Virgo Full Moon: 02-17-21

Full Moon in Virgo: Pisces Sun

This month, while the Sun is transiting the zodiac sign of Pisces, Luna reaches her fullness on Feb 27, 2021, @ 2:19 am.  If the night is clear, try to get out & take a look at this wonderful Virgo Full Moon. The more that we can connect with the natural world, the more we will find our ground. We have all become disconnected from the earth and especially so over the last year of strangeness. A FULL MOON serves as a cosmic reminder of who we are, (human beings) & where we come from, (a complex & miraculous universe).

The magical, ethereal energy of Pisces is firmly grounded by the practical, earthy energy of Virgo. I just love the fact that these two energies complement one another so that we become neither too stodgy (Virgo) nor too spacey (Pisces). Virgo’s essential, common sense, & hands-on approach nicely balances out Pisces’ flights of fancy & mystical inclinations. Even the most enlightened of us need to address the necessities of being alive!

Full moons always offer us a fullness of perspective, no matter the sign that they occupy so we should approach this time period, basically about 3 days (a day on either side) with an eagerness to stand as far back as we can so that we get as much of the picture that we can. Imagine just standing with your arms wide open, head flung back, chest open & lifted up & breathing it all in. You are the universe; the universe is you. Okay, that’s the Pisces part of it. Now, then, what are you going to DO about it? That’s the practical, Virgo part of it.

Venus in Pisces is closely aligned to this Full Moon, adding a sense of beauty, grace & goodness into the mix. Venus in Pisces is the ENERGY HEALER. She can cross the physical boundary of flesh & blood & get right into the essential energy of the other. There are these very special healer types amongst us; those who can heal with a simple touch; those who do not need BIG PHARMA to drug us into so-called wellness. Beyond the archetype of healing, Venus in Pisces is ultimate compassion. The sweetness of this energy cannot be overstated. Anecdotally, I have experienced incredible principled love demonstrated by those who have this energy wired into their psyches. It is awe-inspiring.

The Sabian Symbols for this pair of degrees, Virgo & Pisces 9 are:



At first glance these two images may seem disparate but sit with them for a bit.

We are absolutely in the midst of a reboot of some kind. Systems are being challenged. Protocols are being disrupted. Values are being questioned. The FUTURE is being re-imagined as if at the hands of some mysterious cosmic artist who is passionately filling his canvas with renderings that are not fully understood. The complimentary symbol of the JOCKEY infuses a sense of dedicated urgency into the mix. We MUST get to the finish of this process. We MUST win this re-imagining of all that we thought we knew. It is a race to prevail against all odds, to get to the finish line all in one piece.

All in all, there is heightened energy around this FULL MOON, a feeling (Pisces) that we need new tools (Virgo) to get the job done. Mars in Taurus is in a wide square to this lunation (11* orb) infusing solid fuel into the emotional process. Saturn is almost exactly inconjunct @ 9* Aquarius, demanding that any necessary adjustment MUST be made to achieve desired ends. Uranus is trine within 1* @ 8* Taurus providing ample ability to perceive things DIFFERENTLY, to imagine outside the box with ease. Radical solutions are needed for these radically strange times we are living through.

Go with the MOON. Feel her to the bottom of your bones. Breathe in her potential healing energy & ride the light fantastic!