Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018 @ 11:47 am CDT

We have arrived at the threshold of


The Sun is newly entered into Scorpio, the energy of magik, the energy of power, the energy of transformation. And how fitting that we should have this glorious Full Moon in the earthy, organic, fundamental sign of Taurus.

Scorpio/Taurus are partnered in the Zodiacal wheel by polarity. When these two power players align, stuff can happen. And so, in the world of astrology, this particular full moon, arriving for us once a year around this time, is one of the most potent Moons of the cycle. When the Moon transits the solid sign of Taurus, her ethereal and often shifting energy is brought to ground. This is the MOON of MANIFESTATION. Pagan folk come together under this moon to call her energy down where it can take form. Those of us who prefer more personal ritual, can meditate under this fulsome moon and vision all that we have in our hearts and minds. But beware. Energy follows thought so think wisely and think clearly and above all, DO NO HARM. In the realm of the lightworker, there is no room for the hex magik that those who have a base nature often perform. Stay away from these hexers because the energy that they call out will inevitably return to them in triplicate. That which you send forth will always find its way back to you.

This is the Moon of REMEMBRANCE & RELEASE. Venus, newly retrograde in Scorpio invites us to review our hidden secret self. Her seductive energy provides us with dreams that take us back to before, even to past lives that may hold a gem of wisdom or a wound to heal. She draws us into the wheel of memory. Our job is to ride that wheel, to remember and to do the work that needs to be done. Are you still holding a hurt in your tender heart? Let it go. Embrace it in a holistic way but erase the rancor and the acidity of hate if it still lurks in the corners of your soul. Venus in Scorpio, closely aligned to the Sun/Moon alignment, insists that we go deep and hard into the mystery of our emotions and stretch them out like a kite in the wind. Let the celestial heights air them out and take them away. Mars in Aquarius, ruler of that Venus, asks us to be fair and just, to detach ourselves from petty concerns and hold to the ideal that we are all ONE family, despite the findings of any DNA test. Lets symbolically believe in the myth of the Garden of Eden. We have one archetypal Mother. We have one archetypal Father. We are all brothers and sisters, kith and kin. It is only when this simple, yet difficult to truly embrace concept is firmly fixed in our minds and hearts that we, as a species might actually be able to “give peace a chance”. Let it be so.

Emotionally, we are at a crossroad (Sun/Venus & Moon/Uranus exactly square the Nodal Axis). Will we take up the ‘sword of the spirit’—that is LOVE, little one—and move courageously into our collective future or will we tumble back into old patterns, old attitudes, old ways of thinking and being. NO!!! Uranus, closely aligned to this gorgeous Moon says, step out of your comfort zone. Think outside the box. Be bold. Live free. Say what is in your heart and encase it in honey. Be sweet. Yes, above all, be sweet. Be fiercely, intensely sweet and let your little light shine.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:








We all have times of emotional upheaval where events appear to come out of nowhere and unlock the hidden waves of feeling that reside within us. Just as in electrical storms, these times can lead to an aftermath that is full of a new and often refreshing energy. We must allow the sorrow, grief or, for that matter, any kind of overwhelming emotion to break free from both our physical and ethereal body and spill over, releasing the essence of its substance. If we hold, repress, ignore or avoid any negative feelings, they will, most assuredly, take form within us. Negative energy is real and our call to action is to identify it and transmute it into positive action that has a clear and certain point of intent. We are being asked to remember with compassion and to release all unwelcome thoughts into the sea of love.


Song for the TAURUS MOON

I am the


Born of dreams and visions

I hold your aspiration deep within my beating heart

Gaze upon me and believe

Look at me shine and remember

Hold me close and exercise compassion

I will encircle you

I will rock you

I will lull you

I will find you

Blessed be…