The sky is dark at New Moon. At this most magical moment, Luna hides her luminosity from us. So, look at the stars & watch them circle around the space where the Moon is hiding. It’s inspiring.






This New Moon is full of the fire of becoming. The collective energy is still in full ‘go’ mode with all planets direct. Yet again, there is a laser-like focus of energy with 4 of the main planetary forces grouped in loose conjunction, this time in Aries, from Mercury @ 15* all the way to Venus @ 27*. Technically we wouldn’t normally align these 2 degree points, but in the case of this lunation, they flank the New Moon on either side. I call this a ‘traveling’ conjunction. Zodiacally, Mercury is holding the rear while Venus leads the way, & both buffer the Sun/Moon @ 23* Aries. Be mindful (Mercury) of every action (Aries) that you take so that you express the highest good (Venus).

The highest expression of Aries is the promise of birth, initiation, self-expression. With Mercury & Venus involved, we are asked to consider how we express ourselves; what the nature of our self-expression reveals; how fiercely we align to our own inner truth. Chiron is also present in this intense Aries energy. Astrologers have only just begun working with Chiron consciously, (discovered in 1977), but the collective has been working with this energy un-consciously for millennia. Representative of the core wound within the psyche, Chiron is one of the principal energies that we can access for healing work. Facing the part of ourselves where we deny the fullness of self-expression is a critical part of any personal integrative process. Under the fiery inspirational force of this New Moon, we can turn inward & review where we break trust with our own personal moral codes, not to punish or recriminate, but, rather, to refine & improve. We all fall short of the ideal that we imagine for ourselves. How could it be otherwise; we are human and still in the process of re-discovering our true nature. What is necessary, if we are to keep growing into a better version of who we are, minute by minute, is to lovingly admit our failures, seek assistance if needed, ask for help when appropriate & keep polishing the inner jewel of our soul force. One of the hardest things that anyone can do, as a human, is to say, “I am wrong; please forgive me…” Aries, with all of its inherent courage & warrior energy, provides us with the will to stand up & say those words. The energy of the SOUL WARRIOR!

In the broadest sense, Chiron in Aries demonstrates the need to fully embrace selfhood, to stand strongly in one’s power, to simply BE YOU. But it’s hard &, I would say, at this strange time in our social history, being singular, autonomous, self-directed & feeling secure about it, is a monumental undertaking. As a collective, we are at the front end of re-imagining ourselves through the lens of community structure. The onset of the techno age has given rise to all sorts of distortions in the area of connection, communication & the dispensation of information. What seemed like a good idea at the time, (going digital) has morphed into something other than what was originally intended. One of the directives for FB was to ‘create community’. Is that all that has been developed? Do the benefits outweigh the harm? Has it led to greater unity or hidden division? In order to thoughtfully address these issues, we MUST ask these questions. If we are to grow together into something better than what we are now, we have to ask them and, even more importantly, to engage in OPEN & HONEST dialogue around these questions, without censure, judgment, or vilification of opposing viewpoints. Dialogue is the key to true healing of conflict. Be like the rock that hones itself as it rubs against another rock and both rocks become sharper, shinier, smoother as a result.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: 


We all hold within ourselves secret burdens that we carry not only through life but from life to subsequent life. Some of these burdens manifest within our present consciousness as demonstrated by our natal Chiron. The key tucked into the Sabian Symbol is that these secret burdens might be heavy but they are also VALUABLE, just as the burden of pregnancy is hidden, heavy but supremely valuable. Focus on what your wound, this hidden, heavy, valuable thing, gives you, not what it has taken away from you. Facing the true nature of your WEAKNESS provides you with clarity as to the direction that you must take to strengthen what is weak within you. Again, it is not always simple or easy since, for the most part, we are tackling our individual weaknesses from a subjective rather than an objective vantage point. But, by accessing the archetypal symbols of ASTROLOGY, we can create a more objective appraisal of what we need to do to refine our nature.

If you know the structure of your natal chart, start by locating Aries. We all have a sector of our psyches where this energy is tucked away.  Whatever house in the natal chart holds 23* Aries, examine it carefully. What area of life is involved? Do you have any personal planets in the vicinity? Can you locate any aspects that may be triggered, or, is 23* Aries making an aspect to anything in your natal chart? This is a really fun exercise. Start with the broadest connections & start narrowing them down. As an example, in my own natal chart, Aries is my 7th house. I could begin by jotting down some keywords for this: contracts, relationships, the other, compliance, listening, interaction & so forth. Then, I can brainstorm how my personal relationship life might be infused with the courage of birth, how I might re-imagine how to be in relationship, how I might make a new start in this area.

Next, I might look at any planets that I might have in Aries or in FIRE. In my chart, 23* Aries is very close to both my Chiron & my Pluto. This lunation forms a GRAND FIRE TRINE with those two planetary archetypes. I can then brainstorm what that might look like for me personally.  Can I make a fresh start in some of my relationships? Can I use the healing power of Chiron to transform (PLUTO) relationships that might be suffering or crumbling? In my chart, this lunation is almost exactly conjunct my VERTEX POINT. I understand that whatever transpires as a result of actions that I take in the coming months, will be of the utmost importance to me. I want to be sure to act from a place of love & forgiveness so that maximum growth can be attained. I have come to understand, over the course of my life, that it is through relationship, through the exchange of ideas, that I am able to grow, as long as I am open to what I receive from others without judgment or censure. I am excited to access the FIERCE HEALING LOVE of this NEW MOON in the coming weeks & hopefully purge myself of unwanted connections so that room can be made for new upbuilding connections; to work hard at healing wounded relationships so that both partners can grow & thrive together; to listen carefully & with an open heart & mind when others reach out to me. The fierce fire of this Aries New Moon can get me started in this healing direction.

Try this exercise out for yourself. If you want some assistance, do not hesitate to reach out. I could do a ZOOM session with you & explore how this Aries New Moon might interact with you.  The rate is a suggested $2/minute by donation.

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