Some of you have contacted me and asked for dates for the various ingresses & info on the other outer planets. I am glad to hear your questions! Here goes…


The way that Pluto moves, ingress is a sort of two-step affair, back and forth. Remember, we are still processing through the last degrees of Capricorn energy.

The Sabian symbol for the last critical degree of Capricorn (30) is:

A SECRET BUSINESS CONFERENCE. Pluto will move through this degree several times before finally shifting into Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol suggests that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The elitest groups are concerned that the rumble of discontent from the common people is getting louder & more agitated. What do these elites discuss in their ongoing conferences when they meet at remote & exclusive sites?

On the other hand, groups that are now rising up out of the common collective are gathering steam, organizing & forming alliances that span across partisan barriers. Folks from both the so-called left & right are beginning to recognize that it is time to focus on the one thing that unites us all—the survival of the species—rather than the myriad of differences that divide and destroy. Let’s hope and pray that these secret conferences of the masses result in proactive & ultimately successful group action that leads to peace and security & provides a clear-voiced response to whatever it is that elite interests are attempting to establish. And here is a novel thought…what if groups from all sectors, elite, common, left, right, and any other you care to name, found a common cause & began to work together to create a stable & productive society? Novel thought, indeed…Fasten your seatbelts…there is still a way to go…

The dates:

March 2023:  Pluto first stuck his toe into the sizzling energy of Aquarius.

May 2023: Station Retrograde @ 0*AQ21’.

June 2023: Re-enters Capricorn.

January 2024:  Pluto begins his move into Aquarius for a second time.

May 2024: Station Retrograde @ 2AQ06*.

September 2024:  Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn for the last time.

October 12, 2024:  Station Direct @ 29CAP38*.

November 20, 2024: Pluto re-enters Aquarius for the duration until 2044 ish.

So, as you can see, we still have about a year before we are finished with Capricorn.

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Aquarius is ‘AN OLD ADOBE MISSION’.  This is a hopeful symbol suggesting a return to a kind of simple faith. These missions were often built by the common folk of the village or area, not from surplus but rather despite scarcity. Their purpose was not for a showy display but rather for a deep and fundamental reverence of the divine. It was often a community project and all who participated gave what they could, each to his ability. As the collective regroups after the shock and trauma of, specifically the last century, there could well be a revival on a number of levels, emotional, mental/intellectual/ spiritual, and even physical. We could see the establishment of small acre farms that use organically sound methods of food production. We might experience a wholesale healing of collective trauma. Common sense may well be regained and applied to social structures. Nihilism, (the rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless)  may, once and for all be relegated to the trash can of outworn concepts and the idea of an intelligent spiritual presence may be re-articulated and made palatable for the majority again. Living without the divine has not proven to be a successful enterprise over the past few hundred years.  Of course, as I have said in the past, energy is basically neutral. We, as the variable interactive force make it either proactive, positive, and regenerative or reactive, negative & degenerative. We, the common folk must choose to focus on positive return on the investment of our energy into creating a reality that is peaceful and healing. If we do not set the intention, this peaceful healthful future will not be reached.

The outer planets’ slow-moving transits allow for lots of adjustment time as the planet fully enters into each new energy. We are given the opportunity to acclimatize to the new dynamic. That is truly a gift from the universe.

When Pluto last moved through this section of the zodiac momentous events occurred in our Western world (see my last blog).  But where were the other two outer planets during that time period & where are they now?

Neptune is another slow-moving celestial object with an orbit lasting about 165 years. When Pluto was last at this degree of Capricorn/Aquarius, Neptune moved from 23* Virgo in 1776 to 21 * Libra in 1789.

Today, as Pluto moves from the last degrees of Capricorn and through the 30 degrees of Aquarius, Neptune will leave the last few degrees of Pisces, ingress into Aries, and then 14 years later, ingress into Taurus.

The addition of the nebulous and often impenetrable energy of Pisces mixed with the austere & autocratic energy of Capricorn is very different in flavour from the mix of Capricorn & Virgo back in 1776. Then there was an appetite for applied reconstruction that led to the formulation of a declaration of independence that was something more than just a philosophical concept as evidenced by the birth and then ascendancy of a mighty nation that attempted to form itself according to ideals never before fully realized by any other nation. Despite the bloody history, and the ongoing struggles, it became a beacon of hope for people from all corners of the earth as evidenced, again, by the fact that even today, millions flood across its borders in the hope of finding a ‘better’ life for themselves. Today, on the other hand, there is a sense that we have lost our way ( the fog & confusion of Pisces) while back then, it may have felt that with hard work and persistence (Virgo) something more excellent might be achieved.

