Full Moon Aries, October 20, 2021 @ 28*

With the Sun in Libra, the Full Moon sparkles & sizzles in Aries, & more so with Mars closely aligned & opposing Eris, the dwarf planet that has been wreaking chaos in her wake! No one ever said that life would be simple or easy, did they? But that is not what we, as spiritually minded seekers of insight, are looking for. Rather, we want to understand the why of things so that we can better align to a higher purpose, a ‘sweeter’ path of becoming. Whatever might be chafing your own soul at this moment, step back and out of the drama. Try to get a perspective so that you can ride the wave rather than be sucked in by the undertow of the emotional current. It’s a Herculean task, for sure, but one that we all must attempt to do.

With Eris so close to the Full Moon, both in Aries, emotions may well be all over the place, uncontrolled, out of bounds, explosive. Our job is to get to the source of any issue that might be front & center & to methodically & relentlessly act to stabilize ourselves.  Pluto, the agent of deep & intrinsic transformation is in square alignment to Eris & the Sun while the Moon & Mars are square to Pluto. This is clearly a seminal time for confronting ‘the beast’ in whatever form it may take. Eris demands that we take another look at everything that we thought we clearly had under control. Remember, Eris is a deep, deep, unconscious force that is at the very core of YOUR soul. Nothing is ‘happening to us’ that we did not first conceive of ourselves.

In Aries, Eris demands that we re-visit EVERYTHING that we thought we knew to be true. This is the time for a fresh start on the collective level. This ‘goddess of chaos’ will be with us until mid-century by which time Pluto will have moved into Pisces, Neptune into Taurus & Uranus into Virgo. We will have the resources to begin from a SPIRITUAL base of transformation (Pluto in Pisces), align our spiritual sense to the living breathing Earth (Neptune in Taurus) & change the way we systematically exist in material reality with a focus on Healing rather than consumption (Uranus in Virgo). Of course, we need not wait until 2050. We must get down to doing all that we can RIGHT NOW. Close your eyes as you read this & envision the reality that you want to exist in. Do this at the start & end of each & every day. The more of us who focus on peace & love, in thought & action, the more likely will it come into being.

So, even it all feels a bit overwhelming at this present moment in time, after chaos comes reparation; after destruction, comes rebuilding; after confusion comes a refocusing of our collective sense of direction. The interplay between Pisces & the earthy energies of Taurus & Virgo will guide us into a deeper connection to reality if we allow it.

Keep Love first & foremost in your mind



But certainly, right now, our collective reality is being rocked to its core. As a collective, we are demanding accountability on every level, from our leaders, from our guides, from our security systems, from our information streams, from each other. It’s becoming more and more clear that the systems that have been put into place over the last ‘time out of mind’, are no longer functioning appropriately. The fact is that they haven’t been functioning all that well for centuries but we are at a point now, today, in the here and now, when we can no longer deny it, repress it, or simply not deal with it. Something has got to change if we are to recreate our human family system into something that more resembles what the DIVINE Spark intended it to be. It truly is up to us. No one else will do it. Will we?


The Sabian Symbol for the Aries Full Moon is:


Something is out of kilter. Whether it is the play that is being presented or the audience that is out of sync with the presentation, an adjustment needs to be made. We must seek to find a common purpose, a universal language that will both bind together & heal the weary soul. Many today have the sense that they are speaking loudly, yet not being heard. In the middle of a screaming mob, no one voice can be distinguished. It’s time to settle down & regroup; stop the cacophony & just listen.  If we can tame the wild beast of chaos & frustration then we will get to:


This is the point of extreme events—to push us to the place where we can begin again. Aries is the birth of all that is new, the resurgence of primal power. In Aries, we can lay down a totally new foundation that will enhance our relationship with one another (Libra).  We can sweep away (Eris) the broken bits of yesterday & open the door to a brighter & better tomorrow. That is the fundamental truth of the evolutionary principle; it is through the agony of transition that we attain a greater perfection of purpose. Suffering leads to refinement & growth if we give ourselves permission to do so. No one will ever change for the better until they acknowledge that they have arrived at the worst. Honestly consider your own circumstances. Are you at your ‘breaking point’? If you feel that you can go no further the way you are, then you are at a turning point, if you want to take it. The promise of rebirth is clearly evident in the joining of these two degrees. It’s quite beautiful, actually.

Eris @ 25* Aries: A DOUBLE PROMISE

And yet again, the oracle reassures us. Yes, it’s tough. Yes, it appears that the world has gone crazy. Yes, the wicked appear to be immune to punishment. And yet, that is NOT the whole of it. Gaia,  at the behest of the Divine, is what is really holding this reality together. We must ‘get back to the garden’ if we are to receive the fruits of the promise which is, essentially, LIFE. So, though these are difficult times, hard to deal with, we must hold the vision, keep clear the channel, stay connected to SOURCE despite it all. If we do, if we are true, if we stay the course, we will receive all that we have earned in the end.

I stand at the gate

Naked & alone

And yet the sun shines down on me

And I see the promise of peace just ahead

I am filled with the glory of everything

I am drenched in the ecstasy of being

Joy is my name

So I dance