Libra, the energy of conciliation and cooperation where you can meet and greet with those you like and more importantly with those you can’t tolerate. This is an energy that demands tolerance and seeks to provide a space where one can enter into a forum for respectful debate, always giving equal time to the opposing view. Sounds alien?

Well yes, we live in a time when the RULE OF LAW—a very Libra concept—is being severely exercised and challenged. For those of us in the middle who consider themselves to be non-aligned to a specific ideology, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to discern just exactly what anybody is saying, maybe because they are saying it at a screaming pitch with words that are emotionally charged, with adjectives that betray a strong and biased partisanship. But Libra promises that there is a place for dialogue, that people CAN get along together, that consensus can be reached as long as everyone remembers that first we are HUMANS, and all of us are equal under the light of the divine.

This NEW MOON presents us with the opportunity to do a reboot in the way that we relate to ourselves on that very important inner level and to others on that equally important outer level. We have come to this earth to be in community and we’d better put some effort into developing some strategies that result in a more successful outcome. Libra is about LISTENING first. So, listen carefully when someone is talking with the expectation that they, too, will do some listening to you. But YOU do it first. Let your challenger speak. Let her express her complete point of view. Hear it. Consider it. Then, open your mouth, but carefully, very carefully. 

Pluto, the archetype of re-birth is in a powerfully dynamic relationship to this New Moon. Pluto says, ‘Interact with integrity.’ Do not be dirty or emotionally manipulative in how you go about trying to prove your point. Be respectful and HONEST because if you are not, it will come back to haunt you. Secrets will be exposed. Past actions will be revealed. How important it is that we are vigilant in our self-examination so that we do not fall into the trap of limited thinking.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus in Scorpio, newly retrograde. This is the big news of the cycle. Venus has an absolutely gorgeous cyclical pattern that results, once it completes its 8 year course, in a rose motif. Here we encounter the beautiful symmetry of reality. Venus, the planet, represents core values, that which we love and hold dear. The rose is a symbol of everlasting beauty, a token of love.  What a precise co-relationship. Our values should be beautiful and based on love. If they are formed on such principles, how much better would our reality become?

Retrograde Venus is a precious time period. It is a time of personal renewal, lost love found, introspective soul searching and the reformation of the shining diamond self. Because this retrograde period occurs in the signs of Scorpio & Libra, the emphasis is on truth speak and equity in relationship. Much can be recovered when Venus is doing the backward dance on every level possible. So a key word to keep in mind for the next few weeks is RECOVERY.

Recover your important relationships. Recover your sense of possibility. Recover your powerful self. Literally speaking, you may even recover items that you thought you had lost.  Rings. Money. Your favourite item of clothing. A pet. Truly. It has happened.

This particular Venus retrograde period will be especially active for anyone born between the following dates:

October 8-November 12: this is the conjunction of Venus to the Sun. Expect things to be stirred up. Your call to action is to put on your big girl pants and face whatever needs to be faced. You are being personally, intimately agitated into remembering, recovering and restoring.


January 5-February 9 & July 7-August 9:  This is the square of Venus to the Sun. Action in the value area of your life is demanded. Are you working in sync with what your truly believe, feel and desire? Do you follow through when that is what is needed? Are you ready to take responsibility for your past actions and deal with the consequences?

Where are YOUR big girl pants?


April 4-May 11: this is the opposition of Venus to the Sun. Listen carefully to what people are saying TO you and ABOUT you. Can you interpret the messages? Are you ready to act on what you understand those messages to be? You more than the others, could well experience the reappearance of a long-lost friend or lover. What will you do with them in your life once again?

This lovely little transit began October 5 and will last with some after tremors until December 17 (+/-).

The Sabian Symbols for this NEW MOON are:




Everything, and that means EVERYTHING, eventually passes into nothing or what we call nothing. Actually, that is a euphemism for everything. All that has ever been is the intrinsic component part of everything that now exists and so forth and so forth. Once we recognize this profound truth, that we, as the individual, are the culmination of all that has ever been, we will begin to realize the great responsibility that we all have, personally, to be the best that we can be. Moreover, it is THIS moment that is real. It is in THIS moment that we exist. Make THIS moment matter.

We are all a part of a magnificent tapestry of life that stretches across all of the dimensions of being. Organic, mental, emotional and etheric. Each one of us has an associate Deva who is dancing somewhere in the setting sun. Join her and dance like no one is watching.


The Libra Song


And sit by my side, my love

And share the setting sun

Let me kiss your shining face

And smile into your endless eyes

Be my lover, be my friend

Be my forever and ever

Let us dance together until the day is done

Blessed be.