SHADOW PLAY: Scorpio Secrets


There’s a lot of commentary floating around about Scorpio, some of it bad & some of it worse. Honestly, though, this is just another layer of energy & energy, is, at its most fundamental of levels, neutral.  The variable in the mix is the human element. How we channel ANY energy can be both positive & negative & sometimes, both, even at the same time.


To be completely HONEST, this is complicated energy because it primarily deals with the shadow, and the shadow is, by any account, more tricky than anything that is fully in the light. Scorpio is linked to MARS, the strong instinctual urge in all of us & Pluto, the deepest part of the unconscious, even, on the spiritual level, THE SOUL FORCE.


This ‘soul force’ is not personal but it fuels the personal. It is that part of us that intently desires to refine our natures. It is that part of us that aspires to return to SOURCE. (And you can insert your own word for ‘SOURCE’ as you think about this statement: the divine, Allah, Jesus, god, goddess, spirit, oneness, nothingness, and so forth. Organized religion has been constructing archetypes for this nebulous but supposedly highly desirable state for millennia.) Because of this impersonal aspect, the soul can necessitate challenging and even harsh responses from us on an ego level. The ego, after all, seeks preservation & security while the soul force aspires to transformation & ascension. These two urges are diametrically opposed, constantly at odds with each other. Still, it is the ongoing energetic exchange between these dual forces within the self that produces evolution, growth & ultimate transcendence. Scorpio energy is at the root of this essential process. It relentlessly pursues that which is seemingly unattainable. Sometimes, it even reaches that unattainable state. Sometimes, NOT.


Anyone with Scorpio energy prominently featured with that psychic grid of self, soul, and spirit is on this plane of reality to ‘do the work’ of transformation. You’ve probably had a past rich with experiences that have forced you to look within for much-needed strategies & solutions. You are working on your dissertation on becoming, your PhD! As with all PhD programs, your path can be filled with challenges & you must be relentless in your pursuit of the ‘truth’, at least as you perceive it.

So, we are well into the waning cycle of the year now. The days are ever shorter here in the Northern Hemisphere. The energy body is vibrating at a slower rate no matter the level of consciousness. The natural inclination both physically and emotionally is to cocoon. We think about building fires to keep us cozy, cooking warm medleys of harvest veggies to fill our bellies, and generally stepping back into the darker parts of the cave. This is the time of Scorpio, that mysterious, intriguing energy that is both attractive and somewhat fearful, at least when it is not truly understood.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign, part of the elemental family that includes Cancer and Pisces and the modal family that includes Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. It has more symbols associated with it than any other of the zodiac signs. They are the scorpion, the snake, the dove, the eagle, and lastly, the phoenix. (By the way, in a very Scorpio like fashion, astrologers keep adding symbols into this mix but I think that 5 is quite enough to drive the point home…lol) Each symbol demonstrates one of the many facets of this complex, impenetrable energy.


The symbol of the Scorpion speaks for itself and is the one most commonly known as the Scorpio symbol. The stinger of the Scorpion is the key here. Often, these stings can be deadly and if not mortal, then resulting in severe illness. Behind the impenetrable mask that Scorpio can wear rests a profound self-protective ability. This, actually, is the true understanding of the scorpion’s stinger. Very rarely will this little creature sting just for the heck of it. It is only when he is in danger that he shifts gears and sticks out his back end. The Scorpio psyche also can be extremely long-suffering until that point of no return is reached and it feels that it has no choice but to protect itself!


The snake is representative of the regenerative ability of the Scorpio psyche to continually ‘shed its skin’. Whenever snakes have outgrown that outer lining, a process, ecdysis, occurs. This is something that is related to growth and when we apply it to the energy called Scorpio, we begin to get an insight into a bottom-line necessity of this complex energy; that is, that it is in a constant state of becoming, needing to leave behind, in some cases, even things that appeared to be critical to its very survival—like its skin! When snakes get ready to shed their skins, they experience a loss of vision and a period of inactivity, often retreating to the darkest and most moist place they can find. Scorpio psyche reflects this by becoming intensely introspective when going through shifts, often losing objectivity and perspective. On an ego level, this can look like anti-social behaviour, a touchiness that can result in sometimes violent encounters with others, and an inability to find solutions easily. Thankfully, these periods are often short-lived and the ‘snake’ comes out on the other side with shiny eyes and sleek new skin. Basically, all growth can be accompanied by pain. Scorpio psyche, however, really feels this pain!


