Leo…Fire…Fixed…and really a lot of fun…most of the time!

As one of the 3 fire element signs, Leo is full of inspirational force. It sizzles with energy! Linked to the 5th house of the horoscope, this energy, more than most any other is the creative impulse, not just a spark but rather a flame that does not flicker. It burns like a beacon within the soul and lights up any environment in which it is found.

Wherever this energy is found in the NATAL chart, there is where you could display LEO like tendencies. Remember, the self is a kaleidoscope of energies all dancing together in beautiful harmony—well, sometimes!


Leo is the energy of the inner child where we find unabridged enthusiasm and unfiltered expression. If we can remember how simple it was when we were children to express ourselves without censure, that is Leo!

Creativity flows from the heart. Anyone can be technically proficient but not just anyone can infuse their creation with energy that is vibrant, compelling, and inspirational.  Why is it that some art captures the collective imagination while some other goes unnoticed? Heart-inspired creation is why. I know an artist—a Leo, as it happens, who creates the most beautiful images in his artwork. Though he has not achieved world-famous status, everyone who sees his work cannot take their eyes off it. I’ve seen people stand transfixed in front of his artwork almost unable to move from the spot. He has reached their HEARTS! Leo is, of course, linked to the heart both physiologically and metaphorically.

You’ve probably read a lot about Leo as the Sun sign in your chart; that is if you were born between July 22-August 22 (more or less). It’s also interesting to look at how Leo operates in you if you were born with Leo on your Ascendant. That is a very important part of the psyche, the seat of motivation & action. To get a deeper look at your MO, we would combine the Leo on the ascendant with its ruler, the Sun, in whatever sign it finds itself. Listed below are some phrases to kick start the analysis of just how you might present yourself if you are one of the lucky ones who has Leo on the Ascendant.

Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Aries

                You are a FIRECRACKER! Never short on motivational force, you are a leader, a go-getter and unstoppable. Watch out that you don’t consume yourself with all that irrepressible fiery energy!




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Taurus

                Its all about the STEADY BURN FOR YOU! Your switch is usually in the ON position and you are able to sustain your creative impulse and get to the finish line with any of your projects. We need you!




Leo Ascendant couples with Sun in Gemini

                CREATIVE NETWORKER! Its easy for you to make connections and put that puzzle together! You quickly see how things could work together and this makes you a great asset when it comes to project management. A great idea person!




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Cancer

                The MOST ROYAL MOTHER! Nothing will come into the way of your love for your children. You are fierce when it comes to protecting them. You may appear to be soft but appearances can be deceiving.




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Leo

                You are the SUPREME BEING!  You draw others to you with your sizzle and shine. Its easy for you to assume leadership. You need to express yourself and there is no end of ideas that get you motivated into action. Stay humble, if you can!



Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Virgo

                ORGANIZED CREATIVITY! This combo could be the perfect union of the RIGHT & LEFT brain. All creative efforts will be approached with precision, organization, and a superlative system of operation. This is potentially the artist who runs an efficient studio with maximum output.

Leo Ascendant with Sun in Libra

                CREATIVE COMPROMISE! Your magnetism makes others want to cooperate! You have the common touch and the ability to bring polarized groups together. Diplomatic and persuasive, you never forget about the individual in any circumstance.



Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Scorpio

                CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION. You have the ability to open people’s souls with your creative energy. You could be anything that you imagine yourself to be. There are no limits to your creative impulse!





Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Sagittarius   

The IRREPRESSIBLE SEEKER! Fearless in your pursuit of the unknow, you are the one who is willing to go where none have gone before! Your zeal for truth and justice knows no bounds.



Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Capricorn

                The BOSS! Your ability to manage others and keep things under control is stellar. Whether you are running a small family or a large corporation, it’s a breeze for you. You know how to funnel your resources so that you maximize your return. Another leadership combo!




Leo Ascendant coupled with Sun in Aquarius

                COMMUNITY ORGANIZER! You have a deep commitment to bringing diverse peoples together to form coherent communities. Always able to create a vision of the future and then follow through on bringing it into concrete form. Your ideas and concepts are an inspiration to all!

Leo Ascendant couples with Sun in Pisces

                MAGICAL EXPRESSION. You could be whatever you might imagine with the capacity to create absolutely anything. Whatever you might choose to do it will be filled with mystical poetic magic. Your creative projects could have an otherworldly kind of aura and your pies will be extra yummy and feel good in the tummy! In other words, you are magical in all that you do.

Obviously, there is much more that could be said and other factors that could modify or even alter completely any of the above descriptions. An astrological analysis is complex and, just like the human psyche, cannot be summed up in a single sentence. The best thing to do, if you want to dive into your own psyche, is to find a reputable astrologer who can guide you through the labyrinth that is YOU!SHADOW ENERGY COMING SOON!