Shadow Energy: The Dark Side of the Sun: Taurus


Each of the individual 12 signs coincides, not with a particular month of the year, but rather, a particular time of the year. And here we are at that time of the year when the Sun enters into Taurus.


Taurus is the first of the “EARTH” signs. Think solid, steady, reliable, dependable, concerned with the tangible, touchable and measurable elements of life. In astrological terms, it is FIXED energy, emphasizing the adjectives listed above. And above all else, Taurus takes the inspiration of spirit and translates it into the ORGANIC. Concretization of the impulse is a big thing in the Taurus world. In the spiral of life, after the excitement of the impulse, a form must follow.  An idea, an inspiration goes nowhere if there is no strategy to ‘flesh’ it out. That’s the job for Taurus.


Taurus, then, is representative of the organic part of the spiral of life. Sexy, sensual and receptive, Taurus loves the simple process of just ‘being’. In Taurus we celebrate all things physical and revel in the literal 5 senses that flesh out our world.


But what is the shadow part of this glorious energy? What lurks behind that sunny smile, that contented expression?   

One of the most shadowy parts of Taurus is SLOTH. This is inertia beyond mere laziness. Taurus is never as sprightly as its predecessor, Aries, but though movement may be slow, it does move when appropriately actualized. However, when Taurus sinks into shadow, it can become utterly immovable in its torpor. The tendency to stand still longer than needed turns into a concrete pit with Taurus stuck firmly in the middle. Taurus must regularly scan itself and monitor this tendency to ‘root’ in place. There can be any number of reasons for sloth to take hold; complacency, disinterest in anything outside of itself, a sense of extreme ennui. Taurus must pull up its bootstraps and actively seek out something that will spark it into action. Otherwise, it will sink into its own deep ‘well’ of being and never emerge!

GREED is another shadow for Taurus. It is the most ‘material’ of the energies and best case, it celebrates all that it can sense on the physical level. In fact, it can lose itself in its own sensual experience. When left unchecked, Taurus just wants to consume, consume, consume. In fact, the rate of consumption can escalate to the point that Taurus can actually be consumed by the consumption…eaten up alive by its own need to accumulate. To counter this compulsion for ‘more’, Taurus must consciously relinquish, let go of things that it thinks it needs or simply wants. It must intervene in its own desire drive and give itself a stern talking to about moderation in all things.

 Finally, let’s look at the Taurus shadow of BULL-HEADEDNESS. Stubbornness can help to stay the course, to stick with whatever project is on the table. Taken into its shadow, it can become almost stupidly intransigent. Being dependable and constant is highly desirable but being unwilling to consider options or look at an opposing viewpoint is just self-defeating. Taurus is the solid supporter, yes! However, if not always on guard, Taurus can become the silent oppressor, never giving way, never giving in. Okay, Taurus, we all know you are tough and strong, just loosen up a little, won’t you?


Currently, Uranus is transiting this remarkable earthy energy. The organic world is topsy-turvy, or so it suddenly seems. All things tangible are under attack as far as the reality that this collective has created is concerned. Together we must all get up off our bottoms, let go of what WE THINK we need or want and explore alternatives.

We are the HUMANS on this rock.

We can do it!