Jupiter is the archetype for opportunity, growth & general well-being. Everyone wants a Jupiter transit. Over the course of 2024, he will complete his transit of Taurus & shift into Gemini so the blessed ‘sun’ signs are both of these as Jupiter will align by transit with them. In addition, if you have Taurus or Gemini at your angles (particularly the Ascendant & MC), any of your personals like the Moon, Venus, or Mars in these signs, and finally any of the other planets there, then you will experience the effervescent bubbles of Jupiter as he touches any of these. The conjunction is, of course, the most intense contact but if you are astrologically inclined, examine the other transit aspects as well. For instance, the oppositional transit is very interesting is it can signify opportunity coming from sources outside yourself. If this is a transit you are experiencing, then watch your environment like a hawk for opportunity coming your way. The Jupiter orbit is 11.86 years (round it up to 12). Tracking Jupiter around our charts can reveal patterns of growth, opportunity, or, reactively, excess & waste. Decade by decade we can look back & search for patterns of growth & opportunity & even more importantly, the pattern of our responses to these times in our lives. Did we maximize the energy or waste it? Where to start the cycle? Locate your natal Jupiter and then track the spiraling cycle when transiting Jupiter is in the sign that he occupied at your birth.

Jan. 1, 2024:      5*TAU34”            Jupiter has just Stationed Direct.

May 26, 2024:                                  Jupiter enters Gemini

August 14-16, 2024: This marks the peak period of the Jupiter/Mars conjunction. Using a 10 * orb, this period extends from July 26, 2024-September 4, 2024. This union of ‘action’ energy & the energy of ‘opportunity’ in the sign of Gemini could indicate an increase in information, an increase in communications & connections, and an exploration of a diversity of options in these areas. Expect lots of ideas popping up, along with potentially making many new connections both intellectually & even on a personal level.

October 9, 2024:                 Jupiter SRx @ 21*GEM 20”

Winter Solstice:                  Jupiter Rx @ 14*GEM 23”

Dec: 31, 2024:                       Jupiter Rx @ 13*GEM19”



The orbit of Saturn is 29.4 years, rounded up to 30. Life can be loosely divided into 3 main ‘acts’, through which our life story plays out. Act One is ‘the set-up’; Act Two is ‘the main event’ and Act Three is ‘the reveal’. Saturn energy stabilizes us if we work with it. Reality checks are a necessity. To properly construct the reality that defines us, we need to understand our limits & our boundaries. When we know how far we are willing to go and beyond which points we cannot venture, that is the time that we can be strategic, reasoned & proactive. Success comes from well-formed plans based on solid and reasonable expectations. Look to the part of your chart that is ‘Pisces’. This is where you will be dealing with the reality of your situation, where you might have to face up to circumstances that are beyond your control & where you will benefit from discipline & singlemindedness.

January 1, 2024:                               Saturn @ 3*PISCES 14”

June 29, 2024:                                    SRx @ 19*PISCES 25”

November 15. 2024:                       SD @ 12*PISCES 41”

December 31, 2024:                        Saturn @ 14*PIS26*

Coming up…the transits of the Outers…stay tuned…

There is POWER in prayer…

pray for the broken ones of our community

May they find relief and comfort and love…

let us all do what we can

to help the broken-hearted

each to our ability and capacity…