Let’s all hope for a clear & warm night so that we can enjoy the beauty of the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius. There is nothing quite like a Full Moon evening…

This current Moon cycle, starting with the New Moon in Leo a few weeks ago, (scroll down to see that blog), takes us on a journey into personal creativity & how it can benefit the greater collective. Leo energy is about the loving heart while Aquarius energy embraces the many to join the few.

Do you sense that changes are afoot? Do you have a feeling of anticipation but you can’t quite articulate what it might be about? There is a dynamic alignment that includes the Moon/Sun, both square to the North Node, Uranus & Mars in Taurus. Stuff can happen when squares are present. Think sudden impact or the resulting explosion when tension is released after a time of inertia. Locate the Leo/Aquarius polarity in your own chart & ask yourself what, in this part of your life is coming to a climax. Or you might be having some ‘illuminations’ in this area. Then look at the 20 ish degree of Taurus in your chart. Where do you find it? Whatever house is featured gives you a clue as to what might be contributing to your growing awareness or what might be triggering some kind of internal enlightenment.

House One:        personal circumstances; MO

House Two:        resources; values

House Three:     Ideas; communication; family dynamics

House Four:        inner security; home life

House Five:         love; creativity

House Six:           work; habitual ritual

House Seven:    relationships; contractual arrangements

House Eight:       intimacy; commitment; depth perceptions

House Nine:       travel; belief structures; ethics

House Ten:         Public persona; external image; career issues

House Eleven:   goals; dreams; community links

House Twelve:  Inner insight; spiritual inclinations; unconscious urges

Combine the houses where you find Leo, Aquarius & Taurus & play around with what it could be trying to tell you.

Here is an example:

The full Moon is in your 5th house, the Sun, of course, is in your 11th (the polarity dynamic), and 20 * Taurus is in your 8th house.

Your creative life (Moon in the 5th) might be triggered by sudden awareness on your part of deeper mysteries (Uranus in the 8th) at play around you. You may suddenly (Uranus) realize that something that you are creating (5th house) could be a gift to your community (11th house) & it is time for you to take action (Mars), take the plunge into the mystery (Uranus in the 8th) & bring it into concrete form; ground it; shape it; make it real (Taurus).

A new romance is in the works (5th house). You met because you both have the same goals (11th house). The growing relationship changes everything & fast! (Mars/ Uranus in the 8th). And it affects your foundational reality in unforeseen ways. (Uranus in Taurus in the 8th).

It’s really fun to play around with astrological archetypes in this way. The combinations are endless & the best part is that if you stumble across something that you do not particularly care for, you can make amendments as you wish to…absolutely brilliant!


Between the previous New Moon in Leo & this upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius, the collective experienced a rare alignment of Mars, Uranus & the Moon’s Nodes at around the 20* Taurus mark. Wherever this point is found in your natal chart can demonstrate what exactly in your personal reality might be in the process of shift & change. Again, use the same method to nail down what area of life is involved. Remember, Taurus is all about what is fundamental, real, not illusory or artificially fabricated. Taurus is the hardcore truth, not the spin & lies that our current collective reality is based on. What is actually true for you? What is common sense in your life? What will stand the test of time & what will fall apart?

Over the next little while, we will likely experience some reality bumps as we bounce along the road of life. Our job is to carefully & mindfully face the truth that is revealed & act accordingly on a personal level. If you have been making choices on the basis of what you thought was true & you suddenly come to realize that it was merely partial truth or even complete & utter propaganda, then be bold & change your position. Admit that what you thought to be true was not true or even half true & do the necessary reparation to better align with what is true. This is not easy. It takes grit, guts & the courage of a HERO. But, in the end, it is incredibly rewarding to that person who is the only one that matters in these cases…YOU! There is nothing that compares to the inner knowledge that you faced your demons & prevailed…and survived.

All of the outers except for Uranus are now RX. Uranus will station RX on August 24th, just prior to the next New Moon. This is a time to regroup, reconsider, take a breath & integrate all of the various experiences that you have been having. Ebb & flow. Flow & ebb…

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are:


White doves are traditionally the bearers of glad tidings. According to Biblical Mythology, Noah sent out a white dove to find evidence of dry land after the Great Flood. This symbol assures us that Peace will come, that the tide will turn, and that blessings are on the way.

The poet, T.S Elliot wrote of this kind of profound shift of events in the FOUR QUARTETS:

‘And all shall be well and

All manner of thing shall be well

When the tongues of flame are infolded

Into the crowned knot of fire

And the fire and the rose are one’

If you are troubled, keep your faith well in hand. Keep believing in the principle of peace. Stay the course & TRUST the process. In the end, all will be well.


The LEO symbol reinforces the process of faith & trust. Gaia, mother to us all, will ultimately prevail. We, as her children can trust that this is true. Man, in all of his hubris has only been on this planet a short time. The planet has existed in all of her immutable glory long before humanity came to consciousness.

Keep yourself aligned to natural law; to that which is REALLY true. Stay healthy, stay clean & continue in your resolution to do what is ethical & ‘right’. Harmony with Gaia leads to long life & happiness…be well…