December Musings

The Upcoming Lunar Events of December 2020

Did we ever think we would get here in this crazy year? The world appeared to turn on its head right before our eyes. We have, collectively, become uncertain about the authenticity of our own senses. Are we really seeing what we are seeing? Are we hearing correctly? Is this really actually happening? If you have begun to doubt yourself, you are not alone. Many have joined you there. The other day, someone posed this question to me: “What exactly is the ‘end game’ here?” There were no judgments in the question or even implied conclusions, just asking is all. But even if you have not had a single uncertain moment; if you think that you know exactly what is going on, you must agree that whatever it is, it is unprecedented in its nature and scope.


So, what is going on? Why is this happening? What exactly is this ‘great reset’ or ‘great awakening’, depending on your personal understanding? Is someone controlling it? What eventuality are we all facing?


In this age when critical thinking has basically been sabotaged by propaganda masters who train us how to reason and what to believe—THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH, no less—we must, all of us individually, try hard to step away from the filters that have been put in place and locate our sovereign ability to actually reason our way through this conundrum. No matter the point from which we begin, our job is to cut through the underbrush and get through to the clearing where objective appraisal still exists. It’s not going to be easy but it is essential that we all attempt to do it. We must make a Herculean effort to set aside our own preconceived ideas and give it all another look. Doubt leads to a breakthrough. Certainty leads to stagnation. One way we can all do this is to JUST LOOK AT THE ENERGY. What is the energetic picture? Can we derive an objective understanding by looking at it? Maybe, maybe not, but it behooves us to at least attempt to do so.


The Magnificent Lunar Events:


It’s been an active eclipse season for the past 12 months. Much has been written about it so I won’t belabor it all here. There is, however, one more solar eclipse upcoming & following that a glorious Full Moon in Cancer at the end of the month.

Eclipses are both release & rebirth points in the linear journey through time. They demonstrate where we can step away from old patterning, (lunar eclipses), & create new pathways through conscious intention & directive$, (the solar eclipses). The occlusion of either of the ‘LIGHTS’, as the Sun & Moon are called in astrology is a time of shift & change. The ancients regarded eclipses with a measure of trepidation & fear but understand that the social order of the ancients was far different from ours. Change, back then, often led to upheaval & negative consequences. Today, as individuated persons, we welcome change & shift. It moves us forward; it opens new areas of endeavor; it promises growth if we want to avail ourselves of it.

The Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 is full of positive impulse. The Sun/Moon alignment @ 23*08” (rounded up to 24*) Sagittarius is closely aligned to the Galactic Center. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:


This image is SO promising for us at this most fractious time. It demonstrates hopefulness to the greatest degree. It unites the magic of the natural world with the aspiration of the spiritual self. Bluebirds have long been regarded as omens of hope & goodness. It was considered ‘lucky’ to spot a bluebird, especially on one’s own doorstep. Our job is to act in harmony with this brilliant, luminous symbol, to focus on the light, to remain calm & certain in the face of chaos and strife. We must shine like beacons into the darkness that surrounds us. We must nurture our faith that goodness & love will prevail. It is, in every way, an auspicious & powerful message from the collective consciousness that is rising.


Locate 20*-28* Sagittarius in your own natal chart. I am giving a wide orb because I feel that this is a most powerful energy. If you are one of those lucky persons who have a personal planet or point in and around this degree, you can play a seminal role in the construct of the incoming reality. Those of you with the Sun or Moon or Ascendent at this degree of Sagittarius can be instrumental in leading the rest of us through the next few months. Reach out to those around you and provide that sharp Sagittarian insight that you innately possess.  Teach the rest of us how to be courageous & relentless in our fight for truth & justice. You were born in close alignment to the Galactic Center & this is most certainly the time for you to step up & assume your rightful role!


If you have Mercury located within this range of degrees, you can be the truth-tellers, the ones who create a bridge between diverse groups, the unifiers.  Venus at this degree point can be likened to those who can facilitate refinement of value vision so that any action taken is founded on a clarity of self-understanding, a sense of how far one will actually go to pursue what one knows is ‘right’. And for those with Mars aligned to these degrees, well, you are the ones who can show us all how to take action, how to fight while doing no harm.


At the highest level, Sagittarius is the energy of RIGHTEOUSNESS; of adherence to NATURAL LAW. We must all take the time to meditate on these immutable principles so that we develop confidence that any actions that we do choose to take are founded on truth & not on deception.


These same degrees are activated within the scope of the Gemini energy by opposition (180*) & Virgo & Pisces energy by the square aspect (90*). So, you folks with personal points in any of those energies are not off the hook. Provide support (opposition); agitate relentlessly (square) and do so according to your own unique way.


At the end of the month, we have a glorious Full Moon in Cancer. Here Luna will be at her most forceful self. The highest vibration of this Full Moon is that of allowing positive emotion to prevail.

The Sabian Symbol,


suggests innocence, purity & the need to re-locate our personal sense of wonder & awe. It could be a sign of a fresh beginning, a reboot into a more healthy and natural relationship with our living breathing environment. We shall see!


Keep checking in for my thoughts on the upcoming wonderful, glorious Winter Solstice & Capricorn…