The Dove is one of the more obscure symbols associated with Scorpio but herein rests a truly lovely aspect of the Scorpio psyche and one which is certainly worth pursuing for all you Scorpio types. It is representative of an almost infinite capacity for the demonstration of a peace-based love, the love of the Christ, a love so large that it can heal, unite, incite to joy and generally uplift anyone who comes into contact with it. A developed Scorpio type can serve as the vehicle for this sort of inspiration to all who come into contact with him/her.


The Eagle as a Scorpio symbol is all about wisdom, vision, prescience, a certain aloofness and the connection to spirit. Just as the eagle can soar above the earth and see from a distance, Scorpio psyche can see far beyond the outside of any situation and get down to the nitty gritty, often having the capacity to ‘dive’ into the exact spot for which he is searching and find that nugget of truth that needs to be unearthed. Eagles are solitary creatures who nest in remote, inaccessible places. Scorpio, too, finds contentment in periods of aloneness and in a figurative sense is often inaccessible emotionally, hard to understand and hard to reach. However, the Scorpio type who embodies Eagle is farsighted and if the inner moral compass is highly developed can be a transformative element in any group to which he/she is aligned. The key, of course, is the ‘highly developed inner moral compass’.


Finally, the symbol of the Phoenix demonstrates regeneration, the huge capacity for both survival and rebirth that this energy can have in the face of adversity. Just as the Phoenix is reborn out of its own ash after having been consumed by a self-igniting fire, so, too, Scorpio uses its experience to reinvent itself continually. For some Scorpio types this can result in a sense of having lived many lives in one lifetime. Looking in on this process from the outside, it appears both frightening—the ignition and flame and consumption of the being—and extraordinarily beautiful—the emergence of the old/new bird out of the iridescent flames that have consumed its predecessor! And so, too, can Scorpio seem both frightening and beautiful to those on the outside. What is it that can move a being to such limits, we think, as we watch in awe this regenerative process?


When we consider the complexity of the 5 symbols, we begin to get an insight into the workings of this secretive and seductive energy. Often times, Scorpio itself does not totally understand what it is doing, though this would never be admitted. When dealing with this energy, either in yourself or especially in relationship, keep in mind the intense emotionality that lurks under that implacable surface. This is not the emotion of compassion or love. It is the emotion of passion that can easily turn into rage, a rage that can consume and destroy with its intensity and blind fury. Used proactively, however, it is the energy of incredible purpose, determination, focus, devotion. The love of a Scorpionic type is all-consuming, passionate, riveting, and tending to eclipse all others. The key, again, is to mindfully manage the sheer power of this dark organic energy.


Before the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio’s modern-day ruler, the planet associated with this sign was Mars and now we begin to understand the intensity, the fire, the passion that is linked to this energy. I heard someone describe themselves once as the “ultimate fire energy”, Scorpio. This person did not know that Scorpio was in the water family of signs but I can understand what he meant. He was resonating with the ruler, Mars, who’s other associated sign is Aries, one of the three fire signs of the Zodiac. No wonder that there exists a strange yet powerful connection between Scorpio and Aries. They both understand the power of impulse, the strength of passion!


One of the things that Scorpio must be mindful of is the abuse of power.  Power can only be abused if one holds it and Scorpio lives in the reality of power-brokering. Because this energy is so attracted to power, it can find itself suddenly in thrall to it, either internally or externally.  One of the lessons that anyone with Scorpio energy is learning is how to apply personal power without harming either oneself or others.


Another lesson is relinquishment. Scorpio must learn to let go of anything that restricts its growth and this could range from material possessions to relationships to old and sometimes bitter feelings. If you have Scorpio energy and find yourself brooding over things that you cannot control, crying over ‘spilled milk’, or constantly reliving past situations, this is an indicator that you still have releasing work to do. To attain maximum growth potential, Scorpio types would benefit from intense energy work, with full-body contact. Since a lot of the trapped energy is karmically based, the deeper a healer can go, the better. This deep, intense type of bodywork is not recommended for all psyches but the Scorpio psyche is tough and resilient and can ‘go the distance’. Recall the image of the Phoenix as it cycles through its death and rebirth.


