultry energy of Scorpio will be discarded and for the next year, Jupiter will encourage us to dream big and reach for the stars. Use this next few days to imagine the next 12 months of your life. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

We are still in the midst of the Venus Retrograde cycle with Venus situated at 27* Libra RX. Are you reconsidering your values? Are you reviewing where you place your bets? What motivates you? What do you actually, truly, deep down want in your life? This New Moon in Scorpio can provide you with the little bit of extra oomph to be HONEST with yourself and spit out the truth, if only in the privacy of your own room when you are well and truly alone.

The Nodal Axis has now shifted into Cancer/Capricorn. For the last 18 months or so, we have been exploring our individual need to proclaim ourselves, to out ourselves, to be who we want to be. Now the experimentation must be grounded into the deepest part of our individual psyches. The North Node in Cancer calls us to align the external expression with a deep and abiding internal resolution. We need to FEEL our convictions deep within our bones. We need to flesh out our aspirations with rock solid strategies that will ensure that we attain the goals that we set. BE WHO YOU ARE. FEEL your way into yourself. Be true to those uncovered feelings that may have risen to the surface of your soul.

This New Moon is a promise of insight, a boost of personal power, a call to authenticity of emotion. Used wisely, this energy is healing, transformative and empowering. Glorious New Moon in Scorpio. Let us begin again.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






Smiles produce positive return. Work at being the ideal that you imagine. Happiness is worth the effort. Put your whole soul into the pursuit of a happy countenance. People love smiling eyes.

Stay ever humble. Do not over reach or assume that you have all the answers. Allow the divine to guide you and always opt for the path of righteousness rather than the path of self-interest. Joy and wisdom are born from a happy heart and an unpretentious mind. Ask rather than answer. Seek rather than find. It is in the ongoing search for truth that the answers reside.


Scorpio Magick

I am the spider who weaves the web

The shadow that covers the soul

I am the darkness of midnight and the silence of the witching hour

I am the magick in the mystery of the unseen

I am she who senses

She who knows

She who transforms

She who is reborn





Essence of life

Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018 @ 11:47 am CDT

We have arrived at the threshold of


The Sun is newly entered into Scorpio, the energy of magik, the energy of power, the energy of transformation. And how fitting that we should have this glorious Full Moon in the earthy, organic, fundamental sign of Taurus.

Scorpio/Taurus are partnered in the Zodiacal wheel by polarity. When these two power players align, stuff can happen. And so, in the world of astrology, this particular full moon, arriving for us once a year around this time, is one of the most potent Moons of the cycle. When the Moon transits the solid sign of Taurus, her ethereal and often shifting energy is brought to ground. This is the MOON of MANIFESTATION. Pagan folk come together under this moon to call her energy down where it can take form. Those of us who prefer more personal ritual, can meditate under this fulsome moon and vision all that we have in our hearts and minds. But beware. Energy follows thought so think wisely and think clearly and above all, DO NO HARM. In the realm of the lightworker, there is no room for the hex magik that those who have a base nature often perform. Stay away from these hexers because the energy that they call out will inevitably return to them in triplicate. That which you send forth will always find its way back to you.

This is the Moon of REMEMBRANCE & RELEASE. Venus, newly retrograde in Scorpio invites us to review our hidden secret self. Her seductive energy provides us with dreams that take us back to before, even to past lives that may hold a gem of wisdom or a wound to heal. She draws us into the wheel of memory. Our job is to ride that wheel, to remember and to do the work that needs to be done. Are you still holding a hurt in your tender heart? Let it go. Embrace it in a holistic way but erase the rancor and the acidity of hate if it still lurks in the corners of your soul. Venus in Scorpio, closely aligned to the Sun/Moon alignment, insists that we go deep and hard into the mystery of our emotions and stretch them out like a kite in the wind. Let the celestial heights air them out and take them away. Mars in Aquarius, ruler of that Venus, asks us to be fair and just, to detach ourselves from petty concerns and hold to the ideal that we are all ONE family, despite the findings of any DNA test. Lets symbolically believe in the myth of the Garden of Eden. We have one archetypal Mother. We have one archetypal Father. We are all brothers and sisters, kith and kin. It is only when this simple, yet difficult to truly embrace concept is firmly fixed in our minds and hearts that we, as a species might actually be able to “give peace a chance”. Let it be so.

Emotionally, we are at a crossroad (Sun/Venus & Moon/Uranus exactly square the Nodal Axis). Will we take up the ‘sword of the spirit’—that is LOVE, little one—and move courageously into our collective future or will we tumble back into old patterns, old attitudes, old ways of thinking and being. NO!!! Uranus, closely aligned to this gorgeous Moon says, step out of your comfort zone. Think outside the box. Be bold. Live free. Say what is in your heart and encase it in honey. Be sweet. Yes, above all, be sweet. Be fiercely, intensely sweet and let your little light shine.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:








We all have times of emotional upheaval where events appear to come out of nowhere and unlock the hidden waves of feeling that reside within us. Just as in electrical storms, these times can lead to an aftermath that is full of a new and often refreshing energy. We must allow the sorrow, grief or, for that matter, any kind of overwhelming emotion to break free from both our physical and ethereal body and spill over, releasing the essence of its substance. If we hold, repress, ignore or avoid any negative feelings, they will, most assuredly, take form within us. Negative energy is real and our call to action is to identify it and transmute it into positive action that has a clear and certain point of intent. We are being asked to remember with compassion and to release all unwelcome thoughts into the sea of love.


