There is nothing quite like a VIRGO NEW MOON…It feels like a surge of impetus to bring order to a sometimes chaotic reality.  Well, we sure do have that at the moment! On an individual level, there is not all that much that we can do to ‘organize’ what is going on in society. The collective consciousness is attempting to balance itself & we are all a part of that collective. Any balancing requires adjustment & even discomfort as the process continues to its hopefully ‘EVEN’ end…lol. We can, of course, keep a clear visualization within ourselves of the kind of world we want to live in & the kind of people we want to associate with as the chaos continues. If a sufficient number of clear-minded individuals hold to the same purpose, the same goal, the same dream, then the potential of concretization of that shared vision is more likely. Clearly, we have not yet reached that ever-so-critical tipping point of collective power. The key is to NOT give up because of despair. It takes time to build anything that is of value. As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in one day…”

However, there’s a whole lot we can do on the individual level when it comes to organizing the chaos that we may be experiencing in our own lives. Virgo is the energy of constructive order; an arranging of reality that serves as a solid foundation for purposeful living. Virgo, at the highest level, is healing, and integration. When something is integrated & ‘healed’, it functions smoothly according to its intended purpose. This principle applies to all facets of manifest reality but, of course, where we would like to most experience integration is within our own psyches and especially in these days of uncertainty, misinformation & secret machinations. A well-integrated psyche is a psyche that can weather whatever storms may arise around it.

This New Moon occurs within the first 10 degrees, the 1st DECANATE, of Virgo. Astrologically, this is understood to be the purest of Virgo energies, Virgo underlined by Virgo.

(The DECANATES divide each 30-degree zodiac sign into 3 parts with each 10-degree section aligned to each of the 3 signs of the element in question. So, for Virgo, AN EARTH ENERGY, the first 10 degrees are aligned to Virgo, the second 10 degrees are aligned to Capricorn & the last 10 degrees are aligned to Taurus. When we see any placement within the first 10 degrees, we understand that we are dealing with Virgo/Virgo impulse; Virgo unencumbered by anything but itself…lol!)

So, as the end of the Summer & the beginning of the Fall get underway, we have the opportunity to address all aspects of our lives that need some re-ordering, some ‘clean-up, some analysis as to whether some purging & refinement need to be done.

Review your functional life. What needs to be addressed? Particularly, find the 5* point of Virgo in your own chart & ponder what you could do to IMPROVE (an apt Virgo concept), that area of life. Go back to your general house descriptions and apply them.

A quick review:

1/7:        You & others

2/8:        resources & debts

3/9:        communication &     philosophy

4/10:      private life & public life

5/11:      passion & purpose

6/12:      service & devotions

The preceding keywords are just some of the descriptions of what each house represents. In previous blogs, I have listed others so it’s useful to keep a list ongoing as you explore the nuances of your own natal chart energy. There are many resources available where you can find other keywords & thoughts about how each house relates to the functioning individual psyche. To demonstrate here is a brief example…

If the New Moon falls in the 1st house of your natal chart, you may well feel a strong desire to review & reorganize the way you go about your daily life. You may feel like it’s time for a ‘makeover’ & you may suddenly realize that if you don’t do some major clean-up both within yourself & in the context of ‘other’ involvement, you will lose your mind!

(Remember, energy works on a polarity basis so the 1st house is linked to the 7th house and so forth. See the relationships in the preceding list of house operations. Ripples of the energetic impulse can flow from one to the other. As an example, the way that you choose to act—1st house—will inevitably affect how you experience relationship—7th house.)

To continue with the example, the closer the 5* point of Virgo is to your own natal ascendant, the more intense this impulse might be! And, if you happen to be a Virgo Ascendant, you are wired to want order around yourself & having this core energy triggered by a New Moon just intensifies that fundamental inclination even more. You may suddenly decide to discard clothes that no longer reflect who you think you are (1st house) or you may come to realize that certain of your relationships are no longer serving you in a positive way (polarity 7th house). Once these realizations take shape in your psyche, your job is to create a strategy that will address whatever needs to be altered or refined. If you choose not to act, then nothing will change. If you choose to act rashly, you will bear the consequences. If you take your time & act with pre-meditated caution, you will succeed.

