The New Moon & the Full Moon; January 2021

The upcoming lunation is particularly significant due to the prevailing social atmosphere. If we heed the call to action contained therein, we can shift the current energy of hatred & violence, (clearly evident in our neighbor to the south), into something more reflective of the aspiring human soul. Everyone, no matter their viewpoint MUST be willing to listen to ‘the other side’. This is not to say that anyone should change their viewpoint, but it behooves us all to at least attempt to understand where our fellow humans are coming from. There is sufficient space in our world for there to be diverse opinions & alternative ways of interpreting & then living life.

The next New Moon occurs on January 12, 2021 @ 11:02 pm CST. The following is a synopsis of the energy reflected in the event chart for that time zone.

At 24* Capricorn, this lunation is balsamic to Pluto, suggesting a moment of such intensity that literally anything could happen. Balsamic energy is both culminating & formative in nature. It is like the singular moment before the baby is born. So much has been brought to completion & yet so much is unknown.  And, like the birth of a baby, this moment is rich in creative potential, emphasis on potential. We sense that something important is about to manifest & yet we grapple with the nebulous nature thereof. No worries. Sit with this New Moon & allow whatever is being born within YOU, to come into being.

The Sabian Symbol for 23-24* Capricorn is:


Here we have a call to reflection, devotion & commitment. It may be prudent to step away from frivolous action for a time & review what we are devoted to. Commitment must be nurtured & constantly reviewed so that we know we are still on course.

In the event chart, the lunation activates the 4th house suggesting cloister & cocooning, spending quality time with intimates in quiet spaces. The ascendant energy for the event is 0-1* Libra. Find your ideal partner; create commonality; seek balance. The Sabian Symbol is:



This call to mind the astrological archetype, Chiron. It is the wound that leads to a greater form of healing by virtue of its very presence. What requires healing in our lives? What is causing us necessary pain? Why necessary? Pain is the signal that we need in order to apply ‘therapeutic healing’. The butterfly is often seen as a symbol of the aspiring soul. The soul has concretized into human form to eradicate that which needs to be healed from its energy grid, thus enabling it to move into closer alignment with the divine.

Use this New Moon to reboot any habitual rituals that bring you relief from whatever pain you might be experiencing, whether physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual.

Get back into a solid exercise regime. Eat sensibly.




Set up a regular schedule to meditate according to your own capacities. I recommend walking meditations for those who cannot sit still.



Find a good body worker & go frequently. It’s a great way to release emotional grief.



Do not neglect your spiritual self. Keep striving to include spiritual practice into your DAILY routine. An associate of mine shared the following.

“Whenever I return home, I light a few sticks of incense which I keep handy at my front entry. I use the few moments that this takes me to bless all whom I have encountered while I was out & to leave them at the front door. I enter my home cleansed of any energy that may have been negative or unwanted.”

Another associate, who is a Pranic Healer, keeps a bowl of natural saltwater at her front door & brushes off her aura before entering into her home. She has shared that she has occasionally found plasma in the bowl, evidence of energy having been released.

The point is that you are sovereign in your own private space & you can set the parameters for what & who you allow into it. You are the boss of you!

Following this reflective New Moon comes the Full Moon in Leo on January 28, 2021 @ 1:18 pm CST.

The Sabian Symbol for 9-10* Leo is:


If you have faithfully done your work for the past two weeks, reflected & purged, healed & addressed anything that needed attention, here is your reward!

Ideally, you should be feeling more balanced, stronger, less foggy, more intentional. This Full Moon shines the light on the fullness of creative expression. Leo calls us to open our hearts & say what we believe, do what we love, be authentic. Have you gotten more in touch with all that over the past two weeks? That is the goal!

The Gemini Ascendant @ 21-22* invites us to explore, gather new information, reach out to friends, make new friends, be inquisitive & optimistic. We may have to work hard to accomplish this but the alternative is a non-starter. The Sabian Symbol is:


It’s time to comingle, to join up with others who want what you want, like what you like, think like you do! Life, after all, is the GRAND DANCE.  Again, we may have to be creative in order to actualize this, but it is worth the effort to find community, to pursue happiness, to focus on the positive.

An earthy New Moon is followed by a fiery Full Moon. Build, establish, sustain at the New Moon. Express, celebrate & create at the Full Moon.

And then, little flower, just let it go!