For those who are inclined to shamanism, Scorpio is The Shaman. As the Shaman, Scorpio feels no fear when facing the unknown. The lower worlds of primitive animal energies are familiar to the Scorpio psyche. The upper worlds where spirits dwell hold no mystery to Scorpio. When we enter into the realm of Scorpio, we are stepping into magic. Yet another archetype linked to Scorpio is The Magician. It feels as if Scorpio ‘knows’ something while everyone else is in the dark. This, of course, is the essence of magic, the ability to perpetuate an illusion and sustain its apparent reality even in the face of denial.


Strongly Scorpionic types can have an almost palpable energy field around them that both attracts or repels, depending on the consciousness behind the field. It is this energy that can make others’ skin either crawl or tingle depending on the chemistry involved.


All of these various characteristics demonstrate how vital it is that Scorpio learn to understand itself and then to apply its considerable magnetic power to appropriate use rather than ego-driven manipulative use.


So much more can be discussed in reference to this complex, magical, and seductive energy. It is old, old energy, that pulsates deep within the collective heart, comes from a long-ago place of being. Finding the right balance in this so-called ‘modern’ world is one of the challenges that anyone with pronounced Scorpio energy has to deal with day to live long day!

So, what’s it like to live in the Scorpio Shadow?


Sun in Scorpio:   You are relentless in your pursuit of all things ‘true’. You don’t like bullshit and can smell it a mile away. Hard to read both by others but even more importantly, by yourself. In fact, you will often surprise yourself with your insights especially when they are about your internal process. Its never a halfway thing for you and so you must learn to manage your energy. Take regular reboot days and give yourself permission to just veg out. Remember, your ‘partner’ sign is Taurus, the ultimate organic energy. This is a reminder to you that you must not neglect the body and its needs, that the emotional body must be nurtured, even coddled a bit, that the mental body requires a meditative process to recharge itself and that the spiritual body is intrinsically linked to the lower bodies and will either bloom or fade depending on how you care for them. And you are complex. Your world is not linear; it is multi-dimensional. Your ability to see things from many angles is what gives you your keen sense of knowing and your ability to facilitate others on their individual transformational journeys.

Your SHADOW:   Power-hungry; manipulative, vindictive, unforgiving; secretive without any reason to be; jealous; nasty; you get the drift…


Moon in Scorpio:  You are the most inscrutable of the emotional types. Often, you don’t even know yourself what it is that you are feeling. However, the feeling is huge, deep, infinite and it swallows you up. Yup, it’s a trip, for sure. The upside is your absolute devotion to those you decide to love so focus on that and stay out of your dungeon.


Your SHADOW:   Depression; self-loathing; inability to access emotional clarity; overly possessive of those you are attached to; absorption of other’s toxic energy. You need to set up good boundaries both with others but also with your own negative impulses. Good cop/Bad cop: be on the side of the good cop.


Ascendant in Scorpio:  Your magnetism is super-charged. Walk into a room and even if they don’t like you, they can’t seem to take their eyes off you. You, however, prefer to wear dark glasses and hide those all-seeing eyes of yours. You may appear to be quiet but inside it’s a college roar. Why? Because you can ‘hear’ everyone’s inner thoughts. Learn to shield yourself from unwanted intrusions. If you are inclined to the healing arts, you are the ultimate channeler of energy from the etheric to the material. Your touch can literally heal physical illness and that might be one of the reasons why people are so attracted to you.


Your SHADOW:   Underhanded action; spy games; playing games to get your ends; ruthless tactics; walk-aways with no explanation when you are done in relationship; intolerance of other’s sensibilities; rigid judgments & no negotiation; obsessions that lead to disaster.


Wherever Scorpio is located in your own natal chart is where you require authenticity. It’s the deepest part of your psyche in many ways so pay attention and do the work. Remember, Scorpio is the PhD dissertation of life.