New Moon in Libra: October 6, 2021 @6:05 AM CDT

Get set for an energy-packed New Moon in Libra! Mars in Libra, exactly aligned to the lunation, infuses this coming month with get up & go, the will to act in full righteousness & the impulse to create superlative harmony & cooperation. Let’s set ALL differences aside & focus on the single common element that binds us together; we are a family of humans regardless our race, creed, or ideology. In UNITY we survive & thrive. In discord, we suffer & perish.

There are significant planetary shifts during October. Are you feeling the nigglings of the current Mercury RX through Libra? Keep in mind that misunderstanding can occur when words are spoken. Use the Libra energy of compromise to repair & renew the connections you have to those around you. Friendship is precious. It’s worth the effort to keep it alive. Mercury stationed RX on September 27, 2021, @ 26* Libra & will station direct on October 18 @ 11* Libra, just prior to the Aries Full Moon. Even though we don’t leave the ‘shadow until November 3, 2021, we should all start to feel a surge of forward movement supported by the shift of the outer planets into direct motion.

The real shift that we will all begin to experience is when the outers begin to turn DIRECT!

October 6, 2021: Pluto stations direct @ 25* Capricorn. It’s time to air things out, discard all that you have reviewed and found to be no longer of use. Keep what is still of worth to you but be willing to assess worth honestly & brutally. On the most literal of levels, clear out those closets of collected stuff from years of stockpiling. What, really, do any of us truly need on the material level? We should, at the very least be willing to ASK ourselves that question. On the most spiritual of levels, Pluto requires ongoing effort to transform ourselves into beings of light & love. The bad stuff occurs when we resist this force that emanates directly from the soul. Again, brutal honesty is necessary if we are to take up the ’sword of the spirit’ & ‘fight the fine fight’ against the forces of darkness around us.

October 11, 2021: Saturn stations direct @ 6* Aquarius. What have you gained from your own inner reflections? How can you be more proactive in the choices that you make? What ‘new’ enterprise could be useful for you? Look at where this degree is in your own natal chart to determine where & how you can personally take charge of your life. If you are a solar, lunar, or rising Aquarius, this shift of energy will give you a new outlook, a fresh start whether in terms of your ideals, emotions or daily activities. And look for that surge of resolve to stick to ‘the plan’!

October 18, 2021: Jupiter stations direct @ 23 * Aquarius. The gates of boundless opportunity open wide. The time to act on your ideals, your visions of the future, your sense of place within the collective is now. By the end of the year, Jupiter will have finally shifted into Pisces, one of his ‘home’ signs. The promise of the 2020 Jupiter/ Aquarius conjunction will take a clearer form. What is your place in a hope for the future? Where do you fit in with the collective vision of what we, as a human race, can be? Find your tribe; support your ideals; be your best!

With these three energies now in full gear, we all have the opportunity to put into action whatever it is that we have been meditating upon. By mid-January, all of the outers will be in direct motion, supporting this sense of forward movement on all possible levels. Let’s put the last 2 years behind us once & for all!

New Moon Meditation

from the TAO TE CHING:  isbn 1 84483 222 


Whatever is planted deeply

is not easily uprooted.

Whatever is embraced sincerely

does not crave escape.

Ever since we lost our intuition

as our main guide in life,

these virtues have had to be

consciously cultivated to survive.

Cultivate them in yourself

and they will be genuine.

Cultivate them in your family

and they will surely flourish.

Cultivate them in your community

and they will be long lasting.

Cultivate them in your country

and they will be widely propagated.

Cultivate them in the world

and they will certainly become universal.

In this way you will know others

by what you do yourself.

You will know families

by what you contribute as a family.

You will know the world

by what you do as a planetary citizen.

How do we know all this?

Because we know

that each part is the whole,

and the whole is in each part.

May the love

that is in each of us


and find itself

in the other…