Song for the TAURUS MOON

I am the


Born of dreams and visions

I hold your aspiration deep within my beating heart

Gaze upon me and believe

Look at me shine and remember

Hold me close and exercise compassion

I will encircle you

I will rock you

I will lull you

I will find you

Blessed be…


Libra, the energy of conciliation and cooperation where you can meet and greet with those you like and more importantly with those you can’t tolerate. This is an energy that demands tolerance and seeks to provide a space where one can enter into a forum for respectful debate, always giving equal time to the opposing view. Sounds alien?

Well yes, we live in a time when the RULE OF LAW—a very Libra concept—is being severely exercised and challenged. For those of us in the middle who consider themselves to be non-aligned to a specific ideology, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to discern just exactly what anybody is saying, maybe because they are saying it at a screaming pitch with words that are emotionally charged, with adjectives that betray a strong and biased partisanship. But Libra promises that there is a place for dialogue, that people CAN get along together, that consensus can be reached as long as everyone remembers that first we are HUMANS, and all of us are equal under the light of the divine.

This NEW MOON presents us with the opportunity to do a reboot in the way that we relate to ourselves on that very important inner level and to others on that equally important outer level. We have come to this earth to be in community and we’d better put some effort into developing some strategies that result in a more successful outcome. Libra is about LISTENING first. So, listen carefully when someone is talking with the expectation that they, too, will do some listening to you. But YOU do it first. Let your challenger speak. Let her express her complete point of view. Hear it. Consider it. Then, open your mouth, but carefully, very carefully. 

Pluto, the archetype of re-birth is in a powerfully dynamic relationship to this New Moon. Pluto says, ‘Interact with integrity.’ Do not be dirty or emotionally manipulative in how you go about trying to prove your point. Be respectful and HONEST because if you are not, it will come back to haunt you. Secrets will be exposed. Past actions will be revealed. How important it is that we are vigilant in our self-examination so that we do not fall into the trap of limited thinking.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus in Scorpio, newly retrograde. This is the big news of the cycle. Venus has an absolutely gorgeous cyclical pattern that results, once it completes its 8 year course, in a rose motif. Here we encounter the beautiful symmetry of reality. Venus, the planet, represents core values, that which we love and hold dear. The rose is a symbol of everlasting beauty, a token of love.  What a precise co-relationship. Our values should be beautiful and based on love. If they are formed on such principles, how much better would our reality become?

Retrograde Venus is a precious time period. It is a time of personal renewal, lost love found, introspective soul searching and the reformation of the shining diamond self. Because this retrograde period occurs in the signs of Scorpio & Libra, the emphasis is on truth speak and equity in relationship. Much can be recovered when Venus is doing the backward dance on every level possible. So a key word to keep in mind for the next few weeks is RECOVERY.

Recover your important relationships. Recover your sense of possibility. Recover your powerful self. Literally speaking, you may even recover items that you thought you had lost.  Rings. Money. Your favourite item of clothing. A pet. Truly. It has happened.

This particular Venus retrograde period will be especially active for anyone born between the following dates:

October 8-November 12: this is the conjunction of Venus to the Sun. Expect things to be stirred up. Your call to action is to put on your big girl pants and face whatever needs to be faced. You are being personally, intimately agitated into remembering, recovering and restoring.


January 5-February 9 & July 7-August 9:  This is the square of Venus to the Sun. Action in the value area of your life is demanded. Are you working in sync with what your truly believe, feel and desire? Do you follow through when that is what is needed? Are you ready to take responsibility for your past actions and deal with the consequences?

Where are YOUR big girl pants?


April 4-May 11: this is the opposition of Venus to the Sun. Listen carefully to what people are saying TO you and ABOUT you. Can you interpret the messages? Are you ready to act on what you understand those messages to be? You more than the others, could well experience the reappearance of a long-lost friend or lover. What will you do with them in your life once again?

This lovely little transit began October 5 and will last with some after tremors until December 17 (+/-).

The Sabian Symbols for this NEW MOON are:




Everything, and that means EVERYTHING, eventually passes into nothing or what we call nothing. Actually, that is a euphemism for everything. All that has ever been is the intrinsic component part of everything that now exists and so forth and so forth. Once we recognize this profound truth, that we, as the individual, are the culmination of all that has ever been, we will begin to realize the great responsibility that we all have, personally, to be the best that we can be. Moreover, it is THIS moment that is real. It is in THIS moment that we exist. Make THIS moment matter.

We are all a part of a magnificent tapestry of life that stretches across all of the dimensions of being. Organic, mental, emotional and etheric. Each one of us has an associate Deva who is dancing somewhere in the setting sun. Join her and dance like no one is watching.


The Libra Song


And sit by my side, my love

And share the setting sun

Let me kiss your shining face

And smile into your endless eyes

Be my lover, be my friend

Be my forever and ever

Let us dance together until the day is done

Blessed be.


Full Moon in Aries , September 24, 2018 @ 9:54 pm CDT

Its here! Once a year the Moon reaches her full point in the energy of Aries, calling us to action on the deepest of levels.

In and of itself, Aries is the impulse, courage, individuality and the celebration of being essentially, viscerally ALIVE. Undeveloped Aries energy can manifest as rashness, egocentricity and anger. Of all the energies, this is the one that we must cultivate most assiduously so as to extract the maximum benefit from it as it settles in our psyches. Everyone has this energy woven into them but how it works within each of us is another matter.

