New Moon in Sagittarius; Full Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Sagittarius: Nov. 23, 2022

@ 4:57 pm CST

Full Moon in Gemini: December 7, 2022

@ 10:09 pm CST



After the last Lunar cycle that was populated by powerful eclipses & significant stations, we are ready to move into the hopeful & visionary energy of Sagittarius/Gemini. And, we are ready for lightness, levity & movement…hopefully in the ‘right’ direction!

Scorpio season is a time of inwardnesss but now, as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius accompanied by a fresh & optimistic New Moon @ 2* Sag, we can sense that the time of growing darkness is fast coming to a culmination at the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2022 @ 3:47 PM) which occurs a few days before the Capricorn New Moon this year. (more on that later…)  This Sag New Moon cycle is a good time to reflect on what you have managed to accomplish over the past 12 months & to begin to formulate a new set of intentions for the months ahead. Sag is the energy of hopefulness, optimism & VAVAVOOM! It is the energy of FREEDOM. The ‘astrological’ New Year gets off to a start at the Winter solstice when the Sun is, so to speak, reborn & the days begin to lengthen into the Equinox & on but we can access that hopeful optimistic Sag stuff to motivate us on our way to rejuvenation & rebirth…

So, as we enter fully into the ‘balsamic’ point within the yearly cycle, we know that the darkest time is just before the dawn. That is what we can focus on.

One of the most significant aspects of this New Moon has to be the Jupiter Station Direct. The dreams we dream can now be fleshed out with courage as the God of planets moves fully into Aries energy. Also, within this lunar cycle, Neptune Stations Direct. The mid-range planets, Jupiter & Saturn, & all of the outers except for Uranus are now in direct motion. The deep energy of the unconscious, the hidden, is now beginning to clear. Review has been done & issues have been clarified or at the very least, better understood. Look for January dates when both Uranus & Mars Station Direct to feel the full impact of forward movement. After January 22, 2023, we have several months when all energy is moving forward giving us a sense of potential progress.

At the New Moon, Pluto & Jupiter are in agreeable aspect providing us with a sense of hopefulness that systemic corruption (Pluto in Capricorn) can be eradicated by applying spiritual standards (Jupiter in Pisces) rather than material ones. This is further reinforced by the alignment of Jupiter to Neptune in the divine energy of Pisces. We will not solve any problems unless we enlist the help of a greater power. Though political process is often regarded as essential, especially in a democracy, if the overlords are corrupt & the electorate is uninformed, how democratic is the process, really? If we are making our voting decisions on the basis of questionable, incomplete or even wrong information (propaganda), then how useful is our vote? There are a significant number of people who are asking these questions & making the choice to ‘get out of the matrix’ & attempt to create an alternative system. Watch for much experimentation in the decades ahead!

Despite all this, & the seemingly unending chaos around us, the most inspiring aspect of this lunar cycle is the hope & optimism that is found in having the Moon, Sun, Mercury & Venus all aligned in Sagittarius. This is the energetic dynamic that hints at a better future. There is a new horizon that can be discovered. We can come out of disunity & discord & step into cooperation & fellow feeling. That is the promise & that is the hope.

We can use the time of the ongoing Mars Retrograde to refine our strategies, to review our operational systems, to reboot ourselves & restore our resources so that we can better tackle anything that we encounter as we build our futures. Remember, Mars retrograde in Gemini can co-relate to short circuits within the body system. Drink sufficient water & make sure it is as pure as you can make it. Chemical additives to our drinking water are the ‘silent’ killer that we are all dealing with.

The Sabian Symbols:



Something is astir…The image of the active water of the ocean inspires us to movement. Nothing will be shifted unless we do the shifting.  It is incumbent on each one of us to take action according to the capacity of our ability to do so. Be fierce when defending your truth. Stand firm in your assertiveness. You are the boss of your reality. No one else. Be that boss & do not falter. This is all about MOVEMENT, both energetically & physically, so get up off that comfortable couch & MOVE! The promise contained in the polarity symbol is that there is a reward for those who wait & those who do…




The GEMINI FULL MOON occurs at 10:09 PM, December 7, 2022.

With Mars in close alignment to the lunation, expect your dreams to be full of activity. Even though Mars is still retrograde, Gemini is a fluid & mobile energy & you will still feel the movement contained within. If you are in the midst of varying degrees of challenge or struggle, you may experience this Full Moon with a certain amount of agitation. Just allow it to flow through you or over you or around you as the case might be. There is still a tremendous potential for sudden change with Uranus aligned to the North Node & that change could very well affect everyone. Are you seeing the natural world through altered eyes? Are your basic values shifting even as you notice them? Is reality transforming as you watch it & is it becoming more meaningful, more ‘real’? Scorpio/Taurus, the nodal energy, is about essentials for living; survival at its most visceral level; the deepest of impulses that result in the most obvious of outcomes. We are reviewing our history as a species & demanding to understand what comes next. Will we actually survive? Or have we gone too far past the point of survival to reboot & realign to Mother Nature? That is a question we can only answer each one to his own. But whether we recognize that the next few decades are going to be about ultimate survival or not, this is the starting point for many of us. We must face the critical questions & we must find the workable solutions.

The Sabian symbols for the FULL MOON are:



Gemini/Sag combines Mercury & Jupiter, linking the so-called left brain directly to the so-called right brain. Through skillful management of mental energy we can absolutely re-create the reality that we experience. Its all about attitude & the determination to be in charge of both our thoughts (logical, coherent reasoning) & our emotions (reactive, impulsive responses). By understanding (Gemini) why we are feeling what we are feeling we can craft a plan of action based on aspiration & hope (Sagittarius) & successfully navigate the current uncertain situation we find ourselves in.

The promise contained within these two symbols is that there is a brighter tomorrow. If we have the faith, if we have the tenacity to carry on, we can be confident that we will come out on the other side, renewed, refreshed, reborn.

Once again, these are inspirational symbols provide us with the encouragement that we need at this most interesting time in the ‘history of the world’.



I do not look at the Sabian Symbols for the respective degrees of the lunations until after I have dived into the energy of the lunations. It always astonishes me how synchronistic the message contained within the symbols is to the inherent energy of the lunations. What we do not see is much more than what is visible.