New Moon in Taurus, May 11, 2021 @ 2:01 pm CDT

Another cycle of emotional growth begins. As we enter into the growing season, we seek the rejuvenation that early spring promises. With a lovely New Moon in the organic energy of Taurus, we feel a recharge. As the physical world transforms from the slumber of wintertime into the burgeoning growth of springtime, so does the New Moon energy call us into a re-framing of our essential selves. The last Full Moon pointed the way for us. What hidden facets of yourself were uncovered? How can you access the secrets of your soul to begin again? Knowledge is power, but only if it is used appropriately. In Taurus, we return to the bare essentials. What do we actually need to live in fullness? Look around at your life. Where do you find ground? What makes you feel alive? When do you feel most connected to your breath; that is what keeps you moving, after all.

Situated at 22*, this lunation is infused with the transformative energy of purposefulness by Pluto @ 27* of Capricorn. The God of the Underworld made his Station & began to shift retrograde on April 28th, just after the last Full Moon in Scorpio. It is as if Luna sent a signal to him from the fullness of her Scorpionic energy. Time to go within! We can access the inward pulling force of Pluto’s transformative energy & we can be willing to make room for new growth in our lives. The suggestion is that NOTHING can survive without ongoing change energy. Leave something unused for any length of time & it begins to fall apart, to get rigid & unmovable.

At this New Moon resolve to find ways to move your energy. Even with ongoing social restrictions, we can get outside, soak in the healing Sun, breathe the fresh air with some measure of freedom. At the very least, for those of us who have yards, let’s use them. If general movement is hindered, go into your backyard & move around there. By the way, have you heard of the recent & various studies that indicate that outdoor mask-wearing provides ‘MINISCULE’ protection from this or any other virus? Another reason to get outside where the cleansing energy of the Sun can fill us up with natural immunity & resilience.

The Sabian Symbols for the New Moon are:



If we want to create the peace we yearn for, we must be proactive & determined to do so. Being passive will not get us to our destination. Use all of your acquired tools to ACTIVELY, even aggressively ‘hunt’ for your prize of wellness; of tranquility; of transformation; of new growth. An effort is necessary if the desired goal is to be reached. But, be aware that this peace of BEING is present if we just reach out for it mindfully, with full consciousness.

Certainly, that is what we all want; to get to a place of peacefulness both within ourselves & with those around us. On the broadest of levels, I think that we can all agree that we are tired of the polarized discord of our current reality, the distrust, the suspicion, the anger. We are often hesitant to say what we think because of this stark divisiveness and yet, the only sure way to create commonality is to attempt to find common ground. No matter how profoundly you might disagree with those around you, avidly seek the thing on which you do agree. Taurus energy is foundational, intrinsic, the absolute lowest common denominator of any given situation; simplicity at its finest. Taurus energy is about the essential creativity within us all. The obvious correlation is the energy of birth itself. The making of another living being is the ultimate act of creation. It is the beginning of all things, love concretized into human form.

Gaia, the GREAT MOTHER, is Taurus energy in full resplendant action. At this most critical time in human consciousness, trust in the unrelenting energy of GAIA to protect her creation. Her light will overtake the dark. Her natural healing power will protect her creation. Blessed Be.

The ruler of this New Moon Taurus energy is Venus in Gemini. Find the loving words you need to heal the wounds you hold within yourself & those you bear witness to in others. Speak gently, lightly to soothe the soul. Transformation arises from a place deep within the soul. Exercise your listening ears to hear the call to this much-needed transformation. Allow your mental body to receive your truth, whatever that might be. And act from the heart, the heart of forgiveness, the heart of empathy, the heart of love.

Where does this lovely New Moon fall in your chart? That is the place where you have the opportunity to begin again, to start anew, to build up from the basics. If you know your chart, you can place 22* Taurus/Scorpio into it & begin to track what part of your psyche is being activated to reframe itself.

Asc/Des:  ME/YOU

Re-introduce yourself to yourself. How can you simplify your life? How can you interact with more empathy? Seek out healing associates. Make new friendships that are based on authentic connections. Speak truth in all of your interactions or, if you dare not speak truth, then abstain from combative words and speak the truth silently to yourself. Find new & simple ways to express who you are to those you choose to be with.


Do you need to re-examine your basic values? What can you align to that will provide you with a greater sense of personal power? Are your current values providing you with a sense of security or do feel lost & powerless as a result of your values? How do you use your personal power in your day-to-day life? Are you sensitive to others’ boundaries? Do you respect those boundaries, both within yourself & within others?


Learn something new & make sure that it is useful. Pursue ways to simplify your thoughts. Try to express yourself in down-to-earth ways that make sense. Develop ways to include a sense of faith into your day-to-day life. Does your spiritual focus need an overhaul? Be willing to experiment with new approaches to the way you think, communicate & connect with your own version of the divine.


Keep it simple. Stick to the basics both privately & publicly. What can you let go of so that you are not using all of your energy to keep things afloat? Does your persona need an overhaul? Who do you really want to be known as? What can you do to get closer to your own ideal version of yourself? What about your home? What can you do to make it more reflective of who you truly are? Too much junk? Get rid of it. There are plenty of thrift stores ready to take what you have to give.


Get frisky! Rediscover the pleasure of the organic. Re-imagine your creative projects & start making them real. Be brutal about what really makes you anticipate the future. Review your goals & dreams & get real about them. Is what you are aspiring towards really attainable? Is it practical? Can you actually imagine it into existence? Want less & you will receive more. That is a secret not many know! Happiness is a calm heart & a contented mind.




What is at least one new & healing habit you can introduce into your daily routine? Can you make an effort to be more connected to the natural world on a physical level? Target just one thing per day that you can reorder & by the end of the month at least 30 things will have been put into place. Throw away one never-used item per day & watch your life get less cluttered. If a daily purge is still too overwhelming, start with one item per week. Keep it going, no matter how hard it might be. Make your faith real. If you are having a hard time staying connected to your own version of the divine, increase your spiritual practice & support it with concrete habitual rituals that will help to remind you of your own divinity. Yes, we are flesh & blood but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Be willing to go deep into yourself & find the infinite & immortal version of YOU.