We live in momentous times…

There is a shifting of energies underway & we, the ‘little people’ are bearing witness to it.

Through the lens of the astrological system, we are able to track the ebb and flow of the currents of thought & feeling throughout the ages of man. Since the ‘discovery’ of the outer planets, this tracking has deepened considerably due to the long periods of time that these ‘outers’ spend in each energy. Astrology has widened to more accurately assess societal trends due to this fairly new discovery of the outer planets. Now it is possible to define what may rise to the surface as each energy gains momentum, becomes entrenched & then begins to wane. By looking ahead and postulating what may, indeed, transpire as each energy steps to the forefront, we can create a record for ourselves that is then tested out and crystalized as actual history takes place. Astrologers have, of course, been doing this for centuries, sometimes with incredibly accurate forecasts & sometimes, not so much. Today, however, with that much more collected ‘data’ to draw upon, we can be even more precise in our forecasts. We hope! LOL.

There are several ‘big’ events in play over the next few years, all involving the outer planets. Each planet, in turn, makes ingress into new energies over the next few years. As mentioned, the main element here is that these representatives of collective forces are SLOW moving from our earthly perspective and necessarily so in terms of manifestation. It takes time to shift focus in the areas of life that these archetypical forces represent. If you are feeling uncertain, confused & apprehensive, then you are ‘tuned in’ to the shifting energies around you. These are the coherent emotional responses to the nature of our current times. As Mr. Dylan once warned, ‘the times they are a changin…’

So, for now, let’s take a look at the planet that has the longest orbit, PLUTO.

Pluto has just spent about 2 decades in the structural, administrative energy of Capricorn. We have faced up to the sham of government, law & order, and economic security. Our Western world is more or less in a state of trauma as we have come to realize that government is, at worst, corrupt or, at the very least, ineffective,  law & order is tenuous at best, and economic security is a nebulous, almost mythic ideal. The ‘heartlands’ of North America are in a struggle for survival while the populous, mostly coastal, cities are reeling under the weight of disorder. It is at times like these—what the Chinese call ‘interesting times’—that the most extraordinary events can occur. It is NOT a time for FEAR. It is a time for HOPE. It is a time when we, the people, can gather all of the broken bits of our current reality and, like the Japanese craftsmen who perfected the art of KINTSUGI, repair it and infuse it with the golden energies of love & compassion, thus making it more perfect, more valuable than it ever was in its unbroken form.

The last time Pluto occupied this place on the ‘wheel’, the world saw the birth of a new nation that was founded on ideals that can only be described as transcendent. How did those flawed historical individuals come up with the concept that ‘ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL’? Today, we are used to this idea but we must remember that the collective society that gave birth to that seemingly obvious viewpoint was in no way structured according to it. The principles contained within the Declaration of Independence were far ahead of their times, written by young men who were, let us not forget, rebels against a mighty authority. And, the most remarkable part of this story is that their rebellion was not only successful but led to the establishment of a superpower that rivaled all previous superpowers! I am certain that the days before, during & immediately post the American Revolution were challenging & terrifying to all who lived through it, and yet, the heart & soul of humankind are not to be defeated and it prevails over adversity even when the road appears to be leading into destruction. If you are a history enthusiast, take the time to read about the trials of those early Americans & put yourself in their shoes. How would you have behaved under those circumstances? Would you have gone the distance? Whatever any of us may think about the United States as it is today, its founding was based on an aspiration to a higher and more excellent way for people to live together. Equality and Justice for all is not something to be rejected. It is what we, as an enlightened people, must always aspire towards.

