LEO NEW MOON: JULY 28, 2022 @ 12:55 PM

Calling all Leos! But especially those born close to the above date with those whose birthday is on the 28th in particular…  This is your New Moon…and what a New Moon it is!

For you who will be experiencing your Solar Return on July 28th, this is a significant year for you. An early in the day Return will bestow a Balsamic Sun/Moon alignment and as we move into the later hours of the day, the Moon will be reborn in Leo to bask in the rays of the glorious Sun.

Balsamic alignments are deep, mysterious & provide the potential for insight, ‘knowing’, and deep, deep understanding. Balsamic energy is both completion & fulfillment with a promise of a new cycle in the works. If you have this balsamic alignment between the Sun & Moon in your Solar Return chart, you have the opportunity to tie up loose ends & seed your soul for new ventures. What needs resolution in your life? What doors need to be firmly closed? What new doors need to be opened? What have you been avoiding or even denying that you now realize must be faced head-on & concluded? What, exactly, have you learned about yourself? Can you put that knowledge to work to actively re-create your life? Remember, the future already exists within you. It is your job to constantly refine the garden of your SELF so that only the strongest, the healthiest, the most helpful elements remain. This is your chance if you have this exquisite alignment this year to let go of the trash & usher in the GOLD!

This New Moon occurs at 5*LEO 38” or rounded up @ 6 degrees (*). Find that point in your own chart, even the non-Leos, & ponder on what new intentions can be created in that area of your life.

If this degree is somewhere in the first quarter of the chart, usher in protocols for self-improvement.

Second quarter? Creative projects that flow from a deep sense of inner awareness could be initiated & worked on.

Third quarter? Get rid of useless or toxic relationships, make a vow to be real & keep it real on every level.

Fourth quarter? Refresh your public persona; initiate some new directives in your ‘dream’ life & align to your deepest sense of being as you do this.


Remember, New Moons are a ‘clean the slate and let’s start something new’ kind of energy. It’s all about planting the seeds for a whole new cycle of growth. If you feel the urge to MOVE and GROOVE, you are tapping into this incoming energy as we get closer to this particular NEW MOON…

Here’s a very Leo thought to consider:


“Realization is not knowledge about the universe,

but the living experience of the nature of the universe.”

 Choygal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche


The Rinpoche pinpoints the essence of the leonine perspective. It is all about the sheer joy of BEING, and not the endless rumination of what that ‘beingness’ might mean.  Instead of trying to understand—(there will be time for that later on)—just embrace the present moment and revel in the sweetness of NOW.

So, set aside some time over the next few days to just sit and enjoy or walk and enjoy or run and enjoy—well, you get my meaning… 

Mars in Taurus is closing in on Uranus with the nodal axis inexorably moving to align with both. This is a significant meeting of energies. Within days of the NEW MOON, these three will converge @ 19* Taurus. Socially, everything is in flux & this could well mark a time of unexpected fundamental shift collectively. Taurus is all about the organic reality that exists whether we recognize or accept it. There is so much that we, the collective, do not know about what is really going on in the ‘halls of power’ but we are now beginning to realize that all is not as it once seemed to be. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn uncovered the deceit, the corruption & the skullduggery of the ruling class. Once revealed, we can no longer ‘unknow’ what we have learned. A recent poll in the USA showed that only 11% of the viewing public TRUSTED the mainstream media! This is a Pluto eventuality. As more and more lies & subterfuge are uncovered, this % will diminish even more. Now, when we hear a report, we ask ourselves, “whose interests are being served?” or even more so, “who is paying for this information to be reported?” Watch the ads that are run between the news stories. That will tell you who that is.

On a strictly personal level, find 19* Taurus in your own chart & stay alert in this area of your life. Be extra mindful on a purely physical level as Mars/Uranus closely conjoined can materialize in unexpected accidents! Look at the area of life where this degree is located & take precautions to not fall asleep at the wheel whether literally or metaphorically. Taurus & Scorpio types must take extra special care to do this. If you, as a solar Taurus born around May 10, have been looking for a change, it is coming your way. Scorpios born around November 12 can expect evidence of shift as well.

This alignment will also impact by square both solar Leo & Aquarius; August 12 & February 9 birthdates (+/-).

Of course, everyone is subject to this energy on some level so the astrological counsel is to STAY ALERT to the unexpected!

Jupiter in Aries is at his Station on the NEW MOON & will begin his retrograde back into Pisces until November 23, 2022, when he STATIONS DIRECT again. At the NEW MOON, Jupiter is closely trine to the Sun/Moon suggesting a positive outcome for any & all initiatives undertaken at this time. Fire energy is inspirational, exuberant & unstoppable. If you are working on creative projects, this is YOUR time to breathe in the energy of Aries & Leo & make your vision come to life. Whatever challenges you might be facing at this time can be overcome through sheer willpower & above all, FAITH, both aspects of FIRE ENERGY.

So, the energy is there. Your job is to access it with consciousness & deliberateness. Here is an example from real life. I know a Leo who has made it his life work to just be creative whatever it is that he is doing. He does happen to be an artist but his creativity does not stop with his art. You should see his garden! He always has a notebook close at hand so that he can jot down random words or pictures or even melodies that float through his fertile mind. He has abundant creative energy and he does not let it go to waste! Be inspired & make a memo to yourself so you don’t forget!

It’s a good habit to get into and MAINTAIN. If you don’t concretize those gifts from the collective consciousness, they will for sure dissolve into the ether where someone else may catch them and use them. It’s happened to me more than a few times so I speak from chagrined experience!

It is a great NEW MOON with unlimited potential with so much of the energy in the element of FIRE. Take advantage! It’s summer. It’s warm. Everything feels fine, at least for the moment.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:







Here is a reminder that the past is valuable even as we move into an ever-changing future. It is in the ‘now’ that we can meld the two together. Use what you know from experience to create a more stable foundation as you move into your future. If we do not learn from the past, we are, indeed, condemned to repeat the very same errors that we have already made. This is true both individually & as a collective. Let us all pinpoint whatever is NOT working so that it can be repaired or replaced with something that may work better.

The second Symbol reminds us that life is experiential. No matter how much we attempt to control it, our life will unfold according to how we interact with the energy around us & within us. In the end, it is ONLY through the absorption of the essence of any given experience that we can learn & hopefully grow (evolve).

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:

            Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be experienced…


The message is: Use the gifts that you have acquired to live fully in the present so that the future can unfold accordingly.

Fix it in your heart, stroke it with your mind, and follow the bread crumbs to that sweet spot of contentment. It’s the contentment that comes from a path well-traveled and a hope firmly held.


As Queen so simply, yet eloquently put it, “We are the Champions of the world!”

(A very Leo thing to think and feel!)


So go at it. Do something different or dramatic or dashing…well, do anything at all for that matter!


Summer kisses to all!