The Last Moon Cycle of 2021

As we approach the final weeks of this current year, we will experience the last eclipse of the season with the NEW MOON on December 4, 2021, in the sign of Sagittarius. This is also the beginning of the last COMPLETE Lunar Cycle for this current year, climaxing with the Full Moon in Gemini (the partner sign to Sagittarius) on December 18, 2021, just days ahead of Winter Solstice. In fact, the whole of December holds much potential for transition & significant shifts, beginning with the Station Direct of Neptune on December 1, 2021. The most hopeful aspect of this shift of unconscious energy is that lingering confusion, doubt & the general sense of malaise that has been seeping through the collective consciousness could finally begin to lift. Neptune in Pisces can be nebulous energy at the best of times and when retrograde, the ambiguity descends into the very core of our being so stay alert for a feeling of ‘clouds clearing on the horizon’!!

With the direct motion, we can dig down into our deepest selves & access our sense of wonder & faith which has been challenged during these dystopian times. It still exists; it is up to us to rekindle the fire & let it blaze brightly from within us.

The push for change & release continues with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the fiery, adventuresome & intrepid sign of Sagittarius; December 4, 2021, @ 1:44, AM CST @ 13*. Take a deep breath in & then as you exhale, consciously let go of everything that is preventing you from living your own truth.

This lunation demonstrates the hopeful possibilities that can ensue when we clear away the blockages from our emotional selves. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that we experienced last month paved the way for a fresh outlook devoid of lingering doubts about our own inner sense of what is RIGHT, what is TRUE & what impels us to continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! As we remember the past, we can more freely begin to build on the present towards a future unencumbered by lingering anxieties & regrets. If we choose NOT “to remember the past then we are condemned to repeat it”. (George Santayana; The Life of Reason; vol.1, ch.12; 1905). Be willing to delve deeply into your own history; identify the toxic patterns; intentionally create strategies to change those patterns. This is working with the energy of shift. Nothing will change if we do not aim to change it.

Awareness of the situation leads to a setting of CLEAR Intention to address elements within the situation which then can lead to Manifestation of positive results from the efforts made. That is the A.I.M. principle.


Simple but not necessarily easy! It requires committed effort on our part. The good news is that Sagittarius energy is EVER HOPEFUL, INTREPID & UNSTOPPABLE in its quest for what is good, true & positive. If you ever have to fight through challenges, make sure you have a Sagittarius to support you! Strongly Sagittarian folk are the best cheerleaders one can have in a pinch!

Mercury is closely aligned to this New Moon, & all three celestial objects, the Sun, the Moon & Mercury are ruled by a now direct moving Jupiter in Aquarius; (direct since October 18, 2021). The call to action is to think boldly about the world that we are all creating on a collective level; to imagine possibility; to speak our individual truth in a positive & compassionate way so as to upbuild & support ALL whom we may encounter, not just those we agree with. Let us all resolve to make a fresh start at seeking common ground, creating fellowship & harmony to the best of our ability.

This is the HIGHEST expression of Aquarian energy—the call to unite despite difference but rather BECAUSE OF difference; to secure common ground from which we can build to a better future based on proactive principles. Diversity is an essential ingredient in the creation of a healthy & productive society. WE DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A ONE-NOTE REALITY! That is just another form of eventual non-existence.

Saturn in Aquarius closely aligns to this triple conjunction of Sun/Moon/Mercury. How powerful it is when people unite! There is support to stand in our truth, to stay focused on the highest of ideals as we move forward into our collective future.

As of December 1, 2021, all outers except for Uranus are in Direct Motion. By mid-January, Uranus will also be direct. The time for reflection is temporarily suspended. Hopefully, you will feel a subtle shift of energy as the New Year approaches.

