Full Moon in Scorpio April 26, 2021 @ 10:33 pm

Full Moons bring a sense of revelation to any process. Anything that has not yet been fully ‘seen’, may suddenly be revealed. The efforts that we might have initiated at the New Moon can be brought to fruition or, at the very least, whatever is intrinsic to the project is uncovered.

The Full Moon is akin to the opposition in astrology because it is at this point that the Moon is directly opposite to the Sun, thus basking in that light & fully visible. So, think about what the opposition aspect can contribute to any process. When we are able to view things from an objective perspective, we can often ‘see’ elements within any situation that are obscured when we view it from the subjective perspective. It seems simple enough and yet, objectivity is one of the hardest modes to accomplish. Most of us are more comfortable sitting securely within our personal bubbles and are content to continue to view reality in this most singular fashion.

The opposition aspect, when accessed at the highest of energetic levels brings balance. It allows the self to embrace the energy of ‘the other’. Once that ‘other’ energy is integrated into one’s reality, an ‘even-ing out’ can occur; balance. Often, in order to get to the balance point, some degree of confrontation or conflict must take place. Unlike the rather strange cancel culture that is operative these days, we do not wish to subscribe to the repression of alternate points of view or modes of operation. Rather, we want to explore all possible protocols to ensure that the one that we choose to adopt is, indeed, the right one for each of us individually. Investigation, exploration & the testing of any and all proposals are critical as we search for knowledge, as we endeavor to refine ourselves emotionally, as we pierce the veil to seek the ‘truth’. Don’t fall victim to the repressive tactics of today’s thought police. Continue to challenge the narrative & think independently, to push the bar. It is only if we are courageous on this level that new understanding can ever be reached. Repression of alternate viewpoints can only lead to IMBALANCE. Be the willow tree, not the oak. Flow naturally with the winds of change.

When the Moon is Full in Scorpio, the deepest of emotions are revealed. This is an energy of secret depths and when the Moon is at her full point those secrets can suddenly come out into illumination. Everyone has things that they hold deep within them, that they do not wish to share. But, as the saying goes, ‘the truth will out…’& in Scorpio, it can be a truth that is difficult to face either by self or the other. So, be mindful of the secrets you hold. If you do not wish to share them, bury them deep within your sacred space and be truthful with, at the very least, yourself. But understand, that if they do surface, all you can do is to courageously accept the consequences of your hidden past.

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In this lunation, Mars, newly entered into Cancer is in trine/sextile to the Full Moon suggesting that peaceful action is the best course to follow. Make amends if the secrets cause pain. Be sympathetic to others’ hurt if they feel it. Choose the path of forgiveness if you are the one who discovers a long-hidden secret.

And secrets could well be revealed! Uranus is closely aligned to the Sun & Moon both by conjunction (Sun) & opposition (Moon), suggesting a certain degree of surprise, of unpredictable circumstance. Emotions suddenly surfaced can be a challenge to manage so be mindful if you find yourself in unexpected situations where feelings run high. Saturn in Aquarius squares the Lunation & is still in a separating square aspect with Uranus providing us with the strength that we need when navigating sensitive interactions. No matter how difficult it might be to ‘face’ the truth, in the long run, it is better to walk in honesty than to sink into illusion. Put on the complete armor of the Spirit so as to guard your heart & fortify your mental powers. Before reacting to any emotional outbursts, use your feet to walk away & regain your composure if need be. The armor metaphor is so fitting these days as we all navigate one of the strangest times in human history. It’s a  time when personal emotions are being sorely tested by external non-personal forces. It is not surprising if we project the uncertainty & fear that we might be feeling into our personal lives. For this reason, we must constantly reinforce ourselves spiritually.

The Biblical metaphor, described in Ephesians 6:10-18 is quite beautiful. The ‘Helmet of Salvation’ ensures that our thoughts are focused on that which preserves. The ‘Breastplate of Righteousness’ protects our hearts as we face those who wish us harm. The ‘Sword of the Spirit’ gives us the will to counter lies with truth. The ‘Shield of Faith’ ensures that no matter what we encounter, we have the capacity to withstand it. The shoes we wear are ‘the Equipment of Peace’ so that we can walk away if need be. Our job is to keep this spiritual armor in good repair, to polish it, to oil it so that we can depend on it if times get tricky. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Constantly monitor your heart to rid yourself of toxic emotion. Believe in the good & exercise your right to remove yourself from conflict when there is no expectation of peaceful resolution. If you create sacred habits for yourself in this regard, you will be able to counter the ‘surprises’ that may shock you!


The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


How fitting this image is for one of the most potent lunations of the cycle!

What is being illuminated? Are we seeing the truth or a mere reflection of the truth? What, really is truth? How can we come to terms with the intersection of subjective truth and objective truth?  Is it possible to step outside of our own bubbles & clearly see the alternative to our own perspective? Can we dive into the deepest part of the waters of the lake & search amongst the shadows that lie beneath the surface? Are we willing to find whatever it is that lies beneath those waters? Emotional courage is the hardest courage to exercise because it requires a brutal self-honesty on our part.

This Full Moon provides us with the magnetic impulse to draw out that which is hidden, that which cannot be seen, that which resides within us beyond the reach of the rays of the burning Sun. Moon issues are always nebulous, not easily dealt with, & the most painful of all. Just like an illness, we must allow the crisis point to be reached if we are to actually embark on a journey into healing & wellness. And so it is with emotional issues; once they begin to surface, we must allow them to manifest so as to properly address them. Repression only leads to further illness, to increased dis-ease. Today, we understand that illness on any level of being is intrinsically connected to a lack of balance on all other levels. So, if an emotional crisis shows up in your own reality, be willing to ask yourself the hard questions. Look at all aspects of your life & try to develop strategies to bring balance & harmony into them. To heal any one part of our layered self, we must heal all parts of our layered self; the body, the heart, the mind & the spirit.

This lunation activates the Taurus/Scorpio axis within your chart. Obviously, if you have significant energy in either of these two signs, examine carefully, what part of your psyche is being ‘illuminated’. For solar, lunar, & ascendant Taurus or Scorpio energy, this is your FULL MOON; (you will get another one in the fall). Locate the two houses in your own chart that contain the Sun/Moon opposition. Think about what area of life is under this penetrating laser-like beam.

And even if you do not have significant Taurus/Scorpio energy, it’s useful to determine what area of life might be involved. Very briefly, consider the following:

Houses 1& 7: Are you comfortable with the way you interact? Are your relationships meeting your needs?



Houses 2 & 8: Are you living in sync with what you actually believe in? Do your values empower you or rob you of your power? How can you ground out & be authentic?


Houses 3 & 9: Do you speak your truth? Do you know what it is? Are you in an ongoing search for your truth?



Houses 4 & 10: Are you comfortable with your private self? How much of who you truly are is out for others to see? Can you do it? Count the costs!




Houses 5 & 11: Are you following your heart? Where does your true allegiance lie? Are the dreams that you have been pursuing the ones that have real meaning for you?




Houses 6 & 12: Do you need an overhaul physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually? What habits need to go? Make the resolution to ‘just do it’!



Make these questions a starting point as you dig ever more deeply into the consequences of every action, every intention, every thought & every feeling that is a part of who you are.

Happy unveiling!

For those of you who follow the Buddhist traditions, this is the beginning of WESAK, the celebration of the Birth of the Buddha. For the next month, celebrations of his life will be held all over the world. It is a month of spiritual pursuit for his followers, a time to focus on the ‘PATH’. Blessings to all who aspire to the practice!


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