With this lunation, we can take the time to objectively examine why we do the things that we do, why we make the choices that we make and how those acts and choices either facilitate our growth and inner expansion or inhibit it.

Mars, the ruler of this particular Moon is pointing the way to broad philosophical exploration on our parts. Go back, he suggests, to your original reasons for the circumstances of your life. Dig deep into memory and your past and try to remember what motivated you, what led to the present moment. Understanding the beginning leads to a greater ability to navigate the present and to create the future of YOU. The key is OBJECTIVITY if you can get there. Don’t give in to self-centered analysis or to projection of personal angst onto others. That never works and only leads to further muddle and distemper.

Saturn, the archetype representing substance and personal responsibility sits squarely aligned to this lunation. Suck it up, he says and take charge of yourself. If you don’t like what you see around you, get up off your bum and start altering your reality. You are the boss of you. You are not a victim. Actions have consequences and consequences lead to actions. Be judicious and don’t act like a fool. The measure of any person is the ability to admit when they are wrong or when they need help. Be willing to be humble. It’s no skin off your back but, oh boy, does it ever make the angels sing!

I love this time of the year. We have passed the Equinox and the shadow of winter is on the horizon. With this beautiful Aries Moon we have one last kick at the can, one more surge of power and zest. Often, this is the Harvest Moon, calling us to mind the earth and reap the rewards of our labours. Go outside and breathe in the beauty of Gaia as she release herself into the arms of slumber. Make a bonfire and burn away the waste on the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. Call down the fiery Moon as she glides across the sky tonight and let her do her magic in your soul. Yes, we are of the earth but we are linked to the sky. We are stardust from a long time ago, born in a distant place beyond the reaches of this little solar system. That memory is in us all despite the evident chaos and disunity. Our job is to re-discover the thing that bind us all together and to nurture it so that love and peace truly do rule the world. Aries, with all of its power and might can incite us to righteous acts of courage and the positive expression of personal will. Just do It!

The Sabian Symbols are :




Aries reminds us that we are individuals and that it is our duty to be true to who we really are. We are formed through a constant interaction both with ourselves and those around us. We become the sum total of all that we do, think and choose. We have the capacity to alter that which we do not like about the reality that we create. In fact, we must! So, think deeply, act wisely and choose cautiously at all time, but for goodness sake, do think, act and choose. That’s how change happens!


The Aries Celebration

I am the flame

That is born in the heart of the divine

I am joy and exultation

I am freedom and fearlessness

I am the song and the singer

Let the music flow…

Lovely Libra

Lovely Libra 

When the Sun finally moves into his transit of Libra, we have reached the midpoint of the astrological year, if Aries is considered as the start point. This is the time of the Autumnal Equinox. Light is once again balanced with shadow and we are now well and fully into the waning part of the sun’s cycle which began at Summer Solstice, moving into winter’s silence from this point on.


Libra is an interesting energy. Associated with the planet, Venus, first impressions lend themselves to images of lightness, grace, love and peacefulness. Well, as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving! There is a lot more going on in the beauty that is Libra.

Libra is a cardinal air sign. There is implied action here and a mental clarity that is often hidden behind the smiling face of conciliation. Libra’s opposite sign is the fire sign of Aries, also a cardinal energy, and just as Aries seeks to establish its sovereignty and individualism, Libra is avid in its search for dialogue and partnership. However, do not be fooled into thinking that Libra will always concede to someone else’s desires. This is not at all the case. Libra’s ability is best understood when we understand the contradictory image of the iron fist in the velvet glove. Libra knows how to forward its cause while appearing to consider everyone else’s needs and desires. So, though the picture may appear to be one of dialogue and compromise, the back story is all about absolute devotion to the pre-determined resolution that Libra has arrived at all on its own!


Libra has the ability to review and assess in advance, plot out a strategy and then maneuver through the situation, all the while adjusting, finessing and shifting but never, never, never, getting off track. When Libra responds with non-commitment to a query or suggestion, it is merely because it is looking for the temperature of the situation before making the next move. In most cases, Libra knows exactly what it wants even while appearing to be indecisive.


One of the great skills that this energy can have is the ability to create comfort. This is why Libra type people can be successful as negotiators. They have the mental clarity to keep on track, the emotional equilibrium to maintain balance and the simple sweetness to make everyone feel safe, not threatened, a necessary quality when it comes to finding common ground.


The symbol associated with Libra is the Scales, the only non-living representation of a Zodiac energy. Sometimes, the Goddess of Justice is included in the symbol, holding those scales and weighing out whatever matter is at hand but for the most part, when we think of Libra, we think of those balancing plates, swinging back and forth like a teeter totter. There is a clue in this symbol as to what is actually going on within the Libra psyche. Rather than being in a place of balance, the Libra soul is actually searching for that place of inner balance. Thus, we see Libra’s determination to appear calm, even, peaceful. That which we focus upon is usually the very thing that is in short supply within ourselves!

The shadow side of Libran energy is the tendency to manipulate and manage others. The reason for the manipulation is usually related back to Libra’s need to create congeniality in its environment. Because of the mental clarity that can be associated with this energy, the Libra psyche is a great assessor of situations, able to nail down just exactly what is necessary in order to find solutions and develop compatibility and union. Any manipulative behaviour, then, is derived from this insight and the sure belief that the end—peace and coherence– must justify the means—seducing others into following Libra’s intention—emphasis on the seduction, by the way! One thing is certain, Libra makes it easy! This energy is so graceful, so accommodating that it is often not evident when coercion is being used. Libra makes us all want to do it! No aggression, no brow-beating, just simple sweetness and lots and lots of cupcakes to tempt us into it!

