FULL MOON: MAY 5, 2023 @ 12:36 PM

Another eclipse event coincides with the SCORPIO FULL MOON. Emotional process is in focus. What might we be suppressing? What needs to be expressed? Are there situations in your life that need to be ‘aired’ out, talked about, and resolved? Scorpio energy is deep, dark & delicious but can also be excruciating. If we are integrated, not lying to ourselves about the dynamics of our reality, then this penetrating emotional energy can facilitate healing, understanding, growth, and even transformation. However, if we are playing games with ourselves or those around us, this energy can be brutal in the consequences that it delivers. Scorpio can access the ‘secret’ places of the self in a way that none other can so be willing to face the facts on an emotional level. Sooner or later, you will have to, one way or another. Better that you do it proactively rather than having to deal with the consequences of inaction.

This cleansing energy is supported by a trine to Mars in Cancer, suggesting that the result of emotional honesty is healing. It may well take time but we are in this for the ‘long game’, not the immediate return. Go with the flow as you work through intricate emotional interactions with those around you. If something unexpected is revealed, take the time to process the information before responding. Truth-telling can be challenging even under the best of circumstances.

Mercury is still decidedly retrograde @ 8*’ 57”.  The signal here is to be deliberate & reserved as you plow through the information at hand. Give yourself a schedule for anything that you are undertaking. Do your due diligence doggedly & often. It’s all about the process; being methodical; taking things one step at a time & not rushing. It is true that for those of you who tend to act on impulse, who are quick-witted, who act & then think, these next few weeks may well be challenging. Take a breath, sit down & have a cup of tea, (or whatever beverage you may choose!) As the singer sang in the long-forgotten past:

“Slow down, you move too fastYou got to make the morning lastJust kicking down the cobblestonesLooking for fun and feeling groovy…”




We have also reached the end of the ‘direct motion’ period for the major planets. Pluto stationed retrograde on May 2, 2023, @ 1* Aquarius. He will dip back into Capricorn in June & remain in that energy for the rest of the year. Saturn is also slowing down to his station in June with Neptune right behind him, both in Pisces. We will have the opportunity for one more review of our struggle with spiritual perception & how best to express our connection to the divine in these strange & dissolute times. As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, the energy of the collective, we must locate the divine spark within ourselves rather than projecting it onto something outside of ourselves. We are fast entering the period when the ‘everyman’ will demand his voice to be heard and, in these extraordinary times, because of technology, that singular small voice is more easily & more readily heard. Everyone, it seems has a podcast, a blog, or some other platform available to them. Adding to the rise of the ‘little heard’ voice, communication is practically instantaneous with people able to chat with each other even though separated by great geographical distances. This escalating ‘closeness’ is only going to continue at a pace we probably cannot even imagine. As the way we communicate with one another continues to shift & evolve, be prepared to see the current forms dissolve rapidly. What some call Mainstream Media will soon be unrecognizable.

The last time Pluto was at this celestial point zodiacally, the current world power was born (1776), & France went through one of the bloodiest periods of her history with ‘Madame, la guillotine” taking a front & center position (1789). The actual energetic dynamics of that period were, of course, somewhat different from the ones in play today, but, nevertheless, we should ponder on what societal structures are being challenged & the potential outcomes of that challenge. It could be argued that actual physical survival was at stake for the common man back then in the 1700s. The gap between the elite & the ordinary man was even more pronounced, one could argue. It is possible that the people rose against the ruling class with violence born of sheer despair. Today, the despair of the common man may not express itself in actual physical violence but certainly, it cannot be discounted. Despite the fact that here in the West, we have more than what we need to survive, there is, nevertheless, a growing sense of suspicion & dissatisfaction amongst what one may hesitantly call, ‘the masses’. We know too much about the privilege of the elite & that knowing leads to discontent in a way never before felt. Again, the actual energetic dynamics of our chaotic times are unique. However, the 8 billion of us who live on this planet will be heard, one way or another.

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter will shift into Taurus & it’s the time to begin the actual concretization of the dreams we have been dreaming. Get down to the basics. Make a reasonable & clearly articulated plan of action. Gather the resources that you need & then get that nose to the grindstone & DO it!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:



Creativity of purpose leads to the expression of the unique & individual self. We must work at staying innocent, playful, & yet continue to be productive. We must be clear about who we are & why we have chosen to be such & yet be willing to change our positions & our viewpoints as we gather data, accumulate understanding & develop insight. We no longer have the luxury of complacency. The world is changing & if we are to survive, we must change along with it. Use this potent eclipse energy to reinforce your emotional & mental clarity. Be determined to stabilize yourself even as the sands shift around you!

Happy Full Moon…it’s a beauty this time around!