Venus remains direct over the course of 2024. As a fast-moving object, the transits of Venus last days rather than weeks, months, or years. Watch for Venus contacts to your personals or angles. These could be positive days for you re: personal interaction, public recognition, emotional activities, return on investments, and so forth. When will Venus interact with you?


January 1, 2024:        2* Sagittarius 36″

January 24, 2024:      into Capricorn

February 17, 2024:    into Aquarius

March 12, 2024:         into Pisces

April 6, 2024:              into Aries

April 30, 2024:            into Taurus

May 24, 2024:             into Gemini

June 18, 2024:             into Cancer

July 12, 2024:               into Leo

August 6, 2024:           into Virgo

August 30, 2024:         into Libra

Sept. 24, 2024:             into Scorpio

October 18, 2024:       into Sagittarius

Nov. 12, 2024:              into Capricorn

Dec. 8, 2024:                 into Aquarius

December 31, 2024:   26* Aquarius 38″



As the archetype for active energy, Mars has an orbit of about 22 months.

His irregular retrograde pattern sometimes finds him spending up to 6-8 months in a single sign & then speeding through subsequent signs to make up the difference. 2024 ends with Mars retrograde in LEO.

Jan. 1, 2024:  @ 27* SAG 18″/keyword/EXPLORE

Jan. 5, 2024:  enters Capricorn/keyword/MANAGE

Feb. 14, 2024:  enters Aquarius/keyword/IMAGINE 

Feb. 21-23, 2024:  Venus/Mars exact conjunct @ 5*-7* Aquarius

The energy of this conjunction is present from the end of January and lasts until around mid-March using a wide 10* orb. The peak is during the 3 days noted above. Venus/Mars combines the inner sense of core value with the impulse to act. In Capricorn & Aquarius this is the mark of the leader as activist/idealist, the revolutionary organizer who battles for his principles. The babies born during this period could grow up to be forces for change. In the attached chart, this potential soul has the Moon in Leo (The Expressive Leader) in opposition to the Aquarian triple conjunction of Pluto, Venus & Mars over houses 4/10. Will this person have a strong sense of responsibility to reform? to act on principle? to revolutionize? Jupiter in exact alignment to the Taurus ascendant & square to the triple conjunction lends a strong impetus to concretize a vision, to bring it into form, a sense of hope based on solid ground. Will that ideal be a positive one? The Sun in the 11th house in Pisces, ( The Saviour), is strengthened by Saturn while Mercury in Aquarius provides clarity of expression & potentially great intellect to the psyche. Will this individual have the capacity to become a leader within the community? And what kind of leader will that be? Look at Chiron exactly aligned to the North Node in the 12th. A motivation to HEAL will be deeply rooted in this soul and the path into that healing will be anything but ordinary as demonstrated by Uranus in Taurus in the 1st house & sextile Neptune in Pisces in the 11th. This is potentially someone who will step away from conventional expressions of spirituality and usher in ideals that could possibly reinfuse his community with new forms of spirituality. Will this person be able to inspire others to relocate the power of the DIVINE within themselves? We can hope!

Of course, it is vital that all action is based on ‘RIGHT’ principle and that the fight is for the common good and not some badly thought-out ideal that only leads to even greater division.

March 23, 2024:      enters Pisces/keyword/SURRENDER

May 1, 2024:   enters Aries/keyword/ACT

June 10, 2024:  enters Taurus/keyword/CONSOLIDATE

July 21, 2024:  enters Gemini/keyword/EXPLORE

Sept. 5, 2024:  enters Cancer/keyword/NURTURE

Nov. 5, 2024: enters Leo/keyword/CREATE

 Dec. 6, 2024:    Mars SRx @ 6*LEO 9”

Mars will be retrograde at Winter Solstice 2024 & into 2025. At the highest level, this provides an opportunity for a creative reboot. Wherever Leo is in your chart, consider what actions you can take & then refine them. Take the time to re-form any projects that you may have underway. Re-think your plan of creative action and the nature of your interactions. Here is a brief list of keywords to describe the areas of life:

House 1                personal actions

House 2                resources & values

House 3                communications & connections

House 4                family matters & private issues

House 5                children & creative expression

House 6                work & habits

House 7                relationships & contracts

House 8                debts & karma

House 9                travel & aspiration

House 10             public image & career

House 11             community & ideals

House 12             inner self & the subconscious


December 31, 2024:          Mars Rx @2*LEO14”

If you missed Part One & the retrogrades of Mercury, scroll to locate it…Stay tuned for more overview of 2024 in the coming weeks…

Take a moment of your personal time…

meditate on the


Pray for the children of this world

who are suffering at the hands of evil persons.

Pray that they find shelter in the storm

& that the evildoers meet their just deserts…