The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is one of the most magical times in the ‘wheel of the year’. The Sun is reborn and the earth begins to turn her frosty face towards him. From now on, the days will get just a little bit longer and the light a little bit stronger. Yay!

It is always useful to take some moments and reflect on all that has transpired since the last Winter Solstice. These Cardinal Ingresses are much more a ‘New Year’ than the calendar date of January 1.  However, the Capricorn Ingress is so close to the calendar date that the secular world uses that we can just extend our reflectiveness all the way into January.

This magical moment is filled with the hopes and dreams of generations of our ancestors. Long before this time was linked to Jesus, it was a pivotal time of celebration in the so-called pagan world. The traditions that we moderns associate with Xmas are drawn from rituals and symbols that depicted re-birth, renewal & restoration. Way back in the 300’s a very clever Roman emperor named Constantine married the old pagan ways to the new Christian ways when he formalized the then new Christian faith. Recently converted himself, he very astutely recognized that there was no way to stop these zealous Christians from proselytizing. He understood that it was merely a matter of time before there were just too many Christians to keep killing as had been the custom until then. Feeding them to the lions was becoming a non-option. What to do? He decreed that the birth of the new god, Jesus, would be celebrated right around the Winter Solstice! This kept the pagans happy and pacified the Christians all at the same time. Remember, Winter Solstice is the re-birth of the Sun which by its warmth and light bestows life on all. Jesus, the Saviour, gave the hope of everlasting life to all when he sacrificed his life on Calvary Hill and was resurrected 3 days later as a spirit being. The co-relationship is unmistakable. The most beautiful part of the Story of Jesus is this hope and faith in something everlasting, something that supersedes pettiness, rivalry, hatred and everything dark. Just as the Winter Solstice marks the return of the LIGHT. so does the essence of the Jesus story. Clever Constantine!

So, at 10:19 pm on December 21, here in the central time zone, we shake off the last few fiery impulses of Sagittarius and enter into the steady and secure energy of Capricorn. I know. It doesn’t feel all that secure or steady. In fact, with Pluto transiting Capricorn and only about halfway through this cardinal earth sign, any steadiness is being shaken. We see it all around us on a global level. I know that it feels like CHAOS but step back, take a breath and really observe what is going on. Birth, transformation, actually transmutation, is messy, often indescribable, incoherent, even bloody. Evolution—and this is what is happening, involves a measure of random destruction. Whatever is no longer useful or applicable must be done away with. Not everyone will be on-line with that and sometimes, it may not even look like that is what is going on. Trust the process. Though it may be incomprehensible from this point of view, there is a method in the madness. Set your egoic fears to one side and try to see the big picture. To come up with a new world order, an old world order must be eradicated. Remember, we are merely at the beginning of the process. Most surgery, at the start, can be scary.

So, what to do on an individual level at this most magical, most mysterious time of the year? The Sabian Symbol for 1*Capricorn is AN INDIAN CHIEF DEMANDING RECOGNITION. I will restrain myself and not co-relate it to the literal world—smile.  Rather, let’s find that inner personal place of authority and use it in this coming year. What have you learned? What do you know to be true? Have your values changed, grown, shrunk, whatever? These are useful questions to ponder because what we are is the sum total of all that we have experienced. Have your experiences opened up your heart and mind or have they shut it down?

The light of the Capricornian Sun is fully focused on the 2nd quadrant. The heart is being activated to express itself in full creativity. How can we align our actions to our deepest sense of who we are? Are we expressing ourselves positively, fully, and with love? Can we connect to the archetypal Artist who lives in all of us and let her SHINE?

For this Solstice, the Moon embraces the mystery and magic of Scorpio. The authority of Capricorn is underlined by the power of Scorpio. This is intense energy that demands to be felt. We are being asked to go deep, to be fearless in our quest for truth, to define ourselves with authenticity and courage no matter what we find in the secret places of our hearts. Let’s all take a deep breath. Let’s pull up our britches. We can do this!

This Solstice is powerful! Saturn, transiting Capricorn, sits side by side with Pluto. There is no more time left for shirking our duties. We must accept responsibility for all that we have done and all that we have become. Be willing to stand in front of the mirror and accept what you see. No more denial. No more rose coloured glasses! If we do not acknowledge that we must alter our behavior, we will never do so. That is the definition of insanity, refusing to recognize that what you are doing is NOT WORKING. Yes, its hard to admit error but it’s even harder to refuse to admit error. Truthfulness will lead us into transformation. Self-deceit will lead us into DEATH.

Finally, Keep an eye on the pesky fellow, Uranus. The fire of Prometheus has sparked many of us into action. His transit through Aries for the last 7 years has ignited the hearts and minds of people globally. We know its time for CHANGE. We want it. We are impatient as we wait for it. Now, Uranus has shifted into Taurus. The next seven years, as Pluto continues his transit through the last half of Capricorn and Uranus transits Taurus, will set the foundations for the change that is underway. Intrinsic structure is shifting. Everything that we thought we understood is morphing. The very essence of our reality structure is changing right before our eyes. Make no mistake, this is momentous. We must pay attention in our own lives to the things that we hold dear. What incentivizes us? What motivates us? What are our deepest held desires, beliefs, values? The answers to those questions will define who we are as we move into the next year and beyond. Don’t forget! Pluto will be shifting into Aquarius in a few short years. Let’s get ready NOW. Let’s make this mess work! We can do it!!

So, take a moment this Saturday and set some intentions for yourself. Who do you want to be this coming year? If you can’t come up with a coherent response, then give some thought over the course of the day and when you have a quiet moment, see if you can articulate a plan of action. If you can’t, never mind. The alternative course of action is to just move lightly through the next few weeks and let your feet find their pathway.


Happy Solstice to all and to all a good night!