The Spring Equinox got off to a roaring start with a New Moon & now we have a power-packed New Moon Solar Eclipse event to reinforce the energy of initiation & hopefulness. Eclipses are indicators of a profound turnaround, a ‘sea change’, a fresh start, a new beginning. In Aries, the New Moon, born again to rise to fullness reminds us that the WHEEL OF LIFE is constantly turning. The Eclipse demonstrates that anything can change in a flash and that nothing is permanent. If you are feeling down-hearted, take a breath & focus on the continuity that the natural world promises. After a long slumbering winter, comes a bursting forth of new growth. The new growth gives way to abundance. We reap the abundance as the fall settles in and finally, we store up what we need to weather the winter dormancy. The earth will not let us down. The natural cycle is immutable and it is only human interference that can disrupt the organic order. The warrior energy of Aries at the Spring Equinox & now, enmeshed in this Solar Eclipse reminds us that courage & ferocity is needed as we stand in opposition to those who are ‘ruining the earth’, our mother & our home.

We are reaching the end of the ‘all-forward’ movement of energy period of time. At this charged New Moon, all planetary archetypes are still in direct motion. Mercury joins Uranus in Taurus asking us to think outside the box in regard to how we choose to live our lives. On April 21, just days after the New Moon, Mercury will Station Retrograde @ 15’37” of Taurus. Time to pause & reflect methodically on what is actually of importance. Review your daily health & welfare routines over the next few weeks. Are you getting enough exercise? Can you improve your diet? Are you hydrating yourself with a clean source of water? Have you cleaned out the winter stagnation from your home? Open those windows & breath in crisp fresh air!  Taurus lends a down-to-earth energy to any thought process. Does it make sense? Is this workable? Will I actually gain benefits if I do this? Think things through & do not rush into any harebrained schemes!

Jupiter aligns with this New Moon Solar Eclipse & augments the feisty & fierce emotional charge. There is a sense of impatience within us. We want things to change, to move along. We want more hope, more optimism & more positivity in our lives. With this powerful eclipse, we may indeed see things begin to shift. Look at where this Eclipse point falls in your own chart to better understand what your higher self is asking of you.




First House: a new way of approaching life; the risk is worth taking!

Second House: get rid of outworn values, get a grip on yourself & focus on what is real

Third House: express yourself in a clear & fresh way; if you can’t say what is true, say nothing but know that you are choosing to stay silent

Fourth House: focus on what you really need emotionally; be BRUTAL about this since the HEART is treacherous when it is mired in desire

Fifth House: creativity & romance can erupt; be willing to experiment

Sixth House: approach your daily ‘habitual rituals’ with a fresh pair of eyes; do something you have not tried before

Seventh House: new collaborations are possible; relationships come and go so be willing to flow with the changes

Eighth House: re-calibrate your core power; figure out what is truly worth fighting for

Ninth House: what do you really aspire to? Be willing to ‘see’ reality as it is

Tenth House: fresh face to show the world; be you, be true; no compromises

Eleventh House: it’s time to find your community of like-minded peers; don’t get stuck in a rut because you are too timid to step out of your comfort zone

Twelfth House: the unconscious becomes conscious…face it; this can often occur through dreams so write them down & then make them into a narrative


There is much more that can be explored with this New Moon, but finally, be aware that Pluto, the archetype of re-birth is in square aspect to both the lunation & the nodal axis. We are at a crossroads collectively. There is a powerful force at play within the collective to shift the story we are living. The push is for a new vision, a new perspective, a reboot back to something more tangibly real. How that urge will actually manifest is up to each one of us individually. Are we ready to fight for the human cause? Or will we fall before the finish line?


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



There is nothing quite like sitting at the edge of a pond while the sun shines down on the ducks as they glide over the surface of the water. It could be heaven. It certainly is reminiscent of the ‘garden of Eden’.

The best decisions are made when one feels safe, secure, and protected. Staying grounded in nature, in the organic world gives us the stability that we need when making important decisions. An integrated persona takes into consideration the physical, mental & emotional aspects of any given situation when deciding anything. When we accept that the only constant is CHANGE & that we must learn to flow with change in order to successfully manage our lives, we are able to stay grounded, use common sense & trust in the process. This is exactly what we need at this chaotic & incomprehensible time in history. We are traveling through a GREAT SHIFT in the world order. Find what is constant in your own life as this shift continues to unfold. Is it LOVE? Is it FAITH? Is it DEVOTION TO PRINCIPLE? Is it TRUTH? Is it something that you yourself can name & hold to? Find whatever it is that gives you the capacity to continue. It will be your raft as you weather the storm.

Happy New Moon everyone!