Pisces Full Moon: September 20, 2021 @ 6:54 PM CDT

A time of reflection; a time to let go & just be in the present moment.

Pisces energy is, at the purest of levels, of the divine. It is where we discover the true meaning of spirituality, the essence of merging with that which is within us & around us all.

This is one of the most magically mystical Full Moons of the yearly cycle. Think back to the New Moon in Pisces last March & review the intentions you set back then. How have you done in the ensuing 6 months? Have you made progress or did you get sidetracked? No judgments allowed. Just observe & then reset where necessary.

Last March the planetary energy was all direct in motion, encouraging us to set clear intentions & then to take appropriate action according to the intentions set. Now, the planetary energy is all retrograde which reminds us that it is useful to step back from ongoing action, to re-examine our reality, to review the actions that we have taken & to make the necessary adjustments. That March 13, 2021 New Moon in Pisces was square to the nodal axis, suggesting a turning point. This Full Moon trines the nodes, indicating that energetic help is available as you follow your individual pathway.

The Sun @ 29* Virgo is conjunct Mars @ 4* Libra, trine Saturn @ 8* Aquarius, as well as being trine the nodes. Find your voice, (the airy energy), ground your feet, (the earthy energy) & get ready to stand your ground firmly rooted in your truth. With the Full Moon sextile to Pluto, transformation is possible if we just imagine it to be so, (the magic of the Pisces energy).

Venus in Scorpio stands full frontal to Uranus in Taurus demanding an accounting of what is of value, what is precious, what is meaningful. The Scorpionic Goddess will not tolerate deception so find your truth & be your truth.

Mercury in Libra perfectly trines Jupiter in Aquarius bestowing clarity of thought for those who avail themselves of it. Think critically in all things. Be open to challenging prevailing narratives that begin to make less and less sense as more information is revealed. Be willing to admit that you were wrong if it comes to it. Don’t let your pride trap you in a prison of your own making.

With Neptune closely aligned to the Moon, give yourself permission to BELIEVE. Believe that love & goodness will prevail. If you have to, turn off your media & give yourself a break from the calamity of men. It is still unclear which way the collective will go. That knowledge is hidden from us, probably because it does us no good to know too much. However, we are part of the ‘ALL IS’, the SOURCE, so we can hold onto that & maintain a calm heart knowing that whatever might occur, there is something more than just what we experience on this material level. That is the gift of Neptune; a connection to the GREAT INTEGRITY, the DIVINE, or whatever you may choose to call it.

The Sabian Symbols for the wonderful Full Moon are:


Nothing is just black or white. Reality is a varied array of the full spectrum of colours available. Truth is only absolute when we transcend this shadowy vale of tears so do not make the mistake of thinking that YOUR truth is the only truth. Be willing to explore the ‘prism’ of options and alternate perceptions. And embrace diversity in all of its many manifestations, whether literal or mythical. Our outside does not determine our inside. Train yourself to look beyond the surface of all things & dive into the truth within. There is no white, no black, no brown. All colours are part of the prism of wholeness.


There is SO much information floating around that it can be overwhelming to discern what we should pay attention to & what is not worth paying attention to. The sense here is that it is incumbent on each of us individually to DO THE RESEARCH to the best of our capacity. It also appears that there is yet more to be revealed to the general collective since the knowledge is still ‘secret’. Whatever we do, we must not just blindly accept the prevailing narrative because it is easy to do so. In our current global situation, there is a growing number of professionals from all walks of life who are beginning to question the ways & means that have been used to combat what has been labeled as a ‘pandemic’. Substantiated accounts are beginning to come out about corruption, coercion & deceit at the highest levels of governmental oversight. Never overlook the fact that this current world system is based on greed & avarice; a kill or be killed kind of attitude. Look into your heart. Explore the ‘secret knowledge’ & follow the path of principled love.

The following is taken from THE TAO TE CHING;

ISBN 1 84483 222 8


Allow the heart to empty itself

of all turmoil!

Retrieve the utter tranquility of mind

from which you issued.

Although all forms are dynamic,

And we all grow and transform,

Each of us is compelled

To return to our root.

Our root is quietude.

To fully return to our root

Is to be enlightened.

Never to experience tranquility

Is to act blindly,

A sure path to disaster.

To know tranquility is to embrace all.

Justice is the foundation for wholeness.

Wholeness is the GREAT INTEGRITY.


Is the infinite fulfilling itself.

May you all find some comfort at this glorious & hopefully TRANQUIL FULL MOON.

Blessed be.