Libra can appear to be indecisive but again, we need to look a bit more closely at this. Usually, Libra knows exactly what IT wants but is reluctant to commit in case this commitment creates conflict. So, in fact, it is not indecisive so much as it is desirous of maintaining peace within the context of the relationship. Look a little closer and you’ll see that often as not, Libra will manage to find a way to do exactly what it has wanted to do all along and everyone else goes along willingly. Ever heard the term, Passive-Aggressive? Calm down, Libra, we all love you!

A great example of a famous (and, dare I say it, successful!) individual with a ton of Libra energy is Bill Clinton—Rising sign supported by both Venus & Mars!!! After all that Mr. Clinton has been accused of, alleged to have done and known to have been involved in, we just can’t help but love him. He makes it hard not to. To this day, his partner is still married to him, apparently still committed. He continues to charm and convince and inspire despite all of the evidence of his ongoing duplicity! He was also one of the greatest diplomats ever and to this day is called on for his negotiating skill. It was under Clinton’s leadership that peace talks between Egypt and Israel took place culminating in that famous concord announced on the White House lawn! Clinton’s indubitable Libra ability to bring together diverse and apparently discordant opponents as partners in process, was at work here.

Libra, then, is the energy of coordinated action, measured and appropriate application of the energy of peace and unity. Very fitting for a Venus ruled archetype!


Wherever you find Libra in your own birthchart, the issue of relating to partnership, inner balance, values and how to attune to them into your life will somehow be brought into play. The Libra part of your psyche is concerned with finding the right words to create dialogue. How do you enter into relationship? What sorts of strategies do you use when trying to establish common ground? Where is your own inner balance point and what forces are at play within your own psyche in this regard? As an example, if you have Libra somewhere in the first quadrant, the lower LHS of the circle, it will always be important to that you have balance in your life and action, that you are surrounded by beautiful things, that you are fair and just in all that you say and think—at least according to your own measure…


For all of you Aries people, this is your half birthday, a good time to review how your own birthday year has gone so far. Accomplishments? Realized goals? Non–realized goals? And what are you going to do about it? Take some time to sit and think about how you would like the next 6 months to look.


Star Crossings 

Venus, Earth’s closest companion in the solar system is the ‘ruler’ of Libra. RULER simply means that this is the planet associated with this energy. Sun in Libra people, Libra rising people or even those with a dominant Libra signature can all be said to be ‘Venus ruled’. Not a bad moniker to own!


Venus is the planet that represents our basic value system and how we demonstrate it both internally and internally. Ever heard of the ‘inner moral compass’? That’s your Venus energy operating deep inside of your bones.

She is linked to desire in that it is what we LOVE that we DESIRE or…we desire what we love. Venus is magnetic and a strongly functioning Venusian energy can result in the ability to draw what one wants (desires, values). Conversely, Venus energy still in development can sometimes encounter a sense of frustration in terms of getting what it wants. Whenever we feel friction, this is an indicator that some refining work needs to be done so don’t cave in if things seem hard to attain. Rather, take a good look at yourself and try and figure out where you can be more focused about identifying your basic wants. If you can do this, then it is much easier to make a plan and actually get that thing that you truly desire. But if you are unclear about what is meaningful to you, what fills you up, what makes you feel contentment and virtue, then its sort of like sending out a spray that falls every which way. Wasted effort.


The transits of Venus are quick, much like those of Mercury. This planet has an orbital time that is less than the Earth’s so Venus runs through the zodiac signs more quickly than does the Earth, our home. The Venus principle never falls more than about 2 signs either way of the solar principle. In a natal horoscope this can result in a person having the Sun in home loving Cancer but Venus in fun loving Gemini. Such a combination can create complexity within the psyche. Which driver does one serve, the nesting urge or the thrill-seeking urge? HMMMMM… For any of you who have read your daily horoscope and felt a strong disconnect from the description of the energy, it could be that your Venus energy is more reflective of some of your actions than whatever the Sun Sign is. The human psyche is multi-layered!


Venus transits can bring up issues related to relationship and desire. Sometimes, a windfall could come your way or long-lost friends and lovers may reappear. This is especially the case when Venus goes retrograde so keep track of this cycle and see what co-relates in your own life. During one Venus retrograde cycle, I reconnected with a long-lost friend seemingly out of the blue and that relationship has survived to this day, much to my Venusian delight!


Here is a quick cheat list of Venus through the houses.

Through house:


1:         What do I really desire?



2:         Is this really all mine?



3:         I love my friends!



4:         I want to go home!



5:         I feel sexy…anyone interested?



6:         I want to do what I love.



7:         Who can I call?



8:         Is this really all yours?





9:         The pleasure of distant places.



10:       I get the respect and adoration I deserve.





11:       Let’s have a party!




12:       The sweetness of silence; I need a retreat.



When we gaze up into the night sky, we can often see Venus shining brightly in the inky sky. There is comfort and a sense of connection to be derived from this simple experience. No wonder that the ancients attributed such positive characteristics to this planet. She brings us comfort. She gives us hope and she makes us gasp in awe and wonder. Almost close enough to touch and yet just beyond our reach. Ah! The magical, mysterious Venus!





The Venus Affirmation


I align my inner desire

with the path of highest good,

creating peace and grace

everywhere I go

and with everyone I meet.




