New Moon in Cancer, July 9, 2021, 8:17 PM CDT

A new cycle begins & with the Sun/Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, we are challenged to carefully & methodically (Capricorn) scrutinize our emotional (Cancer) process to ensure that we are making the best possible choices for our well-being & continued growth (Pluto).

All of the outer planets except for Uranus are now in retrograde motion, suggesting introspection & meditation. Think carefully about how you feel & even more carefully about how you express those feelings (focus on Cancer-emotional). Emotions are unpredictable & with this New Moon being in its own home sign of Cancer, anything & everything is on the table in terms of emotional response. Feel it, to be sure, but take a pause before acting on whatever it is that you feel. (The Moon has long been understood to be one of the trigger energies when it aligns to any natal planet.)

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity juxtaposes practical response with emotional response. It’s a reminder that emotions are most powerful when we fully feel them and are able to appropriately express them; that we do not become victims to them. It is okay to be sad, to hurt, to be angry, even to feel vengeful. What is not okay is if we allow these raw emotions to control our behaviour. Sadness should be expressed & shared with supportive partners but it should not disempower our fight to heal ourselves. Anger & vengeance felt over injustice should lead to thoughtful strategies to RIGHT what is wrong but not to destroy for the sake of satisfying that angry, vengeful feeling.

At this New Moon, it is a good time to consider new methods of self-care. Our collective foundation has been disrupted over the past 18 months as we, as members of a global community, have attempted to find our place in this strange new reality. Though the majority has appeared to accept the so-called ‘new normal’, there is a growing push back to the narrative that has been imposed. Whether you are one of the contrarians or one of the acquiescent ones, adjustments will have to be made.

For those of you who simply do not accept the prevailing narrative & continue to ask questions & challenge the status quo, you must find ways to nurture yourselves since you are definitely in the minority at this point in time. Find your fellow travelers. Create support groups. Join with others who also prefer to think critically. This will take effort simply because there are fewer of you than those who have chosen to go along.

For those of you who have been willing to accept the prevailing narrative, be open to new information that continues to rise to the surface despite the censorship that has now become par for the course. There are now a rapidly growing number of medical professionals who are beginning to challenge the status quo. Your job is to hear what they have to say & honestly appraise it. Keep in mind that this is a singular event in the sense that society has NEVER responded to potential illness in this manner. In the past, the first line of defense was always the search for a therapeutic, & the development of a so-called ‘vaccine’ came later. At the very least, give some thought to this backward approach that has been undertaken. Ask yourself why. Go & look up the NUREMBURG CODE which was signed by the world’s nations at the end of the horrific WWII when it was discovered that the defeated Nazis had engaged in medical experimentation on those whom they had imprisoned. Consider that EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION for any kind of medical procedure is only given if there are no other therapeutics available. Look up IVERMECTIN. And if you do not find it on the first of your searches, keep digging. It is currently being used in MANY countries as the first line of defense for the virus. And remember, follow the money. It will always take you to the source of the issue. Just pause & calculate how many billions, if not trillions, big Pharma stands to make with universal mandatory vaccination that has to be boosted every 6 months. Just pause for a moment and ask yourself why the definition of ‘herd (natural) immunity’ has suddenly been modified by the powers in charge to reflect the necessity of vaccination. Just stop & consider how isolation & lockdown has actually delayed the organic & natural process of community immunity. And then go back & follow the money; see where it takes you. In the last 18 months, 9 new billionaires have emerged & they are all people connected to the pharmaceutical industry. HMMMMM…interesting…


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:

Cancer 18*01’

(remember, round up)


Relationship is sacred & no more so than RIGHT NOW. Find your sacred relationships. Stay connected to those who are part of your tribe. Nurture these relationships, feed them, protect them because they are what will keep you safe & protected in the days to come.


Capricorn 18*01’


Are we dealing with more than we are able to? Are we inundated with so much information that it is almost impossible to make any sense of it? And yet, inexperienced as we are, do we have access to data that may, in the end, help us to sort all of this out? We all have to take one item at a time out of that shopping bag & examine it until we understand what it is & how it figures into our lives. It’s a slow & challenging process but it can be done. Baby steps, & one at a time.

This New Moon provides us with an opportunity to celebrate intimacy with our kith & kin; to create relationships based on a commonality of thought & purpose; to nurture both ourselves & those who similarly nurture us. The energy of Cancer, at the highest of levels, is Love Personal; the empathic emotional connection of one being to another being. So, no matter what your viewpoint is about this current global crisis situation, base ALL of your actions & responses on LOVE. Give permission to yourself to agree or disagree without animosity. Allow others to have their own sovereign viewpoints & respect that they have come to their conclusions based on real & valid personal experiences that they have had. Do not condemn others just so that YOU can feel more validated. Whatever choice you make is your choice to make. And that goes for everyone around you as well.