Scorpio Full Moon: May 15, 2022 @ 11:15 PM CDT

Oh! Glory! She sits in splendour & fills the night with her luminous light. There is nothing quite like the May Full Moon! In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are long now & at the full moon periods, when the night sky is filled with light, it feels as if we have a greater chance to be alive. If the sky is clear, then even as darkness settles, we are ‘in the light’.

Taurus/Scorpio is the ‘power axis’ of the zodiac, the energy of manifestation & groundedness. If we are fully in our bodies, aware of who we are, (Taurus), then we have the potential to manifest that which we can wholly imagine (Scorpio). This is the organic earthy foundation of Taurus in support of the etheric, nebulous potential of Scorpio.

We are now fully into a Mercury Retrograde which will last until June 2, 2022, with the Station Direct & June 19, 2022, to the conclusion of the ‘shadow’ period. This retrograde dovetails with the Sun’s entry into Gemini with Mercury Retrograde conjoining the Sun on May 22, 2022. Be mindful of how you go about connecting with others. Pay attention to technical details like computers, phones & correspondence. Read all legal contracts thouroughly before signing on the dotted line. Basically, be alert. A retrograde does not mean one should stop all activity. Rather, it reminds us to be careful, cautious & meticulous in all of our endeavors.

The big shift is Jupiter’s ingress into Aries, leaving his home sign of Pisces for a few months. Jupiter will dip back into Pisces later in the year but the shift into the aspirational firey energy is now begun! At the full Moon, there is a wide, out of element Trine between the Moon in Scorpio, (26*) & Jupiter in Aries, (1*), suggesting that aspirations can be manifested if the emotional energy of faith & belief is present. It’s a great time to dream the dream & set the intention to make it so!

Mars in Pisces, in an almost perfect Trine to the Full Moon in Scorpio, supports an active intentional process in support of the ‘dream’, the hope, the aspirational self. And, with Saturn squaring both the lunation & the nodal axis (this is an eclipse!), we can tap into the steely resolve to do what we must in support of the pursuit of our dreams & hopes.

Because this is a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, we have the opportunity to shed the old self & make room for the new self. Think back to the Solar Eclipse that we experienced on April 30 at the New Moon. Who do you want to be? What part of your emotional self do you want to discard? Can you make it happen? As the portal of possibility opened at that former eclipse, now you can step through with the emotional resolve to activate it.

Consider initiating new habitual rituals in your life. Set new intentions. Clear away anything that is inauthentic in your life. Take off the mask and just be real.

I have a friend who is blessed to live at the very heart of nature. She shared one of her daily rituals with me and was gracious enough to give me permission to share it in this blog.

She wrote:

My New Moon seed is to go every day across the frozen river and walk to where there are two tall trees together, one a spruce and one a pine, and a view of the mountain to the North. Then I invoke spirits of Earth and Sky and Beyond and say my call for the highest good for ourselves and all we love and all who suffer and finally ALL sentient beings.

Every night after Chi Gong energy sweeps I send Love geographically moving out.

My friend has made this her daily practice, thus inviting a practical spirituality to be an integral part of her life. This is just an example of how we could choose to infuse our awareness with supportive and intentional actions. We cannot all live as close to the natural world as my friend does but to the extent that we are able to, we can invite natural forces into our lives.

(Thank you,


for sharing your wonderful practice with us!)




The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:







Love takes many forms & can be expressed in a variety of ways. In the above images, a communal kind of love is depicted by the cooperative efforts of a group working together along with an expression of passionate love between two individuals. Interestingly, community is built on the intentions of single individuals. A community is only as strong as the individuals that comprise it. If love is not present at the individual level, it cannot be present at the community level. Usually, the thing that destroys any community is a lack of love. When love is no longer the foundational binding force, animosity, distrust and even hate eventually take the place of love. We must be conscientious ‘gardeners’ within our communities, work hard to ‘weed out’ negative elements, and nurture with loving kindness that which we do want to grow.

Our current global community is in crisis. Something is out of sync. The infrastructure that has been developed over millennia no longer appears to support the humans who are dependent upon it. Whether organic, economic, social, or political, it’s just not working. We have the opportunity right now, at this moment in time, to restructure the reality that we all share. It is up to us to decide whether we want to embrace the Earth or to reject her; whether we want to continue to tolerate deception, corruption & wrongdoing or to stand against it on every level. What will we do?