Goddess, smile down on me

And let me rest

In your loving arms

I am the dreamer

And this is the dream

You are my keeper

And I am the kept

so hold me safe

in the soft love

of your

infinite heart…



New Moon in Virgo: The Power of Resolve


We live in interesting times of shift, change and uncertainty. Part of the human psyche cleaves to what it knows and can measure while another part craves the unknown, the new. For some of us, there has been enough of the new lately and we feel as if we could take a little more of the tried and tested. But the changes are not done! The next few years will test our fundamental values, our connection to the things that we hold dear, the full measure of our relationship with the earth. The choices that we make as individuals and as a collective will determine what our world will become, what we will become, how this story of us will play out. As conscious individuals, we must continually be clarifying our intentions and examining our choices, ensuring that the one follows the other to create a strong chain that will hold us to our course to preserve the earth, to purge our community of reactive tendencies, to be true, good and loving. At this New Moon in the precise and exacting energy of Virgo, we can do a bit of this soul searching.

Virgo is that part of our psyches which analyzes and measures, collates and systematizes. Everyone has this energy somewhere and this current lunation will activate whatever part of YOUR psyche it aligns with. The wheel of the year is turning, now, towards the silence of winter. We have arrived at the autumnal equinox occurring on September 22, 2018 @8:54 PM CDT. It is a time to reflect on all that we have done and consider how to proceed. A new moon in any energy signals a beginning of sorts and with this particular new moon, we can begin to let go of that which was not productive and focus on all that is working in our little lives. The lunation is supported by a retrograde Pluto suggesting that we can dig deep into ourselves and find the strength to carry on and do what must be done.

Mars, now finally moving forward is picking up steam and is in the final degree of Capricorn suggesting that strategy and purposefulness can be applied with determination to any situations in our lives that require it.

This is a grounded, powerful new moon with loads of earthy energy to give us a sense of direction, a sense of place within the scheme of things. Mercury, Saturn & Uranus form a lovely triangle (trine), all in earth energies, suggesting that our thoughts, our ideas, are supported by a clear sense of implementation with the ability to adapt and shift as need be as we enact that which we imagine. The facility to maneuver through obstacles and challenges is there in that connection between Saturn and Uranus. We just have to be willing to take the leap if need be.

Neptune, dream planet, signifier of spirit is almost exactly opposed to the Moon/Sun combo. We are being challenged to hold to the process. On the highest of levels, we are being asked to maintain trust that even if we are not entirely clear about the process, if we have done the prep work, we will get through to the end. Neptunian energy becomes problematic when we are overly rigid or give in to fear- based reactions. If you feel unsteady, remember to breathe and focus on TRUST. Take action from a place of LOVE and Neptune will be your friend. Act selfishly and Neptune will create clouds of doubt around you. Stay fluid, little fish.

In these strange and interesting times, I sometimes get the sense that we have been here before, don’t you? With Uranus square to the nodal axis, the call to action is to find the better way forward. What did we do, as a collective, the last time we had to make choices like the ones that are before us now? How can we improve over whatever it was that we did previously? This can be applied to our individual process just as powerfully. Think about your story. Think about your unconscious tendencies. Who are you? What is it that you do out of habit or imprinting that you can alter? Be better, be brutal with yourself, be honest, be strong!

The Virgo New Moon that always occurs around this time of the year is a great time to turn the mirror onto ourselves and to carefully examine all of the above. Use this opportunity, this great sifting and purging energy to polish your aspiring soul, to perfect your diamond nature, to be the gold that you truly are.

The Sabian Symbols are:



Here we have a bit of a caution. The one symbol could refer to the symbolic ‘tent’ of life. We, all of us humans, are gathered together to participate in something collective. We all take our turns on that ‘stage’ performing each one according to her inclinations and abilities. As the bard penned, “ all the world’s a stage, and we, the players”. How is it that we ‘act out’ our parts? Do we do it with thoughtfulness? Do we plan and carefully prepare ourselves before taking action? Or do we randomly ricochet from one impulse to the next? As members of a greater collective we do have a responsibility to participate with thoughtful intention in this play called LIFE. Depend on that which you know is effective and not that which is founded in illusion and conjecture.

To read more about the energy of Virgo, see my post, The Virtue of Virgo under Star Stuff


FULL MOON IN PISCES, August 26, 2018; 6:58 AM CDT

Full Moon in Pisces, August 26, 2018 @ 6:58 am CDT

Pisces Moon is a time to dream, imagine & be fanciful. This most gentle of all the energies wraps us up in magical, mysterious clouds where we can be whomever we want to be, with whomever we want to be with and wherever we wish to be. It’s a time to step out of the hard-edged reality of our ‘make it happen’ lives and into a softer place of make believe. Interestingly, the relationship between Mercury, ruler of Virgo, now in direct motion in Leo and Neptune, ruler of Pisces, retrograding in that sign is an almost perfect inconjunct angle. The inconjunct can be many things—adjustment oriented, irritable, even edgy but when these two archetypes are involved, let’s add in a measure of spaciness, dreaminess and not quite of this world kind of quality. Neptune/Mercury (similar to Pisces/Virgo) types can be highly inspired, the artists, the visionaries, the seers of our motley crew—the human race. So, under the silvery beams of the Pisces Full Moon, the ruling planets of Pisces (Neptune) and Virgo (Mercury) are urging each other to jump the fences of reality, go past the boundaries of those fences and imagine the impossible. If you experience a sensation of DIS-connectedness use it for some productive day-dreaming. Don’t let it discombobulate you. There is a time for everything under the rays of this shining MOON.

