The Dark Side of the Sun: Gemini Shadow

I’ve never LOVED going to the negative, probably because it’s so easy to do it. We live in a reality where it’s the dark side that appears to dominate. That is especially true in these fractious times of division & polarization. That being said, however, it is the shadow of anything that helps one to ‘see the light’. In that context, I am forcing myself to dive into the dark side of the sun and to explore shadow.

One aspect of the Gemini Shadow is DECEIT. This energy is skillful at fabrication. “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! sums it up! What may have started out as artful storytelling can easily morph into outright falsehood. It’s so easy for intellectually adroit Gemini to pile on the words and many words can lead one into lies.

The interesting thing about all of this is that Gemini’s first victim is usually him/herself. Lying begins at home! In this respect, then, the Gemini soul may not even be aware that s/he is thigh deep in deceit. S/he is so good at narrative that s/he begins to believe his/her own bull#$%*! Of course, if one gives oneself over to dark energy, then the DECEIT becomes intentional. Once the Geminian soul experiences success when engaged in deceit, s/he can feel motivated to keep using it to get what s/he wants. The key for anyone with that clever mental wit, that irrepressible charm that can fool the observer, that rapid-fire return of serve on the word level, is to MONITOR him/herself constantly so as not to fall into his/her own web of lies. Watch out, Gemini, that you don’t spin yourself right off the Planet!

Another shadow Gemini has to deal with is EMOTIONAL DISASSOCIATION. Gemini can get completely abstracted from what s/he is actually feeling, preferring to stay in his/her heady, wordy space where s/he can’t get hurt, touched or affected by others. The call to action for sweet little Gemini is to find the way back into his/her heart. Explore your emotions when they surface, Gemini, even if it’s downright uncomfortable to do so. Call in your empathy and if you can’t find it, take the time to try to do so. What really pulls at your heartstrings? What makes you FEEL something. That’s a good place to begin. Turn to your analytical abilities and dig deep ( I know, deep is hard), into what creates emotional response in you. Even if that response is minimal, it’s a great place to begin. The goal is to reconnect the head and the heart. Sometimes, words just don’t cut it and all you need to do is hug.

The last shadow that I’ll refer to with Gemini is MENTAL BREAKDOWN. This is about nervous, electrical energy gone loco. There is so much stuff up there in the head that it overloads the entire system. There can be an inability to stop the mental babble that keeps bouncing around in the head until it gets to a breaking point and results in incoherence, both to self and other. Remember, Gemini is the adroit, elegant intellect. It loves the game of thought and subsequent communication of that thought. It revels in the gymnastics of ideas that can create a pyramid that reaches into the heavens. What fun! But, if that mental energy is not properly channeled, carefully managed, it can explode into a million little pieces that end up meaning nothing. The key, here, is to develop techniques to calm the mind, have a strict habitual ritual of meditation that clears that busy bee of a brain from time to time. Gemini, your meditation should always include movement because of your high degree of kinetic energy. You don’t have to sit in silence. Walk your nervous energy away while contemplating the organic world around you. Stop along the way and smell the lilacs. That will help you to stay grounded to what is real and concrete.  

Gemini is one of the most delightful energies of the zodiac, light, lovely, joyous. Face your shadows Gemini because we need you to stay on point and keep us inspired with your youthful enthusiasm.