2021 Overview

Every year is a newly forming energetic landscape. Most of you follow several forecasters so I will not go into a detailed description here. I will include highlights monthly as they feature. However, there are some key elements that are worth watching out for as you plan out the year ahead.


Firstly, track the Moon. It is worthwhile to be mindful of the New Moon & the Full Moon each month. This is a simple ritual to create for yourself. Be aware that it spans a 4-week arc, so as you become comfortable with noting the two mentioned phases, you will also start to sense the quarter phases that fall in between them. Align energetically to the call to action of each phase. That’s a great place to begin.

NEW MOON       The WISH phase

                                –what do I want to create over the next month?

                                –what is my core desire?

In this phase, just go for it. Wish for the thing that you most desire. The New Moon is akin to the intensity & force of the conjunction aspect. It is formative, not yet fully realized. The sky is dark & can be filled with whatever lights you choose. It doesn’t mean that your wish will come to fruition but if you track what you wish for, & consistently work towards the realization of that wish, it will tell you something about yourself, who you are, what you want & love, how you pursue that thing.

Here’s a little trick: Look at the energy of the New Moon and align your wishes to that particular area of your life. It makes the wish a little less nebulous, more substantial & REAL.


                                –how successful have my efforts been?

                                –did I really want this thing?

                                –should I move on? Or what do I need to do to better accomplish this?

In this phase, it’s all about reflection & adjustment. The Full Moon brings maximum light to any situation. It is similar to the opposition aspect. Used effectively, this aspect is most useful. Don’t be afraid of it. Access the balance & perspective that it can give. The reason that some of us experience conflict when dealing with oppositions is that we are not exercising the most important function of LISTENING to incoming. Objectivity can be shocking when one is drowning in subjective perspective. Never underestimate the value of GOOD FEEDBACK.

Look back at what you wanted at the New Moon & ask yourself if it was actually worth pursuing.

How tangible were you able to make it?

What do you need to do to tweak your ongoing project?

Is it worth continuing?

The little trick mentioned for the New Moon also applies at Full Moon. What is the energy, & more importantly, where does this energy fall in your own chart? Wherever that is, apply some OBJECTIVITY to that part of your life & be brutal about it. That’s how you grow.

So, to sum it up, start something on the New Moon, analyze it on the Full Moon & move along, little doggie, move along.

Here are the New & Full Moons for 2021:

Find the house where the Moon falls in your own natal chart:

01-12-2021          New Moon in Capricorn

                Get the year off to a good start by planning your strategies NOW. What would you like to BUILD and/or ACCOMPLISH? Focus, meditate & organize yourself for appropriate action.


01-28-2021          Full Moon in Leo

               This is one of the most glorious Full Moons there is. Creative, inspirational, self-assertive. Work on GIVING under this juicy energy. Put on a happy face no matter what. We are still dealing with the craziness of our current social situation so we all have to step up & try harder. Leo energy always gives us a sense of hopefulness, a sense of youthfulness, that we can, indeed begin again.


Following is the list for the rest of the year. Mark these days in your own personal calendars & then track yourself on a bi-weekly basis. Watch for my monthly blogs to get a sense of how to apply the energy to yourself.

02-11-2021          New Moon/Aquarius

02-27-2021          Full Moon/Virgo


03-13-2021          New Moon/Pisces

03-28-2021          Full Moon/Libra


04-11-2021          New Moon/Aries

04-26-2021          Full Moon/Scorpio


05-11-2021          New Moon/Taurus

05-26-2021          Full Moon/Sagittarius


06-10-2021          New Moon/Gemini

06-24-2021          Full moon/Capricorn


07-09-2021          New Moon/Cancer

07-23-2021          Full Moon/Aquarius

08-08-2021          New Moon/Leo

08-22-2021          Full Moon/Aquarius


09-06-2021          New Moon/Virgo

09-20-2021          Full Moon/Pisces


10-06-2021          New Moon/Libra

10-20-2021          Full Moon/Aries


11-04-2021          New Moon/Scorpio

11-19-2021          Full Moon/Taurus


12-04-2021          New Moon/Sagittarius

12-18-2021          Full Moon/Gemini


Yet another set of transits to keep an eye on are the retrogrades of Mercury. I am not one of those astrologers who portend doom on any activities undertaken when Mercury is retrograding but I do advise mindfulness. Awareness contributes to appropriate action. To make the optimum choice is to be conscious of one’s surroundings. So, check things carefully when Mercury is retrograding & again, especially in the areas of life where he is doing his little two-step in YOUR chart.

