New Moon in Taurus, April 30, 2022 @3:30 pm

The Taurus New Moon is a celebration of the natural world; the sublime organic. In Taurus, we discover what it means to be alive & fully in our bodies. This year, we really, really want to experience that, to feel the sun on our skins, the wind in our hair, the sweet smell of spring in the air.  Taurus reminds us that there is a simple joy in just being & especially if we are in harmony with the organisms around us, from the rocks to the seas to the plants & creatures & especially with our fellow humans.

This New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse, the first of four eclipses that will occur this year. Solar eclipses can often indicate where we can make a fresh start, move ahead & leave the past behind. Look at the Taurus part of your own chart & ask yourself what, in that area of life could use a do-over, partial, or even total!

Obviously, if you have significant energy along the Taurus/Scorpio axis (they are partner signs), this is an eclipse for you! If you have wanted to welcome change, well, the door just opened. Step on through!

But, really. Everyone can experience a fresh start with this New Moon Eclipse & if you know your natal chart, you can zero in on what area of life might be ripe for an overhaul.

In the first quadrant, (houses 1,2,3) you could find yourself ready to change the way you move through the world, value things & think about life in general. Communication & how you engage may well undergo a significant & welcome change. Certainly, there is much on the table at the moment in terms of what we understand ‘free speech’ to actually be. With this eclipse energy fueling us, we might find ourselves re-defining that or at the very least, refining our definitions.

In the second quadrant, (houses 4.5.6), we might find ourselves confronting issues around creativity, family & daily habits. Healing could well take a front-row seat for us. Perhaps we need to review our habitual rituals & ensure that they are still serving us in our pursuit of health & well-being. Projects that we have left languishing on the back burner might suddenly be revived with positive results. Family relationships could be restructured & improved.

In the third quadrant (houses 7.8.9), we might see a startling but signatory shift in our relationship life. We might suddenly realize that some people might have to be let go while new ones magically appear. Intimacy between primary partners might be intensified or falsehoods could be exposed that then lead to healing or termination of relationship. Our sights might suddenly be set on a wider range of associates, ones that come into our lives because of shared values & viewpoints. The world at large opens up to us & we feel less bound to traditions based on outworn ideals.

In the fourth quadrant, (houses 10. 11. 12). Our interaction with the world at large could shift. We might leave a career to start a new one. We might significantly change our image, literally & figuratively. Old causes might be replaced by new ones that better reflect who we have now become & all of this could emanate from a deep, private, highly personal level where only we, ourselves ever go. Remember that cave in the old ‘Star Wars’ film when Luke faces, at long last the truth about himself? Well, we just might enter that cave & unveil whatever it is that dwells therein.

The thing to focus on is that no matter where this energy forms in your own psyche, it is welcome. It is an opportunity to try again, to make changes, to refresh, renew & move along.

The Sabian Symbols for this wonderful Taurus New Moon are truly delightful!

11* Taurus:







There is no more perfect description of the essence of Taurus than the first symbol. This is a time of growth, renewal & hope. Our gardens are the thing that connects us viscerally to the truth of life, the cyclic & wonderful promise that is contained within the SEED. Let us all wish that the seeds we sow grow into beautiful flowers! As we nurture the earth, she, in turn, nurtures us. Come on, let’s get back to the garden on every level possible!

The Scorpio Symbol is all about REDEMPTION. We are the ‘drowning man’ & it is the organic mother earth that will save us if we honour her. No matter what issues we are facing, or what trials we are enduring, they will pass. We must all stay connected to the source of our salvation be it physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. Take your pick. But do pick & do it immediately. As we transition on a collective level, each one of us plays a part in the choice that is made. Do we want to return to the garden? Or, are we relinquishing to destruction? Let us all choose the way of LOVE.

Okay…now go out and plant those seeds!