NEW MOON/LEO; 08/08/2021 @ 8:50 AM CDT

A new monthly cycle begins for the collective as the Moon meets the Sun @ 17* LEO on 08/08/2021. On this significant ‘21’ day (when summed horizontally), Mercury, The Messenger, joins the LIGHTS in a close conjunction @ 24* LEO, adding perspective & insight.

Saturn opposed the Sun August 2 & the Moon moved to oppose Saturn on August 7, just before this current New Moon. There’s a definite sense of gravity here. When Saturn is involved in a relationship with either of the ‘Lights’, we are reminded to pay attention to the things that we OUGHT to do & the things we NEED to do.

What is the measure of your responsibility? Are you willing to step up to the plate & stand in your own power? Both of these opposition aspects are about the exercise of personal responsibility; the call to autonomy; the need to set boundaries that both empower & protect. This can manifest through your interaction with others & through experiences that may, at first, appear to be happening ‘to me’. However, every experience you have is one that can be used to better understand how to take action, respond, react, to be mindful of how you position yourself within the context of relationship.

Sun /Saturn is the call to stand firmly in your personal power, with certainty & resolve; to establish who YOU are both in your own mind & in context to the ‘other’. Moon/Saturn is the NEED to exercise that power & resolution. If you were born with Saturn in aspect to either of your Lights, you have the capacity to rise to your own personal best–in spades! If you choose success, you will attain success. That is not to say that it will be easy, without challenge, but this energetic combination does promise that you have the inherent capacity to deal with whatever challenges may come & to overcome them! Trines provide facilitation in the face of difficulty while squares give grit!

Jupiter is newly re-entered into Aquarius as well. The fabulous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 2020 is echoed during this Sun in Leo time as the Leo/Aquarius polarity is triggered. When Jupiter & Saturn meet, as they did last year, a new cycle of growth is initiated. In Aquarius, we aspire to a broader vision, to a collective union, to an expansion of humanitarian expression. Where do we fit in within the greater collective? What is our place in this global family? Can we make the leap into an egalitarianism that truly erases superficial differences & is focused on those things that unite us as individuals within a greater group? Our social climate at the moment is full of confrontation & aggression. Instead of creating commonality, various factions within society appear to be fueling division. The promise of Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius seems to have slipped out of our fingers. At this New Moon we should all take the time to RE-IMAGINE ‘the dream’. We should look within & determine how we can amend our actions so that humanity is served through love & compassion. Hatred & division destroys. We must find a way to forgive those who have hurt us. We must try to understand why someone chooses to do what they do without judgment. It will not be easy but if we are to survive as a collective, we must try to do this.

Another facet of Aquarian energy is an emphasis on ‘the collective’. This is, hopefully, the time of the ordinary individual, the unheard citizen. As Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius blast open the portals of ‘liberty, equality & fraternity’, the hope is that the global family will respond to this call for a wider union based on a true sharing of resources.

Hopefully, the time of the ‘ROBBER BARONS’ is coming to an end even though, at this painful moment in time, it appears as if those ‘ELITES’ still hold the balance of power. Despite this apparent stalemate, we hope that we will begin to see ongoing adjustments to the way that we are accessing the limited resources that this planet has to offer. Is it time for the ‘little man’ to have his say? The HEART of humanity, the rainbow coloured spectrum of humanity, shouts out a resounding ‘YES’!

If you are feeling hopeless & frustrated, just remember the FRENCH REVOLUTION (1789) when the ‘little man’ rose up & addressed the centuries-long oppression of the French ruling classes in the most brutal & uncompromising way. The ruling class of that day did not see it coming and so it is today; we may ‘not see it coming’, until it is well & truly upon us.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:

17* LEO: 








Is it possible that old patterns, old protocols, old rules need to be altered? Can we still ‘sing’ in unison with others even though the ‘song’ might be one we are not familiar with? Can we draw on the past without getting stuck in it? Can we ‘watch’ that which has been so that we can extract the best possible lesson from that past experience? Can we use what we have learned to create a better today & an even better tomorrow?

Be vigilant as you observe what is going on around you. Do not accept anything without first researching it. Test out your conclusions against what you have found to be accurate &, even more importantly, against your own inner instincts. If something feels off to you, give yourself time to dive deeply into it so as to reassure yourself of its validity. In these days of rampant & uncontrolled social media, many voices are loudly shouting many divergent things. Do not just accept that which you hear until you have sufficiently proven it to be true to YOUR own satisfaction. Be a critical thinker. Just because you have heard something from the media does not mean that it is true.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity is highly creative. This is the energy of brilliance in thought & the will to bring those thoughts into manifest form. It is about thinking outside the box from the deepest part of our secret self. It is about the expression of uniqueness that can trigger similar actions in others. It is about creating community from diversity, bringing together a wide variety of ideas & expressions to form a living, breathing, evolving whole. Celebrate yourself & give your gifts to your community of choice. It’s the right thing to do!