In general terms, the VENUS placement within the natal chart signifies our basic value system, that which we love & desire. The reality of our lives develops from these impulses. We will make choices & decisions based on what is of greatest importance to us so it is essential that we fully understand this feature within ourselves. VENUS also describes THE WAY that we love & show affection, the nature & expression of our sexuality, how we present ourselves to another, whether lover or friend.  

In each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Venus shows a different side of herself, sometimes enhancing the emotional impulse within the self & sometimes challenging it. There is no one way to ‘DO YOUR VENUS’. Firstly, keep in mind that Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the SUN in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Thus, you can have your own Venus placement up to 2 zodiac signs away from your SUN, as mentioned, in either direction. The Solar signs that can have Venus in Capricorn range from Scorpio to Pisces.

Those who have Venus in the same sign as the Sun will find their essential energy enhanced through reinforcement of the Solar Energy, while those with Venus in an adjacent or complementary sign will find that energy to be enhanced through modification. This enhancement can manifest as either challenging or affirmative depending on the individual in question. The way that we translate anything is the variable in the equation of self-expression.

Every archetype within the natal chart refers back to the central integrating energy of the SUN. Astrologers often relate the SUN to the SELF but that is not entirely accurate. The SUN orchestrates the self, much like a conductor oversees all parts of his orchestra. So, contemplate the theme that your SUN suggests in terms of the overall idealization of your life & then ponder how your Venus sign affects the playing out of that theme. As previously mentioned, basic core values are the foundation for every action that you take.

When Venus is found to be in Capricorn, the goal is excellence. She strives to always bring her best self to the table! Practicality in all of its many faces is her bottom line. If it’s broke, toss it! If it’s still usable, polish it up &, for goodness’ sake, get off your behind & USE it! Sensible to the core, strategic solutions based on real data are what she prefers. Her values must make sense. They must be easily put into practice & produce real results that can be measured & weighed. Calculate the cost, she might urge at every turn. Reserved, controlled & polished, Venus in Capricorn prefers a hands-off approach to even the most personal of relationships. If you are involved with someone with this energy, be prepared to run the marathon into intimacy but, know, that once you get there, it’s for the long haul. Dedication & loyalty are two features of this dependable heart energy but don’t break the rules or you will pay the price.

Earthy Venus in Capricorn will stabilize the emotional roller-coaster that Scorpio Sun can manifest. A measure of hard-headed logic will mitigate the Scorpio tendency to spiral out of control. Scorpio Suns with Venus in Capricorn will pursue their fundamental goal of ongoing transformation with precision, common sense & base all of their choices & subsequent actions on bottom-line analysis of whatever situation they are facing. This is potentially a very effective combo that can result in substantial success being made by the deliberate & clear-eyed individual. Power broker! Reactively, this can be a very calculating combo that is not afraid to use personal power or emotional manipulation to get what it wants.

With Sagittarius as the integrating energy (Sun in Sag), the Venus in Capricorn adds strategic input to the high-flying goals of the Fiery Sun. She has the capacity to calm the flames to manageable proportions by inserting reality checks along the way. Sag energy can be overly optimistic & apt to leap first & look after so the groundedness of Capricorn settles down the ebullience somewhat. This combo can result in Inspired Practicality.

Sun In Capricorn aided & abetted by Venus in Capricorn is an unstoppable combo. Every decision is carefully explored from every possible vantage point. Values have to be easily understood & easily embodied. Every decision has to make simple sense. This is a union of energies that promises cool-headed objectivity even when the issues are highly emotional & personal. The ability to stand back & count the cost is undeniable. The High Court Justice! Reactively it can lead to too much logic & not enough heart.

Sun in Aquarius & Venus in Capricorn combine to form a formidable presence. Intellectually adept yet basing all observations on provable facts. Objective, analytical & dispassionate when making assessments, this Combo can sometimes be overly clinical in the way the mind & heart join forces. There is a highly refined sense of ethical justice applied to all situational issues. It’s all about the rules & standards so, with this combo, you have to work just a little harder at allowing yourself to actually FEEL it. The Dispassionate Adjudicator.

A Pisces Sun supported by a Venus in Capricorn is both magical & realistic. The intrinsic faith that Pisces can provide is substantiated by the practical analysis that Capricorn contributes. These folks manifest their compassion for others by ‘good works’ of undeserved kindness with the knowledge that their rewards will be found “in heaven”. When Pisces imagines the possibility, Capricorn immediately sets about discovering ways to make that possibility real. This can be the signature of the Dedicated Devotee who lives a life of ‘service to others’. Reactively, the urge to ‘create heaven on earth’ could lead to an unhealthy martyrdom.

If you have Venus in Capricorn, you have just been intimately triggered by the Retrograde of that energy through that sign of the Zodiac. Allow yourself to remember, to review & to re-adjust your inner moral compass. There is always a need to make those necessary adjustments from time to time. Remembering who we thought we were, who we used to be, who we thought we might like to be can assist us to get back on track if we have slipped off it. No regrets, Venus in Capricorn. Just pull up your bootstraps & get to work!