The First New & Full MOONS of 2022

New Moon in Capricorn:

January 2, 2022 @ 12:35 pm CST

The first Lunar Cycle of this New Year, 2022, gets off to a deliberate start on January 2 @ 12:35 pm CST. We have a newly retrograde Venus traveling back through Capricorn, having just made conjunction with Pluto. Venus/Pluto requires a transformation of fundamental values & especially so in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn & with a Venus retrograding there. The call to action is that we take RESPONSIBILITY for the things that we have chosen to value, love & cherish. Are they worthy of our energy? Are we focusing on what is real or are we being consumed by something illusionary, not long-lasting? Where do YOU put your energy? This is a necessary question to explore in these strange & shifting times.

Jupiter is newly entered into Pisces where the aspirational part of our psyches can stretch out & imagine what might seem impossible. This is magical energy so believe that miracles can happen both in your own personal life & in the life of the social collective. At the highest of levels, Pisces energy is able to remove obstacles & create sudden opportunities as if out of thin air. Watch for these kinds of magical events in your own life as you tackle any existing situations that need a solution. One keyword for Jupiter in Pisces is BELIEVE, so find a way to believe in that which you thought you could not. This Jupiter in Pisces is square the nodal axis that stretches across Sagittarius (south node) & Gemini (north node). Squares to the nodes suggest a repeat & redo directive. Examine your belief systems (Sagittarius), your perception of what is true (Gemini), your aspirational focus (Jupiter) & ask yourself if you are open to changing things up. Is there something in your life that has been blocking you from reaching your full potential? Can you articulate it clearly enough so as to start to develop strategies to alter it? Take this energetic opportunity to do so. What may have been relevant in the past may no longer be reflective of your current state of mind.

An almost stationary Uranus @ 11* Taurus is in an almost perfect trine to the lunation @ 13* Capricorn. Figure out what you need to do to expedite your life process & then throw out the rulebook & think outside the box. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. (You can dig a little deeper into this Uranus Station in Taurus in my blog under ‘star stuff’, the 2022 overview…


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:






Find your passion & exercise your divinely given right to express your personal authority. Fire worshippers are devoted, committed. They are the ones who give all of themselves to what they profess to believe. The image of the slightly flexed hand suggests power & forcefulness. In palmistry, a prominent thumb indicates a leader, someone who is willing to take matters into their own hands & do what needs to be done. You have the opportunity to find your inner warrior & stand firm for your cause with determination & passion & unwavering doubt.


The CANCER Full Moon that follows this Capricorn New Moon occurs on January 17, 2022, @ 5:48 pm. Let’s all pray for a clear night!!!

Illumination & Realization are just two features of the symbology of Full Moons. And this Full Moon promises revelation that will turn us upside down! Both Mercury in Aquarius & Venus in Capricorn are retrograde, while Uranus is at a standstill in Taurus, on the verge of turning direct. Pluto is almost perfectly in union with the Sun, thus opposing the Moon. Things MUST transform. Truth must be spoken. Keep checking in with yourself & your own personal ‘truth meter’. The stationary Uranus in Taurus is in a dynamic relationship to Mercury RX & Saturn in Aquarius. We must all THINK FOR OURSELVES & stop allowing others to dictate what we should believe or not believe. Do your own research of anything that you are not sure of, anything that you might be beginning to question (Mercury RX). Just because you hear it, does not make it true. To clarify this thought, go and get a copy of George Orwell’s “1984”. Read carefully how easily the media was used in that narrative to control the way people thought about the things they were told to believe. Here’s an example…WAR BRINGS PEACE. Really? (If you read that statement & immediately began to justify it, then you, & I include myself in this, have been influenced by the ongoing narrative around the use of power & might.)

Mars, who triumphs when in Capricorn, will soon leave Sagittarius & enter that sign. Mark down this date: JANUARY 22, 2022. (That is in the Central Time Zone.) Once transiting Capricorn, he will meet & greet both Venus & Pluto. Mars/Venus is all about Passionate Action while Mars/Pluto is all about Indomitable Will Power. On a more mundane level, Mars/Venus could ignite passionate responses & Mars/Pluto warns that we must be mindful of all of the actions that we take. We will explore these touchpoints in future blogs.

The Sabian Oracles for the Full Moon Degrees are :




Break those restrictions! Cross those lines that divide us! Be a humanitarian in the best possible sense! Embrace the diversity of the human experiment & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fellow humans. We are a species that NEEDS to flock together. We NEED to have contact, to communicate, to relate. If there is any good that has come from the social experiment that has been perpetrated upon us over the last two years, it is that we NEED each other & that without that sense of community & belonging, we will wither & ultimately die. So, let us all recognize that we want to find that place called home where other like-minded beings also dwell; that we can make a better tomorrow if we only take hold of our today & shape it into the kind of reality that reflects the highest of values & aspirations. Capricorn energy leads the way. Supported by the heart energy of Cancer, let the practical, no-nonsense approach of Capricorn fill you up and give you the strength to carry on. Listen to your heart & follow your gut!