Scorpio New Moon, November 4, 2021 @ 4:15 pm

We are now fully entered into THE SEASON OF THE WITCH! This Scorpio NEW MOON is exactly opposite Uranus (RX) in Taurus, activating this polarity energy to the max. Whatever is revealed either through external prodding or internal unveiling, has the potential to be explored & integrated if you choose to do the work! At the highest of levels, Uranus is the impulse to INDIVIDUATE, to be singular, unique. What is calling to YOU? What is stirring deep within you that is either causing discomfort or a sense of liberation? The discomfort arises when you are choosing to disregard the call of your higher true self. The sense of liberation is a result of heeding the deepest & most authentic impulses of your nature. Collectively, we are all being asked to FACE THE TRUTH. Look around carefully. What is true? And what actually just stinks to high heaven with deceit?

At this extraordinary seedtime & with the energy of the unexpected facing down the initiation of self-exploration, we are in for a wild ride into potential self-discovery. (Uranus in Taurus RX exactly opposed to the Sun/Moon in Scorpio @ 13 *). Be fearless as you uncover your own inner truths, whatever they might be.

Mars, newly entered into Scorpio is adding fuel to the fire of this lunation with a wide conjunction, having just met with the Balsamic Moon. The call to action here is to be willing to delve into the issues that are hidden deep within you even if it causes irritation & disruption. Healing on any level is associated with a certain amount of discomfort.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






It is amazing to me that these images linked to the 360* of the zodiacal wheel appear to align with the prevailing energy of the times. With the configuration of Uranus, Mars & the New Moon, this is prime time for experimentation. It’s prime time to ‘invent’ something totally new that can be used to shift the matrix of your life. If you have been feeling stuck or blocked in any way, allow yourself to access the powerful scorpionic energy of revelation & depth perception that ultimately leads to transformative process. Locate where in your own chart this New Moon falls & consider what, in that part of your personal reality, needs to be re-booted & made new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; any little effort is an effort well made. So, try things on for size and see how they feel for YOU. And keep in mind, this is all about ‘experimentation’ so if the shoe DOES NOT fit, that is okay. At least now you know it.

The polarity point in Taurus reminds us that we need every tool we can access to ‘handle the baggage’ that we are hauling around. Clever innovation can contribute to creating strategies that will enable us to do exactly that. We all have baggage, some that could be discarded but also some that we might choose to retain. ‘Baggage’ contains all that we have accumulated over the course of our life experience. It can be a useful exercise to spend regular time in meditation and review.  Think back to the way you reacted in the past & compare it with how you react now. Consider past choices & compare them to the choices you have made more recently. This analysis can be useful & shed light on parts of yourself that still need some polishing & even more interestingly, give you some sense of accomplishment. We often underrate ourselves, focusing on what we HAVE NOT managed to attain rather than focusing on the progress that we have made. It’s always a good thing to give yourself a ‘pat on the back’ from time to time.


Mercury has completed his retrograde, having turned direct on October 18, 2021, & moving totally out of the ‘shadow’ of the retrograde on November 4, 2021, syncing nicely with the lunation. This is yet another indication that we have a golden opportunity to put our thinking caps on & really zero in on any of the issues that we might be facing. At the time of the lunation, Mercury Direct in Libra forms a 5* applying conjunction to Mars, newly entered into Scorpio, suggesting clarity of thought & purpose aligned to action.

Venus, at 29*SAG 27’, is ready to shift into Capricorn setting the stage for a restructuring of personal ethics & values. In Capricorn, Venus seeks to support responsible choice-making based on integrity & morality. This is no-nonsense energy that demands accountability at every turn.



Mars is newly entered into Scorpio @ 3*SCO 33’. Intensity of purpose, devotion to honesty in action & the relentless pursuit of excellence are just a few of the characteristics of this energy.

The mid & outer planets are beginning their shift into direct motion which should allow us to feel less fettered & freer in our self-expression. Focus in on your lower chakras. Imagine that they are beating harmoniously like a series of drums, deep, deeper & deepest, giving you impetus, power & stability.

Jupiter stationed direct on October 18, 2021, @ 23* Aquarius while Saturn stationed direct on October 11 @ 7* Aquarius. The Aquarius/Leo axis is fully activated now with both of the mid-range planets resonating there. What is best for the many? How can the ‘one’ contribute to the health & wealth of the collective? Where is this little experiment called humanity headed? Meditate daily on principled LOVE, AGAPE, so that we end up in the ‘garden’ & not at the ‘gates of hell’.

Uranus is in his slowdown to his Station which occurs early in 2022. He has now completed his transit of the first decanate of Taurus, the Taurus/Taurus decanate. In the New Year, he stations direct @ 11* Taurus & continues his journey through the second decanate of that energy, the Taurus/Virgo portion. The natural system of things has been upended. Everything that we thought was reliable has been called into question. We must now begin to sort through the chaos of the last few years & get a sense of what is actually real & what is patently NOT real. We must re-think how we interface with both Nature & one another & yes, once again, find a way back to the garden where we belong & from whence we came. Hang onto your hats, little flowers, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Neptune is almost stationary @ 21* of Pisces. He turns direct on December 1, 2021. At the highest level, this is the energy of sweet purity; the ability to see the rainbow despite the fog around us; the exercise of faith in the face of fear. Trust that you are safe & in the embrace of the Great Divine. We are now in the Scorpio Decanate of the Pisces energy. It is now that we take the spiritual lessons that we have been learning & root them deep into our secret selves so that we cannot be deterred from the truth that is pure & that sustains us in these times of trouble & crisis. Believe with all of your heart, mind & soul that our guides are with us & will not abandon us despite what we see around us.

Pluto, the god of the underworld of secrets, taboos & hidden power, is direct & supportive of the impulse to forge ahead & transform all that is not functional into something that is functional. In order to create that which works, we have to get rid of all that is not working. That can be scary & chaotic but it is necessary. AND, we can do it! Humans have survived for countless eons on this rock hurtling through space. There are eons yet to come!

Happy, happy, happy Scorpio new Moon. Get out your ‘witchy’ gear & fly the skies of knowing…

Be not afraid of the TRUTH that lies beneath the waves of your soul

You are a mighty warrior

You are the master of your life

Open your heart to the power of your integrity

Hold fast to the knowledge that you have uncovered

through trial

through tribulation

through the sorrow

that births THE JOY