NEW MOON IN VIRGO September 6, 2021 @ 7:52 pm CDT

It’s New Moon in Virgo time again! By now, you know that we only get to experience each particular energy about once per year as a NEW MOON. Occasionally, we will have two successive lunations within the same sign but usually, it is an annual event.  Having a collective New Moon in Virgo is always welcome for those of us who want to sort things out!! Virgo energy facilitates clear thinking & strategic implementation of initiatives.

On a more esoteric level, this is the ‘HEALING’ Moon. When functioning at an optimum level, this is the energy that can trigger start a clearing process both physically, but even more importantly, emotionally & spiritually. Settle yourself down & focus on what in your personal reality requires adjustment. Healing, on any level, is an adjustment of that which is malfunctioning so that it can function more efficiently. Virgo energy is about purge, clean-up, removal of what is no longer of use. And, this time of the year, as we begin to move towards Autumn, is a great time to start to sort & organize both the physical & spiritual reality.

The upcoming New Moon in Virgo ( 14*VIR38’) is exactly trine to Uranus RX (14*TAU39’). The energy of the unexpected, of change is supporting the urge to clear away & begin anew. Earth energy is highly featured here. It is the impetus to get down to the nitty-gritty, to work hard at getting things into order, to serve where it is possible to do so, to practically & methodically go through the junk of one’s life & clean it up!

This New Moon is particularly significant for anyone with the Natal Sun or Moon in Virgo. If that is you, take a moment to check in with yourself to locate any areas of life that need to be re-booted, re-ordered, or even summarily dismissed. Stay open to new perspectives & be willing to alter old habits that may not be working anymore. Try a fresh approach to old standing issues to see if you can kick start the energy of shift & healing.

Everyone can benefit from this process. Locate where in your natal chart this energy is located. Wherever that is, this is where you can initiate something; a new attitude, a new protocol, a new directive for yourself. Ask yourself the question: “How can I improve this part of my life?” And always bear in mind, that above all else Virgo can heal & repair what is damaged, broken, traumatized. The kindly attentive Virgo ‘nurse’ will never abandon her patients!


Are you acting in harmony with what you actually think? How many of your relationships are based on solid ground? Get rid of habits & people that no longer serve your highest good!


Have you fallen into a slump when it comes to your inner moral compass? Do you allow others to bully you into doing things that conflict with those values? Have you become lax with your resources? Make a budget & stick to it!


What can you do to refresh your mind? Are you willing to explore new ideas & philosophies? What kind of things could help you to communicate more effectively? Get rid of the ‘word whiskers’!


Is it time to tackle the build-up of unnecessary accumulation in your home environment? Getting rid of ‘stuff’ can lighten up your image & help to present a new ‘face’ to the world. Start with just one drawer!


Are there relationships in your life that need some tender affection? Do you need to find a new set of ‘soul-mates’ to support you & your ideals? What is impeding your heart energy? Throw it out, baby & start anew!


Old habits die hard, they say. Use the powerful healing energy of this New Moon to create new Habitual Rituals for yourself. Here is just one small suggestion. Never leave your bedroom until you have made your bed. It takes about a minute once you develop a system & coming home at night to a smartly made bed refreshed the weary soul! On a spiritual level, promise yourself to renew your contract with the divine, whatever that is FOR YOU. There is something beyond that which we can touch & see & it is the thing that infuses meaning into this sometimes chaotic & nonsensical dance of life. Grab it & hold on tight. It will get you through any storm!



The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are:


Historically, in chivalrous times, a beautiful handkerchief was used to denote favour bestowed by the patron to the champion. It acted as a reminder of what was at stake in the challenge or battle that was at hand. We must ‘wear’ our figurative handkerchiefs at all times & remind ourselves that we are striving to act with honour, be diligent in our pursuit of excellence in action. Whatever we want to put into order, clean up, heal in our lives, we must be attentive to how we proceed and we must DO NO HARM as we do so.


Nothing ever gets done without a solid, clear plan of action. This is ‘get down to business’ time in whatever area of life is featured. Take the time to think carefully about what you want to accomplish & then create a strategy to help you achieve your clearly envisioned intention. Systems are the KEY to success!


By the way, because we had two Aquarius Full Moons in the preceding months, we are back to an energetically successive lunation cycle. This Virgo New Moon will be followed by a Full Moon in Pisces on September 20, regularizing the energetic flow.


The following is VERSE 29 from LAO TZU

From the translation by Ralph Alan Dale


published in 2002/ISBN: 1 84483 222 8



Those who have the most power and wealth

treat the planet as a thing to be possessed,

to be used and abused

according to their own dictates.

But the planet is a living organism,

a Great Spiritual Integrity.

To violate this Integrity

is certain to call forth disaster

since each and every one of us

is an inherent part of this very organism.

All attempts to control the world

can only lead to its decimation

and to our own demise

since we are an inseparable part of what we are senselessly trying to coerce.

Any attempt to possess the world

can only lead to its loss

and to our own dissolution

since we are an intrinsic part

of what we are foolishly trying to possess.

The world’s pulse is our pulse.

The world’s rhythms are our rhythms.

To treat our planet

with care, moderation and love

is to be in synchrony with ourselves

and to live in the Great Integrity.


Meditation for the month:

I open


to healing;

I receive

the infinite love

of the divine…