We are also at the tail end of two significant retrogrades, that of Mars, now backed into Capricorn and Saturn, also in Capricorn. Saturn lends a strong arm of support to the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon, giving our flights of fancy a place to ground out and settle. Capricorn reminds us that dreams are fine but we still have to pay the rent at some point. The suggestion is, take a break, dream your dream and scheme your scheme but know that you can always get back to basics if need be. Expect a sense of forward movement this coming fall as mercury, Mars and Saturn rev it up and start going in forward motion. But be forewarned…October brings us Venus Retrograde in Scorpio!  More about that closer to the time.

Uranus, which dipped into Taurus earlier this year is retrograding back into Aries which he will reach in early November and stay there until March 2019. Expect some surprises in the area of relationship, sovereignty and confrontation! Or, if you manage to hike yourself up to a higher level of expression, you could turn combative interaction into cooperativeness and self-assurance. There is no need to fight and disagree violently if you know your own mind and recognize that other people are not obligated to agree with you in every respect. Different points of view can lead to superlative solutions. The best parts of all viewpoints can be amalgamated into a beautiful combined effort to exceed all expectations. If only we could, as a society really understand that on a deep-down fundamental level!

As always, Full Moons are revelatory times. We should take a moment a review all that we have tried to manifest, scrutinize all the plans and initiatives. With the dreaminess of Pisces fueling us, we can tweak and manipulate our actions so that they better resemble the ideal that we thought we were pursuing. Don’t be afraid to switch gears or shift direction. The real surprise may be that the change is actually what you intended all along without even knowing it! Stay loose, little goose!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




There are times when everything seems to happen at once, times when we feel overwhelmed with the wide array of choices and decisions that we have to make. The key is to STAY WITH THE PROCESS. Eventually the ‘traffic’ will thin out and we will see the way through. Patience, it is said, is a virtue. The virtue in patience is that, if we can implement it in our day to day lives, decisions become much less problematic. The more that we understand and know about any given situation, the clearer it becomes.  With clarity comes insight and certainty and the ability to make the choice or decision. Another gift that Pisces energy can give us is a deep and abiding faith in both ourselves and in that to which we aspire. Having a connection to the mysterious force of spirit can provide us with strength in trying times.

Critical in these fractious times is the concept and implementation of integration. We must strive to see ‘from the other side’ so that our own impressions and attitudes are refined, balanced out, exercised. The only way that our current world order will survive is if we finally find a way to hear each other and develop a working protocol with each other. On a personal, inner level, the integrated self is the diamond self, the shining self. When we develop strategies that facilitate all the parts of our psyche to sing the same song, so to speak, we take one step closer to the divine where all is harmonious. It should be our devout commitment to always seek common ground, both within our own self and with those around us. Pisces energy provides us with the tools to work towards this. It blesses, it accepts, it forgives and it embraces without censure all that is before it. Ah, Pisces!




The Pisces Prayer

Let me be the mirror to your soul

Give me the courage to allow you to mirror me

Let us sit quietly together and gaze at the silvery moon,

Mother to us all,

She glows and she dances to the very center of our souls…


Virgo. What an energy!

One of the most complex of all of the zodiac signs, Virgo is mutable and earthy. Of all of the Earth signs, it is, in some ways, the least “stuck” in its own position. There is a measure of flexibility here.

Virgo loves the process; loves creating a pattern that can be followed over and over. Order is synonymous with this practical and hardworking energy. This is the energy of application, analysis, functional practicality and all things systematic.

More importantly, however, is the relationship of Virgo to healing. When I meet someone with a load of Virgo energy, I listen very carefully to the words that they use when communicating. Invariably, I have found that in that particular and attentive soul, lies the need to serve, to heal, to nourish. Think about the time of year that the Sun transits this section of the zodiac. In the Northern hemisphere it is a time of fruition. The air is filled with the scent of the full and ripened earth. The fields are ready to yield their harvest. And what is more healing than freshly harvested food and the ability to enjoy a warm and pleasant outdoors?

On the highest of levels, this is Goddess energy, pure and simple. Virgo understands ritual and, in order to connect to spirit, we need ritual and those who can work the ritual. Come on in, Virgo. We have all heard the cliché, “God is in the details”. Well, guess who gets the details right?  Virgo!

The shadow side of Virgo is, for sure, the tendency to sink into criticism, to nit-pick, nag and chew away at something until everyone else runs out of the room screaming. Enough already, Virgo, they shriek. But, here’s the thing. Virgo has an innate sense of what works and if it is confronted with something less than this, it is a challenge to maintain detachment and allow mistakes to be made. Have you noticed how tight lipped some strongly Virgo folks can be? That’s them clamping their mouths shut to prevent those words from slipping out! The real reason that anyone falls into criticism is because they strongly desire everything to be …PERFECT. This longing for perfection can then lead to discontent whether expressed externally or nurtured within the self. The solution is, as always, to focus on what does work even when there is lots that is not working. Life lesson? Acceptance, of course.

If you have Virgo prominent in your birth mandala, it is vital that you develop strategies that you can draw upon when you feel challenged and especially when you feel that you are not managing to keep things under control


When nothing seems to make sense & when it does settle down, something happens to skew you off course yet again


Detach from outcome & focus on developing trust


When your emotions are like a roller coaster and you can’t find your ground

Solution: make a cup of herbal tea & take a salt bath

(A good combination of herbs to promote calm is: mint, lemon balm, catnip, sage & a bit of honey. Be mindful of catnip as it is a strong sedative in humans. One cup before sleep can do wonders for your system.)

