New Moon in Libra: September 25, 2022 @ 4:54 pm CDT

The 2022 Libra New Moon is especially significant as it occurs just a few days after the FALL EQUINOX.

This year, Fall, (or AUTUMNAL) Equinox occurs at 8:03 PM CDT on September 22. These threshold days within the wheel of the year are turning points on all levels of being; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Physically, we can feel the warmth of the summer begin to ebb. Mentally, our minds turn towards sustainment rather than growth. Emotionally, we begin to settle into feelings. Spiritually, we are ready to meditate on all that we have experienced over the past 6 months. Why 6 months? The Fall Equinox is the culmination of a cycle that began at the Spring Equinox. And this year, with the annual Libra New Moon coming up just after this significant turning point, we are doubly reminded of the need to ‘turn over a new leaf’; to set some fresh intentions in place as we process through the experiences of the past 6 months.

Both New and Full Moons are great times to create rituals. They give us an emotional reference point on which to base that ritual. For instance, this upcoming New Moon in Libra can facilitate a focus on expanding relationships, finding common ground, and pursuing personal integrity no matter the cost. Libran energy is, at the highest of levels focused on justice & integrity.

So, what kind of ritual? Well, ritual is anything that you choose it to be. It does not have to be fancy or complicated, surrounded by pretentious and often incomprehensible actions. Rather, it should be something that is meaningful to YOU, something that enhances your own personal connection to whatever you have designated as the ‘divine’. It could involve movement like dancing or rhythmic walking, singing, chanting, eating, drinking, or any other human activity that can transport you into a reverent and open-minded state. Of course, the more that the ritual is aligned to the energy of the moment, the more powerful it becomes. So, as we move through Libra, focus on ‘the heart’; think Venus thoughts; consider options & the consequences that flow from whatever choice is made. All of these things belong to the cooperative, conciliatory energy of Libra, the energy of “WE”…not “ME”…

With this New Moon, the focus of the transiting energy is on deep & reflective meditative observance of the ‘ritual’ of being itself. It is about opening the higher chakras to an influx of divine energy and then searching for a way to enact that energy in practical healing and humble ways.

And truth. This lunation is about ‘truth’, particularly personal, inner truth. Find your own truth, and bring it into the core of your being. Hold fast to that truth. And possibly, be prepared to discover new and unique ways to concretize your truth in your life.

We are in the midst of a massive retrograde that includes Mercury, Mars & all of the outers. Why Mars? Get ready for the official shift into full retrograde motion of Mars in Gemini that happens at the end of October but be acutely aware that we are already in the ‘pre-shadow’ period when Mars is skipping through the degrees that will be included in his retrograde. So, if you are experiencing glitches, interruptions, hiccups, or stalls, that, along with the Mercury retrograde could well be a contributing factor. As always, life does not STOP during retrogrades so our job is to be conscious of the potential hesitations that may occur along the way. By the next FULL MOON, Mercury will be moving forward, though not yet past the ‘shadow’ point. Nevertheless, the sense of impasse will begin to face somewhat.

Jupiter is retrograde in Aries, exactly opposed to the lunation so allow yourself to hope & dream quietly and with a measure of restraint. There is a light beginning to glimmer on the horizon & it will increase gradually & in time. The inspirational energy of Aries is a promise from the Divine.

It’s a time for review & re-ordering of personal process. Take the time to re-consider the tenets of your life & ensure that you are who you say you are. We all are facing a changing of the guard in the days ahead so we want to be sure of where we stand as the old order passes away & the new order is ushered in.



The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




Change is coming. We are at a nexus point in terms of our collective development. What that change will be is yet to be clearly defined. It is up to each of us to determine who we are & where we stand in relation to this incoming change. It is up to us, individually, to work towards the promise of change rather than the calamity of change. “DAWN” is always a time of hope. It is up to us to make it so.

What is our outline? Where is our allegiance? How do we demonstrate our commitment to what we stand for? If we are that man in Cameo, what, exactly, is our country? That is the task at hand for each of us; to gain clarity through the reflective process; to gain certainty of our own inner integrity & to stand firm in it.


The chant/mantra for this New Moon


I am open to the direction of the divine

I am willing to follow my heart

Show me the pathway

I will follow

Fill me with courage

I will use it

Blessed Be…