Another extraordinary event that occurred when Pluto was at this point within the ‘wheel’, was the French Revolution. While the American Revolution began in 1776, the French Revolution started in 1789. Pluto was well into the energy of Aquarius, (around 19*) by that time. Today we are just now entering into it. In the decade or so between the two events, the soul of the collective had been agitated to the point of extreme violence, not the violence of simple war, (if there is such a thing!), but violence towards individual persons as demonstrated by the brutal killings of the aristocrats at the blade of Madame, La Guillotine.  A hatred of oppression so intense had crept into the psyche of the collective that only extreme and unspeakable acts could quench its bloody thirst. Were those rebels right? Were they wrong? Evaluations such as these are overly simplistic. Whatever your own conclusion might be, the fact remains that those last few decades of the 1700s were a time of incredible transformation on a social level. I would venture to say that both France & America are still in the process of adjusting to the cataclysmic shift that occurred back then.

So, here we are, today, with the alignment of energies reflecting a similar dynamic arising from deep within the collective consciousness. It is sufficient, for this little blog, to just focus on Pluto with the attempt to understand the deeper significance of this sort of societal transformation. As we move up the spiral of consciousness, we must manifest these powerful energies in a better & more spiritual fashion. Dare I say, no more bloodshed…no more guillotines…

Pluto represents the deepest part of the human psyche. We can designate it as being the SOUL of the self, that part of us that is most aligned to SOURCE, that part of us that most yearns for SOURCE. As Pluto enters into the remarkable, inventive, disruptive, and unique energy of Aquarius, the collective psyche finds itself poised on the brink of a crucial & defining mission…THE SEARCH FOR THE SOUL.

1:  Who are we, as a species?

2:  What are the values that govern our aspirational lives?

3:  What is the nature of the connections that we form with each other?

4:  Who, really is our ‘blood’ kin?

5:  What is the singular nature of our heart expressions; is it upbuilding or destructive?

6:  What do we seek to heal within our extended family?

7:  What is the nature of the partnerships that we seek to create?

8:  What is the mystery that will lead us into a more secure future?

9:  Can we secure our faith in something that will protect us from self-destruction?

10:  How will we prove ourselves as a species? Will our words be followed by actions or will they be like cymbals clashing dissonantly in the wind?

11:  Can we create a future based on the highest of ideals, love and altruism?

12:  Will we find our souls, finally, after the chaos & violence of our history?

In short, we, as a species are in desperate search for our soul, for that which will lift us out of darkness and show us the hope that is the LIGHT from SOURCE. Everything that has come before has brought us to this most critical moment in time. Yes, folks, we are in a struggle between GOOD & EVIL. It is the struggle for survival, for the right path, for the ‘seven generations’ that will follow from this day. Each one of us must look deeply into ourselves & ponder the questions above. Each one of us must answer those questions and then ACT accordingly. If we want to create a harmonious & productive world that will continue long after we are gone, we must seek all that is good, upbuilding, and above all TRUE. We must not be deceived by the lies that create division & hatred. There is but ONE HUMAN KIND. Even as we cherish & revere our national identities, we MUST NOT lose sight of the fact that globally, we are of one blood. We are all of one family and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

If you are a student of history, you will immediately recognize that ALL religions preach LOVE and a reverence for the divine. We must focus on this uniting principle rather than focusing on any irrelevant differences in terms of expression.



Let us all focus on the universality of truth while celebrating the individuality of its expression.

Aquarius energy is the most brilliant energy of the wheel. It sparkles with possibility and promise & infuses our collective consciousness with the electric fire that lifts us out of the box of limited thinking. Aquarius points the way, like a thunderbolt, into a limitless future where, through the use of simple human ingenuity, we can absolutely solve any and all problems that we face as a species. A so-called ‘crisis’ is merely an opportunity to create a solution. Just as the Promethean fire released the world from struggle, so can the Promethean fire of Aquarian vision & invention lead us into a better, more equitable, more just future, if we just allow it to be so. In the end, it is up to us, as a species to make the choice.

Let it be so.

Silhouette of human hand with open palm praying to god at sunset background

I would ask you all to pray for all of the suffering children in the Land of Judea. From the banks of the Jordan River to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.