There will be a Venus Retrograde from December 19, 2021-January 29, 2022. This regularly occurring shift of energy (every 18 months), nicely aligns with the forward moving outer planet energy. As we reflect on various past dynamics, the deep unconscious energy within us is ready to enact & create new patterns. Meditate on your values. Tear them down & rebuild them using the powerful lower chakras to support you as you transform your reality. It can feel scary to admit that long-established values no longer are applicable. Whenever we challenge ourselves to review all that we thought was true or valuable, we can experience anxiety & distress. That is especially so at this very chaotic time. We are, all of us, under great duress due to the unusual methods that have been used to control the current global situation. Humans need social interaction. We are a congregating form of life, not inclined to solitary confinement. That is why solitary confinement has been a common form of PUNISHMENT! So, be aware that we have all been PUNISHED for the last 2 years, separated from each other, beaten down & kept in a state of fear & anxiety. It will obviously take its toll. Our job is to counteract as best we can by keeping ourselves strong in body, mind & spirit. Take your vitamins; take in positive & upbuilding information & stop listening overly much to the fear-mongering mainstream media; do your own unique spiritual practice on a daily basis. This current global situation WILL change. Trust that thought.

During the retrograde period of Venus, she will align with Pluto @ 26* Capricorn on December 24, 2021. Be extra cautious around this holiday time to exercise compassion & forgiveness. If old hurts surface, try & see it from the ‘others’ point of view. We all hurt one another as we inter-relate, sometimes intentionally & sometimes unintentionally. How big is our heart energy? How much can we let go of our own ego & be willing to admit our own wrongdoing? Do we HAVE to be right all the time? Pluto energy is, at the highest of expressions, transformative. Be willing to transform on every level & especially in the area of relationship. Exercise gratitude for all that you have received from any of your relationships & be willing to let go of them if they have run their course. Endings are merely the forerunners of beginnings. Hold on to that thought.

Right around the same time, on December 24, 2021, Saturn in Aquarius will form his last square to Uranus in Taurus, bringing to a conclusion this interaction of forces, the struggle to control juxtaposed against the struggle to be free. Oppression versus Liberation. Authority & the Status Quo faced down by individual liberty & freedom of expression. This battle of fundamental principles has been ongoing for most of this current year. Those who hold positions of power have been attempting to establish social norms that THEY deem to be correct while the collective common peoples of the earth have been fighting for their right to express their freedom in their own way & on their own terms. There have been more and more severe crackdowns on Free Speech & Thought, resulting in more and more demonstrations in the streets against these totalitarian actions. Media is also divided with the mainstream media supporting government & more and more alternative media demanding that their voices are also heard. Obviously some kind of concord must be reached if we are to survive as a free & expressive society.

This Moon Cycle climaxes on December 18, 2021 with the Gemini Full Moon. What a breath of FRESH AIR the last Full Moon of this year is! There is a truly beautiful TRINE between the Moon @ 28* Gemini & Jupiter @ 29* Aquarius.  The focus is on clarity of thought, objectivity & detaching from emotional angst. With a stationary Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, we are absolutely resolute as we unravel our emotional hang-ups. We have the intestinal fortitude to face down anything that is causing us distress & carefully analyze our way through the nuances of the situation, whether it is a deeply personal issue, a relational issue, or a monetary issue. Nothing can be fixed unless it is first acknowledged to be broken. Admit to the broken bits of your life, whatever they might be & then methodically proceed to repair what you can, ONE LITTLE PIECE at a time. No rush. This is not a hundred yard dash; it’s a marathon X 1000!

As the nodal axis is set to shift into the Scorpio/Taurus polarity, Mars activates the nodes from the south node point in Sagittarius. One word: Freedom! from the chains of past action. Re-write your personal karma by increasing positive intentional energy in your present actions. Karmic debt is repaid over and over again by what we CHOOSE to do on a daily basis. Every ‘wrong’ thought increases the chains of past karma. Every ‘right’ thought loosens those same chains. Every ‘wrong’ action cements the bricks of past karma around you. Every ‘right’ action breaks those same bricks down. Intentionally choosing to ‘do good’ is a powerful therapeutic for the ills of the past. DO IT! Forgive those who have harmed you. (They will receive all that they gave threefold in their own lives. This is a fundamental law in terms of the way energy moves. Believe it. YOU do not have to take revenge. It is already in the works as soon as evil is born!)

So, act from a place of FAITH. Be bold as you choose to live a conscious intentional life based on positive principles that build those around you up.


The Winter Solstice arrives this year on December 21, 2021 @ 9:59 AM CST. As the LIGHT begins to increase in the Northern Hemisphere, we are encouraged to initiate real change in our lives. There is a BRILLIANCE around this Solstice. Watch for my blog on this wondrous energetical shift in the next few weeks!