Virgo is analytical energy, ruled by the planet, Mercury. Data & the dissemination of said data are of utmost importance when undertaking a Virgo process. Ensure that you have as much RELEVANT & ACCURATE data as possible before forming a plan of action!

Within the scope of this New Moon cycle, Mercury stations Retrograde on September 9, 2022, @ 9*Libra & travels back into Virgo until October 2, 2022, where he stations direct @ 25 Virgo. This underscores the need for caution & review as you implement any ‘clean-up’ strategies in your own life. Be like the carpenter who measures twice & cuts once.

Fast-moving Venus is in a dynamic relationship with the Uranus/Nodal axis conjunction at about 17*-20* fixed. It’s a great time to step back & review what is important to you. Is it time to return to long-held but forgotten values? Are there relationships in your life that need an overhaul?  Uranus in Taurus is all about the reconstruction of the essential organic energy of life itself. Applied to us, as individuals, it represents our return to basics, our reconnection to the simple things in life, and a reboot of pure living & being.  We should all ponder where we are on that scale. Are we natural or artificial? And these questions apply both to our physical choices & to our emotional ones. Stop eating fast food. It may fill you up but it will not ultimately satisfy or nourish you. Stop looking for that ‘fast food fix’ when it comes to relationships! It may be a momentary distraction but it will not stand the test of time.

Mars has now moved into Gemini & fasten your seatbelts, folks! Mars will stay in this mutable airy energy until late March of 2023 because of his retrograde which begins in late October & ends in mid-January, 2023. Collectively, Mars retrogrades are times to adjust the way we walk through the world. Individually, we should take a close look at where this particular retrograde falls in our natal charts & give some thought as to how to navigate the possible bumps that we will experience along the way in the area of life that is highlighted. This retrograde will be particularly significant for anyone with pronounced Gemini/Sagittarius energy. (Remember to consider the polarity!) Solar Geminis, Lunar Geminis, Gemini Ascendants or Midheavens, Mercury, Venus or Mars in Gemini &/or the polarity sign, Sagittarius: all of these placements will need to be extra mindful over the next 8 months. If you have pronounced Gemini/Sagittarius energy as listed above, you may want to consult an astrologer as to how this retrograde will work for you. On a general level, retrogrades can slow things down (especially Mars retrograde) & are great times to step back & pause, wait & reflect as to how to proceed. In Gemini, this retrograde could create confusion & a muddled mind! So, don’t get disheartened if things do not move as quickly as you would like or you feel overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of information that you have to sort through. The retrograde will eventually end & by April of 2023, things will begin to get back on track.

At the moment of the New Moon, on August 27, 2022, transiting Mars will be exactly square–a dynamic & triggering aspect–to the lunation! Expect to feel a surge of impetus to ‘do the work’ that the Virgo New Moon represents. While being square to the lunation, transiting Mars is in a beautiful Trine aspect to the ruler of the New Moon, Mercury! When a square aspect that can sometimes be irritating or hard to manage is supported by a lovely trine aspect that is facilitating & supportive of purposeful progress, as in the case of this New Moon, you have ALL HANDS ON DECK to accomplish whatever you choose to accomplish.



Once again we are encouraged to consider the magical even though this time we are living through feels the most unmagical of all. Perhaps this is a call to action. Perhaps we are being reminded that reality is far more than just the concrete. Is there a place within us that can embrace the mystical? The unseen? The impossible? Perhaps that is the only way that we will create the will to survive the darkness that exists around us at this time.


In the second symbol, we are yet again reminded that when we work collectively for the good of all, we will reap rewards that far exceed the mere material. Aligning to natural law, to a simple & pure inner moral compass that is focused on love & truth will serve to strengthen & sustain us as we work to create a better world for ourselves & the generations that will follow us.

Happy, happy New Moon in Virgo…let’s all get down to doing the WORK!