This Full Moon in Libra provides us all with an opportunity to forgive each other & to heal from the wounds that we inflict on one another.

There is an incredible triple conjunction of The Sun, Chiron & Venus @ 9*Aries. Fierce gentleness is suggested by the union of these three forces. The active compassion of Venus in Aries combines with the healing properties of Chiron to focus on wounds that involve core identity & how one interacts with ‘the other’ in our lives. Aries demands that we take action based on high principle while the Libra Moon encourages us to make amends where we can, to see things from the other’s perspective, to put ourselves in her shoes & imagine what led to the actions that she took which may have resulted in harm to ourselves.

This conjunction, activated by the Full Moon (OPPOSITION) is in Aries/Aries, the first 10 degrees of this sign. This amplifies the purity of the fire energy that is being highlighted. The call to action, symbolized by a sextile relationship between the triple conjunction with Mars in Gemini, is to be flexible, high-minded & ready to release negative emotion. Gemini promises that hope for healing can be found by lightening up, forgetting the evil things & focusing on the positive elements in any situation. Think HARMONY rather than disunity. To achieve a cooperative loving union, we must use our individual, autonomous self in a constructive & healing fashion. Where can we yield without forfeiting self-dignity? Where can we exercise true compassion while protecting our own hearts & minds? Relationship is tricky. It requires respect both for self & for the other. There is never only one perspective at play.

Sabian Symbol:  A CRYSTAL GAZER.

What knowledge can we tap into? What do we yet have to discover? Are we pure as we seek understanding or, do we allow personal bias to ‘colour’ the message? Make sure that you are neutral when ‘piercing the veil’ between this material reality & the etheric realms where all-knowing resides. Not every message received is TRUE. Challenge the narrative to ensure that it holds up. Especially in the context of relationship, no one can ever fully comprehend what is at play in the other’s heart & mind. Try to find a way to forgive your ‘other’ the way that you forgive yourself, utterly & without question. The Libra Full Moon shines a light on the beauty of partnership, the joy that we can experience when a partnership is true. It’s up to us to work on that in every partnership that we cherish in our own lives.

Overall, the energy of this ‘FIRE & LIGHT’ Full Moon is positive, forward-moving, optimistic! Whatever your own personal opinion of what the collective has experienced over the past year, everyone is ready to move on. The energy collectively, at the moment, is supportive of this. Just look at the powerful GRAND AIR TRINE between the MOON, MARS & SATURN! With MARS tightly aligned to the Gemini NORTH NODE, the message is clear. Determine for yourself (SATURN) what serves your own personal needs (MOON) & do it (MARS)! Mars forms another trine to Jupiter in Aquarius further emphasizing that action must be based on truth, not lies. What is the ‘right’ course to take? What will best serve both you & those around you?

Remember, the energy is extremely mobile at the moment. All planets are direct in motion. The retrogrades do not begin until the end of April. This is ‘GO’ time. But!!! Go with a lightness of being, go with a spring in your step. Be like a butterfly, not like a bull.

So make a note of the three days when this Moon will fill our sky; March 27, 28 & 29. And, when you gaze at her beautiful fulness, open your heart to compassion, forgiveness & love.