New Moon in Pisces, March 2, 2022, @ 11:38 pm

The New Moon in Pisces leads us into the sweetest of all energies. It is in Pisces that we can truly find our own connection to the divine element that exists within each of us. After the chaos, the bickering, the animosity of the past few years, and especially the last few months, we can choose, with this lovely New Moon to set things right, both within ourselves & with those around us. And, listen, it’s not about setting things right with people who agree with you, it’s about finding a way to set things right with people who DON’T agree with you. Can YOU do It? Can you be the one who takes the first step into forgiveness, compassion & unconditional love? Can you?

There’s a pretty interesting alignment at this New Moon between Venus & Mars. These two celestial objects align by conjunction fairly regularly but it is not so often that they travel together, by conjunction, for as long as they do this current year. Their first point of contact was in early February with the initial exact conjunction @ 16* Capricorn just ahead of the Leo Full Moon. This ongoing union continues until the end of March when, finally, they begin to seriously separate while both are in Aquarius. That’s quite the journey! When the authoritative force of will (Mars in Capricorn) is conjoined to a just moral code (Venus in Capricorn), we can expect to witness incredible events of bravery! To add to this union of energies, Pluto, the force for transformation & truth, is also exactly in alignment with Venus & Mars; all three marching determinately together @28* Capricorn. There is a sense here that people are coming together to fight for what is essentially human, to stand for principle, to be heard. Think of historical events like the marches for racial justice in the last century or the protests to gain India’s independence, also in the last century. When it’s time to stand for truth & justice, the people will unite. The call to action on a personal level is that we individually locate our own internal truth meters & make the choice to peacefully but resolutely stand in alignment with them, no matter the cost.

Another significant alignment with this lunation is Jupiter conjunct the Sun & Moon. This expansive & affirmative energy opens up the heart & aspires to hope & goodwill. The very highest expression of Pisces is unconditional LOVE. Look deep into your own heart at this time & ask yourself where in your life you can be more forgiving, more generous, kinder, more inclusive.

Yet another interesting alignment is Mercury closely situated to Saturn in Aquarius & in square relationship to the nodal axis. This is the energy of objective reality, dispassionate assessment & judicious evaluation. Get rid of the emotional drama & step back from any fractious, intense situations. Try hard to be detached from your own fearful knee-jerk reactions when making your assessments. The very minute that emotion weasels its way into the heart & mind, objectivity is hampered, even destroyed. To be critical thinkers, (which this combo facilitates), we must rid ourselves of all bias & just examine the hard cold facts of any situation. This is not easy to do but with the sweet energy of the Jupiter-led lunation backing us up, we can aspire to focus on unconditional love, compassion & forgiveness. Humanity at odds with itself is the end of humanity as we know it. If we, as a species cannot find a way to live together in peace & harmony there will not be a future for us on this planet. Period.

Set the intention with this New Moon to seek what is good in your fellow human & to encourage right action by example, not by punitive criticism. And always, choose the action that DOES NO HARM. Some astrologers consider that Pisces energy reflects Christ Consciousness. The message of the Christ was a message of Love, not hate, union, not divisiveness. This New Moon gives us all an opportunity to set the intention to exemplify this call for grace & goodness in our own lives.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are truly spooky when one considers what has been going on socially.



It’s well past time to put down our swords! There has to be a way to negotiate with one another without violence. The second symbol suggests that everyone must get a grip on their emotions & step away from heated responses. The response to the global situation has been diverse. Those who have complied have the absolute right to do so but they do not have the right to condemn those who have had doubts & walked the contrarian path. It is now clear that there is NO SINGLE SOLUTION & that the measured & clear-headed approach to dealing with sars cov 2 in all of its variant forms is to take a multi-pronged approach. There is a niggling energy at work in every human. We all want everyone to agree with what we choose to think or do. This need for approval from others can result in unacceptable action being taken by some who insist that everyone walk in lock step. If coercion or brutal force is implemented to force someone to agree, to align, that is NOT OKAY. Stop & consider where, in this world, force is used to keep people in line. There was a time when those places were widely condemned by the so-called ‘free’ countries of the earth. Is that still the case today? We must not allow ourselves to be governed by emotional hysteria. We must attempt to be rational, calm & constructive at all times.

This is even more relevant as we see the events unfolding in Europe. The higher energies are begging us to step away from force & violence. How long must we suffer at our own hands? Now, more than ever before, we must find a way to create peace with our neighbours. When will we learn our lesson?


FULL MOON IN VIRGO; March 18, 2022, @ 2:20 AM

After the inspirational energy of the Pisces New Moon, we bask in the healing light of the Virgo Full Moon. If we set our intentions to aspire to love & goodness under the direction of Pisces, then we now have the opportunity to fully embody that intention & allow it to heal whatever needs repair in our lives. Virgo energy seeks to establish appropriate protocols for any endeavor; it creates systems that allow us to function at optimum levels if we adhere to them. Once a system has been put into place, we do not have to keep re-inventing the wheel each time we tackle a certain task. That’s the beauty of systems that work. They truly are the key to success. As an example, think of the system used by recovering addicts that focuses on the ONE DAY AT A TIME protocol. This mantra is regularly repeated until the individual has fully integrated it into their psyche. It becomes an integral part of the person’s awareness & he no longer dreads an endless future of battling his addiction but rather is able to meet the singular challenges of simply one day. Eventually, that one day stretches into weeks, months, years, decades & he realizes that he has successfully navigated his obstacle course! He instituted &, more importantly, faithfully followed a system that led him into healing. The practical, common-sense energy of Virgo is what can assist to create these kinds of structures in our life so that we can tackle the challenges that we face.

This Full Moon shines a light into that part of your life where Virgo is found. It can assist you to refine & realign as the case may be. Virgo loves getting into the weeds of anything so, if there is a need to research or investigate, this detail-oriented energy will facilitate that examination.

Once again, we have a quantity of energy in Aquarius; Venus, Mars conjunct & Saturn leading the way. Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune join the Sun in Pisces adding an element of beautiful sweetness into the mix. As previously mentioned, Pisces energy is of the divine on the most essential of levels. So, at this Full Moon, we are encouraged to examine our actions & determine if they align with our ideals. Faith without works is dead, so said the Christian writer & we know that if we do not ‘walk our talk’ we are merely pretenders in the game of life. The call to action is to hold yourself to a high standard & to base all of your choices on that standard. Be who you were always meant to be, no excuses, no regrets…

The days that we are now living in are strange & wonderful all at the same time. It could be said that we are in a fight for the very essence of who we are as humans. As the Moon shines her light down upon us, we should all determine that we will continue to fight for what is right, for what is true, for what is human.

The Sabian symbols associated with this Full Moon are:



What do you think when you see a bald-headed man? Often, we relate a bald head to a well-functioning brain; to someone who is superbly intellectual, smart, a profound thinker. The suggestion here is that we should access all of our intellect, our ‘brainy’ power to create a sensible & productive protocol that we can rely on. Think things through. Explore all of the available data. Be smart about it. When we use the power of the mind to support the action of the heart, we are much more assured of success in our efforts.

The Pisces symbol is a promise of return for the effort made. In the natural world, the Moon is strategic when it comes to the planting, sprouting & growth of seeds. If we follow the directives that we have established through careful mental research (the Virgo Symbol), we can be assured that we will reap the rewards that come from the efforts that we make. Everyone just wants to live in peace & harmony, to enjoy the fruits of their labour, to be satisfied at the end of a good day of work. The myths suggest that we were born in a garden of plenty. At the core of the human heart is a fervent desire to find our way back to that garden. Let’s all do the work & reap the reward.