By 1789, Neptune had moved into Libra and was in a trine relationship with Pluto in Aquarius. The motto that was shouted by the revolutionaries in France was ‘Liberty, Equality & Fraternity, a fitting articulation of the air trine symbolized by Libra/Aquarius. The common people took it into their own hands to completely transform the nature of their relationship with the so-called elite and they did it, at first, in compliance with each other lending an incredible force to their actions and later, as Neptune shifted into Scorpio, the mood of the collective, now assuming the role that once was played by the elite, turned reactive & autocratic in its own administration. The years following the overturning of the aristocracy in France were designated as ‘The Reign of Terror’ for good reason.

Thirteen years from today Neptune will be in the last few degrees of Aries & will ingress into Taurus in 2039. As Neptune moves through Aries, the best case scenario we can hope for is that a fresh, new initiative will arise from the collective consciousness; that this new spiritual direction will be based on an impulse for healing & growth; that a new collective philosophy will form and that it will infuse us all with a totally new, a different way to understand & interface with each other and with the reality that we, together, are creating via collective dreaming. Will the fire of Aries burn away the trash of the past? Will we use the inspirational force that Aries can provide to recreate our world vision? Will it lead, finally, to a concretization of ‘right principle’ resulting in ‘right action’ in accordance with Natural Law rather than imperfect man-made laws? We shall see…

And what about Uranus? On November 20, 2024, as Pluto makes his final shift into Aquarius & Neptune is in the last degrees of Pisces, Uranus is @ 25*TAU7”. Over the course of the Pluto Transit through Aquarius Uranus will transit the last degrees of Taurus, and ingress into Gemini, Cancer & Leo. Uranus is the fastest moving of the outer planets with an orbital passage of 84 years. It is symbolic of the individual interface between the finite & the infinite. We, as unique beings, can mark any one lifetime as falling somewhat around this piece of time. We are, as individuals the Uranian eruption/disruption within the cosmic order of things. Think of the energy of Uranus through the signs mentioned above as the spark that ignites a process, a process that is inevitable but not determined. The determination is the variable. How will we express our intentions as Pluto transforms the greater collective? How will we support or resist the inevitability of the change that must occur? Uranus in Taurus has shown us that we cannot ignore Natural Law and that we must find ways to work with nature and not against her.

Uranus in Gemini may well trigger new ideas that could lead to better more effective ways to work with the earth, advances in science that are positive, and eventually lead to a healing (Cancer) of both the natural world & we, the inhabitants of it.

Uranus in Leo could well auger a renaissance of creative expression that arises out of these previous transits from now until very near the end of the Pluto in Aquarius period. Will we learn to understand (Gemini) ourselves in a better more upbuilding way? Will our new intellectual realizations be positive & proactive? Will we find illumination? Will we heal our collective trauma? (Cancer) Will we develop more lasting methods to nurture each other, to care for our bloodline, the human one? Will we create a sense of family that finally binds us all together? Will we create the reality that we all dream of? (Leo)…Will we finally be able to find our unique place within the greater collective? Is this the inflection point for the human species?

If you watch even a little of the news of the world, you are aware of the chaos we are in. It does not need to be this way. If we follow the path of the energy as we move through the next 20 years, we do have the potential to recreate our reality to better reflect who we might actually become, a good & productive species that follows ‘right’ principle, LOVE, & seeks to build, not destroy, nurture, not attack, embrace, not reject. You add your own intentions to the list.

As a species, we MUST redevelop a relationship with that which is divine as we, each one of us understand it. We must reject the notion that there is nothing but the material and that life has no meaning. Rather, we must be determined to rediscover our collective & individual purpose, find the meaning in the moment, & infuse our reality with magic & mystery all over again. It is time to get back to the faith of our fathers and make it more excellent, more vibrant, more life-giving than it ever was. Can we do it? We must.

Take a moment and pray with a whole heart & mind for the children of this world. From the North to the South & the East to the West, wherever a child is found, there is the future of our species. Let them be safe.