VENUS IN AQUARIUS: The Goddess as Rebel

As previously mentioned, (see the Venus in Capricorn blog), Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the SUN in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Thus, you can have your own Venus placement up to 2 zodiac signs away from your SUN in either direction. The Solar signs that can have Venus in Aquarius range from Sagittarius to Aries.

Those who have Venus in the same sign as the Sun will find that essential energy enhanced through reinforcement while those with Venus in an adjacent or complementary sign will find that energy to be enhanced through modification. This enhancement can manifest as either challenging or reinforcing depending on the individual in question. YOU are always the variable in any astrological equation. The energy itself is neutral but the conduit (YOU) for the energy is not.

When Venus is found to be in Aquarius, expect the unexpected! She’s frisky, ornery & breathtakingly brilliant all at the same time. She is creative, inventive & unique as she expresses her love & affection. Never overly touchy-feely except on her own terms & in her own time. Her expressions of love are as much mental as physical & Venus in Aquarius can imagine any number of ways to express her love & affection so her physicality is a one-off. As a lover, this goddess is ready for anything & is willing to explore both the sublime & the ridiculous in her expression of physical love. Her proclivity to creativity lends itself to role-playing & drama extraordinaire in her personal encounters.

One of her greatest attributes is her all-encompassing inclusivity.  At the highest of levels, she is without condemnatory judgment. Yes, she can evaluate but never discriminate based on partisan opinion.

Ethics, standards, morality are all areas of great concern to her but, of course, it has to be an ethical approach that SHE has developed, standards arrived at through her own experiences, a moral compass that is based on her understanding of any given issue. So, yes, it’s all about justice in any given scenario but justice as seen from her own unique perspective. And that perspective is often not in line with the crowd. She is the BOSS of her own reality, no question. (Saturn, the great LAW ENFORCER, is co-ruler of Aquarius.)

The rights of the little person are of great importance to her & she can be a formidable fighter when inspired by a cause. She can go the distance while keeping a cool head & a clear mind because of her ability to be dispassionate yet attentive. Her actions will be based on logic rather than emotional investment. No crimes of passion here; rather, she is the methodical & calculated perpetrator.

If you are a solar Sagittarius with a Venus in Aquarius, your quest for truth & justice will be supported by a clear set of standards that you have developed with your incisive sense of correctness. Your sometimes impulsive nature will be modified by the clinical & objective eyes that Aquarius energy provides. This could keep you out of those sticky situations that the mutable fire of Sagittarius can create. The passion will still be there but you will be able to monitor it more skillfully. The flames of the FIRE ELEMENT of Sun in Sagittarius burn & spark under the bellows of the AIR ELEMENT of Venus in Aquarius. Reactively, you may struggle between the pull of your heart & the warnings of your head!

A solar Capricorn is a formidable presence in any scenario with a Venus in Aquarius. Cool, calm, & collected is an apt description of this combination of energies. Think lawyer, advocate, judge. You are able to separate emotion from the process. It’s not that you do NOT have any emotion but rather, that you have the capacity to stand apart from it, thus making you an excellent adjudicator. The solid, methodical EARTH ELEMENT of Sun in Capricorn is infused with necessary movement through the addition of the AIR ELEMENT of Aquarius Venus. Reactively, you may be just a tad too clinical in the way you approach life.

With both the Sun & Venus in Aquarius, you are one of a kind. Deep within you is the need to be your own person, not beholden to anyone or anything. As long as you can create your terms & live according to your own precepts, you are fine. You can become rebellious & unmanageable if you feel that someone is trying to force you into something that you have not come to understand or accept. Because you have such a refined mental sense of reality, you have no problems being alone. It’s natural for you & you love getting lost in your own ideas. The brisk & mobile Air ELEMENT of the Sun in Aquarius is supported & reinforced by Aquarian Venus. Reactively, you may need to do heart chakra work to get a bit more ‘personal’!

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius can combine to create an awe-inspiring spiritual warrior. Your quest for justice is based on a deep, abiding love for all creation, whether human or of the organic world. A rock is just as valuable to you as anything breathing since you instinctively can sense the commonality within the manifest reality. Your sense of oneness extends far beyond what ordinary folk can identify. The immense oceanic WATER ELEMENT of Pisces is stirred up into action by Aquarius Venus. Reactively, you may find yourself losing focus because of your capacity to get lost in the wide scope of ideas that can fill your mind & impulse your heart.

With the Sun in Aries & Venus in Aquarius, you can be the ultimate warrior for your chosen cause. Fearless when it comes to making a stand, you are not afraid to stand alone, if necessary. You could be a leader of the rebels able to inspire others with your erudite words. You are a fighter to the end for what YOU have come to believe is right & just. The sharp-edged FIRE ELEMENT of Aries is fanned into a constant flame by the blast of AIRY ELEMENT that emanates from Aquarian Venus. Reactively, be careful not to buy your own bullshit! (Pardon my French…LOL)

Venus, as the REBEL GODDESS, adds an unexpected element into any scene when she makes her grand entrance. Her aloofness can act like a mesmerizing magnet & she will always have interest from others. If you have this placement, your ‘call to action’, is to make it personal; to get out of your head & check in with your heart energy. Embrace the essential need for FREEDOM that is wired deep into your soul but recognize that making a connection does not mean that you have lost freedom. Reach out and TOUCH someone! It keeps things interesting…