Full Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 2021, 9:37 pm CDT

The challenging emotions triggered at the last New Moon, (Cancer) are now out in full view. How are you doing? With the Sun newly entered into Leo, we have the opportunity to shake off the moodiness & just enjoy being. Leo is the energy of wonder & delight, innocent appreciation for anything & everything, a celebration of self! The eternal & irresistible child in us all.

Since this current Full Moon is in Aquarius, Saturn figures into the energetic mix. That planet is currently retrograde & within a wide orb conjunction to the Full Moon.

Whatever challenges we may have experienced over the past little while Mars in Leo opposed Saturn in Aquarius (end of June-the beginning of July) while at the same time pulling in the square to Uranus in Taurus, we now have the opportunity to step back, pull up our breeches & resolve anything that might need resolving. With the wide conjunction of the Moon to Saturn, we can aspire to objectivity in all things emotional, take responsibility without a high degree of drama about the condition of our reality.  While forming a conjunction with the Moon, Saturn is also moving into an exact alignment via opposition to the Sun over the next few weeks with that opposition being exact on August 2, 2021. (For the purposes of inner work, however, we are already in the ‘orb’ of the opposition since Saturn is within 10* of the Sun at this current Full Moon.)

Both Saturn & the Sun are considered to be heavily magnetic energies that have powerful ‘pulling’ power so this alignment could well be felt for several weeks prior to & after the exact opposition. With Saturn in retrograde motion the sense is that he is moving into the range of the Sun’s energy field adding emphasis to the aspect. Because Saturn moves so slowly, he only aligns with the Sun by conjunction or opposition in any of the polarities every 15 years or so with the planets switching signs every other time. For the next year or so, the focus will be on the interaction of the energy with the Sun in Leo & Saturn in Aquarius; (these two planets meet by opposition again in August of 2022). In January of 2035 Saturn will be transiting Leo as the Sun moves through Aquarius, flipping the alignment.

And, of course, we will also experience a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in early 2022, but more on that in another post.

As Saturn makes his slow transit (approx. 30 yr cycle), of the zodiac, each energy is given the opportunity to rise to the height of its capacity of actualization. Saturn, the wise old man of the archetypes, facilitates the psyche to move into full maturity, accept responsibility, do what is appropriate for itself in that moment of time, be his/her own ‘boss of me’. It is now the Leo/Aquarius time to feel the conjunction/opposition impact of this growth into selfhood while the other two fixed signs, Taurus & Scorpio, will experience the energy through the action of the squares.

Sun/Saturn encourages us to establish our individual power & especially so when the Sun is in Leo. Someone who is ‘strongly’ Leo might feel that they are being challenged from every quarter with Saturn representing the collective energies. Or, they might feel that the ‘chickens are coming home to roost’, with past actions now resulting in present-time consequences. Alternatively, you might feel as if the collective energies are fueling you to clarify your own position in any number of circumstances. Who are you in terms of the social group you align to? Do you feel as if the social group around you is supportive? Are you comfortable with your place in that social group? Does the construct of your own personal reality align with who you truly are? Are you living in your truth or are you perpetuating a falsehood? Use the next few months to sort out how you feel about who you are & how you represent yourself.

And, of course, while this drama is played out between the Sun & Saturn, there will be opportunities several times a month to dig deep into the emotional energies you need to get to a place of sovereignty because the Moon will step into the dance as she rapidly transits the zodiac. With this current lunation, the Moon & Saturn are widely conjunct, as previously mentioned, so the energy of Moon/Saturn is marked at this time. This is the energy of emotional control; the energy of personal commitment & of potential accomplishment & success. Until March 2023, the Moon will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius once every month. If you are a fixed energy person, someone with a focus on Aquarius, a Moon, Sun or Rising in Aquarius, or someone with any of these points in fixed energy signs or airy signs, these monthly periods (about 3 days) will be particularly sensitive for you. Prepare yourself to explore emotional fortitude, increased personal empowerment & potential resolve & determination to enact your intentions. If you experience discomfort, dig deeply into that discomfort. What is causing you impediment? Why do you feel resistance? What needs to be altered so that your energy flows more coherently? This can be laborious, tedious & downright hard but in the end, it’s worth the effort that you make.

Along with the monthly conjunction, the Moon will make the whole range of aspects to Saturn as well. Watch for the conjunctions, squares, inconjuncts & oppositions to access needed resolve & fortitude while the sextiles & trines potentially provide much-needed facilitation in the face of challenging circumstances. A useful exercise is to look at the month & mark the days when the Moon aligns to Saturn using a colour coding system.





ADJUSTMENT; REVIEW; PAUSE                                 



EASE; SOLUTION; APPLICATION                                



If you do this every month, you will begin to see a pattern in terms of how YOU receive the above alignments. Make this monthly review a personal ritual. Everyone is unique & what is easy for some might be challenging for others & vice versa. For instance, if you have a lot of squares & conjunctions, the red days may be really productive for you so don’t pre-judge & whatever you do, do not sit in fear of aspects involving Saturn. He is not the monster that some make him out to be. It’s merely karma, baby. Do your due diligence & Saturn will back you up every time.

Again, we will all feel the energy according to our unique natal signature. With Saturn transiting the fixed air sign, fixed energy & airy energy persons could well be more triggered. However, tracking transits is a great way to understand just exactly how your own energy systems operate. This Full Moon is a great starting point for this sort of exercise since Saturn is closely aligned to both the Moon & the Sun by conjunction/opposition. The question of personal responsibility; of action & consequence; of the bottom line ‘reality check’ process is in full view. If you are on a journey into awareness, then this is the energy that serves you.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is found @ 2* Aquarius:


There’s an old adage that says if you should expect anything, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

This is exactly the kind of time in which we live. Nothing is certain & everything is in flux. Be ready to receive sudden insights. Be open to anything new that will shift your perspective. It is often through a shock to one’s system that real change can occur. Certainly, make your plans, dream your dream but know that you have the ability to alter your course if you need to. Flexibility is the key to long-lasting success as you go through life.