Full moons are a time of both culmination & potential balancing of energy.  The balancing occurs as the culmination arrives. Nowhere is that more dramatic than within the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. Scorpio energy calls out the mystery within us & the partner sign of Taurus brings it into form. It is the axis of EARTH (Taurus) MAGIC (Scorpio). The Taurus Full Moon occurs only once (for the most part) during the yearly cycle when the Sun is transiting the sign of Scorpio. This is a potent time to review intentions & make adjustments to protocols that will further support those intentions. The Moon is at her brightest light during this time bringing illumination to all that we have set into motion. Our job is to be stoic when reviewing all that we have done & take the needed measures that will facilitate our reaching our goals.

Find the Scorpio/Taurus houses in your own chart & consider what, in that area of your life, you would like to alter in some way. What have you recently realized in connection with that part of your life? Have you discovered something that would facilitate you or that you need to remove so that there is more flow? Scorpio is connected to the mystery that can be revealed & under the shimmering light of the Taurus Full Moon, it can become crystal clear.

This particular lunation is also a PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. This increases the potential balancing impact that it can bring by opening up the ability to release anything that is creating a blockage. Eclipse times are energy vortexes that can give access to portals within the self where we can raise our vibration to more align with truth. Often, realizations occur that drastically alter our perceptions & increase our subjective awareness of what is misaligned within us. This can manifest externally as a seeming loss of something that makes up a part of our reality. And yet, over time, we come to realize that it was no loss at all, but rather, a portal (opening) into something much more desirable or at the very least, something that more accurately reflects our true purpose. It is, of course, up to us to do the work to fully let go of all that no longer fits & to develop that which more closely aligns. We translate change into LOSS when we fail to align to the energy of GROWTH & rather view it as something reactive & even frightening. Do not be afraid if you are being asked to SHIFT. Embrace the invitation & SHIFT UP into faith & optimism, not down into fear & remorse.

So, ask yourself the question:




These general questions could jump-start the process that the eclipse promises. Be willing to go deep & into the dark recesses of your inner self. Do not balk if the answer to any of these questions makes you afraid. Understand that the ego-self, that part of you rooted in this present reality matrix, is hell-bent on sustaining a sense of security…EVEN IF IT IS FALSE!!! That’s the deal; safety, hanging on to that which appears to be creating that safety. And yet, the soul self just wants to grow, to evolve, to soar. Often that means that something must be removed, something that is like a chain that is keeping you tied to a weight that is no longer useful or desirable…on a soul level. This can be a tricky & challenging process. It can involve huge life transformations that open the door to an unknown future. That is why, so often, we turn away from the invitation to step into possibility & choose, rather, to remain in what we already know, what is familiar & seemingly reliable. In the end, whatever choice is made will determine the eventual state of the inner emotional body—YOU—as you continue on in your life journey.

Here are a few mantras that you can choose to chant as the Moon reaches fullness based on the polarity houses within your own natal chart that are activated by this Full Moon.



I embrace truth & honesty in all of my initiatives & relationships.


Houses 2/8: I commit to integrity & treat others as I would like to be treated.


Houses 3/9: I stay open mentally & trust my inner ‘truth meter’ when receiving new information.


Houses 4/10: I am who I am & I do not hide my truth from others.




Houses 5/11: My heart is open & my dreams are pure.




Houses 6/12: My body is a temple & I stay close to the DIVINE.


If the Full Moon falls in your

1st House:  You are a down-to-earth sort of person. You prefer to keep things simple & you love anything that brings you closer to a sense of organic well-being. You probably love to be out in nature but even if you don’t, you likely love to look at nature from the window seat! Give yourself a make-over at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Get rid of anything from your closet that makes you feel dumpy or bored. Try something new on for size! Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again even though you know it isn’t working.

2nd House:  Your budget may need an overhaul! Be willing to review your spending habits & honestly assess if what you have been purchasing is really what you truly need or even want. Sometimes, we get stuck in routines that do not serve us particularly well & become outdated. Are you living in alignment with your internal moral compass? What, if anything, can you do to more closely represent your values in the way that you make your choices?

3rd House: Get ready to lose ideas that no longer resonate with who you have become. CHANGE YOUR MIND. It will make you feel reborn. Remember, after a bit of time, these ‘new‘ ideas will become ‘old’ & in need of change. Go for it & be courageous in your thoughts.

4th House: Take a look around at your personal private environment; at who you are when there’s no one else around. What needs to go? What do you REALLY need? When the curtains are drawn & the lights are off, who is there with you in the dark? Be brave. Be honest about it.