January 30-February 21


Mercury will step out of the shadow of this particular retrograde on March 13, 2021. The shadow part of the transit is similar to the restorative process. Whatever was stirred up during the actual retrograde, will now begin to settle in. Mindfulness is recommended but the energy will feel less convoluted.

Back up all your devices. Do visualizations regularly. The Leo Full Moon occurs just a few days prior to the Station Retrograde. Plunge into Leo energy & use the juice of that Full Moon to navigate your way through the following few weeks. The Aquarius New Moon on February 11, 2021, facilitates inner work during this period.


May 30-June 23


Shadow ends July 8, 2021.

Focus, focus, focus! Gemini retrogrades are particularly ripe for imaginative adventuring. Dig out old projects that you may have set aside & spiff them up. A fresh look at an old project can lead to breakthroughs. Watch your communications. Sometimes we think that people are saying one thing when they are actually saying something quite different. Drink plenty of water to keep those electrolytes under control.


Sept. 27-Oct 18


Shadow ends Nov 3, 2021

Review your relationships, both personal & professional. Either walk away or recommit depending on what your heart & body are telling you. A Libra retrograde provides us with the opportunity to listen to the signals. Don’t hear any signals? Slow down & create the space around yourself so that you can receive them. If you are involved in any kind of negotiations, read the fine print carefully.


December 19, 2021-January 29, 2022

Every 18 months Venus does her retrograde loop. At the very end of 2021, she will engage! This retrograde period is through Capricorn. Making your values work for you is key. What you put your faith in has to, above all else, make sense to YOU. Incorporating ethical decision making into your life is what will enable you to feel self-respect & pride of ownership. Anyone who cannot hold to their own moral compass will, ultimately pay the price for their ambivalence. Venus in Capricorn is about exercising true inner authority. To do that, you first must be cognizant of what it is that you believe, be clear about your own evaluation of ‘right’ & ‘wrong’. The retrograde period can assist with some hard-nosed self-reflection! A GREAT way to end off what will hopefully be a much more productive year.

Another slower vibrational co-relation to Venus Retrograde (in any energy, really), is the re-emergence of lost friends & lovers into your life. This is especially so for those of you with Venus in Capricorn & the family of cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer & Libra. But, in truth, I’ve seen evidence of this quirky phenomenon for just about anybody. So be on the lookout for re-ignited love affairs, communications from long ago friends and so forth. Sometimes it can even be just finding a letter from someone that was written years before & as a result, the relationship is rebooted. Wonderful energy!


After the tempestuous transit of Mars in Aries that gobbled up a big part of 2020, he will move fairly rapidly through the following signs, spending not much more than a few months, sometimes even less, in them.

January 6, 2021:  into Taurus: We should all feel a bit more settled and ready to tackle the nitty-gritty issues facing us all. Steady as she goes!


March 4, 2021:   into Gemini: The pace quickens. Hopefully, we lighten up. Ideas & solutions come fast & furious. Let’s go!


April 23, 2020:  

                  into Cancer: Back to the earth & what nurtures us. Get outside as much as possible. Its quite clear that being in nature will do more for us than staying indoors. Take care of your body & heart.


June 12, 2021:                   

into Leo: We feel re-invigorated as we approach Summer Solstice. The Sun becomes central to our lives. Soak it up & store it for the months ahead. Include fun activities into your daily routine.



July 30, 2021:                    

into Virgo: Hard work & attention to the details of the process is in itself healing for the body, heart & mind, not to mention our souls. The aspiration of the soul force to materialize & experience the physicality of existence reminds us that creating ‘habitual rituals’ for ourselves is the way to connect spirit & flesh. Devise a personal routine for yourself. Do the things that fill you with a sense of purposefulness & do them regularly. Here’s an example:  Get up every day at the same time & do a personal gratitude ritual that acts as a foundation for the hours ahead.  As you get used to this one habitual act, begin to incorporate others at strategic times throughout the day. Always offer thanks before ingesting food. Do it your own way. An associate who is a magnificent Pranic Healer always cleanses her food before eating. She rarely reacts to food that she has not herself prepared.


