Full Moon in Aries, Oct 9, 2022, 3:54 pm CDT

Another Full Moon across Libra/Aries. We are currently moving through the energy of Libra & the Full Moon highlights the polarity energy of Aries, bringing to light, the need to consider both self & other in every situation. At the Full Moon, any Full Moon, the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun—geometrically 180* separation, bisecting the ‘circle’ of the sky.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, we can use the Full Moon phase of any cycle to look back in time to when there was a NEW MOON in the same energy. The last New Moon in Aries occurred on April 1, 2022, just after the Vernal Equinox. What intentions did you set back then? This would be a good time to review & consider how you have managed to implement them…or not! And remember, do so always with self-love, not beating yourself up if you have not lived up to your own ideals. Life is convoluted & full of unexpected events that can delay or challenge or totally transform one’s sense of direction & purposefulness. Be kind to yourself in this regard.

Energetically, we are set to experience a series of shifts in the next few weeks and on…(more in blogs to come…) Here are a few highlights of the shifts before the next New Moon cycle…

Mercury has stationed direct on October 2 @ 25* Virgo. Though we are still in the “shadow” of the retrograde at the Full Moon, we should begin to feel less ambivalent about our interactions & by October 17 or so, any confusion that we are experiencing will start to sort itself out. If you are in the midst of relational negotiations, allow yourself the time to settle after any equivocation that you might have been experiencing in this area while Mercury retrograded. By the Next New Moon, Mercury will be in the third decanate of Libra & getting ready to slide into Scorpio around the end of the Month.

At the Full Moon, Venus is closely aligned to the Sun & opposite the Moon, highlighting the need to create peace & cooperation with others. In her own sign, Venus reminds us that a smile is more useful than angry speech and that seeking compromise is more useful than belligerence. The Psalmist wrote, in Psalms 133:1…

How wonderful it is, how pleasant,

for people to live together in harmony!

If we apply this principle in all of our interactions, we will experience the blessings that come as a result.

Mars is moving very slowly now as he gets ready to stations retrograde at the end of this month. Be aware that implementation strategies may well be challenged for the next few months. In Gemini, we can be assaulted by an overwhelming amount of data that could create confusion & hesitation in regard to what exactly should be done or started. Once again, the astrological counsel is to maintain openness, stay fluid, be adaptable & don’t hurry to jump into anything overly quickly. If you suddenly see that you have to change your tactics, take a deep breath & make a list of how you could do that. And do not recriminate. Life is about change. The only things that do not change are dead things. Be willing to ‘reinvent’ your M.O. as needed. ( more on this later…)

Jupiter continues his Retrograde in Aries/Pisces & will stay retrograde until November 23. For all of you Pisces types, this period of time can be useful in re-imagining the nature of your aspirations. Take the time to ponder where you are headed & why…

Saturn stations direct in Aquarius on October 23 & will transit the remaining degrees of this, one of his home signs over the next 6 months or so. For those of you who were born with Saturn in Aquarius, 19*-30*, this is your return period. This is a threshold of significant reassessment for everyone, an entry into the next segment of life, a time to concretize the process & get down to business in a serious fashion.

Both Uranus & Neptune are still retrograding through Taurus & Pisces respectively. Go deep into your own ‘knowing’ (Neptune) to try and get a handle on the chaos evident in the world around us (Uranus in Taurus). If we all find our own spiritual center, we will come out of the upheaval of our times better equipped to deal with what we find on the other side of the turmoil. Hold to your faith. A new day is dawning.

A powerful indicator of the potential for transformation is the Pluto Station Direct @ 27* Capricorn on October 8, just ahead of the Full Moon. Pluto remains at this degree until well into December, underlining the significance of this threshold in time.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:


We are all on a quest. It is not always simple or easy. The pathway is the goal…to keep at it, to continue, to persist & hopefully, one day, to reach the summit & see the endless sky above us. When people trek together the success or failure of the trek is entirely dependent on the degree of unity amongst the group. Our job is to BE STRONG & COURAGEOUS (Aries Full Moon) while maintaining a FOCUS ON LOVE & COOPERATION (Venus in Libra conjunct the Sun). Pluto will soon be shifting into Aquarius. The season of the ‘EVERYMAN’ is coming…

Remember, Full Moons can provide perspective and illuminate any given situation if we let them. That is not to say that every Full Moon will provide you with an ‘aha’ moment. That really depends on YOU and whether you are ready to have that ‘aha’ moment. But the potential is present, for sure. So, get on your gear, find your fellow travelers & get going, baby!

I am a rainbow

I am the light

I sparkle

I shine

I am filled with delight