Secondary solution: Pour this stress energy into a task like purging & cleaning.


When your head is full of ideas but you can’t always make sense of them or you may feel like you have lost your mind

Solution: carry a tiny journal to jot down flashes as they occur

Focus on the immediate concern; resist obsessive compulsive thinking


 When nothing feels secure in your relationship life

Solution: love the one you’re with & don’t over think the future



When you keep running into obstacles and even having accidents

Solution: take time out to do breath work (10 minutes as needed).

Pause before running head on into whatever you think needs doing.

Tracking the transits of the outer planets is useful for the Virgo soul. (Well, its useful for all of us, really!) Virgo will find some comfort if she can co-relate the sometime cuckoo patterns that occur in life by keeping her finger on the moving parts—the planetary movement through the zodiac. The outers move slowly so it is especially useful to keep track of where they are in relations to one’s individual birth chart.  At all times, the key to integrating the unpredictable, transformative or discombobulating energy of the outers is to move into a place of detachment from outcome. Trust that once the earthquake is over, you will still be standing and you may even be aware of things that needed to be brought out into the light.


Star Crossings: What’s the deal, Mercury?


Every Zodiac sign has a planet (celestial object) associated to it. Virgo is aligned to that pesky little fellow, Mercury.


Mercury represents the mind within the persona. How we think, reason and communicate are all aspects of the mental body. No one part of the psyche or entity is more important than any other. We cannot forfeit our reasoning ability just so that we can experience love. On the other hand, we cannot turn our back on emotion just because our head cannot logic its way through the experience.  We cannot deny our spiritual needs just so that our physical body is nourished.  On the other hand, denying our physical body does not always lead to spiritual illumination. The integrated personality is one that honours all parts of the energy system and provides itself with what it needs on all levels of existence. No wonder that when we block or deny on one level, we can feel the effects on other levels. Things like depression, anxiety, denial, dislocation are all potential side effects when we do not acknowledge truth. In the personality matrix, the condition of our individual Mercury placement can reveal a lot about the way we get our ideas across, how we interconnect with others and our general thinking process.


The transits of Mercury are rapid and he is either catching up to the Sun during the orbital year or running ahead of him, but never by more than about 2 signs either way. However, since he moves so quickly, we may only mildly feel anything energetically, unless we are strongly ‘mercurial’, that is Mercury ruled or with a highly accentuated Mercury energy. So, Virgo, with her special connection to Mercury is more sensitive to the relative condition of this planet at any given moment. This applies, in some ways, even more so to Gemini, also connected or ‘ruled’ by Mercury.

When Mercury goes retrograde, that is appears to be moving backwards in the sky, even those of us who are not Mercury ruled can suffer the consequences. Obviously, he is not actually moving backwards literally but because of the relationship between the Earth and the other planets in the solar system, we have the experience of backward motion from our vantage point here on the earth.

So what’s the deal with Mercury Retrograde? Firstly, let’s understand that Mercury is a mini-activator within the energy field. When he transits points within the psyche, you can have something like the experience of a light-bulb being turned on. Or you might get a message, either literally or figuratively, within yourself. A Mercury transit could signal a time to make a deal, form a partnership or do some data work. When this planet appears to be ‘moving backwards’, all of these sorts of things are either up for review or perhaps just take a pause. Example: you are in the midst of signing a contract, maybe for a home purchase. Suddenly you realize that Mercury will be turning retrograde. Do not panic. Just do your do diligence and carefully and meticulously review all aspects of the deal. You may find that the deal dies but it may be in your favour for it to do so. When you review, you may notice a major oversight and thus have the opportunity to correct it. It is true that everyone has a story about the mini disasters that they have experienced when Mercury was retrograde but I feel that mindfulness can allay much of the chaos. Remember, Mercury is connected to logic and order, reasoning ability, so doing a bit of prep work in advance by ensuring that everything is in order can be very helpful. So, rather than being victim to the slings and arrows of fortune, keep track of the retrograde periods of Mercury ( 3x/year) and make preparation. Ensure that your computer is backed up. Keep your desktop clean and tidy. File your important papers properly and always in the same way. Creating pattern and order within your daily life will go a long way when dealing with ‘backwardness’. Its easy these days to keep up with the daily transits since it seems that everyone and their crazy aunt are doing astrology so there are no excuses when it comes to being caught with our pants down! Track those transits.

No matter what sign Mercury is in when he stations retrograde—remember it will only last about 3 weeks—take note of where this part of the zodiac falls in your own birth chart. This is where you could feel any of the things that I described above in your life. If you have Mercury located in the sign in question, the retrograde period could be a time of mental renewal for you. You could take the time to reflect on some of your mental goals and make any adjustments to your actual thinking process. Maybe you have let things slip organizationally. Use this opportunity to make adjustments in this area.


One thing that I have noticed with the transits of Mercury is that I have often received some sort of news when he was transiting either my 1/7 house pair and even sometimes my 3/9 house pair. People have told me secrets, old friends have resurfaced, relatives have suddenly reappeared! But, for the most part, this is a pretty innocuous little fellow, more of a nuisance than a trauma. And, even if the news is not so great, the transit is quick and the discomfort, if any exists, passes rapidly. So, TRACK THOSE TRANSITS! It truly is helpful. Here is a quick cheat sheet list for strategies to enact for each house.