September 15, 2021:      

into Libra: Seek balance after the hard work of the summer months. Listen carefully to feedback from trusted friends & advisors. Mars takes a well-needed break when he moves through this energy, calming things down & reflecting rather than reacting.


October 31. 2021:            

into Scorpio:  At this time take a few moments to review the Mars through Aries transit of 2020. It is now that we could truly ground out whatever was stirred up a year previous. Mars finds a secure place of action in Scorpio, less chaotic, less impulsive & truly focused. Extract any remaining bits & pieces from that Aries transit & find a purpose for them. If a relationship ended back then, clean up any loose threads. If your career circumstances were altered, how have you adjusted? If you experienced anxiety because of the prevailing social situation, are your strategies to stay grounded & calm working? If you had an awakening, have you managed to deal with the cognitive dissonance that accompanies any such transformation?  The month of November 2021 could be extremely productive if we access the energy appropriately. Do it. Mars through Scorpio is a time for sheer guts!!

December 13, 2021:       

into Sagittarius: So, we begin the year with Mars in FIRE, cardinal & we end the year with Mars in FIRE, mutable. We may not be where we thought we were going to be. The impulse of Mars in Aries is not always all that clear-eyed, but, Mars in Sagittarius will re-align us with a purposefulness of action, with an acknowledgement that it is spirit that is most vital in our lives. Mutable energy is the most adaptable of the three modes. It bridges action to actualization, intention to realization. Take the time to re-state your own personal intentions.

Who do you want to be—really?

What do you truly love?

Do you speak your truth fearlessly?

Who will you die for, if need be?

What is your greatest passion?

What daily activity brings you maximum joy?

Can you identify your truest friends & lovers?

What restores your faith in humanity?

Are you working in harmony with your inner intuition?

Do you walk your talk ‘out there’ in the world?

Are you incorporating GIVING into your life?

Do you take the time to check in with yourself on a regular basis?


The first quarter of the year, the energy is mostly forward moving.

So, we should all feel a second wind, a sense of movement rather than stagnation.



Jupiter, of course, has now begun his transit through Aquarius.

He will move rapidly through that energy, into Pisces by May, 2021 for about 2 + months.

Then back into Aquarius until the end of December.

Jupiter RX:                          

June 20. 2021-October 18, 2021:

Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius:  May 23, 2021-Oct. 11, 2021

Note that these two retrogrades overlap.

This will give us all time to reflect & review how we have each individually incorporated the energy of the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020, into our realities. Did we hear, see, feel our own unique message? Have we attempted to incorporate a more altruistic & HUMAN perspective into our lives? Do we understand what our mission is? For each individual, it will be different. We are not zombies or robots that all think & feel in the same way. Honour your neighbours for their sovereign right to choose their own unique paths just as they should honour you. It’s not easy but the Aquarian call to action is, ultimately, about respect for others. That is how successful community works & survives; by acknowledging difference while celebrating unity.

Uranus turns direct: January 14, 2021, & moves along in Taurus until August 20, 2021.

He will then retrograde once more. Remember, the outer planets are all retrograde for about 6 months of the year.

We will be midway through the energy of Taurus at this point. The second decanate of Taurus is the Virgo part of the energy & is all about adjustment of whatever has been shifted or disrupted. Uranus is the archetypal energy of shift & disruption so now is the time to begin the review & restoration process. What can be salvaged? What must be discarded? Are we letting go of the things no longer useful? Taurus is about the earth, the organics, the fundamentals of life. How are we doing in that sphere?

Neptune retrogrades from June 25, 2021-November 30, 2021:

Now in the last decanate of Pisces, the Scorpio part, it’s all about deep introspective work. What is the nature of your spiritual perspective? Do you work in harmony with your inner intuition? Are you getting the messages or are you super-imposing your own ego-based evaluations onto the messages that you are receiving? It is VERY easy to do this so watch yourself carefully, Neptune is, at the very least, nebulous in nature.

Finally, Pluto turns retrograde April 27, 2021-October 6, 2021.

In Capricorn, Pluto is transforming the very structure of our current social systems. It’s by no means finished. We are in the application part of the process. What foundation is being laid for his ingress into Aquarius?

Will it be the Great Reset?




Will it be the Great Awakening?




Both options are currently in play & it is up to us, the Aquarian collective to choose. Are we the sheeple? Are we the rebels? Are we the usurpers? Are we the Humans?

I suppose that we shall see soon enough.