5th House: Sometimes we love by habit. We train ourselves to have affection for people and things just because it seems like the right thing to do. Who do you really love? Who truly thrills you? And what about you? Who do you want to thrill…if anyone? Open the door to your heart & give love a chance.

6th House: Change those nasty habits that fill up your days. Ritual is only sacred if we choose to make it so. Listen to the messages that your body is sending you. Is it time for a cleanse? Are you ready for a purge? Can you change your routines so that they are more reflective of who you have grown to be? This can be one of the more challenging areas when it comes to alterations! Habits are HARD to break, even when we know that we should.

7th House: Relationship only stays alive if we allow it to change & shift with the prevailing energy of the times. Can we outgrow our partners? What should we do if we suddenly find we have outgrown our partners? Are friends forever? How do we leave a relationship that is no longer working the way that it once did? A Full Moon Eclipse in this part of our lives is often difficult to deal with because when “I say goodbye…you say hello…” Better to cherish good memories than to create bad ones.

8th House:

It’s time to unload anything that belongs to the past. Are you hurting over wrongs that happened long ago. Dump them. Look for new approaches to old emotional blockages. It’s time to re-invent how you work your way through your hang-ups & baggage. Pay your debts or they will find you & make you do so. And that’s debt on every level, material, emotional & spiritual. A new chapter begins so close the book on that old chapter once and for all. Will any of this be simple or easy? True emotional healing is never easy & it’s always intense! So, find a damn good energy worker who you TRUST WITH YOUR VERY LIFE & go get some treatments!

9th House:

There’s a longing in your soul & it’s time to follow it. Suddenly things you’ve thought seem outdated & clumsy. Here feels restrictive & there is calling to you to get on the road & get going. A change of perspective hits you like a ton of bricks & your eyes are suddenly opened. You get it; what it all means; what the hidden messages are; what your role is in the broader scheme of things. Wisdom prevails! And you realize that there is no end to acquiring knowledge, an infinite array of possibility to grow; that the world is filled with endless opportunity to explore & learn. Oh Joy, joy, joy!

10th House:

The mask that you have so carefully constructed over the years simply falls off & there you are, revealed in every possible way. If you have been flowing with your own authentic self-understanding, you are good to go. Be prepared to make any necessary adjustments if the mask is removed to reveal something other than the true you. You will either reap the rewards or pay the price. Whichever one it is, change is at hand.

11th House:

Your aspirations are under the laser. What you once thought was important, the goals you nurtured & pursued seem stale, worn out. Take the time to renew your zest for community & cooperative commitments. Maybe a new ‘pay it forward’ undertaking? Possibly joining a new group, finding a new collective enterprise? Joining a choir, finding a new book club, maybe a sewing circle or quilting collective; what about that cooking course? Your old routines feel tedious & you are more than ready to try something new on for size.

12th House:

Suddenly your soul craves to connect to the ‘divine’. Faith could be renewed or overhauled as the case might be. You get extraordinary insights into yourself & you are momentarily amazed. Is this who I really am, you whisper to yourself. Pay close attention to your dreams & intuitions as they can be augmented under an eclipse. Create a personal care schedule for yourself that recharges your spiritual batteries & fortifies you from hidden foes.

The most significant interaction of any celestial event to points within the personal horoscope are the conjunctions & oppositions & with a very tight orb. However, it is also useful to explore what other aspect formations are being activated. So, when assessing the impact of any celestial event within the scope of a personal chart, I take into consideration, with an extremely tight orb, the whole scope of aspects that present. If you are working with your own chart & would like to dig deeply into this upcoming eclipse as it relates to YOU, email me for a personalized session:

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The Sabian Symbols for this very potent & important Full Moon are:









Eclipses can either bring ‘second chances’ or ‘just reward’, or both, for that matter. There is a strong sense of renewal & arrival in this combo of images. How sweet it can be to suddenly ‘fall in love’ in later life. It can inspire us & reinvigorate us to at least FEEL young again. And, we savour the renewal all the more since we know how fleeting it could be. We have learned our lessons so we proceed with mindful appreciation! And we are much more certain of all that is happening since we have acquired skill, accomplishment & a measure of personal authority. We are the ‘KING’ or ‘QUEEN’ of our domain & we have every expectation of enjoying the fruits of our hard-won positions. As you sow, so shall you reap…truthfulness begats satisfaction; deceit begats regret.


Enjoy the EARTH Magic Moon!

Today I drew an angel card…here is the message it gave…

“I am leading you

toward the answer

to your prayers.

Please listen to & follow the steps

I am communicating

through your intuition, thoughts & dreams.”