When Mercury transits through house

1:  enact plans



2:  analyze resources


3:  intellectual curiosity is heightened; stay open



4:  increased activity at home; enjoy (hopefully)



5:  potential focus on fun; be ready to play



6:  opportunity to pay attention to the details



7:  perspective can be gained through dialogue



8:  tackle those deep, intensive projects


9:  plan ahead



10: step into the limelight and be heard



11:  the brilliance of networking



12:  a good time for a retreat




Affirmation for VIRGO

I use my ability in the service of others.







I am determined

To create


And prosperity

For the healing

Of the peoples

Of the earth


New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse 2018

New Moon in LEO:  August 11, 2018 @ 4:59 am 

What a way to wrap up the last few weeks of eclipses, retrogrades and ingresses!

We have a perfect opportunity with this upcoming NEW MOON to rev our engines and implement all of the notions, ideas & inclinations that we have been feeling over the past few months.

This eclipse is the last one of the three solar eclipses this past year, two of which occurred over the LEO/AQUARIUS axis. (Feb 15—new moon in Aquarius, July 13—new moon in Cancer & August 11—new moon in Leo) Eclipses are reflective of profound potential shift within the psyche but as always, change only follows if the self is willing to move along. One of the reasons why some folks question the validity of astrology is that when we astrologers predict and the prediction does not, in fact, manifest according to the words uttered, well then, astrology must be invalid, right?


We are all free moral agents able to exercise our will as we see fit. Just because its time for a change does not mean that one actually hears the trumpet. That is what makes life so interesting, as the Chinese saying goes. We get to choose what we actually end up doing.

Nevertheless, the energetic environment is ripe for something startling to occur, something that could turn your world upside down, inside out or whatever! The key is that YOU must be willing to move with the direction of the flow, using all of your fire-jumping skills to stay free of the flames.

Leo energy is all about the fullest, the most brilliant expression of the self. It is about the open heart, the loving nature, giving to others from the surplus within the soul. Leo energy is the dance, the song, the ode to joy par excellance. Wherever Leo fall in your own natal chart is where you seek to fully express the core of your own essence of being. This New Moon/Solar eclipse is an opportunity for you to step fully into the light of your own radiance. If you have been feeling stuck, take the leap. If you have been all fogged up, get those goggles off your head and see the light. If you don’t like what you see or the jump feels too high and far away, take a moment and get your bearings. There are definitely times when the potential for change looks scary rather than enticing. Courage, little star, courage.

With any NEW MOON, we are at the beginning of a mini cycle of becoming. This is the starting point for the next four weeks as the Moon speeds through the 12 signs of zodiac yet again, starting, this month in LEO. We are also at the culmination of the summer season, just in front of the Autumnal Equinox in September. It’s a good time to review all that we have been doing and start the wrap up that must come before the dark months arrive. Finish your projects and get things in order. There is more ahead and its coming down the pikes at a rapid pace.

The big ‘call to action’ with this lunation is flexibility at all times. No matter what suddenly appears in your range of vision, stay limber on every level. Uranus, retrograding in the early degrees of Taurus is square the transiting nodes and a retrograding MARS in Aquarius. Literally, watch your feet so that you do not actually trip and fall. Emotionally, this is an explosive energy possibly coming from old wounds or long held negative feelings. Mentally, we may find ourselves re-visiting old ideas that may or not bring us a sense of agitation or disquiet. On the most important level, the ‘call to action’ is to step out of that box (read coffin), that holds you hostage to outworn concepts and invalid belief systems. Sometimes, on the ego level, we long to just ARRIVE and stay put. We feel as if what we have found to be true is inimical, eternal, forever set in stone. NOT! The evolutionary journey of the soul force is ever changing. Truth, on the human level, is merely the expression of the immediate perception according to the panoramic variety of experience TO THAT POINT IN TIME. Truth is only truth if we allow it to be reflective of all that we have experienced, all that we have learned and come to know and understand. Be always truthful, faithful to the present moment in time. Yes, we can, in fact, come to understand that we have been NOT CORRECT at all times.  It only becomes an issue if we are unwilling to admit our error and take appropriate action to change the circumstances of the situation. Like the song says—“know when to hold them, know when to fold them…” Be your own truth in the making of it…

The gift that this lunation brings is a lovely relationship between Venus in Libra & Mars in Aquarius. The combining of high and ethical values that guide us in our lives with a restrained impulse to act in the interests of the higher good provides us with hopefulness and passion in the face of the unexpected.




The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



Look for the opportunity to find fellowship and communion with others. Be open to joy, the joy that comes from the sharing of both resources and results. Ask for help and respond when you are asked for help. Let’s get this party started!

If you actually sit down and allow yourself to LISTEN to the other, you just might get to understand their point of view. Not necessarily agree by any means but at the least, get what they are trying to say. That’s how to put a fire out. Shut up and let the other person speak THEIR truth before ramming YOUR truth down their throats. And always remember, you don’t make friends by always agreeing with what they say, but you do make friends by allowing them to have their own opinions. Rainbows are beautiful because they are comprised of a multitude of colours. A monochrome world would, in the end, drive us all nuts.


Leo Lullaby

Be joyful and proud

Be loving and kind

Be you and let me be me

and let’s live in this world together…



An end to the Retrogrades…

Mars will station direct in Capricorn on august 27 in the am CDT—YAY!!!

Saturn stations direct in Capricorn on September 6 around supper time CDT—triple YAY!!!

The POWER of PURPOSEFULNESS is in full force so get ready to DO YOUR THING!